Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Miami BCS Bound: #1 Oklahoma vs. #2 Florida

Rachelle and I are in Miami, Florida where we will be attending the 2009 BCS National Championship Game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida Gators Thursday night. Some very kind church members gave me two tickets to the championship game and we are thrilled to be able to attend. Courtesy of Hotwire.com we found some cheap tickets out of Wichita, Kansas and an excellent rate at a hotel in Miami. We are looking forward to being in the game atmosphere, and we feel it should be a great game. Most people are picking Florida to win, but Oklahoma loves Miami in January. When you see Oklahoma score a touchdown, look for me celebrating in the stands. Go Sooners!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Miami! We live just a few miles from the stadium. Hope you get time to enjoy the beach, Hollywood Broadwalk, etc. Weather's been great! If you want good seafood, best is at Old Florida Seafood, we love it and it has been around for ages! Sorry we won't make the game, but will watch it on TV... sorry, but go GATORS!

James Gibson said...

The best thing about this game is that both quarterbacks, the two most recent Heisman Trophy winners, are not ashamed to speak about their faith in Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

"Some very kind church members gave me two tickets to the championship game and we are thrilled to be able to attend. Courtesy of Hotwire.com we found some cheap tickets out of Wichita, Kansas and an excellent rate at a hotel in Miami."

So basically what yur saying here is that this is not an extravagant January getaway in the midst of a national economical crisis resulting in many financial hardships for your's and other's congregants? Cuz that woulda really looked bad after the previous thread.

But since you got the tickets free and SUCH a steal on the air-buggy ride and the 29.99 deal on the American Motor Inn single occupancy room within walking distance to the stadium...and since your wife packed sandwiches for the trip...

I guess your labors are worth this tiny reward.

...just don't be slippin' out at night to ask the front desk chick the combination to the padlock on the mini-bar/fridge in your room.


Anonymous said...

TIM TEBOW: In addition to his football exploits, which brought him the first Heisman Trophy ever given to a sophomore and carried him to a third-place finish this season, Tebow makes no secret of his Christian faith. In addition to the Philippines, he has made mission trips to Croatia and Thailand, worked with underprivileged youth and visited hospitals and prisons.

Such work has won him fans among even Florida's staunchest rivals. While the most skeptical still wonder if a guy really can be this genuine, Mrs. Gauran has no doubts. She called Tebow a committed speaker whose passion clearly shows through.

"He's a great preacher," she said. "People just listen to him."

Anonymous said...

SAM BRADFORD: “The key things I’ve learned are patience, perseverance and trusting God,” Bradford said in a video interview on the Web site.

“Everything that God does He’s doing for a reason. He has a purpose and we need to trust Him and know that His plan is the right way.”

Steve said...

Have a great time!
Whoever scores last'll probably win this'n.

Unknown said...

Wade, I am a native of Oklahoma living in West Palm Beach. I will be at the game, too. I've been wearing my OU shirts for all to see.

Gary said...


When scanning the stands for you during a touchdown celebration, would you, perhaps, be the one wearing Crimson and Cream?

That should make you very easy to find.


Enjoy the game!


John Daly said...

This post has allowed me to practice the spiritual discipline of fighting sin in that I must win the battle over envy and jealousy. Uhhhh, "thanks."

John Wallace said...

Sorry Wade, I know that Florida will win because Tim Tebow is a better Christian than Sam Bradford. The best Christian always wins because God can do anything: I saw it on Facing the Giants:)

DT Boy said...

Hope you enjoy your time in my home state. I think it will be good game and I believe Florida will pull this one

David Richardson said...

John -

That is hilarious!! By far, your response is the best one in this thread.

Ha! Ha!

David from South Carolina

Rick Boyne said...

I'm with NativeVermonter on this one.

Boomer Sooner, Baby!

Dr. Mike Kear said...

Oklahoma better put a big time whipping on the Gators or the AP may make them share the National Championship with Utah.

Anonymous said...

"When you see Oklahoma score a touchdown . . ." it probably will be a Texan with the ball in his hands!


Proud Texan

Anonymous said...

I think it's great to have members that share blessings with their pastor. You deserve the trip and the fun. No doubt you will be in a members home or visiting one in the hospital soon after your return. Have a great time!

