Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Language of War: Netanyahu in Washington

On Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak to a joint assembly of the United States Congress. In what seems like an intentional breach of political protocol, Speaker of the House John Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak without first seeking President Barak Obama's permission. The White House is white hot over the Prime Minister's trip to the United States next week. The Washington Post describes the President and his administration as 'unhinged'.

For the past several months, the President of the United States has bypassed Congress and secretly entered into nuclear talks with Iran. In essence, the President is proposing that Iran be allowed to enrich their uranium, a precursor to developing nuclear weapons. This treaty calls for Iran allowing "inspectors" to chart their progress. Ironically, this proposed nuclear treaty is similar to the treaties the United States made with North Korea. However, during the Gulf War, when the United States government was focused on the opposite side of the world, North Korea broke their end of the bargain and created a nuclear bomb from the enriched uranium they'd been allowed to make all those years under the various treaties.

Benjamin Netanyahu believes the same thing will happen in Iran. According to the Prime Minister, any 'negotiations' that end in a nuclear treaty allowing Iran to enrich uranium is "an existential threat" to Israel.   The Jerusalem Post in its February 9, 2015 headline says Netanyahu's acceptance of Boehner's invitation to speak before Congress is "not political, it's existential." Every American parent ought to make his son or daughter put down their video games and go look up the definition of "existential." If Netanyahu is right, our youth could be trading in their video consoles for a military gear very soon.

An existential crisis is one when a people or a nation's very existence (thus the word 'existential') is in question. Benjamin Netanyahu believes that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon, it will be used to "blow Israel off the map." That's the very thing, according to Netanyahu, the leaders of Iran wish to do. The terrorist organization that serves as the frontal piece for Iran is Hezbollah. Under cover of the Syrian civil war, Hezbollah--and thus Iran--have been taking military actions to procure the Golan Heights on the northern border of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu believes that Iran's ultimate intention is to destroy the nation of Israel. To give Iran the means to create nuclear weapons creates an "existential crisis" for Israel.

When a nation or her leaders perceive an existential crisis, they'll attack their enemies for the purpose of survival. The word 'existential' to war is like lightening to thunder. One always comes first. After the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Saddam Hussein called the Shia-led Iranian government "an existential threat" to the Sunni/Baathist government of Iraq. Shortly thereafter, on September 22, 1980, Iraq invaded Iran and caused the longest conventional war of the 20th century, the 1980-1988 Iraq/Iran War.  It will be very interesting to count the number of times Benjamin Netanyahu uses the phrase "existential threat" or "existential crisis" when before Congress.

"Existential" is the language of war, and Americans need to pay attention. Netanyahu would never risk offending the people of the United States or their President without cause. He is giving us every indication he intends to attack Iran if they proceed with development of a nuclear weapon, regardless of American support.


Rex Ray said...


How much more does Obama have to do to get himself impeached?

Wade Burleson said...


Truth be known, Obama is President because Americans put him there. It seems to me, the greater blame is on the American people, not the President. He seems to be consistent with his ideological principles. The American people have shifted.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we would be better off with McCain or Romney or maybe Sarah Palin running things? The reason Obama is in office is the Republicans don't have a decent alternative. We will have another Democrat in office next year,mark my word.

Rex Ray said...


I hear what you’re saying, but in keeping with his plan to change ISS with jobs; I believe Obama’s ideological principles would improve if he had a less stressful job…janitor at the White House. (Probably wouldn’t improve his love for America though.)

He might be helped if he took the advice an irate grade school teacher gave my father:
“Get close to your horse’s head and maybe some horse sense will rub off on you.”

BTW, should “a” be omitted in: “…entered into a nuclear talks…” (Did he have one talk or more?)

Wade Burleson said...

Thanks, Rex - typo (corrected).

Wade Burleson said...

Thanks, Rex - typo (corrected).

Anonymous said...

I regrettably concur with the sentiments of "Anonymous" and Wade's assessment concerning "our" President being duly elected TWICE.

By the way, did you see where The White House has now excluded Netanyahu from details regarding US negotiations with Iran citing that Israel cannot be trusted with such classified information based upon Israel's past abuse of such? Probably more of a response to Netanyahu's acceptance to speak to Congress.

Christiane said...

I seriously doubt that Bibi will be calling national security shots for our government, but we shall see what he can pull off.

It's going to be interesting.

I voted twice for Obama and I am glad that I did for many reasons. Of course, some of his decisions I do not support fully, but I cannot imagine how the Middle East will be handled under the coming Republican White House and Congress in 2016. I suspect it will be a replay of the Bush years, especially if Jeb Bush is elected, as his advisors are the same ones who counseled his brother George.

Who knows . . . Hilary might win. But I think it will be a Republican blow-out.

I hope the 2016 GOP candidate will be someone respectable, and not someone who is down on labor and also believes in Sandy Hook trutherism.

Anonymous said...

Wade, you said, "An existential crisis is one when a people or a nation's very existence (thus the word 'existential') is in question." So, is that why we started a war with Iraq?

Joel Engle said...

Wade...I think you are dead on in your assessment of Netanyahu. The gravity of the rise of ISIS and our softening stance on Iranian nuclear capabilities is certainly going to force Israel's hand. I am not sure what we can do about it but pray, preach the gospel and vote. It is a scary thought of where "this bus" is being driven.

Anonymous said...

