Sunday, October 15, 2006

Israel The Trip of a Lifetime, March 13-24, 2007

I would like to invite you to join Rachelle and me for a trip to Israel next March 14 through 23, 2007. We have a wonderful group of people going with us and have room for an additional twelve people.

I am exciting about our trip for several reasons. We will be flying direct from the United States to Tel Aviv, Israel, and we will be guided by my good friend, Uval, who also happens to be an Israeli paratrooper. He will be giving us the historical, geographical and military perspective regarding the nation of Israel and I will be giving the Bible studies throughout the ten days.

As always we will be staying in the five star hotels of Israel and all meals and tips are included in the price. Cost is $2890 from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or, a little less if you would like to meet us in Atlanta, Georgia for our transatlantic flight.

The ten days are guaranteed to be absolutely unforgettable.

For more information and a color brochure that gives all the details of the trip please call Barbara or Carolyn at Emmanuel (580-237-0602) and they will send out a brochure ASAP.

This will be my seventh time to go to Israel and those who have gone with us will testify that we have a wonderful, informative, and fun time.

The registration fee of $350 holds your seat for the trip, and final payment is due 60 days prior to departure. Arrangements can be made for people who will be traveling without a spouse or a roommate.

Hope you can join us!

In His Grace,



Rex Ray said...

Have you seen the sect of Jews where the men have britches with the stride down to their knees? They believe a woman is too unworthy for the Messiah to be born of a woman, so the birth will be a miracle (we believe his birth was a miracle) of instant delivery and the low stride will catch the baby of the unsuspecting male.
Just think how extra sad when one of their men die, they think he was not the chosen one. The real tragedy is they don’t realize that man went to hell looking for the Messiah.

My wife and I have been to Israel 4 times; 3 times to baby-sit while our daughter-in-law had a baby in Jerusalem. One Museum told my son he would be a Christian if he knew God would give him 5 sons.

Two of our trips included the 80 acre Baptist Village (youth retreat a few miles from Tel Aviv—can house 500 kids) where our son was the director. They may still have a large strange looking seesaw that I built. I was known for a while as the guy standing on top of a 12 ladder on top of a 20 foot roof who sawed a limb off that fell completely through the roof.

If you’re on the East side of the Sea of Galilee about a mile from the southern tip, there is a graveyard where I started a 4 mile swim to the other side alone when I was 65. Last night I told my wife I wanted to be like Caleb when he was 85, and if global warming continued, maybe the English Channel would be warm enough for me to swim it. She said, “By that time, your brain may be dead enough to try it.” I’ll bet Fox would concur.

We rejoice in walking where Jesus walked, but we don’t think much about him trying to walk in our shoes everyday.
Rex Ray

Chuck Andrews said...

Wade and Rachelle

Estela and I can attest to the joy and pleasure it was gong to Israel with you. Hard to believe that was close to 9 years ago. We encourage all who can to go while they can. We had a blast! Wish we could go again with you but we'll have to wait until my health improves.

Chuck said...


Incredible story of swimming the Sea of Galilee.

You have given me an idea and some inspiration!


We too enjoyed you and Stella on the trip almost a decade ago and sure wish you and Stella could go again!

We are praying for the Lord's mercy and sustenance as you make decisions regarding treatment for your heart.

God's continued blessings to you, Stella and your wonderful ministry.

Dori said...

Wade, you said: "Arrangements can be made for people who will be traveling without a spouse ..."

Wow for only $2890, Wade and Rachelle will arrange a spouse for me AND a trip to Israel ...

Count me in! ;)

(seriously I wish I had the vacation time or the money)

Alyce Lee said...

I would love to go, however this is Mackey's busiest season at work.
Wade, did you see my other post about meeting Sam Storm this weekend?
He told me to send you regards.
He also said you have a backbone of steel :)
We so enjoyed listening to him speak.
Agape said...

Alyce Lee,

I'm glad you met Sam. He is one of my favorite Bible teachers.

I, too, wish you could go to Israel with us. Maybe another time.

wade said...


I'm sorry to inform you that the price for a husband AND the trip is an additional $1,000.


But I would be happy to arrange it.

Rex Ray said...

Sounds like getting a husband for $1,000 is fantastic. I’d take Wade up quickly before he runs out of prospects. Well, not me personally.

Dori said...

Wade –


I’m glad you get my sense of humor.

Rex –

I wouldn’t want a $1,000 husband. I want the “triple platinum, you couldn’t buy him with $100 trillion dollars, women the world over hate me for getting to him first, absolute best that God has for my life” husband. If I can’t have the best … I’d rather do without. Yeah, and we wonder why I’m not married! :)

Rex Ray said...

My wife read the above and said, “Huh? A thousand! He’d have to pay me a thousand to take one!”
She told me if I kept on talking, I was going to have to go to a doctor.
“What! Are you going to put a knot on my head?”
“I said, COUGHING! When are you going to get a hearing aid?”

Fox, do you have any more room in Flurry’s dog house?

Wayne—a leash? When she didn’t protest me swimming Galilee, I thought she might have gotten more insurance on me.

Wade, wish we could go with you, but can’t—it would be a fun time as well as uplifting.

Rex Ray said...

You don’t want to be like the old guy who was asked why he never married.
“I was looking for the perfect wife.”
“Never found her huh?”
“Oh, I found her alright, but she was looking for the perfect husband.”

If you marry, he’ll be all you’re looking for. Just stay clear of the long stride britches guys. I found my mate 49 years ago in church training union—didn’t even cost a thousand. Traded my guitar for a ring. That was a bargain! (couldn’t play)
I sometimes complain why I get jumped on when I don’t ever give her a hard time, and she will say—you need it. She may talk a little tough but would shoot anyone that touched me. Well, not literally.

Dori said...

Rex -

Good advice. I haven't left a trail of broken hearts in my wake as yet. But I'll keep it in mind.

What I want to know is how did a post about a trip to Israel end up on this rabbit trail. Gracious! Did I do that? ;)

Nomad said...


We'd love to go, but we don't have the time or the money.


Sorry, but my wife beat you to the "Triple platinum". ;-)