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Dr. Zelenko Speaks to Jerusalem Rabbinical Court

Whether or not you agree with Dr. Zelenko, it's worth your time to hear this week's presentation to the Jersualem Court. As Dr. Zlenko states, "Noah was a conspiracy theorist until it started raining." For the dogmatic who state, "Dr. Zelenko is crazy! What he says is lunacy!" I say, "Maybe. It's not yet raining. We'll see." In the end, trust God. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is a board-certified family physician for over twenty years. He has been described by his patients as a family member to thousands of families and is a medical adviser to the volunteer ambulance corps in Kiryas Joel, New York. Dr. Zelenko developed his now famous “Zelenko Protocol,” which has saved countless lives worldwide. So welcome, Dr. Zelenko. Thank you for joining us. And I would like you to comment on our subject, please.

Dr. Zelenko: Thank you so much for having me. Can you hear me?

Panel: Yes, loud, and clear. Very clear.

Dr. Zelenko: So, I'll just give you quickly my experience. My team has directly treated successfully 6,000 patients. I have trained hundreds of physicians who are now training their students. And as a cumulative group, we've treated millions of patients successfully. President Trump was my patient. Rudy Giuliani was my patient. Rev Chaim Kanievsky has been my patient. Mr. Nitzan Horowitz, your health minister of Israel, last year was my patient. I'm just telling you which people have contacted me for care and including President Bolsonaro of Brazil.

 Now, my experience has given me a very unique perspective in approaching COVID-19, which is basically keeping people out of the hospital. I would like to describe…regarding children, the only reason you would want to treat a child is if you believe in child sacrifice (can’t understand what he’s saying) like a carbon of a very good reason to give the child. Otherwise, there's no necessity.

Let me explain. Any time you evaluate any therapeutic, you need to look at it from three perspectives.

1. Is it safe?
2. Does it work?
3. And do you need it?

Just because you have a capability doesn't mean that you have to use it. There has to be a medical necessity. There has to be a need for it.

Look at the CDC, the statistics for children under the age of 18 that are healthy, the survival rate is 99.998 percent survival rate with no treatment. Just like Dr. Uden said, the influenza virus is more dangerous to children than COVID-19. And he made an estimate that per million, one hundred children would die from the vaccination. I feel the number would be significantly higher and I'll explain to you the rationale for it.

 So, if you have a demographic that has no risk of dying from an illness, why would you inject them with a poison death shot?

 Now, let's see if this thing works. The two countries in the world that have the most vaccinated  citizen are Eretz Israel (The Land of Israel) – an 85% rate of vaccination, and an island nation in the Indian Ocean, called Seychelles, also over 80% rate of vaccination. Both countries are experiencing a Delta variant outbreak.

So let me ask you a question. If you vaccinated…if you vaccinated the majority of your population, why are you still having an outbreak? That's number one. Number two, why would you even give a third shot of the same stuff that didn't work the first two times? That's whether or not it works.

 And let's talk about safety. Now, this is the real issue. There are three levels of safety or death that we need to look at.

1 Acute
2. Subacute,
3 Long term.

Acute is defined from the moment of injection until three months. The number one risk of the shot is blood clots, just like Yudin, according to the Salk Institute.

 By the way, everything I'm saying, I will defend with documentation, and please don't take my word for it. You should do your due diligence. And I can provide to you proof of everything that I'm saying.

 According to the Salk Institute, when a person can get an injection of these things, the body becomes a spike-producing factory, making trillions of spikes that migrate to the endothelium, which is the lining of your blood vessels and has basically little thorns on the inside of your vasculature. As the blood cells flow through it, they could damage and cause blood clots.

 If that happens in the heart, it's a heart attack. If it happens in the brain, it’s a stroke. So, we're seeing the number one cause of death in the short term is from blood clots. And most of it is happening within the first three or four days. 40% of blood clot cases are happening within the first three days of infection of this poison death shot.

 Now, the second (acute) problem is that it's causing myocarditis or inflammation in the hearts of young adults.

 And the third (acute) problem is the most disturbing is, according to the New England Journal of Medicine article, their preliminary data, the miscarriage rate in the first trimester. A woman gets vaccinated in the first trimester goes from 10% to 80%. I want you to understand what I just said. The miscarriage rate in the first trimester of pregnant women when they get vaccinated goes up by a factor of eight. That's preliminary data. It may change with time, but I'm just telling you what it is as of today. That's the smallest of the problem.

 The second category is the subacute death issue. The animal studies that were done with these vaccines show that all the animals responded well generating antibodies. But when they were challenged, however, with the virus that they were immunized against, a large percentage of them died. And when that was investigated, it was found that their immune system had killed them. It's called antibody-dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming or paradoxical immune enhancement. But the point is that a lot of those animals died.

 So, you can make an argument maybe human beings are different. My answer to you maybe, however, those studies (human studies) were not done. You are the study right now. The Pfizer CEO said, “Israel is the biggest laboratory in the world.” And so those long-term human studies to rule out pathogenic priming have not been done.

 Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of HIV, said that this is the biggest risk to humanity and the biggest risk of genocide in the history of humanity. And so, the risk of an ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) in human beings, which happens later, has not been ruled out. So my question is, why would I vaccinate someone with a potentially destructive lethal substance without ruling that out first?

 And the third component here is the long-term consequences. There is definite evidence that it affects fertility, damages ovarian function that reduces sperm counts. Number one definitely increases the amount of auto-immune diseases. Who knows over time how that is going to reduce life span? And just last week, a paper came out showing that it increases the risk of cancer.

 So, anyway that you want to look at it:

1. Whether in an acute setting where it causes blood clots, inflammation of the heart, and miscarriages, or,
2. In the midterm subacute setting, where it can result in a pathological disastrous immune reaction, or
3. In the long term whether it causes autoimmune diseases, cancer, and infertility.

Now that's a big concern.

Actually, I will say it this way: In my opinion, the current Israeli government is guilty of doing what Josef Mengele did. They have permitted human experimentation of their own people. And I'm going to tell you, I hope, I hope this is a little different. Maybe not.

If you see trouble in the Jewish people, you should look at the rabbinic leadership. If the head is diseased, what do you expect of the body? So, I beg of this debate to put the interests of the people of Israel above politics and anything else that may alter your opinions,

 I have I received death threats, daily death threats. I have risked my life, my career, my financial life, my reputation, my family, everything just to sit here and tell you what I'm doing.

 So, I'll just summarize

 There is no need for this vaccine.

 There's actually no need for any to get it. Children are already told they have a 99.998 percent chance of getting better. Young adults from 18 to 45 have a 99.95 percent. It's getting better just according to the CDC. Same concept.

 Someone who has already had COVID that has antibodies, naturally induced immunity, has a billion times more effective immunity than artificially induced immunity through vaccine. So why? Why would I vaccinate someone with a poison death shot that makes inferior or dangerous antibodies when I already have healthy antibodies?

 And then if you look at the high-risk population (the elderly) that has a 7.5 percent death rate. So, my data, which was the first one in the world which I published in a peer-reviewed journal, which has become the basis of over two hundred other studies, and I have corroborated my observations that if you treat people in the right time frame, you reduce death rate by 85 percent.

 So out of 600,000 Americans who died, we could have prevented 510,000 from going to the hospital and dying. And by the way, I presented this information to Benjamin Netanyahu directly into his hands in April of 2010, and I informed every single member of your Ministry of Health as well.

So, my question to you is, if I can reduce the death rate from 7.5 percent to less than a half a percent, why would I use a poison death shot that doesn't work and has tremendous and horrific side effects.

 Let me do one more mind experiment with you, if everyone on the planet were to get COVID and not get treated, the death rate globally will be less than a half a percent. Now, I'm not advocating for that. That's a lot of people, that's thirty-five million people who will die. However, if we follow the advice of some of the quote-unquote, global leaders, let's say, like Bill Gates who said last year, “Seven billion people need to be vaccinated.” If that happens, the death rate will be over two billion people. So, WAKE UP! This is World War Three! This is a level of malfeasance and malevolence that we have not seen, probably in the history of humanity.

