Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Currahee -- A Gripping Story of a United States Soldier's Sacrifice and Recovery

During World War II a United States Army training camp in far northeastern Georgia began training airborne assault troops for war. The 506th Parachute Infantry received their training at the foot of the mountain pictured here, Currahee Mountain, and they would begin each day with a three mile run from the training camp to the top of Currahee and then back down. The regimental patch that they wore upon completion of their training had the word "Currahee" and an outline of the mountain on it. Every time the men would jump from a plane, they would each cry "Currahee". This word is a Cherokee word which means "stand alone." The Currahee Mountain stood alone on the plains of Georgia, but there is also great meaning in this the word for the men who trained at Currahee and became a part of the 101st Airborne Division. These paratroopers of the 506th became famously known as The Band of Brothers.

The video below details the story of one young soldier's journey of recovery from severe wounds suffered while serving his country in Afghanistan. The turning point came when the unconcsious and critically injured soldier heard his four star general shout "Currahee."

Keep a kleenex handy.


Ramesh said...

What would a "Currahee" be for a Christian? Would it not be Jesus Christ? For some it might be just Jesus.

I remember reading New Jerusalem Bible long time ago. There they use Yahweh for God. I remember this name ringing in my head for a long time.

I guess any name that projects an aspect of the characteristics of Our Lord that awakens us from death will do.

PS: I have not seen any new posts on Cindy Kunsman's blog Under Much Grace, since June 26th. I pray that Cindy is doing well. Cindy would give a medical explanation of this waking up of Brian Brennan, especially of how the mind and subconscious works. I miss reading Cindy's posts.

Gary Snowden said...

That was a very moving video. Thanks for sharing it.

Bob Cleveland said...

Great story, Wade; thanks for posting it.

And what could be more encouraging for a believer, than to hear the Lord say "Stand alone"?

wadeburleson.org said...

Thy Peace,

I, too, wonder what has happened to Cindy. She is a sharp gal and writes well on subjects that interest me.


B Nettles said...

"Currahee" represents several things. 1) The camaraderie and fellowship generated by undergoing trials together. 2) The confidence generated by surviving the trials and understanding the good that was done during the trials. 3) (and the most important, I believe) We refuse to be defined by our present circumstances, but rather by victories that have brought us to this circumstance. Will I persevere? Yes!

This is much like what brotherly love in church discipline should be. We must persevere in finding the reminder which might bring the stray to their senses. Remind them of what they claim to have known.

"Currahee" represented the ultimate in physical perseverance to this soldier, and he could not ignore it, even subconsciously.

Paul Burleson said...

B Nettles,

A thoroughly biblical and, I must say, brilliant analogy you've made.

May the Father give us all a baptism of the "currahee" heart that we might life out the ultimate in spiritual perseverance so that we could not ignore it even subconsciously. A TRUE Band of Brothers and Sisters.

Ramesh said...

Off Topic:

Passage of time and the fading of writers ...

NYT> William Safire, Political Columnist and Oracle of Language, Dies at 79.

NYT > On Safire.


NYT > On Language.

I will also miss William Safire. Always enjoyed reading his witty posts on language and words.

Rex Ray said...

My father said he was taught in the seminary that the periods were in the wrong place in Ephesians 6:13-14.

The way he read the verses is close to Currahee (stand alone):

“When having done all to stand, STAND.”

Clif Cummings said...

For all of us who are sitting safely at home while our loved ones (in my case my son-in-law) serve our country on the war front abroad -- THANK YOU for this post!