Before I go, I can't miss an interesting observation.

Do you realize that by saying this:

"Most people are picking Florida to win, but Oklahoma loves Miami in January."

you will have less than 30 comments.

But, if you would have said this:

"Most seminary presidents including P. Patterson are picking Florida to win, but Oklahoma loves Miami in January."

you would have had over 200 comments.

Furthermore, if you would have said:

"Most Christians who think that a wife should be submissive to her husband just as her husband is submissive to Christ are picking Florida to win, but Oklahoma loves Miami in January."

you would have had over 350 comments.

To make it more interesting, 250 of those 350+ comments would have been from "people" who know nothing about football.

Just funnin'.

And just for the record, the only reason that Texas doesn't sink into the Gulf of Mexico is because Oklahoma sucks.

Go Chargers! :)


Chris Ryan said...

Enjoy the game, and I hope both teams lose.

Anonymous said...

I hope to travel to the island of California some day, too.

Proud Texan


Jeff said...

Wade, I haven't seen a post about how My Hogs beat the Basketball Sooners. How about them Hogs!!!



Bob Cleveland said...

Chris: Shame on you. I'm much more charitable than you are.

I hope both teams win.

Anonymous said...

Texas 45
Oklahoma 35

The wrong team is in the championship game. "Unless Run Up the Score" Stoops is willing to play Texas again to finally prove who is the #1 team.

Amy Downey

Rev. said...


WatchingHISstory said...

Are any of the players Calvinist?

WatchingHISstory said...

Calvinist - 5
Gators - 3

Anonymous said...

hypothetically the gators are the underdogs!

wadeburleson.org said...

Kate Johnson,

We took your recommendaton for a restaurant and ate at Florida Seafood. Arrived at 4:30 for the early bird special. Best seafood I've ever had. And, I do not believe I have ever been unable to eat the plate I ordered, but the portions were huge. Menu: Grilled Snapper, frog legs, steamed broccoli, fried zuchini, baked potatoe, salad and blueberry muffins with homemade key lime pie for dessert.

My wife wanted me to be sure and tell you thanks for the recommendation!

After dinner we went to see Marley and Me. Warning: DO NOT go and see this movie if you have a Golden Labrador who is 11 year old and resembles Marley in the movie as do we.

We cried our eyes out.


Go Sooners!

wadeburleson.org said...

I should say my wife cried her eyes out. I'm catching a cold.

John Daly said...

It's strange how my allergies acted up during that scene :)

John Wallace said...

Wade, you've won my heart. We've got a 12 year old Lab named Maggie. Saw the movie on Friday; cried and cried.

Enjoy the game; you work hard; recreation in healthy.

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed it. I forgot to say to have the house dressing, but hopefully you did. It is a wonderful poppyseed, and yes, the portions are huge.

The only thing better would be if after the movie you strolled the Broadwalk! What a night.

Glad to be of help... Blessings on the rest of your trip - except for the OK winning of course! Go Gators

wadeburleson.org said...

The house dressing was magnificent!

My wife had the salad, I had the gumbo, but I ate half her salad after tasting the dressing.

Todd Nelson said...

Wade, as a Florida native and former student at UF (1979-81), I truly wish I could be there rootin' for the Gators. But alas, I will have to watch live on Friday morning here in Kuala Lumpur, assuming ESPN-Asia is broadcasting it. Otherwise it's live every-30-seconds updates on Yahoo Sports on the internet.

BTW, I had my pastoral calling confirmed during a BSU/BCM summer missions experience at First Baptist Miami Beach. Miss my home state! But enjoying sumptuous seafood and meaningful ministry here, too. :-)

Enjoy the game and the trip. Go Gators!

davidinflorida said...


I dont see you celebrating in this game too often, but try to enjoy the atmosphere as much as you can.

As a LONGHORN, I normally stick with the BIG 12 , but not this year...GO GATORS

TEBOW will win the game as did Vince Young did in 06..

Chris Ryan said...

Sorry Bob.

I'm a K-State fan who had very little to celebrate this past season. Perhaps some bitterness still exists.

Anonymous said...


You should not have spent any money to go to Florida. You should have spent the money on missions.

