Saturday, December 03, 2011

Do Alabama Boosters Pay ESPN and ABC Broadcasters to Promote Alabama?

After listening to ABC and ESPN broadcasters pontificate all day about how Alabama 'deserves' to be in the BCS National Championship, but especially after listening to the aforentioned broadcasters AFTER OSU's win against Oklahoma as they repeatedly downplayed Oklahoma State's credentials (four wins against top 25 teams, two wins against top 10 teams, and the Big 12 Conference Championship), I had a question come to mind. I don't know the answer, but I think it is a legitimate question that needs to be asked. Can an Alabama booster (or for that matter any booster from any school if circumstances were different) slip $10,000 cash to a broadcaster with the request that the broadcaster "make the case" for Alabama to play in the BCS National Championship game. The NCAA regulates players, coaches and boosters, but who regulates broadcasters? I know that some might think this is not even a question that should be asked, but with so much money on the line in today's college football, I just wondered if it did happen, would it be illegal? I know of no regulation against it, and whose to say that it hasn't happened or is currently happening? Just wondering.


Joyce Bonnett said...

Listening to those particular sports announcers hyping Alabama following the OSU/OU game, it does make one wonder. I am really tired of the media bias toward the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Like Solomon sayas...nothin new under the sun. Surely, with all of your experience, especially in know that a deep pocket goes a long way!
s elkins

Gene S said...

I was in Alabama chasing Hurricane Katrina and saw it first hand = "southern football mania."

I am from GA where UGA is SEC and Georgia Tech is ACC. The same question might be asked of UNC and Duke when basketball season arrives. As Alabama eats and breathes football, NC thrives on basketball!

Obsession with sports as the "new religion" might be a spiritual topic. Obsession with Alabama as an alternate to their continued racism and corruption simply keep the mind diverted and the dirty linen hidden!

As Don Meredity said, "Sex and violence, folks, sex and violence!" Perverts pay for sex and Alabama and "new rich" southerners know how to use the dollar for glory and more income!

I suspect you are totally right, Wade!

Gene S said...

Sorry for the mispellings above---it's early Sunday and my mind is distracted by a lovely sunrise on the Pamlico River near Bath!

Steve Bezner said...

Good question, Wade. As a Baylor alum, I'm feeling the same way regarding Robert Griffin III and his Heisman hopes. Multiple "pundits" seem to laud Trent Richardson, and for the life of me, I can't see why he's better than RG3.

Bob Cleveland said...
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Bob Cleveland said...

I'm pretty sure that would be a violation of FCC rules, a la the "Payola" scandal of half a century ago. I believe the FCC rules require that, when someone is paid to say or play something, by outside interests, it must be announced as a commercial announcement, and does not count as regular airplay.

"The preceding announcement was brought to you by (blah blah blah)."

William Thornton said...

Was Wade Burleson caught crossdressing over the weekend at the OU/OSU game?

I think that the same evidence was offered for that as was offered for sports announcer payola.

...but I feel your pain over the OU blowout, bro. ;)

Bob Cleveland said...

On the other hand, maybe the sportscasters are just ... how shall I put this ... right.

Bryan Riley said...

Joyce's question above reminds me how easy it is for me to think the worst of someone or something or to assume there exists a bias against me. As a fan of the SEC I have never believed there is a media bias for the SEC, quite the opposite. Clearly, however, some, like Joyce, who aren't SEC fans, perceive one.

It is always good to remember how quickly we judge something favorably toward our own reality.

Anonymous said...

That's funny because I always thought the refs or someone was paid off when the Sooners kept beating the Longhorns. Guess beauty (or corruption) is in the eye of the beholder.

Plus, I definitely think OSU should be in the title game regardless of what some sportscaster says and it was great fun watching them pour it on OU last night. It was a long time coming and probably won't happen again anytime soon.

gary r said...

