Monday, October 10, 2011

The Test of Genuine Christianity Is Best Conducted in the Crucibles of Life

A crushed flower
Richard Wurmbrand was imprisoned by the Soviets for smuggling Bibles into communist countries.  Wurmbrand would spend years in prison, separated from family and friends because of his faith in Christ and his belief that others behind the Iron Curtain should have access to the Word of God. In the face of horrible persecution and mistreatment, Wurmbrandt never accused his tormentors of injustice, never condemned them for their actions, and never treated them with contempt. Rather, Wurmbrand loved his persecutors unconditionally. This kind of love is supernatural, the product of divine grace. Agape love is the mark of true Christianity. Dee Parsons reminded me today of a quote from Richard Wurmbrand that is worthy of our mental memorization and intentional imitation.

“When you crush a flower, it rewards you by giving you back it’s perfume. When you crush a Christian, he rewards you by giving you back his love.”

The test for genuine Christianity is best conducted in the vexing crucible and not the church vestibule.

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Bob Cleveland said...

I wonder is there's a connection to the prosperity we have, here, and the casual nature which seems most prevalent, as respects Christianity and church members here. Perhaps it is, that our prosperity lessens the need for a challenging style from too many pulpits.

The absolutely most memorable times of worship in my life were in Russia, Latvia, Jamaica, and Haiti. Well .. those, and Holy Trinity Brompton, in London.

I'm going to have to think on this, some. I'd always assumed the connection between prosperity and lukewarm Christianity, was just in the pew. Perhaps that's not true.