The tickets that were given to you should have also been sold and the money should have been given to missions or to hurting people without jobs. How can you enjoy an expensive football game when other people are suffering?

Your house is too extravagant. You should sell it and give the money to missions. Please move into a trailer or mobile home.

Football is a worldy pleasure. Would Jesus or Paul spend their time at a football game when the world is perishing?

I hope that you rented bicylces to travel around Florida instead of an expensive rental car.

I can tell just by reading this post that you have a worldly heart and not the true heart of a pastor.

I am really good at discerning people's inner attitudes and motives, as you can probably tell.

You have too many children. You and your wife should have adopted some unwanted children instead of having so many of your own.

You are too concerned about your physical image. I can tell that from your website and your writings.

I will keep you posted on the other insights the Holy Spirit gives me about your life. I hope these insights are a blessing to you.

Hector Johnson
Irving, Texas

Anonymous said...

At least it was obvious that my comment(#3) was in jest.


WatchingHISstory said...


YOU have hit the nail on the head.
Wade, are you willing to do this?
If so you will inherit eternal life!

Anonymous said...

Ahh...no,no...WatchingHISstory, if OK wins, Wade inherits eternal life. Put all on the line, and all that other stuff "heckler" johnson of irving, tx said... :-)

WatchingHISstory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WatchingHISstory said...

I have good news! The pie thrower has revealed himself to me and I have had the opportunity to tell him/her they are forgiven.

It was a criminal act done to a under aged minor and inflicted trauma. What he meant for evil God has turned it for good!

Go to my blog to read the rest of the story.

It is a grand day!

Todd Nelson said...

NO coverage overseas! Zip. Darn!

Native Arkansan said...

Go to my blog to read the rest of the story.

Nah, I think ah'll pass. We got enuf crazies here in Arkieland.

WatchingHISstory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WatchingHISstory said...

see whatcher meen by ur pitur. butshe gotta ah purtty grin thar boy. drinking that thar 'SHINE' will put mo har on ye chest. take ye hands outta ye pockets taint modest ofye!

Native Arkansan said...

butshe gotta ah purtty grin thar boy."

Like I told Brother Wade, I ain't that kind of guy, sicko! Ya reely should stop doin' all that online "resurch" on them man/boy thangs. Yore lookin' fer love in all tha wrong places.

WatchingHISstory said...

Oh so you know what a SBC associate pastor did to his own young son here in Memphis in a well known SBC church working with a well known pastor?

Why doesn't anyone but me blog about that? Now there is a SBC issue! Homosexuality in the ranks.

WatchingHISstory said...

Funny how that no one will discuss that but they sure want to condemn me!!!

WatchingHISstory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WatchingHISstory said...

enough of draging Paige Patterson thru the mud. When will we drag Paul Williams through the mud? What has Paige Patterson done to his own son? His own daughter?

The whole SBC church will never be able to confront Homosexuality if it doesn't deal openly with Paul Williams. Stop this silly nonsense of silly discussions about football, Seminaries, .... deal with the elephant standing in the room!

Come on Wade, bring it up. Please don't just delete me.

gmommy said...

You are the elephant everyone wants to step around.

Clergy sexual abuse and homosexuality are 2 completely different issues....except to you.

Please don't try and hijack Wade's blog while he is on vacation.

I wonder why you believe it is also your mission to determine who is allowed to take vacations.

Surely the growling voice didn't also tell you to police Wade.


Bob Cleveland said...


Carry on your personal crusade on your own blog. Taking Wade to task for not fighting your personal battle is ridiculous in the extreme.

Anonymous said...


Will you ever get it through your thick head that it isn't about homosexuality? You're absolutely obsessed with homosexuality! Why is that, Charles? As disgusting as homosexual behavior is, the fact is most homosexuals do not molest children. Paul Williams is a sexual predator who went after women as well as little boys. We don't know if he targeted men or little girls. What we do have are adult women's firsthand accounts of what he did (or tried to do) to them - and in at least one case, the woman's son, too. He didn't seem to be too picky about who he set his sights on.

It's all about control and exerting power over another human being. His behavior was the means to an end. Nothing more.

