Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The (Entire) Household of Faith

On Marty Duren's blog he asks "Anything Good?" going on in your church.

We teach and believe at Emmanuel that when the grace of God falls on the head of a household, it is the usual intention of God to save the entire house. Though I am not convinced, as is Hollywood, that "All Dogs Go to Heaven," I am delighted to say the grace of God is spreading through our entire households at Emmanuel --- including the cuddly canines of our children.


David Flick said...

Amazing, Wade! How did you manage to get that dog to close his eyes? :-)

Bryan Riley said...

My wife and I are so enjoying this one. LOL. Thank you for sharing.

Bob Cleveland said...

Classic! How blessed!

Wayne Smith said...



Are you being asked to remove this Post by the BOT?

A Brother in CHRIST LOL

Johnny Grimes said...

This is too funny.

Sarah said...

When I rub my dog's stomach she puts her front paws in the air like she's praise God...I get a kick out of your picture.

RKSOKC66 said...

We don't know if he has a PPL or not. However, his utterances could be in some "unknown" tongue (or bark).

There has been some debate about "speaking in tongues". I am unaware of any discussion about "barking in tongues".


Bob Cleveland said...

Wade .. as if the "powers that be" haven't HOUNDED you enough, now your SON is doing it, too.

If it wasn't so bloomin' cute, it'd be sad.

Kevin Bussey said...

Dog days of summer!

I don't know about PPL, but I'm sure that dog has been immersed!

Rex Ray said...

It has finally happened—some have been wishing your blog would go to the dogs. I wish we could all pray as sincerely as the dog looks. Thanks.
Rex Ray

wadeburleson.org said...


No, I got it the same way you did!

Just a little humor.