Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Thank You Note from the Sheri Klouda Family

Today our Finance Office will send a check for $11,545 from the Klouda Benevolence Fund which represents gifts from Southern Baptists all over the United States these past ten days. The appeal to assist the Kloudas with over $20,000 in medical and moving debts was made on June 18th and your swift response is testimony to the loving hearts of Sothern Baptists. Sheri Klouda, on behalf of her family, offers the following public 'thank you' to all who have so far contributed.

June 28, 2007

Fellow Believers in Christ:

On behalf of the Klouda family, I cannot begin to express our overwhelming gratitude and amazement at the generosity of so many brothers and sisters. We were actually speechless when we received Pastor Wade's call telling us of the response of so many of you. We want to assure you that these gifts will be well spent as we meet the challenges of coming days.

I would have written sooner, but we received word this morning that it is possible we will not be allowed to rent this faculty house next year, and that we may have to move in the next 30 days or so. Please pray with us even now that this misunderstanding will be worked out. Apparently, somewhere the line of communications broke down within the administration.

In the meantime, we are arranging Pinky's chemical stress test during one of the automobile plant shutdowns. Part of your gift will pay the deductibles for this test, and to pay off previous medical bills that accrued in the last few months. Once the stress test can be evaluated, we will know where Pinky stands and what other procedures will be necessary. (He worries me as he is sleeping any time that he is not working). In addition, your gifts will send Abbey to camp, pay off overdue utility bills, and provide income during the plant shutdowns and compensate for work time lost if Pinky needs to undergo further tests.

We are at a loss for words, however, I want you to know that the blessings you have brought us reinforce my teenage daughter's faith in Christians as generally good people who care deeply about others and seek to express that faith in deeds. I did not realize there were so many folks out there who are troubled by my circumstances, and some of the other developments within Southern Baptist life, and who diligently try to hold up others who have gone through difficulties as the result of fellow Baptists.

May the Lord bless you richly for your generosity and prayers; though we don't know many of you, we feel as if you are an extended family who understands all of the conflicting emotions we are experiencing. We pray that we may be able to show Christ's love for others in tangible ways, both in resources and service, just as you have shown towards us.

To God Be the Glory,

The Klouda Family

I told you I would keep you informed of the money that has been raised. I wish to also express my own deeply felt gratitude for your generosity to the Kloudas. I will continue to keep you posted as needed.


truth, not religion said...

I previously wrote on another of Wade's post:

"Many have been left homeless, umemployed and destitute in the name of religion. The lies and attackes have been going on for almost 30 years. Just because you have not expierenced something does not mean it has not happened."

What has been done to the Klouda family, all in the name of religion, is wrong and it is sinful.

If one can face the truths of Christ, one can see in this the wolves Christ warned us about.

Problem might be, some have not found those truths yet.

I pray daily for those who have not found this truth to have their eyes opened and also I pray (and sometime weep) for our beloved SBC.

God Bless you Wade


Bob Cleveland said...

What's most newsworthy about this event is that it's newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

country baptist preacher; needs to be ignored,however I will say this to him; "WHAT DID YOU SAY????????" of all the preposterous things I have read on blogs this takes the cake.Daily prayer is certainly a need in your life. Bitterness kills!! Jim Sadler said...


I am unsure of the need for all the question marks, caps and exclamation points.

CBP simply and calmly stated his feelings. A calm response or rebuttal is appropriate, but implying he needs - or lacks - daily prayer in his life is completely inappropriate in my judgment.

truth, not religion said...

Thanks Wade, I will respond this one time to the attacks, but not again. I have been attacked before for stating truth.

It is ironic though, no matter who says a truth, no matter if it is religious or secular, there is always someone who attacks.

Ask Rush Limbaugh, Ask Wade, etc.

The attacker said " "WHAT DID YOU SAY????????"

I spoke plainly.

I said the way Mrs Klouda was treated was wrong and sin. How was that hard to understand?

I also quoted Jesus (that is the Creator Himself) that there will be wolves among us. Isn't it amazing, I quoted Jesus and you and you said I should be ignored.

Let me add to that James 1:27 " Religion that God our Father accepts as PURE AND FAULTLESS is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world"

Let me add to that: "as you did to the least of these you have done to me". THAT WAS TAKING FOOD, CLOTHING, MEDICAL NEEDS AND CALLING IT A RIGHT..........

Who took action that cost this SOLE SUPPORT WOMAN and HER CHILD and HER VERY SICK HUSBAND their food, clothing, medical needs, etc?

Add to that, "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF" (Oh, that is scripture also)

Is causing homelessness,etc an act of Christ kind of love?? I think not.

There is no reason, ever, to cast a Christian man, woman, and child aside, NEVER.

" MT 7:21 "Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven."

If we make the least of these homeless and hungry and thirsty, there is a God who will answer for them.

No, I am not bitter, however, sin is sin, hell is hot, eternity is long and Jesus saves.

It truly amazes me that we think our legal right to do something is justification for an act like this done to Mrs. Klouda.

Ignore me if you want, I will continue to use Scripture written by THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS to speak.

I give it to the Lord,

He is still On His Throne



Anonymous said...

To Wade, thanks for the update and the letter from the Klouda family. It is encouraging to see the blessing bestowed upon this family. I'm sure the vast majority of gifts came from Southern Baptists -- and so they deserve the main credit -- but at least a little did come from some with no connection to the SBC.

To the Klouda family, I'd just like to say that, as one not SBC, my concern has no relation to the politics and events in SB life, but compassion on a hurting family of fellow Christian travelers on the path of life. We have fellowshipped the experience of struggling to pay bills and make a living, take care of kids, etc. May Elijah and Moses disappear and Jesus Christ the well-pleasing Son be all you see. Take care and God bless.