This isn't Wade's battle to fight, Charles. I've got an idea! You don't live far from him, maybe 20 miles tops. If you're so concerned why don't you go knock on his door and give him a piece of your mind? Be sure to take a stepladder. I understand he's very tall, and we know you're... not.


Native Arkansan said...

You are the elephant everyone wants to step around.

I suppose it's up ta the redneck ta state the obvious - and that's that tha elephant seems ta be leavin' lots of elephant poop this evenin'!

Anonymous said...

I love viewing church websites and so I thought I would head over to Bellevue's site to see what's currently going on.

I entered www.bellevuebaptist.com

This was not Dr. Financial Gaines' church, but instead a cute, clean midsized fairly traditional Southern Baptist Church in Nashville, TN. They seem to employ an apt pastor with a doctorate from Southern Seminary and a part-time minister of youth. I am currently downloading one of Dr. Shelton's sermons but I have a hunch this is a top notch SBC church which deserves a shout out! I am also guessing they field a ton of calls for the evil stepsister in Memphis.

The non SBC readers of Wade's blog should know that we have quite a few "jewels" to be proud of. I am guessing this Bellevue is one of them.

Either way, impressive site.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to be the first to say chomp chomp. Go Gators and MK Tebow! I'm waiting with eager anticipation for Wade's blog about how the extravagances of the Pattersons and the corruption of the SBC's good ol boys directly contributed to Oklahoma's demise. I'm sure it's coming soon


Anonymous said...

Texas 45
Oklahoma 35

Like I said earlier, wrong team in the championship game. I am enjoying the moment I must admit.

Anonymous said...

The Sooners made a valiant try, but came up short 24-14. In any case they did us pround throughout the year! Boomer Sooner! ! !

Jack Maddox said...

I have it by sources who have contacted me , whom I will not reveal for obvious reasons, that the loss of OU is Paige Patterson's fault.

when will the insanity stop!


david b mclaughlin said...

Congrats to the Gators.

But you cannot seriously say OU did not deserve to be in that game. They played the Gators tough.


Rex Ray said...

Jack Maddox,
Let’s see, Wade’s post is on football. You bring up Patterson and ask, “When will the insanity stop!”

I guess you answered your own question—insanity stops when you stop talking.

Now that’s mean of me I know, but I just couldn’t resist since you’ve sworn off replying. smile

I never dreamed I’d see John 3:16 written on a ‘hero’s’ face. Praise God!

WatchingHISstory said...

So Paul williams, the SBC associate that worked at Bellevue Baptist was a Bi-sexual who sexually abused his own son and may have abused women. I'll give you that, anon.

Bellevue paid lawyers thousands of dollars to call him a "moral failure" and his sin (crime) "Perverse sexual activity"

The fear you people have of this being a homosexual sin explains why Bellevue needed lawyers to intentionally muddy this issue.

No one but God awards me for calling this homosexuality. Man shall not lay with man as man with woman. I'm just trying to follow the Bible, which seems to be a stange concept here.

WatchingHISstory said...

Bod Cleveland

How is it that Paul Williams is not Wade's fight.

Apparently my error is stepping outside my blog to enlist Wade to fight this battle. Really how is that wrong?

Your error is deciding what battles we should fight. Do you alone determine what Wade shold do?

I'm sure that Wade wants us both to shut our "pie" holes.

By-the-way what do you think of a homsexual in the ranks of the SBC?
Does it not bother you?

WatchingHISstory said...

Native Arkansan

What do you think about a SBC associate at Bellevue having sex with his own son? Is it OK?

Obviously my asking the question is not OK!

Stick your head back in the sand!

Rex Ray said...

Watching His Story,
Long ago, I defended you on this subject.

But now I’m changing my mind.

My father had a saying you should think about: ALL THE PATATOES ARE DUG IN THAT FIELD

Someone else had a good one: NUFF SAID.

I find some preachers that continue to preach over and over against a certain sin, do so because they’re fighting that temptation.

Is that your problem?

Native Arkansan said...

Of course not. I think it's disgusting and Paul Williams should be strung up, not necessarily by the neck if you get my drift. Get a rope! You're a big man, Charles. Why don't you volunteer for the job? What can we LEGALLY do?

