Friday, January 15, 2016

Do as I Say, Not as I Do


Pege' said...

NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately a qualitative argument for Darwinism!!

Rex Ray said...


Once I remembered “Darwinism” I got your message…good one!

This truck reminds me of another truck. It was a ‘lead truck’ through road construction with a big sign, “FOLLOW ME”. A photograph showed it off the road about to plunge into a river. The funny part was the bumper had a large campaign picture of Obama.

Speaking of politics, I heard on TV: ‘She’s been pictured as a race horse breaking out of the starting gate! Why she’s headed for the glue factory.’

Unknown said...

Good stuff Rex. For sure. Seems like everyone's had it with establishment politicians, even the left is not enthusiastic about queen Hillary!