Anonymous said...

I am glad of the support for Dr. Klouda and family against the evil done to her. I wish that same compassion had been shown when Russell Dilday was thrown out of office; when Molly Marshall was told not to bother to defend her teaching before trustees because "we already have the votes," when the SBTS LIBRARIAN was fired and denied pension after decades of faithful service because he dared to (gently) reprove a chapel speaker for inaccurately claiming that inerrantists were forbidden to speak in SBTS chapel before Mohler's presidency (they spoke all the time), etc., etc.

Klouda was done very wrong--but hers is just the latest in a long line of such evils. Where was the outrage and compassion before? said...


To be honest, I'm not sure I fully comprehended what was being done at the time.

There were also no blogs and immediate access to information. you had to wait for either someone to call you or else you read about what was happening in the official Baptist Press article -- over a week later.

I know I was not in a position to help anyone back then, or even seek to correct a wrong. Somehow, without asking or seeking, I now have a platform to help.

And, I made a vow to my wife on January 15, 2006, that if I ever came across someone in the SBC that I felt was wronged, I would help.

I am a man of my word.

Lin said...

I have prayed that God would show me brothers and sisters in Christ who care about justice here and now and how our fellow believers are treated by those in the 'Body'.

Thank you for standing strong and being a man of your word. Thank you for 'speaking up'. When the wronged person speaks truth for themselves...they are accused of being bitter and unforgiving. It is a horrible position to be in as I well know.

Country preacher wrote:

Me too. Except, I would qualify that statement by taking out 'people' and replacing with 'Professing Christians'.

What is going on in Christendom?

child of grace said...

"Nearly sixty percent of college and university students in America are now female. One can rejoice in this availability of education for members of the fairer sex without missing the obvious: In a few years men will increasingly be underrepresented among the intelligentsia and will gradually cede leadership in many areas to women. And most of these women ascending to these new roles will maintain major focus on a career and not on the family and the children."

-Paige Patterson
before The World Congress of Families IV
Warsaw, Poland
May 13, 2007

Anonymous said...

The offering appeal was for $20,000. We are a little more than half way towards the stated goal or need for this family. Giving to meet this need is not about which "side" you are on. Giving is about grace. This is a chance for us to "go the second mile".

While I am grateful for the $11,000 given so far, I believe we need to continue to give towards the stated need of $20,000. Bro, Wade, I assume we can continue to send our offerings to Emmanuel?

I agree with the seminary that "women should not teach men". But that is not the debate here. The debate is whether I should be gracious and give to help a family that has served our SBC family.

Do not make your convictions on "women's role in ministry" the reason for giving or not giving. Give because it is your chance to demonstrate God's grace to a hurting family ... particularly to a teenage daughter. Let us not give as the world gives, let us give according to the grace God has extended to each and everyone of us. Let's not put a "final amen" to this offering until we have helped this family fully transition to this new chapter in their lives. They need the help and we, brothers and sisters in Christ, need the reputation of this kind of testimony.

Anonymous said...

Country Baptist Preacher and Wade.
I apologize for the excess use of question marks and exclamation marks. Rather juvenile on my part. One blogger indicated that he never rebukes someone without first sleeping on it, this I should practice. I appreciate you correcting me, that was not a good reply to country preacher.As much as I hate to apologize and then say but, but I must. This is how I read country preachers post; he was charging the leaders of SBC of causing homelessness, unemployment, and destitution. I read that he considers Mrs. Klonda was treated wrong for religious reasons and that is sinful. (They believe it was biblical principle)
obviously you connect that to your first statement. And you are still on that subject when you accuse these men with being wolves when tried by the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am wrong for how I first replied but my wrong does not justify your accusations. I was amazed that you would say those things and so I acted in haste. If my interpretation of your statement is wrong please straighten me out. May God continue to bless the Klonda family, this has nothing to do with them,their situation simply ignited your post and my reply. If we say kind things up front we are not likely to be rebutted.
Jim Sadler (I John 3:14)

child of grace said...

"We are moving against the tide in order to establish family and gender roles as described in God's word for the home and the family. It is homemaking for the sake of the church and the ministry and homemaking for the sake of our society. If we do not do something to salvage the future of the home, both our denomination and our nation will be destroyed."

-Paige Patterson

child of grace said...

"A salaried job and titled position can inhibit a woman‟s natural nesting instinct and maternity by inverting her priorities so that failures almost inevitably come in the rearing of her own children and the building of an earthly shelter for those whom she loves most.

Many women have devoted themselves to ambitious busyness everywhere but in the home. They are enmeshed in overwhelming voluntarism to achieve accolades and recognition in the community, or they are surrogate wives and mothers dedicated to hatching professional pursuits that promise power and pocketbook. Mom and hot apple pie have been replaced by institutional day care centers and cold apple turnovers at McDonald‟s!"

Dorothy Patterson
Professor of Theology

Lin said...

" I read that he considers Mrs. Klonda was treated wrong for religious reasons and that is sinful. (They believe it was biblical principle)
obviously you connect that to your first statement. And you are still on that subject when you accuse these men with being wolves when tried by the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Does one have to sin to follow Biblical principles? Her treatment was deceptive, hurtful and wrong. That is sin. said...


Thanks for the apology and your respectful disagreement.

That speaks volumes for to all of us about your Christian character.


Wade said...


I am confident the amount needed will be raised.

Wade said...

And, yes, one may still give. All gifts are tax deductible. Be sure and place your return address where we may send your receipt.

truth, not religion said...

Jim, thank you. For further info on thoughts of this nature, please see my blog,

Alone Before the Throne with Christ