Seriously, Charles, what do you want Wade and others to do? The bloggers on the NBBCOF have had plenty to say about Williams. In looking through their archives, I found several dozen articles about Paul Williams and hundreds of comments from many people who expressed outrage, anger, and disgust. I don't know why you think you have a monopoly on being outraged because you don't, but the D.A.'s office supposedly conducted an investigation and decided not to prosecute for reasons we aren't privy to. So again... EXACTLY WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DO? Be specific!

Native Arkansan said...

I find some preachers that continue to preach over and over against a certain sin, do so because they’re fighting that temptation."


Anonymous said...

"Do you alone determine what Wade shold do?"

No, Wade determines what Wade should do, not you or me or anyone else. And I predict all these comments will all be deleted when he finds them.

Shouldn't you be in bed so you'll be all rested for your day at the hub tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure that Wade wants us both to shut our "pie" holes."

Oh, no. I distinctly remember Wade saying he wanted your voice to be heard. I can't imagine why!

Anonymous said...

"The fear you people have of this being a homosexual sin explains why Bellevue needed lawyers to intentionally muddy this issue."

No fear here, Charles. There have been and are still homosexual sins at Bellevue and just about every other church, Southern Baptist and others. In fact, you might be surprised at just how deep the problem runs. At least two cases which he discovered were swiftly dealt with by Adrian Rogers just as they should have been. Steve Gaines preaches against homosexuality a LOT. He seems to have a bit of an obsession with the subject, too.

It's just that in this case, homosexuality isn't the issue. It's the case of a SEXUAL PREDATOR who didn't care whether it was a male or female, adult or child. He wanted power over those he considered weaker than himself, and "sex" was the way he achieved that power.

What's chilling is he's freely walking the streets and has been spotted hanging around children in the non-denominational church he now attends. He's been reported to CPS, the pastor of his church has been warned, and yet no one there seems to care.

I'm with the lovable redneck. EXACTLY WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DO? WHAT DO YOU WANT WADE TO DO? And please do be specific. "Address the problem" and other vague generalities aren't acceptable answers.

gmommy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob Cleveland said...


I am not the one telling Wade what he should be doing. You are.

Hence your rhetorical question "Do you alone determine what Wade shold do?" condemns you, yourself. You think that you alone do, apparently.

One sad little thought: your obnoxious tirades probably work against the efforts of those who seek to address current predatory activity in a sane and effective manner.

WatchingHISstory said...

You all ask me for exactness and specifics. You have been trained that way from your Dispensationalism. I'm with the old school spiritually. I see "fragmentally and disconnected". I am like the Apostle Paul, I see through a glass darkly. I get my understanding line upon line, precept upon precept. Here a little and there a little.

I confess weakness not confidence. I can tell Wade to deal with this issue, begging him to. But i can't tell him what the Holy Spirit wants to tell him. One day what the Holy Spirit is telling me will converge with what the Holy Spirit wants to tell him.

So far what I see from you all is a template that fits your actions that converges with Christ's conversations with the False religious leaders, particular those conversations that seem to imply demon-like responses and probaly in kind vulgarities from Christ in response to their accusations that he was born of fornication by a samaritan woman.
You my dear friends are Pharisees and hypocrites, your actions give you away. Wade seems to be made from a different template.

My good Jehovah Witness friend says I am wasting my time conversing with you all. He constantly reminds me of Ps 37. Without a doubt God has bonded us together at the work-place. We understand each other. He is convinced that I am following false religious leaders and I am convinced he is the elect of God.

Your dispensational characteristics are so similar to his views of the heavenly class that it amazes me. I say to him "John, you would make a good Baptist" It would require only a little change in theology.

He is a good Jehovah Witness. You on the other hand do not match his committment, devotion to the Bible and rational outlook his faith has cultivated. All you can do is act like the religious leaders he dispises and knows when he goes door to door and he meets you (and he knows you when he meets you) he marks your house as a house to be skipped by others.

Now you, acknowledge that the things I am writing are the oracle of God, fragmented and disconnected as they are.

If you want to continue playing your foolish games then keep on playing your foolish games. I'll be here to prick you untill I get a fragmented word from God to stop it. If I keep it up it is because God ain't stopped me yet.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sooners and Sooner fans on a great season. Last nights game was very entertaining. Personally, I was pleased with the outcome. No team on probation should ever win a National Title (IMO).

