Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stop It!

A person who watches the Sunday morning Bible study from Emmanuel Enid via the Internet noticed I said "Stop it!" during last Sunday's message on Hebrews 13:7 and it reminded her of a classic Bob Newheart comedy routine, which she forwarded to me. I laughed out loud. This is not only the kind of counseling I would attend, it is the kind of counseling I would prefer to give, all things being equal.


Anonymous said...

Very funny, very true but totally unprofessional, especially with regard to the billing ! It is a method that has been effectively used by end of tether mothers for generations, and still works. The sad part is it shows that the counsellor is often more in need therapy than the patient.


Victorious said...

LOL! Bob Newhart was one of our favorites when I was a teenager. He had a very dry sense of humor and could be very funny without cracking a smile. We also loved Carol Burnett and Dick Van Dyke.

Thanks for sharing this Wade! I also laughed out loud.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wade! Sounds like good counseling principles. Given that you attend this same school of thought maybe you could help me with some advice as to what I should do about some of my problems:
1. I tend to talk bad about other people.
2. I eat too much and get fat and then feel guilty about it.
3. I tend to think that my opinion is always the correct one.
4. I tell people the same thing over and over because I'm not sure if they heard me the first time.

Wade Burleson said...



Anonymous said...

RRR, how's that working for you now? :))

Rex Ray said...


I’ll bet you’ll like this.