Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An English Visual Test of Individual Perception

My dad sent me a link to a video about awareness. I found a variation of it on the internet, and thought you might enjoy testing your perception and awareness abilities.

In our churches, our Convention, and our families, is it possible that we are missing things because we aren't looking at the big picture? Is it also possible that this awareness test reveals we sometimes deny what others see since we ourselves haven't seen it, only because we haven't focused?

Interesting things to think about.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson


Ramesh said...

I got the number of passes exactly right, but totally missed the moon walking bear. I was so intent on counting the passes ...

Anonymous said...

Noooooo, I didn't see the dancing bear. Drats. Well, here's one for you, Wade:

How many i's are in this sentence.

i went to new mexico to see if i could buy a loaf of white bread the guy turned right around and said if you do want bread i will need five dollars so i walked off cause if he had said 3 dollars i would have said yes!

Anonymous said...

I count three.

Ramesh said...

5 i's and 14 i (total).

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this fun post with a serious message. I needed it after seeing the election returns. I'm dreading the next four years. I know God is sovereign, so I am trusting Him to use political events for His glory. I pray we all learn the lessons He wants to teach us well!

I'm with thy peace -- I got the number of ball passes correct but totally missed the moon walking bear.

Ramesh said...

I think this is a trick question.

"How many i's are in this sentence."


Anonymous said...

Wanda said, "I am trusting Him to use political events for His glory"

What political events would you LIKE to see unfolding in the next four years?

Anonymous said...

Wade, tell us more about what you want us to learn from this visual perception test about ourselves and our faith. I can already see applications, but you can guide us with some ideas here, I think. L's

Wanda, I can see how upset you are and I will pray for you today.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think alot of Americans saw what they wanted to see with Obama. They will see the rest of what they chose not to focus on VERY soon. And to soon...

EJ's Mom

Ramesh said...

This is excerpted from
The Hope Blog: A Look at Psalm 90

which was excerpted from here
The Spurgeon Archive: Psalm 90

"Such a God (he says) have we, such a God do we worship, to such a God do we pray, at whose command all created things sprang into being. Why then should we fear if this God favours us? Why should we tremble at the anger of the whole world? If He is our dwelling place, shall we not be safe though the heavens should go to wrack? For we have a Lord greater than all the world. We have a Lord so mighty that at his word all things sprang into being. And yet we are so fainthearted that if the anger of a single prince or king, nay, even of a single neighbour, is to be borne, we tremble and droop in spirit. Yet in comparison with this King, all things beside in the whole world are but as the lightest dust which a slight breath moves from its place, and suffers not to be still. In this way this description of God is consolatory, and trembling spirits ought to look to this consolation in their temptations and dangers.

—Martin Luther."

Psalm 90 (New International Version)