Saturday, June 29, 2013

Born in Torture, Adopted in Triumph

There are so many spiritual analogies that could be drawn from this gripping story of an Oklahoma City child abuse case, but the story itself is enough to bring a song into your heart. Well done, Clint and Amanda Lile family! Thanks for sharing His love.


Bob Cleveland said...

Wow. And man, will that ever preach! What the family has done for Georgia (and granted, her healing was miraculous), He will do for the worst sinner.

Thanks for posting this. I hadn't known what became of her after the big news splash when she was found.

Christiane said...


love and compassion ALWAYS 'preaches' and speaks of the One Who is the Source of All Love

what a beautiful couple to bring this little one home and care for her with such infinite love

they are blessed, and we are blessed by this story

Anonymous said...


I just watched the video and it made me praise God for His power, grace and for the way He uses His people to give to the suffering what nobody else could give. He must have a special plan for this young lady.

Shari England said...

While I will NEVER understand, nor can any of us understand how a mother could do this to her own child, it becomes overshadowed by the power of Almighty God whose wonders never cease to amaze. Indeed, God has great plans for this little girl. Thankful for the love and obedience of this beautiful couple. All praise to our God!