I, too, was "miffed" by the continued Alabama hype after the thorough "thumping" the Cowboys gave the Sooners. Those broadcasters surely have looked at all the facts. They made the excuse that Alabama's loss was to a top 10 team, and made sure to note that Iowa State was not ranked, but never once mentioned that OSU's loss was under "extreme conditions". It is obvious we will never know just how much the plane crash affected the outcome of that ball game, but anyone who watched the game knew that those boy's minds was somewhere else. Throw away that "exuse" and OSU STILL has more "credentials" than Alabama. (IMHO)


This has got to be the dumbest question ever! You are all morons. OSU lost to a 6 and 6 cupcake. a team that is 0 and 56 against top 6 teams. It would be like Bama losing to Vandy. Just by OSU fans reaction after the game by rushing nthe field sending 13 people to the hospital and 2 in critical condition, should tell you something. (NO CLASS FANS THAT CANT AT LEAST ACT LIKE THEY WON A GAME BEFORE) I mean if you wanna know how to act win you beat a team much less one your expected to beat, just look at the SEC. Just so you know, cuz obviously you are clueless, OSU did not have a conference championship game!!! So genious ur arguement is mute. In fact explain to me these facts and occording to u football nerds why is it ok for all these teams that did not have a conference championship or even lost theirs or never even one theirs to play for title but not Bama?...........92 2 Bama 34 1 Miami 13 Miami had no conference game
93 1 FSU 18 2 Braska 16 Neither had conference title games
94 1 Braska 24 3 Miami 17 Neither had conference title games
95 1 Braska 62 2 Florida 24 Nebraska should not of played they had no conference championship game
96 3 Florida 52 1 FSU 20 Florida St. had no conference title game. This was second time they played this year FSU won first time.
97 2 Braska 42 3 Tenn 17 Only two teams in country with conference titles yet Michigan who had none split with Nebraska

98 1Tenn 23 2 FSU 16 Florida St, should not of played they had no conference title game
99 1 FSU 46 2Va Tech 29 Neither had conference title games
00 1Okla 13 3 FSU 2 Forida St, should not of played they had no conference title game
01 1 Miami 37 4 Braska 14 Miami had no conference game and Nebraska never played in theirs
02 2 OSU 31 1 Miami 24 Neither had conference title games
03 2 LSU 21 3 Okla 14 Oklahoma lost their conference championship 35 to 7. USC had none and split with LSU
04 1 USC 55 2 Okla 19 USC had no conference title game and Auburn who won theirs and unbeaten was shut out from playing
05 2 Texas 41 1 USC 38 USC had no conference title game
06 2 Florida 41 1 OSU 14 Ohio state had no conference title game
07 2 LSU 38 1 OSU 24 Ohio state had no conference title game
08 1 Florida 24 2 Okla 14
09 1 Bama 37 2 Texas 21
10 1 Auburn 22 2 Ducks 19 Oregon had no conference title game.You football nerds got the OBAMA complex, you think your team should benifit from anothers (ALABAMA SEC)If you are tired of the SEC and hearing about them, THEN BEAT THEM!!!! In fact the Big 12 sucks so bad that teams are leaving for the SEC. You know the old saying....Cant beat em, join em. Do the world a favor and use facts and not your inferior football talent to argue with an SEC fan.



Gene S said...

I'll just be glad when basketball gets into full swing and UNC / Duke / Georgia Tech's names all appear!!!

It takes more brains and satamina to to dribble the ball than to punt it, in my humble opinion, of course!

Danny said...

Alabama Tom you said so perfect.And most of the time the broadcasters talk down on ALABAMA. So sick and tired hearing all the BS about Bama had their chance well yes we did and so did OKS and Bosie St and Houston and they all lost to a lesser team then ALABAMA! Matter of fact Alabama is the only team held the lsu so I think they should play a rematch game for the BCS TITLE.And to all the haters get over it! SEC is the toughest conf. in college football and I think BAMA and lsu could give the nfl teams a run for their money..................ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY...........LSUSELESS WE WANT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



gary r said...

Speaking of growing up, Tom, maybe you should turn OFF the caps.
I would beg to differ with you over the comment about not knowing Women's Basketball exixted.
I did not say that OSU lost because of the plane crash, I simply said we will never know how much that affected those boys on the field.
As to your comment about about Alabama playing for the victims of the tornado, I would simply say, "I am saddened anytime I read of the untimely death of someone of tender years, but I am DEEPLY AFFECTED by the death of a young person in my own family." There is a huge difference.



