Thursday, April 30, 2015

No Longer Slaves: Emmanuel Enid's Refuge Band

Last Sunday morning our Refuge Worship team sang a song entitled No Longer Slaves. During the second verse of that song the words are: "From my mother's womb You have chosen me. Love has called my name." Standing across the aisle from me was a young man whose first memories in life are being in an orphan's home run by Catholic nuns. He knows nothing of his earthly father; he knows nothing of his lineage or heritage before his mother's womb. I reached across and put my arm around him and said, "This song's about you." I could see in his eyes the encouragement No Longer Slaves gave to him. I hope it will you too. Here's a recording of that moment.

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Rex Ray said...

Beautiful words, beautifully sung, but as been said, “Ones man’s meat is another man’s poison…repeat, repeat, repeat just knocks me. I love songs that tell the story of Jesus and not just a song that tells how good we feel except “I’ll fly away”.

I like songs I knew as a child, church songs that our family sang driving down the highway. When I was young I couldn’t understand one verse of “I shall not be moved” (“Though the church is moving, I shall not be moved”). Now that I’m old (83) I believe I understand.