 I'm against child sacrifice. I am against idolatry. I really believe that God is testing every human being. And here's the test.

Are you going to bow down to Me? Are you going to ask for your protection from Me? Are you going to take your fears and ask Me to help, or are you going to run to the idol of the vaccine of your governments, of despots and tyrants like sociopaths who want to be deities?

There is nothing new under the sun. These people are no different than Pharoah. They think they're God. And you're going to bow down to them? If you're going about down them, listen, “Okay, let them protect you. Let's see how that's going to work out for you!”

 I’m seeing fear drive people to do things that are completely irrational, things that do not make sense. They sacrifice their own children.

 And yes, your Ministry of Health flying you your statistics are absolutely skewed.

 Do you want to see something real? Go to the website World Meter.Info. Go to the nation of Israel and you can see it. On December 20, 2020, there's a huge spike in the curve of death in Israel. You know what happened in Israel, December 20th? National Immunization started. And these are numbers being reported by the Israeli government. They’re just too stupid just to hide it.

 There is zero justification, zero justification for using this poison death trap unless you want to sacrifice human beings. I think I’m done.

 Panel: After these words from Dr. Zelenko, I don't ever think you can say, “I’m done.”. We very much appreciate your time and effort. You are very definite and very clear.

 Dr. Zelenko: Do you have any questions?

 Panel: We have many questions. But just to summarize. Two billion would pass out (die) if seven billion people received the shot according to you’ve said, correct?

 Dr. Zelenko: No, not according to what I said, according to what world experts are saying, that if you look at Dr. Malone, who invented the RNA technology as the original patents for the vaccine is saying, “Do not use this. The government is lying to you. The side effects are horrific.”  Dr. Cahill from Ireland said that she believes within two years, 90 percent of the people that got vaccinated will be dead. When Dr. Michael, I hope you can confirm I hope he's still there to ask that question. He said you wouldn't go that far. So, I don't know, maybe it's not 90 percent or what is the percentage? Maybe it's not two years. Maybe it's three years. Yeah, and look at what Dr. Montagnier said. He is the Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of HIV, and said, “This is the biggest risk of genocide in the history of men.”

 Panel: So just a bit, if you have six million that have received the vaccine in Israel? Correct? Do you have the number? No. Three million. So, three million. So if we take our percentage at 3,000,000, we should be seeing some 500000 or 800,000 die?

 Dr. Zelenko. Over time.

 Panel Member: Dr. Zelenka, you know, you mentioned studies that definitely - the studies that came out - that is definitely a cause fertility of problems, sperm count, and now recently a cancer research study that says that it the causes cancer. Where the government showed these? Why are they holding back this thing we see all the time coming out of studies? They say, “There's no problems at fertility – bluff; There’s no problems of sperm count – bluff. There’s no cancer – bluff. Everything you’ve said is being countered back not only by the governments but by most of the medical industry is telling us that all these studies the vaccination is dangerous is all baloney and promoted by anti-vax crazies.

 Dr. Zelenko: I can answer that. For every single person you just mentioned, if you sum total the number of patients they've treated for Covid, it all equals zero. And I've treated over 6,000 patients. So you have to know who you're talking about.

 Now, what I'm going to tell you is the following, yes, there's been a very coordinated effort to suppress lifesaving information, drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, Chloroquine, and Ivermectin, which are the safest medications in the history of medicine, have been suppressed. And you can't even get them in Israel.

 Doctors who dare to say something that is against the narrative are being de-platformed. This includes world experts like Dr. Malone, for example, who developed the mRNA vaccine. He said something against the narrative and was de-platformed from every media platform. Can you tell me why?

 And then can you tell me why there is suppression of knowledge of side effects about this poison death shot? And then tell me why there's this incredible coercion, psychological pressure, and now using force to compel people to take the shot? You should be answering that question, not me. There is a coordinated effort here. And Israel is leading the way.

 Panel: It appears that the United States is also not showing the numbers that you’re saying either?

 Dr. Zelenko: Now you started. There's data that shows as of today eleven thousand dead people and four hundred and fifty thousand adverse events (in the United States). First of all, is that not enough?  What's your threshold of death?

 Panel: No, just one (death).

 Dr. Zelenko: . OK, VAERS is already admitting to that there's a CDC whistleblower that just said it's not 11,000, but it's 45,000. That's not enough. And then there's a 2009 Harvard study that said that only one percent of actual events (vaccination injuries) are reported.  Now, I can make an argument that perhaps that a rash is reported at a much lower rate than death. So, for the benefit of the doubt, let's say, let's say 20 percent of deaths are being reported and I'm being very generous. So, if you take 45,000, according to the whistleblower, or even if you take a 11,000 to what they admit, so the number is either 50,000 or 200,000 – you choose.

 And then there are two other problems with VAERS. I have colleagues that lost patients to the vaccine. They try to file reports. The VAER system rejects their reports for no reason. And another problem, and I have evidence for this as well, that reports that were filed are now being scrubbed off the system and you can't even find them.

 By the way, this is not a conspiracy theory. It's a conspiracy; not a theory. Eighteen months ago, if I would have told you the COVID-19 is a bioweapon, you would say that I'm a conspiracy theorist. Noah in the Bible was a conspiracy theorist until it rained.

 So right now, if I tell you that this is an artificially made bioweapon, it's a conspiracy, not a theory. Everyone agrees now that this disease was artificially made.

 And I even I know exactly when it was made and I know the numbers associated with the modifications. In 1999 Dr. Ralph Barrett at the The University of North Carolina modified a bat coronavirus and on a surface protein in order that it should infect human beings. Then that research became illegal in America. It got sent by the American taxpayer dollars and by Fauci to WUHAN where that research continued and until they figured out a way to modify this virus, to make it extremely more destructive to human lungs and to cause blood clots.

 So, they took an artificial, naturally occurring virus and slowly made two changes to it over time. It took them 20 years to modify it so that it should infect humans and then when it does infect humans, that it should destroy a tissue. Now, no one's saying I'm a conspiracy theorist. People are saying that it’s a conspiracy. It's a conspiracy to commit genocide.

 Is it so hard for Jewish people to believe that there could be a group of people willing to destroy?  It's a war against God.

 There are two ways of looking at life. Either you look at a human being as made in the image of God. If you are made in the image of God, that means your life has sanctity. IF your life has sanctity, then you have human rights. And if you have human rights then it is not your or my business to decide how many people should be on the planet and who should live or die. Right?

 The other system, the Darwin eugenics system, says “Who is on top of the dominance hierarchy of life? Those that have the biggest survival benefit. That inevitably leads to three categories of 

1. The ubermensch.
2. The mench
3. The untermensch

 If you apply that 80 years ago, the ubermensch were these Nazis who were the defender of the Aryan gods who felt it was in their prerogative, their right to decide who lives or dies. So the mench were the Anglo-Saxon, the Europeans could live and be slaves. And the untermenschen, the Jews, the Slavs, handicap, gypsies, political prisoners, those who had to become dust.

 Sounds like a fairy tale? Except that killed two hundred million people.

 It's the same exact thing now, except that it's not anti-Semitic right now. It's completely different. There's a group of people that feel that they've evolved into a higher level of consciousness than their new intelligence and insight allows them to determine these things. I don't think they evolved. I think they're devout pagans. There's no difference from that.

 Panelist: I understand that, but let's …  listen, the CDC itself is also, and Mr. Biden, is also running a vaccination program. I'm saying I'm against the program, but, you know, you can scream over here but the people in America, there are 200 million people in America who took the vaccine.  

 Dr. Zelenko: Let me tell you about the CDC. President Trump made an executive order that every single American should have access to Hydroxychloroquine. That order went to Health and Human Services Secretary Geithner and that eventually ended up at the CDC by Dr. Rick Bright. And then what Dr. Rick Bright did, instead of using the right to try legislation that would have made access this medication to every American and every human being around the world. The biggest complaint I got from Israel was, “Well, your CDC and your FDA are not approving it.”  Because especially the Israeli government is a puppet to whatever the Americans do.