Anonymous said...

If you accuse the Tide and their fans of this crap then you know in your heart who the BEST TEAM is (BAMA) and the best conference is the SEC! We listen week in and week out to our team and state being put down simply because we play heads up football! I have heard MR BURLESON so called pastors try to get attention for different causes, but this is a new low in hiding behind GOD to get your word out! You know this question will cause arguments and have people doing and saying thing they should not say! I never thought I would call a preacher an A** H*^) on Sunday morning DEC 4th 2011, but I just did. If you can't run with the BIG BOYS shut the HELL up! Also you are making unproven remarks about the character of ESPN AN ABC broadcasters and BAMA BOOSTERS!! What happen to judge not? Real christian of you.TO OSU if this is the best you can come up for an argument to go to the BCS National Championship you should not be allowed to even play in your MAMAS sugar bowl! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! RAMMA JAMMA YELLOW HAMMER WE'RE THE BEST WE'RE ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gene S said...

OOOHHHH---what a low blow from an Alabama redneck.

The reason Bama is backwards:

Come Saturday there will be no work after 10:00

Rationale: I have to get my beer cold / my grill hot / 'cause it's football day!!! Yee Haa!

I was in Mobile the year LSU busted their hind parts = so much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, you could hear it all the way to NC!!!!

LOLS!!!! X 100!

Anonymous said...

greg r said: "I am saddened anytime I read of the untimely death of someone of tender years, but I am DEEPLY AFFECTED by the death of a young person in my own family." There is a huge difference."

Tell that to Carson Tinker, the Alabama long snapper who, when hiding from the tornado with his fiance, had her ripped from his arms...her body ultimate found 50 to 100 feet away in a field.

Arkansas had a teammate die 6 days before playing LSU.

Terrible things happen in life. It's part of life. Part of life is also recovering from those things and moving on. You don't hear Arkansas or Alabama using what happened to them as an excuse for why they lost. Why do we keep hearing it from Oklahoma State?

-- STJ

Cody said...

Wow Wade! What a firestorm! Be careful or someone in a herringbone hat might poison your trees!

Bill said...

You are such an idiot. Accusing those people of something that ridiculous because your team and conference can't play with the SEC. If you want to accuse someone of taking money, how about Landry? The way he threw the ball backwards and threw it up for grabs looked awfully suspicious to me. 5 turnovers with only one caused by a helmet on the ball. Maybe Boone Pickens paid the whole Oklahoma team to throw the game. A least that would be a good excuse for sucking so bad.

Christiane said...

well . . . it's Sunday.

lots of ranting on this comment stream and that's okay, I guess, being football season and all;

but here's something to help calm the waters a bit and focus on an even more timely, or perhaps I should say, an even more eternal 'season':

English translation:

‘Salvation is created
in the midst of our Earth
O God, O Our God . . .
Alleluia ! “ said...

Alabama Tom,

It was a legit question. Not saying it happened, just wondering if it could happen and if it did, would it be against some kind of regulation.

I shall soon revert to posting what I know.



This in know way was a liget question, but instead a stab at Alabama. As my comment of past National Championships stated, there are and have been way more un deserving teams play. Why not ask bout their ethics? Because it doesnt involve your team thats why.You should be ashamed to insinuate that Alabama fans are cheats. Gene you also should be ashamed calling alabama names.I am willing to bet Gene while you were in Mobile, Alabama you were treated with so much kindness your head spun. I am from and live in Mobile and I know we are second to none in making people feel at home. We are God fearing people who happen to love our football. Not are fault your team doesnt have the Tradition our has. We are people who you sit next to in church, must be a way of life where yall from that you only care about your fellow man as long as he roots for your team and puts money in your offering tray. As soon as the money is gathered you suggest he is a unethical graduate or booster from Alabama, trying to hide your bigetry by adding (or any team for that matter) Legit question? Not even close! An attempt to defame a group of people who are in a position to be rewarded for hard work and work ethic, so you can feel better bout being number 3. Nothing and I mean nothing I have read from any one of you about Alabama is based on any facts. Unlike I have posted, and yet not one of you have tried to debunk what I have wrote. Wanna know why? Its debunk proof cuz its based on facts and not on a jeolous opinion.

