Sunday, December 06, 2009

Knowing When to Chase the Dream and When to Ignore It.

Pictured here is our great dane named Gracie. In her mouth is the shoe of our nephew Reed who was visiting us over the Thanksgiving holiday. Gracie likes to play, but she has a hard time understanding the kind of things that are appropriate toys. The more we shout at Gracie, the more we chase Gracie, the more Gracie thinks keeping the shoe from us is actually a game. The only way we can convince Gracie to let go of this shoe is to grab another toy and play with it, ignoring the shoe and Gracie. I realize we are using reverse psychology on a dog--acting as if something other than the shoe is more important to us--but for some reason, it works! Gracie let go of this shoe when we presented a rope and played with it as if we had no interest in the shoe. Out comes the shoe from Gracie's mouth, and here she comes after the rope! There's a moral to this story:

Sometimes we get those things we really want by representing indifference.

Wisdom is knowing when to go after the shoe and when to ignore it. Just a thought gleaned from the relationship we have with my daughter's dog.

In His Grace,



Ramesh said...

This post reminds me of this:

White Washing the Fence, Tom Sawyer. said...

Good one Thy Peace.

I agree. :)

Ramesh said...

Wow! If you click on the image, you can see how tall Gracie is. I estimate she is 50" to 55" tall from toes to her head.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Wade,

May I suggest a corollary shared with me by a friend?

The bull has all it needs to defeat the matador. Its foolishness is thinking the cape is its worst enemy.

Wisdom is knowing what is the real problem.

Yours, Lee

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes we get those things we really want by representing indifference."

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Jeff said...

Kevin, There are times you drive me crazy, but I you are a great person. You have a great sense of humor.

Wade, good post---I was thinking you were going in a different direction. My wife and I were discussing how do we know when our dream is from God, or just a feeling of discontentment this weekend.


Jon L. Estes said...

Reposted due to typos...

The second moral to the story...

Those who have what really belongs to you should be treated as ignorant as an untrained dogs.

TIC, of course... said...

You guys are making me laugh.


:) said...

Thy Peace,

Gracie is HUGE. And an indoor lap dog.

Try to picture that. :)

Our son bought her for our daughter for her birthday. We are still trying to figure out why we still have her. But she does make a great watchdog. said...


I confess to not knowing if my dreams are selfish or Christ-honoring. So I try to just come to the place of trusting in His Providence and just living a day at a time - ministering to and enjoying every person that God has graciously allowed to cross my path.


New BBC Open Forum said...


You might appreciate this.

Christiane said...

Dear WADE,

After reading the wonderful story of Gracie The Dog, I think there may a possibility that Gracie is suffering from 'shoe envy'.

Yes. She wants shoes, too.

It happens. Dogs think they are people, sometimes, and they want their own outfits. I was made aware of this while shopping for my grand-dogs at the Barkery in our city. The Barkery is a dog bakery, but also is a dog-boutique.

The owner, a good friend of my daughter's, saw me coming. And when I explained that I had a total 3 grand-dogs to buy for, she was thrilled.

I left laden with packages filled with doggie treats. Included were sweaters, fake antlers, assorted bell-harnesses and so forth. Yes, the Barkery sells dog shoes and boots but, until I saw the picture of GRACIE today, I did not realize the possibilities.

I'm headed back to the Barkery to load up on dog shoes/boots. Thank you, Wade, for this post, or how could I possibly have known what dogs prefer. Thank you, in advance, also to Gracie from my grand-dogs, who will of course, be thrilled with their new shoes. Of course. :)


Love, L's said...


Funny video! L's. Great story!


rick t said...

Another possible moral to the story: Many times the things we have are what makes us happy, till we see what someone else has. Then what we have becomes less important and we aren't happy till we get what someone else has???? And by the way, i've seen that dog, and as far as i'm concerned if she had a shoe and wanted the rope too, God bless her as she plays with both!!!! said...

That, Rick, is both true AND funny!