 So, because the Americans weren't willing to do it, Israel wasn't willing to do it. And so what did they do? They created an executive use authorization that restricted and limited access to only hospitalized patients, effectively cutting it off from patients in an outpatient setting at home.

 This has been documented by Dr. Rick Bright himself in a documentary called Totally Under Control. These are not my words; those are his words.

 And furthermore, then they took away the emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine, and they used the Lancet Study that showed that hydroxychloroquine kills people. The problem with that study was that it was a fraud and they had to retract that study because it was based on data that didn't exist.

 But the FDA and the CDC used that study after it was retracted to revoke the emergency use authorization (of hydroxychloroquine). And the reason why is that if that drug has an emergency authorization, other drugs can’t!  And three weeks later Remdesivir, made by Gilead Pharmaceuticals, received an emergency use authorization, a three-billion-dollar contract. And Remdesivir showed no survival benefit. It reduced hospital stay by five days but with no survival benefit. It cost $3,200 a patient and IV. The drugs that I was using cost 20 cents a pill at home and reduced death and hospitalization by 84 percent. That means they reduce the market share and for Remdesivir disappear by 84 percent.

 So, the CDC is not an authority to me. You know, according to the NIH right now, you're not supposed to treat COVID unless you're in the hospital and your oxygen is less than 92 percent. Now, this is the advice and recommendation of a government that wants you to die. After 18 months and dozens of studies that have shown an 85 percent on the average benefit of avoiding hospitalization and death, and you have a government agency still making that recommendation.

 They have completely lost all credibility. Yes, our governments are corrupt. Yes, our governments have conspired.

 You know, if I was organizing this, I would come to a world leader. I would come to BB or or Bennett and say, “Listen, okay, here's five hundred million dollars. I will put it in an account you'll never know. Untraced, just listen to us. And if you don't, we're going to kill your family.”

 Long Pause

 Panel:  Okay.

 Dr. Zelenko: By the way, if you look at the Exodus… only one out of 10 Jews left Egypt and made it to Israel. What that means is, only 10 percent of our people are capable of making the psychological transition from slavery to redemptive thinking.

 That's what the problem is here. It's a collision of two systems that cannot coexist, a God-centered consciousness versus idolatry. There is nothing new under the sun. It's all the same thing. It’s just that the battlefield now is Covid-19.

 Panel: Okay, thank you very much, Dr. I want to thank you personally because I used your protocol myself and I was able to get the protocol.

 Dr. Zelenko: I’m glad you got better. I just hope that every other Jew could be like you.

 Panel: I know. I second that. I was like you, in the same boat word. Thank you, Doctor.

 Dr. Zelenko:

You're welcome. But it's not about me. It's about the people. Why can't every other Jew in Eretz Israel (the land of Israel) have the same treatment?


Rex Ray said...


This 30-minute video by Dr. Zelenko is a real eye-opener! I wish you will print some of his most important information.

I’ll write a few:

1. Fear drives people.
2. Miscarriages have increased from 20% to 80%.
3.There’s a coronated effort to make people to take the Covid-19 shots. (He’s sure right
about that; VA, Walmart, hospitals etc.)
4. Shots have caused the largest genocide in the history of man.
5. Shots are World War III.
6. He’s had death threats.

Christiane said...

Human scientific and medical research aside, we even see experiments going on in the animal kingdom. One example is when penguins wish to re-enter the water but want to know if there are predators waiting for them to come in, in which case, they will wait. So the penguins have an experiment to find out if predators are in the water.

All the penguins line up side-by-side and push and shove until one falls into the water. If that penguin gets attacked, the rest know it's not safe to go in. If that penguin however gives the 'all clear', in they go.

If penguins have this much common sense, maybe we humans might do a bit better figuring out what's working and what isn't working. For example, if we are this far into the current 'surge', take a look at the death statistics and figure out what percentage of the dead were unvaccinated, and what percent of the dead WERE vaccinated. What does the variance in the stats tell you?

If the penguins can be sensible, so can we. Right now, the death stats, sadly, are the best indicators of whether or not vaccinations keep people from dying on the whole.

RB Kuter said...

Wade, this is GREAT!

It is "great" because it is so believable to me, any way, and it's like having someone finally coming out with what you have suspected and believed to be the truth but which was suppressed by evil and manipulative bullies bent on misguiding you.

Although we know that this is not "just" coming out. Credible doctors like Dr. Zelenko have been proclaiming this truth for the past two years but their voices have been outlawed by the power players in control.


I copied the link to the video but my fear and anticipation is that it will soon be blacklisted and made unavailable. I would like to be able to copy the transcription of the doctor's comments.

THANK YOU for again making such information available.

Wade Burleson said...

No transcript, RB. Working on it.

RB Kuter said...

Thank you, Wade.

Christiane said...

It would be great if Dr. Zelenko could provide his research information supporting his claim, this: "Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's 669 COVID-19 patients that were treated with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc have seen zero hospitalizations, complications, or deaths."


Because scientists could then replicate his study according to how he designed it and re-test his work, as he did it, using new volunteers (a field of 669 covid-19 patients) in order to see IF the results came out in a way that SUPPORTED Dr. Zelenko's original findings.

Without the DATA, confirmations of Dr. Zelenko's findings cannot proceed.

I hope his study was documented and records were kept and that the subjects were followed up, because it is IMPORTANT for the world to find out whether or not his work was a 'one-off' OR whether his work holds up under scrutiny as to its reliability and validity. So important, this.

As a medical doctor, Dr. Zelenko must have kept proper records. He was sworn to be ethical in his profession. He would have known how to design and carry out his experiment appropriately and how to apply the correct statistics, and keep records of his data, and how to state that his findings supported his hypothesis BEFORE he came to stating his conclusions to the scientific and medical community. He would have known how important this process was.

(?) I don't know what to think.

RB Kuter said...

It doesn't matter what data you were given, Christiane, it is totally dependent upon the political endorsement given as to whether you will genuinely consider the data.

That is what is so wild about all of this COVID chaos. It should be obvious that the position of those of your political persuasion are in no way related to what is genuinely supported by objective data resourcing and analysis and assessment.

Dr. Zelenko does quote numerous credible sources upon which his assessment is based but it doesn't matter. The position of the establishment has been so embedded in their commitment to continue on the deadly course that they are taking that no amount of truth supported by a mountain of scientific data would alter their (your) position to an "nth" of a degree.

This is why the methods used to cure Trump and promoted by him were demonized and have been since that time without any consideration. It is why Kamala said that if this vaccine came available under a Trump Administration there is no way that she would take it or endorse it. Her persuasion (Christine's) would instead oppose it aggressively. The fact that Zelenko mentions "Trump's use" of an alternative automatically undermines the significance of anything else he says in the minds of those of your political persuasion.

So, give us a break. If you were handed data for 10 years of collection showing that COVID was totally cured in 98% of the patients taking an alternative medication you would still say, "Yeah, but give us some research information to prove it works."

You seemed to have missed that with 80% of the people of Israel having been vaccinated, they have the biggest spread of COVID in the world!

But that's probably not considered to be credible research information by your political persuasion.

When dead bodies continue to pile up due to the unimpeded spread of COVID due to the current approach by the "established science propagandists" the naysayers will still be saying in response to credible alternatives not being used, "Yeah, but give us some research information to show what we're doing doesn't work."

Lissa Roberson said...

One of my first reactions to Dr. Zelenko's bold presentation was: Why in heaven's name are we not being allowed access to effective and inexpensive therapeutics such as Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc when Covid strikes? Whatever happened to that?

We need courageous doctors like Dr. Zelenko, who (1) keep meticulous records of patient outcomes after he treats them, (2) pay close attention and dig for accurate records of patient reactions to COVID immunizations, (3) search for accurate data of patient recovery rates from COVID illness, and (4) risk his reputation to speak the truth. I noticed that all of his information was patient-centric, not society-centric. Rare is the public figure that puts the patient ahead of "the good of society". More power to him.