Anonymous said...

There was an ESPN documentary about the Alabama/Auburn rivalry. What I was struck by was how completely rational people could become inane and insane over a college football game.

Alabama Tom exemplifies this inanity and insanity. Life goes on and the world keeps turning. And LSU will beat Alabama again!


It doesnt matter what yall think!! the good lord has put things in his childrens hands. And his children chose right. ROLL TIDE!! And on the eigth day he created the crimson tide!! To answer your question Joe, I would answer with a question of my own........Are you a pedaphile? I ask this Joe cuz according to you whats the harm in asking a question? Now Joe suppose I asked that same question to everyone on the internet, your family and friends? Would you consider it just a question? Im betting you would consider it childish, unwarrented and all together an attack on your charactor. So joe dont try to minimize something that you yourself was on the receiving end of, would cry foul.

Anonymous said...

maybe, Wade, it is the other way around. i found this on the ESPNplus website...I understand that ESPN paid $2.25BILLION to the SEC for this little package. OF COURSE they are going to promote an SEC team.

starting in the fall of 2009, ESPN’s various outlets will carry more than 5,500 SEC events over the next 15 years, including league championships in women’s basketball, baseball, softball and gymnastics. The deal with the SEC was signed in August of 2008 to televise sporting events, including football and men's and women's basketball.

ESPN will have rights to every SEC home football game not on the network package. All league matchups will be shown on some outlet, including at least 20 a year on ESPN or ESPN2. That includes two primetime Thursday night matchups and Saturday night games. The deal will also add a second and third night of SEC basketball coverage on ESPN and ESPN2 each week. ABC will add two nationally televised regular-season hoops games and broadcast the SEC tournament semifinals and championship game

Gene S said...

Tom---hate to tell you---my Mobile experience was that of legal corruption and $2000 lost to a man who refused to pay and a D.A. who refused to eforce the "Theft of Services" statute on Alabama law books!

The biggest churches are there and so well-attended they have cops directing traffic . . .BUT

*The customer owed me
*I was arrested for trespass
*Spent 10 days in a filthy jail
*My biggest problem: an NC Drivers Liscense!

Wish I had know what I found out in the jailhouse: "Come to Mobile on vacation / leave on probationl!"

Not just NO to being treated nice, but HELL NO!!!!!

Gene S said...

Joe---I would have thought by now you would get nice!!

No only are your comments cruel and heartless---they are totally un-necessary--unless you have become the Sheriff of Mobile--and they were part of your campaign commercials!

Gene S said...

What's the deal over people being hurt celebrating their victory?

Anonymous said...

This whole blog has degenerated into a pathetic fiasco. Guess that's what happens when you let in the SEC people.


Gene while I am sorry that you had a bad experience in Mobile, you must remember 1 person does not represent a population. I see you were here for work, chances are the guy you worked for was also from outta town. If you was arrested,then rest assured it was legit. May not be morally correct but correct. I feel your pain, I have been cheated outta my money as well from Alabama, Maryland, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. You have that when you own a business. My point is, its not only isolated to Mobile. I am sure outside of work experience (which is between you and 1 person) and not the people of Mobile. You were treated politely.


to Anonymous, I can see why you use the SEC cop out. You had nothing constructive to say, no facts to back your hate. I, on the otherhand provided a list of facts and you or anyone else have not yet, answered my question. No, you are more interested in fiction, unwarrented questions or jealous rhetoric. As if you didnt expect an SEC fan to defend a boogus intential question. I ask you and whomever else wants to explain, answer my question of facts, I listed since 1992! Please, I would love to hear, how yall justify Oklahoma losing its conference game 35 to 7 and playing in title game or Nebraska playing in title game and not playing in there conference title game, such as Alabama. Do as you say ,Not as u do. huh? When you honestly answer those questions, then my friends....You will have the power to see why the question and hate proposed is without foundation. ROLL TIDE!