Also... Tebow IS Superman!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on going to the game. Hope you had fun. Sorry your team did not win.

It was a great game. A couple of plays made the difference. Tebo was good, but Harvey (?) was the difference in this game.


Anonymous said...

Texas Highlight: David Nelson, the Florida Gator who caught the put-it-away touchdown pass late in last night's game, is a recent graduate of Rider High School in WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS. (David did that sort of thing all over North Texas, too!)

But, I was pulling for OU in this one--"Go, Big 12!"

Sorry, Wade.

Proud Texan

Anonymous said...

Page: "If you want to continue playing your foolish games then keep on playing your foolish games. I'll be here to prick you untill I get a fragmented word from God to stop it. If I keep it up it is because God ain't stopped me yet."

Reply: Thanks for encouraging this nut, Wade! You can't say you weren't warned.

Hey, Charles! Here's your fragmented word from God:



I T!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of you, Charles.


Rex Ray said...

Just for fun,
I thought I’d tell the ‘newer’ people the relationship of Maddox and me by printing his last comment to me. It shows how funny and how much wit he has (also he was proved wrong on a point):

Jack Maddox said...
Your freaking me out dude! I tell you what…you win! Congratulations! I admit it. Your right and I am wrong. Jim Richards is a diabolical dictator, The SBTC is a branch of the illuminati. The CR was all about power, prestige and rock and roll. Good for you Rex. You nailed me. I will call Judge Pressler tomorrow and turn in my official fundie thought control card. Since I have fessed up and conceded your theological and ethical superiority there is really no need for you to keep records of my quotes and conversations any longer. You can take down my picture from the wall, throw away the pin filled voodoo doll, and tell the guy in the red sedan to stop tailing me. There is also no longer any reason for me to go back and forth with you any longer…
Sorry rex, but I am breaking up with you. That’s right…no more talkie talkie.
06 December, 2007 01:15

Also just for fun, here is a comment about Wade’s post on the new restrictions on would be missionaries governing their baptisms.
December 10, 2007
I would suggest the following seven rules of baptism need to be added to cover the following incident that happened in a Baptist Church, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Already in the rules: baptism cannot be self imposed.
Ann (not her real name), a lady of the night, had never seen a baptism and the preacher (SWBTS graduate) talked so long, she put herself under.

1. Baptizer will not lose baptizee underwater.
Ann slipped.

2. Length of time underwater will not be over two seconds’ tops.
Ann stayed under longer than a minute.

3. Proper reverence shall be maintained by witnesses.
Congregation was horrified Ann would drown, and then laughed at preacher.

4. The head will appear first when raised from water.
Ann’s leg arose from the water, and with her knee bent over the glass, her toes hooked under a choir seat.

5. No staring allowed.
Self explanatory.

6. Baptizer will keep hands in proper places.
Preacher’s hands froze around leg, but could not touch; congregation laughed, and preacher continued searching underwater until he got her head up and drug her off the glass.

7. Following prayer shall not include a giggle.

Would Ann’s baptism disqualify her as a missionary?
Rex Ray

Native Arkansan said...

This reminds me of you, Charles.

Hmmm... it reminds me of tha Gator fans this mornin'.

Native Arkansan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Native Arkansan said...

Would Ann’s baptism disqualify her as a missionary?

Don't know 'bout that, but I think her perfesshun purty much would.

volfan007 said...

The SEC rules! chomp chomp



Anonymous said...

Good Morning Everyone,

Wade, I'm sorry your team lost.
Glad you had some quality time with your dear wife and a chance to relax and get some good seafood.

Charles, calm down. Be peaceful.

Rex Ray,
Thanks for the laugh. I am not going to share your 'Ann' story with my spouse as he would have a field day telling it to everyone.
I laughed, once I figured it out (I missed that 'lady of the night' phrase, at first) and I needed that laugh because:

the person who wrote that Wade shouldn't have had all those beautiful children MADE ME CRY.

Why are people so mean? Those children are God's blessings.

