Saturday, September 07, 2013

A Very Funny Baseball Photograph

This picture just might be the funniest photograph ever taken at a professional baseball game (click on the photo for a better view). The more you examine it, the funnier it gets. The photograph was taken by Jim Davis of The Boston Globe during a Red Sox-Orioles game in Boston this past week. It is a passion of mine to get to know peoples' stories. Each of us has one, and it doesn't take too much imagination to come up with a story line for the fifteen main people featured in this photograph. Though I know none of them personally my proposed story lines below are all figments of my imagination, see if you think they fit with what you see. Congrats to Jim Davis for capturing an American classic!

"I so love Benny Hinn!"
"My son's the brave one."
"What'd you expect? I'm married to Army Dad."
"Four more beers please."
"I got it! I got it! I got it!"
"I don't help with the dishes either."
"Watch the HAIR!"
"I played girls volleyball in H.S."
"Catching a baseball is similar to a corporate acquisition."
"I told dad the glove's too big."
"Life is so scary!"
"Life is so fun and exciting!"
"Forget the ball. I want that purse?"

"I'd rather watch it on T.V."
"I'm no Jim Davis."


Rex Ray said...

OK, Wade; I’ll play your game. :)


2. You’re right! It’s going to hit us!

3. Protect me!

4. You guys are alarmist.

5. What do I do with it?

6. I don’t want it!

7. Don’t drop it on me!

8. I’ll take it; but easy!

9. We all need to help.


11. Will it explode?

12. Doesn’t know what a bomb is.

13. You catch it if she drops it.

14. Get back! You’ll make them drop it!

15. Every man for himself!

Bob Cleveland said...

The ball actually landed in the cup of beer. It was attributed to a bad hop.

Wade Burleson said...

You guys are too funny! :)