Gene S said...

Tom---let me assure you I did not overeach the situation in Mobile. The Sheriff there was corupt and fed prisoners food of less quality than my grandaddy slopped his hogs = he got to keep any funds from the food budget which didn't get spent = freezer burn rejects to the prisoners!

Do the math on 10 days spent in the stupid jail when I was making $2K a day getting wood to the streets for FEMA pickup. Add to that the Judge's statement in open court, "Why is this man here this long on this kind of charge?" In addition when I transferred to the County Jail from Metro I was told to put disinfectant on every part of my body before I put on their uniform! The sucker endangered my health and every other prisoner at Metro!

I had to hire a local lawyer out of my pocket. I was working for cheaper than many of the local contractors!

If Alabama has a clear-cut "theft of services" statute and the DA chooses not to enforce it for an out-of-state contractor who spent some $1500 just getting there, then you would be pissed.

Further, the local newspaper could care less as well as the FBI when I clamied my civil rights had definitely been violated!

I have NOTHING for Alabama and less for Mobile. It is a known fact that people doing work in that crescent from Alabama to Texas are wise to hire a local lawyer before even going, that should tell you something!

I was in their jailhouse with better men than some wearing the uniform. I have only divulged the tip of the sordid iceberg of LA - Lower Alabama!!! Even tehir local FBI would not cross the "powers that be."

Anonymous said...

This much drama over a football game! Good grief!

Rex Ray said...

Hi old friend.

Didn’t ever think I’d take up for Joe Blackman, but I see his point in saying, “What wrong with a little innocent question”; referring to Wade’s question on his post.

I mean, what’s wrong if I said, ‘Hey Gene, haven’t seen you forever—when did you get out of jail?’ (Your story—wow!)

Speaking of jail, I guess you remember Wade’s awful experience in Mexico.

Here are two jail stories that happened in a small town in Oklahoma.

A car broke down. A policeman called a tow truck, and offered them a warm place to stay at the police station until their car was fixed. One man had just been released from a mental institution and his parents had picked him up.

Within 30 minutes at the station, the son went berserk, grabbed the policeman’s gun and held the gun on everyone. The dispatcher turned her broadcast radio on and all other police surrounded the station.

The son marched the policeman out the door. Seeing his buddies, the policeman dove for cover but the son killed him. Needless to say the son died in a hail of bullets.

I guess the mental institution said, ‘Oops’.

Many years later the police dispatcher reached her seventy’s and had breast cancer surgery. A few days out of the hospital, she was on medicine that affected her vision. She caused a small fender bender by not seeing a stop sign.

She got out and looked at her car. The front bumper was not damaged but had green paint on it. She didn’t see the green paint and thought she had missed the car so she went home.

A few hours later a sheriff questioned her. He pointed out the green on her bumper. Then he asked how the side of her car got damaged so much. The dispatcher said she had hit a deer. He yelled, “You’re lying to me! You’re under arrest!”

He grabbed her arm so hard that her lawyer had a doctor take a picture of the burse. (The lawyer wants her to sue because of the long-time treatment of the police in the town, but she doesn’t want to sue anyone.)

Her car was impounded, and she spent the night in jail. Her surgery needed attention and she became very ill but was denied a doctor. Was told she was sick because she wouldn’t eat.

The next day at court, her daughter was there. The sheriff told the judge he knew she was lying because he saw green paint on her hands.

The daughter yelled, “Dried paint won’t get on anybody’s hands.”

The judge told her to be quite that she would be allowed to tell her story later.

The daughter said her mother was the one on trial and not her.

The judge became angry and asked where the defendant was.

“She’s in jail.” said the jailer.

“We can’t have court without her; get her in here!”

The defendant asked the jailer if he thought she was going to overpower him and escape. (She is small and weights about 110#)

He brought her in wearing an orange suit, handcuffed, and feet shackled.


I’ve not heard if she’s had a trial or not.

Gene S said...

Jail stories certainly get your attention! In my time I was thinking of how the Apostles did nothing illegal but follow Jesus and they got the chains.