'a time to laugh and a time to cry'

BTW, I STILL like that story about the folded 'napkin'. I'm not sorry that you shared it.
There must be SOME meaning to be discovered about the verse, since it was in the scriptures in detail that the cloth was folded. It is mysterious and I think it has some meaning. I'm going to find out. But first, another cup of coffee. With caffeine.
Have a great day and never stop with the stories, and the legends, and the poems. :) L's

Anonymous said...

WatchingHISstory said...

"You all ask me for exactness and specifics."

And still you give no specifics. Who's playing games, Charles?

"You my dear friends are Pharisees and hypocrites... "

You're friends with Pharisees and hypocrites?

"My good Jehovah Witness friend says I am wasting my time conversing with you all."

You should listen to him. He's right!

"Now you, acknowledge that the things I am writing are the oracle of God, fragmented and disconnected as they are."

Okaaaaay... Wade, if that doesn't convince you you're dealing with a nutjob...


Anonymous said...

L's: the person who wrote that Wade shouldn't have had all those beautiful children MADE ME CRY.

Why are people so mean? Those children are God's blessings.

Reply: Dear L's, please go back and read those words in context. The person who wrote that was being sarcastic. He wasn't serious!

Anonymous said...

REX RAY: it's me, L's

I found this reference:

"Marc Guscin, author of Burial Cloths Of Christ, believes the most compelling evidence for the shroud's authenticity comes from a small, blood-soaked cloth kept in a cathedral in Oviedo, northern Spain.

The Sudarium is believed to have been used to cover Jesus's head after he died and, unlike the shroud, its history has been traced back to the first century. It contains blood from the rare AB group found on the shroud (of Turin).

Mark says: "Laboratory tests have shown that these two cloths were used on the same body.

"The fact that the Sudarium has been revered for so long suggests it must have held special significance for people. Everything points towards this cloth being used on the body of Jesus of Nazareth."

Yet despite the latest discoveries, there are still many sceptics."

I'm still researching.
This is fun. L's

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the explanation.
I guess the lesson is this:
people can say and write anything but they can't control the effect it has on others.
I followed your advice.
It still makes me sad, though. L's

Anonymous said...


I am not sure if this is true, but I heard that Bob Stoops eats his cereal off a plate. Something about always losing his bowl. :)

Anonymous said...


It's me, L's

Okay. So far, the most interesting site I found is this:

The Oviedo Cloth By Mark Guscin. Less well-known than the Turin Shroud, the Oviedo Cloth is also a possible relic of Jesus' burial. ...
www.lutterworth.com/lp/titles/oviedo.htm -

Still trying to find some connection between the 'folding' and Jewish customs of the day. If it's out there, I'll find it. L's

Clif Cummings said...

I heard that ESPN (or the SEC network) announced this morning that Tim Tebow is going to forego his senior year of eligibility at Florida and go on straight to.... Heaven!

Unknown said...

OMG… did (volfan)007 just say “chomp chomp”?

Yes David “The SEC rules… and the Gators rule the SEC!”

Grace Always,

Jack Maddox said...


Stop being obsessed with me. Your freaking me out!


Jack Maddox said...


David Nelson is a GREAT kid. Before he went to Rider he played for our Petrolia Pirates. Helped us win a Class A State Championship his sophomore year. He Was very active in our church as was his family. Lots of good kids on that Florida team.


Zack Barnes said...

OOOPs factor: Well there goes at least half of your prediction: (6). The OU vs. Texas football game in October of 2009 will be the most highly charged, electric atmospheres of any regular season college football game in 2009.

Bradford and McCoy will both be back. OU will be defending national champions. OOOPs Grace and peace, always, Stan

WatchingHISstory said...

Darrell said
"His behavior was the means to an end. Nothing more."

It seems to me that Darrell and Gmommy and others think that it is OK that Paul Williams is a sexual preadator after both sexes but He ain't no homosexual!

Paige Patterson and Steve Gaines are the real problem according to them and NASS' sheep.

Anonymous said...

"It seems to me that Darrell and Gmommy and others think that it is OK that Paul Williams is a sexual preadator after both sexes but He ain't no homosexual!"

FYI... DAJ = David A. Johnson, not "Darrell."