Dr. Zelenko made some very alarming statements as well, some of which are backed up by science. Trust the science: New England Journal of Medicine reports (through scientific studies) that pregnant women taking the shot suffered miscarriages at eight times the normal rate. Sperm counts are down in men. Myocarditis is prevalent among otherwise healthy teenagers. It makes it sound like we are living under a radioactive cloud from Chernobyl.

What disturbed me most was his prediction that vaccinated individuals will suffer an early death. My husband and I don't relish the idea of losing 4 of our 6 family members in the next 2-3 years because of a vaccination that was promoted as the CURE for a pandemic. Thankfully this is mere conjecture on Dr. Zelenko's part; he did not cite any outside sources to back it up.

But...imagine the chaos if you will, should a cataclysmic "pandemic of death" take hold across the world. We'd lose our first responders, our medical professionals, our teachers, our military. We'd lose the older generation with their wisdom and life experience. All of us would lose a proportion of family members.

My husband commented, "This would be a perfect setup for the AntiChrist to come out and promise to heal the world." I'd have to agree.

Lastly -- as one of the vaccinated, I would be staring at my own death sentence if Dr. Zelenko's prediction were to come true. I stand by my earlier statement that God has ordained my number of days on the earth, vaccinated or not. I refuse to let a prediction like Dr. Zelenko's disturb my faith in God or the peace that comes from abiding in Him. Fear is not of God. Jesus died to set us free from a life that is otherwise enslaved by a fear of death.

Wade Burleson said...

Lissa Roberson,

Beautifully said. I particularly love your last paragraph, and I wholeheartedly agree. The LORD is in charge, and regardless of vaccination, our days are numbered.


RB Kuter said...

Our health care provider is insistent on making repeated home visits even though we don't need them for treatment or health concerns. They mostly ask the same thing over and over again even though you would think they would already have that information in our files.

It brings to mind the possibility of their inquiring whether or not we have taken the "C" needle and if saying that if we do not they will not cover our medical needs any longer of at the least say that if we do contract COVID and it requires a doctor's care or hospitalization associated with that they will not cover the expenses.

May well be one of those many "fears" generated by all the madness that is not necessary and I should not think about it, but wondering if anyone knows if there are legal openings for health care providers to adopt such Nazi tactics?

RB Kuter said...

Lissa; "My husband commented, "This would be a perfect setup for the AntiChrist to come out and promise to heal the world." I'd have to agree"

Certainly a lot of folks have speculated on this. My wife and I were discussing it yesterday and concluded that the collective group of those "behind the curtain global conspirators" (Soros/Gates, only God knows who else) who have undeniably been agents in the entire globalization movement could be representative of "The Anti-Christ" and fulfilling that prophecy. God knows for sure,of course, whether that to an accurate assessment or not.

The key element that leads me to consider this to be a reality is the unprecedented presence of forces directing the political players of the world in a way that has never been witnessed to force individuals into submission to their control, all under the guise of it being a global community with "national sovereignty" being a xenophobic and evil concept. The power of this globalist movement is unprecedented to the point of gaining control of the United States which is being swallowed up into their swirling "black hole"-gravitational pull of such force as to not be resisted.

Due to their unchallenged power (other than our Lord's) I see zero possibility in a reversal of this trend given they have consumed the avenues of the expression of will by citizens at the ballot box. Like all dictatorial powers in the past, "election process" is manipulated to achieve pre-determined results assuring the continued reign of the regime in power.

All of which leads me to assess my future as having the opportunity to serve in the Godly institution of "THE Kingdom on Earth" with more dramatic and meaningful impact than has occurred since the early days of the church's establishment. We will live and perform for our King and have the joy and assurance of being among "The Remnant" remaining in the world until His time of returning to assert "His" reign over all!

Christiane said...

All I know is that there is something profoundly evil going on when an influence is directing that small children be put into harm's way for the sake of some kind of political agenda. Risking the lives of small children is NOT 'freedom' for anyone who is even remotely humane.

It's time to call this what it is: anyone who knowingly puts our nation's little ones into situations where they are MORE likely to get sick from a pandemic virus unless there is some kind of reasonable mitigation to protect those children . . . the ones in 'authority' who knowingly attempt this are crossing a line between good and evil into evil. There is no 'freedom' to hurt our nation's school children. I disagree with the posturing of any politician who tries to pass off such evil as 'freedom'. Enough already. DON'T PUT CHILDREN IN THE MIDDLE OF A CULTURE WAR. The children can't handle it. It is WRONG. The children are not 'collateral damage', it is NOT 'okay' for them to be exposed to harm knowingly. Their safety in a school setting is not a 'choice' for a 'parent' to make. Dear God, have mercy that people cannot see the evil in what is being attempted. This is too much for me to see happening without calling it what it is: to put even one child into jeopardy for the sake of someone's political posturing is flat-out evil. In being willing to place school children at risk, the 'extreme' far right goes too far into something I don't recognize as humane or even sane. It's not politics, it's not 'freedom', it's unAmerican, it most certainly isn't 'Christian'. Gov. DeSantis is WRONG TO DO IT.

Some say he wants to be 'president'. And this is 'why' he is doing this to his state's school children.

There are no 'reasons' for something so evil as sending them to be exposed to a strain of virus that is attacking the young now.

Thanks for letting me rant. I'm heart-broken for the children. God have mercy.

Wade Burleson said...


If you read the transcript or watched the video you'll remember that Dr. Zelenko says it is an act of "child sacrifice" - you run great risk of killing your children - IF you give them the vaccine.

In other words, we all agree protecting children is THE thing to do.

How it's done is the disagreement.

According to the doctor, children have a 99.99 percent church of surviving Covid-19. Far more thousands of children die of influenza every year.

Christiane said...

Hello WADE,

I was referring to the decision of Gov. DeSantis of Florida regarding forbidding mask mandates in public state school districts.

I do not think there are any vaccines for covid-19 for children under twelve years old at this time.

Thanks for responding. I was venting some of my upset over the danger that school children were being exposed to. I'm very upset by all of this.

Please take care of yourself and be safe.

Wade Burleson said...


I think Gov. DeSantis believes covering the faces of children in their developmental years causes social, mental, psychological, and spiritual harm to children - all in an attempt to protect kids from a disease that has a 99.99% survival rate for children.

In other words, though you may disagree with Gov. DeSantis, he is doing as you advocate. He is protecting children. The disagreement is over the harm in children wearing masks. Gov. DeSantis believes it harms children in the long run. You believe not wearing masks harms children in the long run.

Both of you wish to protect children.

I say let parents decide what is harmful for their kids in areas of disagreement.

Scott Shaver said...

I think your issues may be other than "the virus"😎

Celeste said...

I hate videos like Dr. Zelenko's with almost the same passion as I hate the octogenarian physician who should have retired at age 65. Both shroud themselves with the authority of the medical degree and then use it to scare people with exaggeration and hyperbole.

My views have changed over time. Initially, I assumed this would be a 1-2 year wonder based on the course of SARS CoV1 and MERS. That hope was wrong. However, with the acknowledgement that I have changed my mind on that. I wish I could see the elite change their minds. Except for leaders that are roundly criticized in the media, I don't see the elite changing their tunes. They double down on the same moves with a growing body of evidence that the current mitigation strategies are harmful. The propaganda machinery becomes the echo chamber, squelching anyone who questions and so it continues. For that I have sympathy for Dr. Z and his approach.

When I took the jab, and was very aware that it was a novel vaccine that had not gone through the normal process of testing (skipped the animal testing in Operation warp speed). Attempts at creating vaccines for SARS CoV1 and MERS were abandoned because of problems in the animal testing phase. When I took the jab, I asked myself how it was different than getting in the actual infection… both you have a virus entering cells. If you have the natural infection, you have subsequent replication with virus spilling out. You production of the spike protein in cells containing the ACE receptor. It gets packaged with the other viral elements and then more virus is produced and circulates until you get the whole thing under control with your God created immune system.

