Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lord, Be Thou My Vision - A Thanksgiving Poem

The Bible says, “In everything give thanks,”
but this is hard if I may be frank.
In my life there’s so much tension,
for this to happen, “Lord, Be Thou My Vision.” 

Luther cried “this world with devils filled,”
a knowledge that seems to take away the will
to accept my “giving thanks” mission.
So I ask, “Lord, Be Thou My Vision.”
The darkness hides Your smiling face.
Pressing on requires amazing grace.
I cannot see good with any precision,
I must pray “Lord, Be Thou My Vision.” 

Your power and love to me please show,
and grant that I'll be able to know,
 that when I make a “thanks giving” decision
I am experiencing “Lord, Be Thou My Vision.” 

So I pause and choose to give thanks today,
and join with my family and friends to say,
“We trust Your gracious, abounding provision,
for You have become our Thanksgiving vision.”

Wade Burleson
Dedicated this Thanksgiving 2014 to our friends, the Bakers, the Classens and the Shamburgs!


Ramesh said...

Surprised that no one has commented yet. Wade wishing you and your family and Emmanuel Enid a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your ministry and messages. Much appreciated.

Wade Burleson said...

Thank you, Thy Peace! The same to you and yours as well!


Christiane said...

Hi THY PEACE . . . it may be that people saw 'no comments' because no one had commented yet, and thought that it meant 'no comments on this post'

I had thought about that myself and waited to see if someone would comment. :)

So peace and good to all this day when we especially remember the Source of all blessing:

“All things come of Thee, O Lord, and of Thine own
have we given Thee.”

Victorious said...

I love this Thanksgiving poem! It is, indeed, difficult to give thanks when there is much tension in one's life, but again the poem calls it a "decision." When I've made the decision to dwell on "the things that are pure, lovely, and excellent..." I find that there are many things worthy of praise and thanksgiving!

I'm grateful not only for my own family, but for Wade and his family, Paul Burleson and his family, the family at Enid and those who comment here.

Hoping a blessed thanksgiving for you all!