You're right, Charles. We all think being a "sexual predator after both sexes" is fine and dandy. It's not nearly as bad as being a garden variety homosexual. Satisfied now?

It seems to me that you're a moron, and to borrow a quote from a brother in a previous thread, you also write like an ass.


Anonymous said...

DAJ: it takes one to know one


Native Arkansan said...


Ahhh, memories.

Anonymous said...

Loved it.

HEE HAW times ten.

oc said...
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WatchingHISstory said...


have you even seen a picture of his kids? Heaven's no he wouldn't let me babysit them.

They would end up Calvinist after a while!

WatchingHISstory said...


has oc been taking his medications?

WatchingHISstory said...


I have requested what I would like for you to bring up to discuss.

Everyone else seems to want to control what you post and there does seem to be a difference.

oc is suggesting you don't have the sense as to how to post.

...and my writing style hints at my ability to post!

oc said...

You are so predictable.

Please get some help.

WatchingHISstory said...


thanks for the concern. Yes just this morning I got some counseling and it helps greatly.

your friend in Christ's love
Charles Page

Native Arkansan said...
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Native Arkansan said...

That watchin' fella is what we here in Arkieland call "teched in tha haid."

oc said...

Naw Arky,
"teched" don't quite get it in this case.
Touchin' is a little too quaint and delicate.

Maybe Louisianna french may be betta ..."Damauged'....Dude is seriously
"damauged'. That's ok, but he leakin' him stuff on others...

Anonymous said...


Hope you had fun. Sorry your team did not win. I hope to see you on the computer tomorrow.

It was a great game. A couple of plays made the difference. But Harvey (from Virginia Beach next to my hometown)) was the difference in this game.

Now that we got this game out of the way. I pray you will get on to informing us; what is going on with SBC.
"Old Gray Fox."

Anonymous said...

Like you didn't know?

WatchingHISstory said...

Two comments; Fri Jan 09, 11:54:00 AM and 12:06:00 PM by DAJ and NA greatly offended me. I have allowed time to cool before commenting and I know it will fall on deaf ears anyway.

I have said over and over that my blog is dealing with the theology and methodology of Adrian Rogers and I have never made any character assasination attempts, ever. I have addressed the homosexual issue of Paul Williams, without apology. I believe he commited a grevious sin and a crime for which he should be in prison.
I am critical of Rogers' Pelagianism and Arminianism and I believe it has done harm to the Church. I feel that I am doing God's service in criticising him and her both. "Last time I checked this is a free country."

However when I sat and watched that video I was deeply offended for several reasons.

First, I am opposed strongly to Hagin and Copeland for their false theology. The video is not dealing with their theology it exist to make fun of them and their worship. This is their worship service crazy as it may seem to you. I am not happy with the "laughing revival" for theological reasons but I am not going to make fun of them in this manner. It reveals the judgmentalism and insensiviteness of DAJ and NA, particularly, without presenting any reason for their humor other than entertaining their forum friends at my expense and Hagin and Copeland.

Secondly, I was raised with this worship style, however not to the extreme of this video. I have never seen this displayed to this level. I have seen brothers and sisters laugh and even appear drunk in the Spirit. I knew their lives and they were good God-fearing people. They loved the Lord dearly.

I have seen them slain in the Spirit and even roll on the floor. I knew their lives and their love of God. I grew up going to public school and hearing people calling me "holy Roller". Most of these were kids from Baptist churches and they heard from their pulpits how we were of the devil by the way we acted.

You think you have a monopoly on correct worship styles and if there is any difference then it is wrong according to you.

I know many will not care that I was offended. I am thick skinned. I have plans to continue criticizing Rogers ministry. I have much more to say and with intensity. I am led by the Lord and will be obedient.

I will not resort to the practices of NA and DAJ. If I were black you just as well would call me "nigger". Your video is predjudical and offensive. I will not sit by and be silent. You both owe me an apology. You can not call or infer I am a "holy roller" in the way you did with the video. The Baptist have gotten away with this way too long.

You two are guilty of sin and you need to repent. Now I know it will be a cold day in hell before you do that.

Jeff said...

Wade, I guess OU got introduce to real football. Welcome to the SEC.

Better luck to the Little 12 next year.