Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Is It Race or Religion that Motivates to Behead?

In Memory of Colleen Hufford
Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn speculated today that "race may have played a bigger role than religion" when it came to Alton Nolen cutting off his co-workers head in Norman, Oklahoma.

I am not sure why it is that people have a hard time believing that religious fanaticism can lead a person to decapitate an innocent victim in the United States. I would expect more boldness and common sense from someone like Greg Mashburn. In an interview with media today, the District Attorney said several enlightening things that would seem lead to the opposite conclusion to which the D.A. arrived.

The woman beheaded, Colleen Hufford, died at her place of work. A woman, a grandmother, a citizen of Oklahoma was decapitated. The D.A. responsible for seeking the death penalty of her murderer has now publicly said, "race may have played a bigger role than religion."

Really? Listen to District Attorney Greg Mashburn's own words and then decide for yourself what seems to be the motivation for Alton Nolen decapitating an innocent woman and seeking to do the same thing to another woman before being shot.
"It is clear that Nolen had an infatuation with beheadings."
"It was a (personal knife) and not a company knife." 
"The defendant severed the victim’s head from her body."
"Nolen openly admitted to ‘beheading’ the first victim with a knife and cutting and attempting to ‘behead’ the second victim with the knife.”
"Nolen was using some Arabic terms during the attack."
Just a little research into radical Islamic terrorism might actually lead the D.A. to the opposite conclusion.  It's time we wake up to the fact that fundamental, radical Islamists want to lop off the heads of infidels. And sadly, that kind of radical religious zealotry is infiltrating the United States.


Victorious said...

Just wondering if anyone has considered gender being a component of this murder. Radical Islam's treatment of women is pretty well documented; i.e. disdain for education, honor killing, oppressive restrictions regarding dress, travel, etc.

Women in the workplace where Nolen was employed may have been a trigger.

Wade Burleson said...

Good point.

Doug said...

I have been watching Wade's posts for on this for days now. I have actually typed at least three posts that I didn't post/publish. The reason I didn't post them? I believe that blog/FB posts almost never alter anyones personal beliefs/way of thinking.

That said, I DO believe that people like Wade do cause people to think and evaluate what they believe.

I just don't think that the debate that follows "changes" peoples belief system.

Here's what I know from reading this blog for years:

1) Wade loves all people. If you don't know that you don't read very well.

2) I agree with Wade.

Wade Burleson said...

Thanks, Doug.

L. Lee said...

Tot Wade and others reading. I have read (from not to credible sources) that Mr. Nolen was a jailhouse convert to Islam and that he was fired due to complaints due to his defending stoning (of women even). Does anyone know a credible source for either of these two claims.

Wade Burleson said...


I have read the same thing. I could not name sources because what I read said ("employees who wished not to be identified"). Don't know if people are scared to speak out or what, but I think you are on target.

Christiane said...

I suspect that all extremists must always be looking for attention and, when rejected, will lash back with all manner of evil out of spite, seeking power and control from violence and intimidation.

I wouldn't limit extremism to any race or religion, no . . . it is something found often among people who have laid their humanity to the side to take up cult-like and barbaric behaviors to gain power and respect by promoting fear in others

I also suspect that, without grace, we should ALL be more vulnerable to the wiles of the evil one ... hence the daily need for the great prayer of Christ 'libera nos a malo' (deliver us from evil)

do we 'label' others, their race, their religion as 'evil'?

or do we keep our focus on the true satanic source of all evil in our world whom we call 'the enemy'?

and in doing so, are we able to realize that having taken on Christ, we are now safely under the protection of Our Lord,and nothing, not even our death, can separate us from His loving care

rixshep said...

Is it reverse racism or stupidity (but I repeat myself) that motivates to ignore/downplay radical dangers? (All sarcasm aside, just as in Churchill's day, I believe it is a form of cultural suicide due to a sick culture holding incompatible beliefs and not confronting their own hypocrisy.)

Anonymous said...

Doug said; "I just don't think that the debate that follows "changes" peoples belief system".

I suspect that most of us who respond to Wade's posts aren't trying to persuade others one way or the other but are simply carrying out a dialogue of mutual interest. It's kind of like drinking coffee together.

Victorious said...


Love it! A simple exchange of perspectives over a cuppa!

I'll serve when you're ready for a refill :)

Gordon said...

I have found Wade doesn't leave a matter hanging in midair but always comes up with a sensible solution to a problem. This is not a matter of frivolous chit-chat.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Let me know when Wade gives a solution to the "Muslim ideology" which is bent on global domination. I don't think I've seen him offer that one. Or maybe Wade provides a remedy for the politically correct media and society which is determined to ignore the mandates of the Koran and founder Muhammad to forcibly assume control of all peoples and the historical methods used to accomplish their purpose.
1. Enter new target area with all smiles, proclamation of tolerance and promoting that all people should be inclusive.
2. Increase Muslim presence, not primarily through new converts but through reproduction and immigration from Muslim lands.
3. Increase assertion of Islam into target area as Muslim population nears majority status.
4. Force infidels to either convert to Islam, denouncing their religion and becoming Muslim or relinquish civil rights and submit to Islamic authority.
Current examples: London, France, Moscow, Minnesota....

I can believe that it won't be long before we have a President whose "first name" is "Hussein".

(This is NOT "hate speech". Actually, I LOVE all Muslims.)

Hope to see some suggested "solutions" posted for us to support concerning these problems. Join Victorious, Wade and I as we talk about them over coffee! You bring the donuts!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm going to have to agree here with the DA. I'm sick and tired of seeing all of the "racial" beheadings. I can live with a good ole religious beheading, but those racial ones have to stop..


Anonymous said...

Race is actually involved to be honest. Google Elijah Mohammad and Malcolm X and it will explain the attraction of Islam in the African American community. and yes the white boys club of the Masons did not help.

Curious Thinker said...

I haven't heard any indication that racism played a role in the beheadings of the woman,from all we know gender could have played a role. Whatever, the reason, this evil man obviously used his extremist views to justify his actions. True there are many religous fanatics in all religions that distort the ideals and beliefs to validate their fanaticalism. Usually these type of people are unstable from the start. However, what happened to th is woman is tragic all around and my prayers go out to her family and friends and hope this man receives justic for his crimes.

Anonymous said...
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Victorious said...

I found this article this a.m. and if anyone doubts the evil of this radical group, it will erase the doubt.

How she went from a school teacher to a member of ISIS...


Don't read immediately after eating a meal.... :(