"I hope the 2016 GOP candidate will be someone respectable, and not someone who is down on labor and also believes in Sandy Hook trutherism. "

I would love to see jobs created that are not fast food type jobs. He has not only been a foreign policy disaster but an economic disaster. And now the IRS is involved in your forced health insurance payment which is cheaper for 60 year olds but much more expensive for 30 year olds with families. I still cannot believe America fell for so much collectivism. I know the great experiment is over. There will be more and more of it.

Muff Potter said...

When the world got carved up after the defeat of the Axis powers in 1945, we (the U.S.) had a policy of containment with regard to Soviet expansionism. Well and good, and rightly so, but in my opinion we didn't make the best choices in accomplishing that end. In the case of Iran, we deposed (through a CIA coup) a progressive and non-Islamic government and installed a brutal dictator (the Shah) who then catered to British and American oil interests. The rest is history as they say. We have sown the wind and it is my fervent hope that we don't reap the whirlwind.

Ramesh said...

Frmr Israeli Intel Head: Netanyahu’s Clash w/ Obama ‘Intolerable’, Risks end of US UN Veto

Ramesh said...
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Rex Ray said...

Thy Peace

Your information contains:

“I would not have confronted the United States and its president. Netanyahu may get applause in Congress, but all the power is in the White House.”

Lets see, I thought the people of America was “all the power” which is represented by Congress,

IF NOT…we have a dictator!

Rex Ray said...

Thy Peace
Your quote was on target that Netanyahu would get applause from Congress. In fact he got 24 enthusiastic standing ovations of loud applause.
It’s to bad Obama didn’t hear the applause because he had more important things to do like playing twiddle-winks.

In response to Obama saying in New York City on September 25, 2012, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet Islam.”

Do you believe as I do? That ANYONE who believes in ANYTHING other than Islam is "slandering the prophet of Islam".

Rex Ray said...

P.S. On the other hand, how can the devil be slandered?

Rex Ray said...

Would the following statements reflect the thinking of a Christian or a Muslim?

1. June 4, 2009
“The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israel settlements. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop.”

2. September 23, 2009
“We continue to emphasize that America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israel’s settlements.”

3. May 19, 2011
We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutual agreed swap.”

4. April 6, 2004
“The United States is not and will never be at war with Islam.”

5. November 8, 2011
French President said: “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar.”
(Not knowing a microphone was on) “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more than you do.”

Rex Ray said...


This story is for you.
More than once my brother has put his hands in the air and told the police “Don’t shoot.”

He was behind a pickup at night that had a huge dog standing in the bed with most of his body on the cab. The driver hit the brakes to avoid something on the highway and his dog was thrown over the cab and run over.

The man was crying and said he couldn’t stand to bury his dog.

“You go ahead and I promise to bury your dog.”

Unable to drag the dog, he wrapped him in an old blanket and started dragging him into the woods.

A beam of light hit him…”HANDS IN THE AIR!”
“I’m just trying to bury a dog.”
“No…really…it’s just a dog.”
Finally, they let him uncover the dog and they had a big laugh.

That is…except my brother.

Anonymous said...

Rex Ray,
Your comment on March 3 asking if those statements would reflect the thinking of a Christian or Muslim. Actually, the first three reflect the thinking of the UN...see UN resolution 323.
For comment #4, are we at war with a religion or a group who perverts that religion?
Comment #5 seems to be a general sentiment on many Western leaders.

Rex Ray said...


Thanks very much for the reply. You see, a reply is sort of like ‘hello’ while silence is something like a snub.

What was Obama’s motive for saying on June 28, 2006?

“Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation – at least, not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.”

You said the first three reflect the thinking of the UN.

I’m glad the UN does not dictate my Christian beliefs.

#4 I believe we are at war with any book or nation that teaches ‘death to all who don’t believe in Mohammad’.

#5 It seems not any “Western leaders” were present when Congress gave Netanyahu 40 standing ovations.

Rex Ray said...

The fight between David and Goliath was only a few minutes, but what made it great was the ‘advertisement’ before the fight.

The same with Obama’s pride that led to the stupidity of many Democrats boycotting Netanyahu which elevated his speech to a ‘world wide’ speech.

The world realized Netanyahu was not only pleading to save his country, but in doing so would save the world from nuclear war by Iran.


Christiane said...


great dog story! I never was close to dogs until we took care of my son's dog when he went to sea. We now understand very well how people can mourn a pet and we treasure our time with the little fur child very much.

Dogs are love wrapped up in fur. Now I know this. Thanks for the story. Made my day. Stay well.

Rex Ray said...


Thank you.
My computer has been down.

You’d never guess the occupation of a man that said: “When our family dog had to be put down, I got my wife to take him to the vet because I didn’t have the heart to do it.”

He was an assassin for the Chicago Mafia as disclosed by:

He was 20 years old at the time.
I’ll be 83 in one more hour. :)

One Salient Oversight said...

The idea that the President is "secretly" negotiating with Iran is incorrect.

Everybody knows that he is negotiating with them. Moreover, the constitution allows him to negotiate with foreign leaders.

Article 2, section 2 of the constitution allows the president to "make treaties".

Any treaty, of course, has to be approved by the senate.

But what about simply talking to foreign leaders? Is there anything wrong with Obama talking with the leaders of Iran about their nuclear ambitions?

National leaders discuss issues with each other all the time.

Whatever your opinion of Obama is, his actions in negotiating with Iran are not a serious crime worth impeaching over.

Remember that Ronald Reagan also negotiated with the leaders of Iran, and secretly allowed the CIA to supply them with weapons, which is what the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s was all about

Ramesh said...

Israel’s Gilded Age and Another nation blazed the trail for Iran in developing a nuclear program.