If you take the mRNA jab (I haven't found enough information re: the DNA based vectors to comment), you have non-specific absorption of the lipid particles in cells, primarily in the arm, but potentially a litte thoughout
the body. Therefore, the types of cells that see the spike protein would be different than natural infection. Life of the mRNA is going to be quite short (likely 24 hours or less based on longevity of mRNA's naturally produced in cells). How long the protein fragments would persist? Unknown to me. This idea that the epithelium is coated with spikes from the vaccines is not true (discussed earlier on the blog). Can it acutely cause issues: cause an immune response that plays into some auto-immune process (like the cavernous venous thrombosis that have been seen). Yes, but that is a rare complication and we see auto-immune phenomena with infection with SARS CoV2 as well.

Have people died post vaccination (in the acute setting?)? Yes. The number is far less than the number of people dying of the virus so the risk versus benefit seems justified although it would be nice for the government to be less opaque about those numbers and co-morbidities of the people dying.

It becomes very difficult for me to imagine how everyone who was vaccinated is going to magically die in 3 years. Dr. Z offers no evidence/mechanism for that claim. My read of that becomes fear mongering just like Dr. F and our media.

Dr. Z claims that the miscarriage rate for vaccination in the first trimester goes from 10-80% as reported to the NEJM. An article published in the NEJM on April 22, 2021 (online publication, journal publication in June) suggests that there is absolutely no difference in pregnancy outcomes. The cohort of pregnancy women in the V-safe registry was around 3,000. Approximately 30% were vaccinated in the first trimester. There were no differences in miscarriage rates from historical controls. Authors and an accompanying editorial acknowledge that the numbers are small, but at this point, the data does not confirm the fears suggested by Dr. Z.

(more re: his protocol but I need to find some references.....)

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

I debated Dr Zelenko on Just the Truth with Jenna Ellis.

I used his own figures to show that the vax was far safer than catching the disease and treating with his protocol. Zelenko claimed 0.5% mortality after his protocol of HCQ, Zn, Azith. His figures are highly suspect (see of HCQ claims, including Zelenko's, by Christian Ph.D. geneticist Kristen Panthagani, in her last year of medical training). But let's grant them arguendo.

Assume all VAERS reports are true (which VAERS explicitly says that reports are not proofs of vax causation). That is, around 6,500 deaths. This is from 195,646,711 who have received at least one dose of the vaccine, or 0.003%. So vax death rate is still >150× less than getting sick and treating with HCQ, even if Dr Zelenko were right about the effectiveness. And with vax, you're not sick, don't lose sense of smell or taste, or have persistent cough!

Zelenko preposterously claimed 200,000 American deaths (repeating what he told notorious anti-vax quack Mercola in an interview). This is out of 166,861,912 fully vaxed people, so 0.12%. Still 4× safer than catching the disease and treating with Zelenko protocol—according to Dr Zel's own figures! He couldn't get out of that one.

In that Mercola interview, Zelenko absurdly calls the vaccine Zyklon-V by analogy with the genocidal Zyklon-B cyanide tablets (note that both of us are ethnically Jewish and lost relatives in the Holocaust). But this sort of reductio ad Hitlerem can be turned around. The precursor to hydroxychloroqine, the antimalarial drug chloroquine, was developed in Nazi Germany with experiments on Dachau prisoners forcibly infected with malaria. And it was made by I.G. Farben, the notorious chemical cartel that made Zyklon-B. If this is an absurd argument against HCQ, that was the intention: a reductio ad absurdum of Zelenko's argument.

Celeste said...

Next, concerns re: his protocol. I remember when Dr. Z first came out with the protocol. There was criticism because his cohort was young, not mirroring high risk people that appeared to be dying. He does now have published data. The numbers are small but promising. In July 2020, a study from the Henry Ford healthcare system suggested that hydroxychloroquine was beneficial, but it was also ignored. (published journal article).

On May 1, 2020, the NEJM published at article suggesting , based on international data, that harm was caused when a certain class of blood pressure medications was used for patients with COVID-19. A second study was published in the Lance on May 22, 2020 that concluded that coronavirus patients taking chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine were more likely to have heart complications and more likely to die in the hospital. Both studies were based on data provided by a company named Surgisphere, operated by a physician named Dr. Sapan Desai. Within a short period of time, both articles were called into question. However, for many people the damage was done. Despite the retraction, many papers have continued to reference and cite this data. Seems like there ought to be an app to prevent that sort of thing…..Also, concurrent with the initial publications, multiple trials examining hydroxychloroquine were halted, some for good, some transiently but then halted on interim data, keeping this tainted data in mind. A fascinating discussion of the debacle is provided here. The referenced article was written in October 2020. I have now done many a Google search looking for information re: what happened to Surgisphere or Dr. Desai. He no longer has an active medical license in the state of Illinois, but otherwise, detective Google gives me nothing. I hate fraud. I hate people who get away with fraud, especially when the stakes are so high.

The data re: HCQ is all over the place (mainly no effect or it works). People who are Believers say that it is because zinc was left out of the protocols that failed. I have not had the time to figure it out -- but I know that it will never be accepted in the US, in part because Trump advocated it (so it must be wrong/bad) and partly because of the legacy of 2 papers published and retracted from major medical journals. Given the low toxicity profile (questioned and then rescinded but not forgotten), it would seem reasonable but it will never be standard of care here.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Celeste, I looked up Dr Zelenko's paper as preparation for the debate. Even before the debate, I thought it undermined his case:

“Of 141 treated patients, 4 (2.8%) were hospitalised, which was significantly fewer (P < 0.001) compared with 58 (15.4%) of 377 untreated patients [odds ratio (OR) = 0.16, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.06–0.5]. One patient (0.7%) in the treatment group died versus 13 patients (3.4%) in the untreated group (OR = 0.2, 95% CI 0.03–1.5; P = 0.12).”

Several points stood out:

* Despite some claims that the disease has >99% survival, his own sample has >3% dying (and >15% needing hospitalization).

* HCQ still results in almost 1% dying, and almost 3% being ill enough to be hospitalize. So before the vax, it was probably helpful, but no panacea.

* If 0.7% of the 186M people in the USA with at least one shot USA died (at the time I was preparing for the debate), that would be 1.3M. That scaremongering VAERS data page lists about 11k reported deaths. So even using Dr Zelenko's own figures for HCQ, and treating all those reports as proof of causation contra the VAERS disclaimer, getting the vax is over 100 times safer than catching the disease and treating it with HCQ. Alternatively, one out of his sample of 141 Rona patients treated with HCQ died; if the VAERS data page were right, one out of 17,000 vaccinated people would be expected to die.

* If 2.8% of them were hospitalized, this would mean our hospitals would bursting with over 5M patients. But only 31k reported from that page.

* I think the critics of his HCQ study would point to the small sample size. For me, if I had caught the Rona, I would have wanted to try HCQ. But I don't think he can backtrack on such grounds if he wants to claim that the vax is unsafe while HCQ is better, because that is the data he has stood behind.

Sure enough, in the debate I could use Dr Z's own figures (arguendo) to show that the vax is far safer than catching and treating with the Zelenko Protocol.

Wade Burleson said...

Dr. Sarfati,

I really appreciate your comments. It is your ability to state facts dispassionately, and openness for dialogue, and the Christian grace of affirming those with whom you disagree that makes your comments superb.

I appreciate both you and Celeste commenting, and I am taking all that you have said and working through it in my mind.

Persuasion is far better than demands for conformity.

Celeste said...

Dr. Safarti, I agree with your last statement, "Sure enough, in the debate I could use Dr Z's own figures (arguendo) to show that the vax is far safer than catching and treating with the Zelenko Protocol." I also think it very important to continue looking at the best treatments for those who choose not to get vaccinated or for those who have a bad outcome despite vaccination. I do question if you think natural infection is enough? I am now aware of several people that have had COVID more than once, although I had seen a statistic that breakthrough infections after the first infection was estimated to be 1:1000, certainly better than vaccination (although I am confident there will be an age distribution to that number).

Similar to my disappointment regarding the duration of SARS CoV2, the efficacy of the vaccine against variants is also disappointing. However, I believe that the media / Dr. Fauci are doing vaccination an incredible dis-service. If you find asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic people, the Ct value in the nasal passages does not necessarily correlate with infectivity to others, but that is the jump that the CDC has made. The vaccines do seem to provide durable protection from SEVERE illness.