In the same fashion, MLK started the freedom marches in Selma and got the cuffs and dogs and water hoses. I now know why Alabama was the starting point on fighting corruption and voter fraud.

Yet, here we are acting like some silly football game is the end all and be all of the week! It's interesting how the country is in a fog of thinking and bog of economy and we care so much about football over justice in America!

As to Joe, sorry if I jumped him too fast. To me he was putting Wade down with his question and using "crossdressing" out of context as if Wade is perverted in some way.

Maybe Joe has changed, but I doubt it!

Rex Ray said...

Thanks for your thoughts on football. My father had a saying: “America is going to hell with a football under her arm.”

Now doctors are pointing out the dangers of playing the game.

Yes, we ought to be worried about the fog our country is in—both spiritual and physical.

I got an email praising the genius insights of a man that wrote what America should do in many countries.

Knowing about emails, I typed his name on to see if he was an advisor to President Reagan.

Snopes said only it was true he called Obama an “empty suit” and the last update was 2008.

I wonder why no more updates, so I went to Google. (You do know Snopes favors Obama don’t you?)

Google said the man was murdered last year. His wife thinks a ‘hit man’ made it look like a mugger did it. His name is Jack Wheeler.

Rex Ray said...

Oops! PS had more information stating Jack Wheeler was editor of ToThePointNews which was an online geopolitical intelligence service published by WorldNetDaily.

Snopes gave an article that Wheeler wrote on Obama:

Snopes also said any information not approved from them would be subject to being sued or words to that effect.

So, Gene, should I be scared? Sure wouldn’t want to get on a hit list either. :)

Rex Ray said...

Rex Ray said...

I'll try cutting this link in half


Gene S said...

Rex---I don't know since anything on the Internet is public----Just don't live in Alabama when you post it!!!


DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!! Thats exactly why the SEC is what it is, we hate each other in conference. In no way shape or form would we allow a mediocre conference divide us. Still waiting for someone to answer my question of the past title games. All you have to do is scroll back up. GO AHEAD FELLOWS TAKE A CHANCE WHY DONT YA? Still wondering if joe is a pedaphile? HARMLESS QUESTION, WOULDNT YOU SAY REX? But my question has more foundation than the one asked.

Anonymous said...

Once again ESPN thought it would be good idea to slap the face of all the Auburn fans and the rest of the Alabama haters by parading Nick Saban all over the TV screen by making him a guest host for 4+ hours on College Gameday … urggh! I couldn’t believe it, but totally expected it. It really disgusted me to the point that I decided to not even watch the pregame. Now who do you think … other than Alabama fans … wants to see or hear from Nick Saban before or during the game? I thought that it was totally classless by ESPN considering that it should be Auburn’s moment in the sun. Every year that Alabama fails to make it into the SEC or National Championship game ESPN makes it a point to put Saban on the college pregame shows in an effort to promote him and recruiting for Alabama … and you wonder why they are poised to have the number 1 rated recruiting class for the 4th year in a row this year. I think Rece Davis (Alabama Alum ESPN Sport Analyst) must have something to do with it. ... and the replays of Alabama beating down baby seals (Chattanoga) on ESPNU

Anonymous said...

Once again ESPN thought it would be good idea to slap the face of all the Auburn fans and the rest of the Alabama haters by parading Nick Saban all over the TV screen by making him a guest host for 4+ hours on College Gameday … urggh! I couldn’t believe it, but totally expected it. It really disgusted me to the point that I decided to not even watch the pregame. Now who do you think … other than Alabama fans … wants to see or hear from Nick Saban before or during the game? I thought that it was totally classless by ESPN considering that it should be Auburn’s moment in the sun. Every year that Alabama fails to make it into the SEC or National Championship game ESPN makes it a point to put Saban on the college pregame shows in an effort to promote him and recruiting for Alabama … and you wonder why they are poised to have the number 1 rated recruiting class for the 4th year in a row this year. I think Rece Davis (Alabama Alum ESPN Sport Analyst) must have something to do with it. ... and the replays of Alabama beating down baby seals (Chattanoga) on ESPNU