I am still fascinated by the approach of Sweden. They did minimal mitigation (no mask mandate, business allowed to continue except tourism/travel, etc), vaccinated and now, although having another wave, seem to be having a small wave with almost no deaths.

There has been a lot said about the recent surge in children's hospitalizations. Children have immune systems that are forming; depriving them of exposure to regular pathogens for so long means that there will likely be a surge of illness. Right now, there is a large, early increase in RSV, likely because of the unmasking that happened.
In addition to the psychological/developmental concerns of masking children, it may not be healthy for them at all. Actions always have reactions and not all of the mitigation strategies for this virus will prove to overall positive in the end. Our current leaders seem blinded to the consequences of many of the interventions.

Unknown said...

Could you tell me where to find the back up documentation?

By the way, everything I'm saying, I will defend with documentation, and please don't take my word for it. You should do your due diligence. And I can provide to you proof for everything that I'm saying.

I would really appreciate it/

Wade Burleson said...


I cannot. Dr. Zelenko may - I would contact his clinic in New York.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Celeste: “I do question if you think natural infection is enough?”

First, why would you want that if you could avoid it? Natural infection has a 2% case fatality rate and 33% long-haul rate. I thought the point of immunity was to prevent disease, so I don't understand why one would catch a disease to prevent the disease.

Second, one dose for someone who has had Rona seems to provide as much protection as two doses for uninfected people. Hence One dose of Pfizer vaccine may be enough for folks who've had COVID: study.

Third, the second interaction by the adaptive immune system, whether by one infection and one shot or by two shots, provides enhanced protection, including against variants. One recent paper in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded:

“Effectiveness after one dose of vaccine (BNT162b2[Pfizer/BioNTech] or ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 [Oxford/AstraZeneca]) was notably lower among persons with the delta variant (30.7%; 95% confidence interval [CI], 25.2 to 35.7) than among those with the alpha variant (48.7%; 95% CI, 45.5 to 51.7); the results were similar for both vaccines. With the BNT162b2 vaccine, the effectiveness of two doses was 93.7% (95% CI, 91.6 to 95.3) among persons with the alpha variant and 88.0% (95% CI, 85.3 to 90.1) among those with the delta variant. With the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine, the effectiveness of two doses was 74.5% (95% CI, 68.4 to 79.4) among persons with the alpha variant and 67.0% (95% CI, 61.3 to 71.8) among those with the delta variant.”

You said, “Children have immune systems that are forming; depriving them of exposure to regular pathogens for so long means that there will likely be a surge of illness.” Children had plenty of exposure to pathogens before vaccination. Millions died. Fortunately, as far as the adaptive immune system is concerned, there is no difference between exposed to antigens from a pathogens and the same ones in a vaccine. The body knows the difference: in the latter, the antigens are not part of something that can fight back, so you don't get sick!

Christiane said...

I have heard that over 21% of fundamentalist-evangelicals have bought into QAnon and other related conspiracy theories. So I look for the 'results' of this influence on the followers of this movement:

I am beginning to see some of the worst effects of the whole conspiracy theory movement in the extreme far right as it is impacting children. I came across this article concerning a theory from QAnon (the newest extremist cult) and how it affected one young father, causing him to do the unthinkable:

Is it possible that people of faith can begin to back away from 'conspiracy theories' and return to the Word instead for their souls' sustenance? Some very dark things are being suggested by cult 'predictions' and 'pronouncements' and vulnerable people are at risk for being influenced in destructive ways.

I hope 'sources' of information are examined more closely by responsible people in future, for the sake of the Church, and for the good of those vulnerable people (including children) who depend on those responsible people in order to survive.

Celeste said...

Dr. Sarfati, I do believe in vaccination, however, in talking to people, the primary reason that I hear for people not choosing to become vaccinated is that they already had COVID in the past 16 months (revealed quietly). For them, it is not about the choice of having natural infection versus not, the having natural infection has already happened.

In the US. vaccination was recommended for everyone despite previous infection status. In Israel, where they have a vaccine passport system, previous infection is considered acceptable without vaccination. In my sphere, I am now aware of 2 people who have had COVID x 2. Interestingly, one chose to be vaccinated despite having had the disease and one chose not to be vaccinated because of having had the disease. Both managed their second bout without hospitalization.

In the US, the CDC is not tracking all breakthrough infections, only breakthrough infections that require hospitalization (another poor decision from the CDC). Israel has estimated that mRNA vaccines (Pfizer) has about 40% efficacy against delta but 91% efficacy against severe infection. Per Eric Topol, MD, a staunch vaccine supporter, the US is probably doing worse than Israel (expand the entire twitter feed to see his discussion). Although he thinks that the vaccines are doing worse, he once again argues that they DO protect against severe infection. This is not argument against vaccination -- just an understanding that the vaccines are not as good as we thought on the initial roll out, at least not against delta.

My discussion regarding children is our lack of knowledge of long-term consequences. This disease has been in a way a blessing, not causing severe illness in children. We see a blip in a disease process post vaccine in young boys re: heart disease. We have no long term data on that phenomena or the potential for other late term complications which include autoimmune disease. We have no long term data on what happens to children who have had natural infection. My argument was more to the point that keeping children isolated, away from other children is creating a scenario where there is a surge in illness (not COVID) when they come back together. The idea that we have to vaccinate children against a disease that does not kill them to protect old people is odious to me. We have already sacrificed children's development and education to this disease.

Wade Burleson said...

Dr. Sarfati and Celeste,

I would love (if you have time) for both of you to watch this 15-minute video from Dr. Peter McCullough. He is at Baylor Medical in Dallas and imminently qualified.

It's videos like this that give people like me pause.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Part 2:

Calling for a halt? At what cost? Like a lot of anti-vaxers, McCullough demands 100% safety from vax, but refuses to compare it with the far less safe alternative of unvaccination: ~2% case fatality rate for the disease, ~33% long-haul rate, 97% new Rona hospital patients unvaxed and 99.5% of new Rona deaths.
Superbugs: CMI Ph.D. scientists know more than he does about mutation, selection, and antibiotic resistance. In reality, since a mutant (variant) is a copying mistake, to stop variants, we should stop reproduction. The neutralizing antibodies incited by the RNA vaccines do just this.
Glad McCullough wasn't around during the smallpox mass vaccination campaign that eradicated the disease, or the other vaccinations that have sharply dropped disease incidence. McCullough would have aligned with evolution's co-author Alfred Russel Wallace, a strident opponent of smallpox vaccination.
Natural immunity is overrated. It comes with the side-effects of the disease. For Rona, the natural immunity is about the same as one dose of RNA vax, not "much better". For tetanus, natural immunity after an almost fatal attack is minuscule because the lethal dose of the toxin is so tiny. But a tetanus vaccine made of the toxoid provides robust immunity. HPV and Haemophilus influenzae vaccines also produce stronger immunity than the disease. Natural immunity to measles comes with a cost of wiping out previous immune memory for other diseases.

Boosters? So what? If vax immunity wanes, then so does so-called natural immunity. I'd rather have booster vaccines than booster infections.

Legal immunity. Thank Justice Scalia for saving the vaccine industry from being destroyed by the American national pastime of vexatious lawsuits. Even winning is costly. So instead, there is a vaccine injury compensation commission. The notorious RGB sided with the ambulance chasers over the health of American children.

Years of safety testing? At what cost? How many Rona deaths and long-haulers are acceptable while we wait for the glacially slow bureaucratic wheels to churn? The FDA has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans on its hands for holding up life-saving drugs. The long delays are demonstrably more unsafe, as free-market economists have pointed out for half a century (Milton Friedman, Frustrating Drug Advancement, 1973).

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Part 3:

Calling for a halt? At what cost? Like a lot of anti-vaxers, McCullough demands 100% safety from vax, but refuses to compare it with the far less safe alternative of unvaccination: ~2% case fatality rate for the disease, ~33% long-haul rate, 97% new Rona hospital patients unvaxed and 99.5% of new Rona deaths.
Superbugs: CMI Ph.D. scientists know more than he does about mutation, selection, and antibiotic resistance. In reality, since a mutant (variant) is a copying mistake, to stop variants, we should stop reproduction. The neutralizing antibodies incited by the RNA vaccines do just this.
Glad McCullough wasn't around during the smallpox mass vaccination campaign that eradicated the disease, or the other vaccinations that have sharply dropped disease incidence. McCullough would have aligned with evolution's co-author Alfred Russel Wallace, a strident opponent of smallpox vaccination.
Natural immunity is overrated. It comes with the side-effects of the disease. For Rona, the natural immunity is about the same as one dose of RNA vax, not "much better". For tetanus, natural immunity after an almost fatal attack is minuscule because the lethal dose of the toxin is so tiny. But a tetanus vaccine made of the toxoid provides robust immunity. HPV and Haemophilus influenzae vaccines also produce stronger immunity than the disease. Natural immunity to measles comes with a cost of wiping out previous immune memory for other diseases.

Boosters? So what? If vax immunity wanes, then so does so-called natural immunity. I'd rather have booster vaccines than booster infections.

Legal immunity. Thank Justice Scalia for saving the vaccine industry from being destroyed by the American national pastime of vexatious lawsuits. Even winning is costly. So instead, there is a vaccine injury compensation commission. The notorious RGB sided with the ambulance chasers over the health of American children.

Years of safety testing? At what cost? How many Rona deaths and long-haulers are acceptable while we wait for the glacially slow bureaucratic wheels to churn? The FDA has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans on its hands for holding up life-saving drugs. The long delays are demonstrably more unsafe, as free-market economists have pointed out for half a century (Milton Friedman, Frustrating Drug Advancement, 1973).

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Part 4:

I haven't done any mathematics harder than highschool maths (or homeschool elementary maths). Why haven't these anti-vaxers.

I had to get an MMR booster shot to immigrate legally to the USA.

Most lethal and toxic biological agent ever injected into the human body? What does he think a virus does? The Rona virus injects all its RNA into a human cell, and forces it to make ~1,000 more viruses, all with full amounts of RNA and covered with spike proteins.

Closes by repeating the conspiratorial claim he began with. Compare Why CMI rejects ‘conspiracy’ theorizing by by Robert Carter and Jonathan Sarfati.

Christiane said...

Dr. Sarfati,

you wrote, this:
"McCullough would have aligned with evolution's co-author Alfred Russel Wallace, a strident opponent of smallpox vaccination."

and I believe you were right to connect the anti-vaxxers to the evolutionists in the sense that disease, left unchecked by modern medicine, will cull out the weak and allow the strong to survive and reproduce. The concept of 'the survival of the fittest' is most definitely a corollary of the theory of evolution.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Part 1 somehow got lost in the system:

Baylor strongly objects to this cardiovascular specialist (not virologist or epidemiologist) Dr McCullough's dropping of their name, since he is no longer associated with them.
“This whole pandemic from the beginning was about the vaccine.” What vaccine? There are several. The best known was continuing the technique that had already shown promise for a universal flu vaccine in animal (e.g. 2018 paper) and preliminary human trials (2019 paper). See also Dr Robert Carter's article RNA Vaccines.
Out of date about Covid recovered patients. There is strong evidence that ONE dose after infection provides enhanced protection, even against variants. Similarly, for those not previously infected, two doses provides much stronger protection than one. The adaptive immune system needs to exposures to antigen.
“They know that they can die of the vaccine.” Come off it. The reported death rate is below the background count. See for example Are COVID vaccines killing thousands of people?. This also points out that doctors must report a death after a vaccination even when there is no possibility that the vax had anything to do with death:
Jan 2021, Female, age 90:
“At the time of vaccination, there was an outbreak of residents who had already tested positive for COVID 19 at the nursing home where patient was a resident. About a week later, patient tested positive for COVID 19. She had a number of chronic, underlying health conditions. The vaccine did not have enough time to prevent COVID 19. There is no evidence that the vaccination caused patient’s death. It simply didn’t have time to save her life.”
But this is still included in the VAERS death numbers.
Claims over 4,000 dead Americans. As I've said, this is out of currently 167,105,507 fully vaxed Americans, so 0.0024%.
Blood clots: far more likely from the virus than the vax.
Narrow immunity? Nonsense. A double dose of Pfizer (and by implication, infection + single dose) provides 93.7% protection against Alpha and 88.0% protection against the Delta. The facts on the ground show that the vaccines work in practice, yet still McCullough is finding reasons why they don't work in theory.

Wade Burleson said...

Good stuff, Dr. Sarfati. Thank you.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Ryan Burge, an assistant professor of political science at Eastern Illinois University and a pastor in the American Baptist Church, found that The Young And Secular Are Least Vaccinated, Not Evangelicals. There is also a lot of vaccine hesitancy among BIPOC, who are also not known as ardent Republican voters.

Les said...

All of you attempting to discredit Dr. Zelenko for whatever reason are ignorant and embarrassingly arrogant. Watch this video now. Shame on you all. This is the biggest crime against humanity and you're on the wrong side of history.

45k dead in 3 days. Not 3 calendar days, but a total count of deaths when filtered by those who died 3 days after inoculation.

Celeste said...

I am late to comment, but the days can be busy.

Dr. McCullough's credentials seem questionable as has already been discussed.

Dr. McCullough talks about "narrow immunity" but then crosses concepts from bacterial and viral biology that really don't cross. The suggestion that he has given is that if the body responds to a vaccine and then sees a protein that doesn't interact with that previous immune response you are doomed. But that is not true. If the body has a "narrow" immune response but then is exposed to something with a differing or "broader" structure, a variant, then the body may have a partial immune response while it is trying to create an immune response to virus with a slightly different structure. Like other videos, there sees to be a lot of fear mongering without supporting data.

The body's miraculous ability to raise a broader immune response to something that is the same but slightly different is what we are seeing in real time with the delta variant. People that have been immunized are becoming ill, possibly because they don't have a deep enough immune response or possibly because of the difference in the appearance of the spike protein caused by the variation. The virus gets by, but they are then the infected are able to mount an immune response and recover without severe illness.

Antibiotic resistance works in a far different fashion, and for some mechanisms of resistance, once you are resistant to one antibiotic, you will be resistant to many.

As suggested by Dr. Sarfati, when the roll out for vaccinations happened in a population that has a high death rate anyway (nursing home patients with multiple co-morbidities), one has to parse out who died from vaccine side effects and who died because death was close.

Dr. Sarfati has quoted 88% protection from Delta afforded by vaccination. That number is going to prove to be much lower. Israel has estimated 40%. The true breakthrough infection number is going to be impossible to determine from US data because the CDC has mis-stepped (again) and is only tracking break through infections that result in hospitalization, not all breakthrough infections.

I would encourage interested people to peruse Eric Topol's Twitter feed . He is putting out a lot of new data regarding vaccine effectiveness. Pfizer seems to be waning against delta (40%) although the slightly improved ability of Moderna may 1) be related to a slightly later roll out so we haven't had as much time for the early vaxxers to have their immune response wane or 2) there is a growing body of evidence that a greater time between jab 1 and jab 2 provides a better immune response. Pfizer was given 3 weeks apart and Moderna 4 weeks. I have a friend whose husband lives in Finland....they are giving their jabs 12 weeks apart based on the data for better with longer. HOWEVER, despite the waning effectiveness for symptomatic infection, the effectiveness against SEVERE infection and death remains high (over 90%) for all the vaccines.

Would it nice be nice to have 90% effectiveness for ALL infection? Of course, but if you can have 40% effectiveness to all infection and still greater than 90% effectiveness for severe infection and death, that is still a miracle intervention in my book.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Les, you don't get to tell us that someone, e.g. Dr Zelenko, is immune from criticism.

NuestroMundo: Cambiando said...

jajjajaja Cuanto les habrán pagados a esos falsos médicos por Desprestigiar al Dr. Zelenko...Pase y digan lo que digan..Siempre la verdad se Sabra..Serfaty más falso Jjajajjaa

Christiane said...

My understanding is that Texas, Louisiana, and Florida are in crisis with covid patients flooding their hospitals.

I think, knowing this, it would be very wrong to pass any information that might possibly encourage the people of these states not to protect themselves from the virus.

If you have knowledge of dangerous consequences, it would be extremely irresponsible to continue to advocate for people to 'continue' doing what got them into so much trouble.

It is one thing to be in the forgivable category of 'they know not what they do', and it's another thing to tell people to continue to behave along lines that you now know lead them to their suffering and possible deaths. With knowledge, comes response-ability. And 'looking away' doesn't work morally or ethically.

People need to be realistic and to TRY TO do the right thing in a crisis where so many are suffering and dying, and now the ages of the dying are younger, and we are seeing pediatric cases of covid infection coming into hospitals.
So there is A CHANGE IN EVIDENCE of consequences for avoiding distancing, masking, vaccination, and practicing proper hygiene to avoid contamination and spread of the new variant.

Please think about being responsible. The virus has no allegiance to any political entity. It just harms people, and now children. God have mercy.

Unknown said...

I used to be a thin woman, 57 kilos, I liked it. Un Un last years I gained 8 kilos, I didn't like at all. Because of the lockdown, last year I tried to excercise at home, some planes, burphees and other rutinas, It was too hard, so I thought I would like to take a pill that could take away these kilos or maybe a lipo without making an effort... at the end I decided to excercise, one year later I can do the rutines without problem, I am taking care of my diet and I lost 5 kilos. What do you think is better for the whole body?? To excercise or to get a lipo????

Well, is covid killing people by itself? I mean healthy people? Or it is killiny people mostly with cormobilities?? When are you going to talk about america's poison diet?? People is obese,even children!!!
Is it posssible for you that we can take care of our body in order to get a stronger inmune system to fight a Virus? Or we have to sit and wait for the virus and the vaccines like if we were laptops?? I ask for a little of common sense!
Around 10% of world's population has had covid, around 2.5% of these people is death. It hurts that people die, but is still a low rate.
I don't like to talk about conspiracy theories, but the media has done a fear campain.
So, why people want to get sick if can get the jab?? Well, like a doctor you should know thar vaccines could be developed thanks to natural inmunity, actually to emulate natural inmunity. If you get sick is like a training for your body, nobody would like to get sick, but is clear thar Virus mutation is going on and is a Best bet to have natural inmunity.
And talking about small pox, you should know that in those days lack of higiene was a main problem and undernutrition too, it was figured out many years after that the deficiency of some nutrients was a main problem to fight diaease. With this I don't want you to stigmatized me as an antivaxx, I just want to make a point todas we have a different problem, we have malnutrition, nutrient deficiency and also obesity. We should begin to talk about this, because pandemics happened a century ago. In the last 2 decades we have had sars and covid. So we can not sit and wait

You have to see the whole pintura, you can give paracetamol for a multifactor problem. The vaccine can not be the only one answer. Actually is not.

Scott Shaver said...

Christianne: In Texas we have thousands of Covid infected illegal immigrants pouring into our state DAILY.

Not about the vaccine now. Is about the stupidity of the Biden administration.

Scott Shaver said...

This morning McAllen TX reports that 80% of hospitalized Covid cases are freshly crossed illegal immigrants.

Again, this is not a vaccine thing, it's a stupidity thing for political leverage.

Scott Shaver said...

I will think about "personal responsibility" when Biden starts thinking about collective responsibility.😎

Scott Shaver said...

On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, the Taliban controls more strongholds and islamic emirate territory than it did when those planes struck the World Trade Center. Vietnam on steroids.

Christiane said...

It's a sad week for those poor women and girls.

Fundamentalist misogyny seems to be 'necessary' for a certain kinds of 'males' to make themselves believe that they 'act like men';
and in fundamentalism, we see this pattern repeated all over the world.
The thing is that the abuse of women doesn't seem very 'manly' on its surface, so I must assume that those who wield abuse towards women are unable to figure out that bullies are really cowards at heart, nothing 'manly' about them.

Now comes the time of 'authoritarianism' on planet Earth, where many populations decry 'democracy' in favor of a particularly vile form of leadership. We've seen it before and now it's come back again and boy howdy, does 'misogyny' ever play a vicious role in it. Misogyny is always a marker of the death of freedom, because in misogyny, 'the woman' is NOT seen as having the full dignity of the human person that was given to all people who are made in the 'imago Dei', and when one whole section of our humanity is handed over to bullies to be abused, you know that the 'freedom' of moral conscience has been set aside for the victims.

Problem is:
when 'the victims' are treated poorly,
the bullies, in the process of their destructive actions, become themselves 'less than' that which they were created to be. Misogyny is a sin that may target women and girls, but it takes down the manhood of those who practice it; and for any women who sign on to also torment other women, as co-abusers, they are themselves betrayers of their own kind doubly over.

What is the worth of a single human life?

In the formation of an individual's 'moral conscience' what does this mean:

"Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses.
Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make.
Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!" (Deut. 30:19)

GOD said...

It has been shown by some Bible researchers that this vassine is an integral part of the Mark of the Beast in the book of Revelation. .
The Vassine violates the Leviticus 11 food/ dietary laws which were NEVER done away. . This is shown in an end time prophecy in Isaiah 66:17. .
At some point soon in the near future, they are planning on stopping all people from buying and selling, who refuse the vassine.
This will fulfill the prophecy in Revelation that all people are deceived by pharmakia, which in this case is the vassine.
Every person who has taken the Vassine, has taken an integral part of the Mark of the beast. .

GOD said...

In my previous comment, I have no idea why it shows "GOD" says.
Many years ago, it is possible that I may have put the word "GOD" in, but do not remember doing so.
I have no idea how to change that.
I am just letting you know that this was a surprise to me in seeing that.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

“GOD”: the vaccine can’t be the mark of the Beast because it’s not injected into the forehead or hand. In any case, taking the mark of the Beast will not be an “oops” but an intentional declaration of loyalty.

Jesus, Peter, and Paul declared all foods to be clean, and that we are not to judge others based on food or drink. See Are we allowed to eat all animals today?

Rex Ray said...

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D.


“…Some of the believers who belonged to the sect of the Pharisees insisted, “The Gentile converts must be circumcised and required to follow the law of Moses.” (Acts 15:5)

Peter corrected them: “So why are you now CHALLENGING God by BURDENING the Gentile believers with a yoke that neither we nor our ancestors were able to bear? We believe that we are all saved the same way, by the underserved grace of the Lord Jesus.” (Acts 15:11)

“Everyone listened quietly as Barnabas and Paul told about the miraculous signs and wonders God had done through them among the Gentiles.” (Acts 15:12)

“When they had finished, James stood and said, “Brothers, listen to me…” (Acts 15:13) Then in the next verses 14-18, James brags on Peter and speaks about Scripture telling Gentiles will be saved.

“And so my judgement [who made him the judge?] is that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God. Instead, we should write and tell them to abstain from eating food offered to idols, from sexual immorality, from eating the meat of strangled animals, and from consuming blood.” (Acts 15:19-20)

Jesus said: “And so you cancel the word of God in order to hand down your own tradition…” (Mark 7:13) James’ reason is TRADITION shown in the next verse: “For these laws of Moses have been preached in Jewish synagogues in every city on ever Sabbath for many generations.” (Acts 15:21)

Peter said, “challenging God by BURDENING the Gentile believers…”

James said: “For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay no greater BURDEN on you than these few requirements. (Acts15:28) How did James get the Holy Spirit on his side?

Paul wrote: “…so-called Christians there; false ones really…They sneaked in to spy on us and take away the freedom we have in Christ Jesus. They wanted to enslave and force us to follow their Jewish regulations. But we refused to listen to them for a single moment. We wanted to preserve the truth of the gospel message for you.” (Galatians 2:4-5)

He said, “…If anyone preaches any other Good News than the one you welcomed, let that person be cursed.” (Galatians 1:9)

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Rex Ray: I think you misunderstood me. I said that the Mosaic food laws are not binding on believers today. Neither is circumcision.

GOD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GOD said...

I had to delete that last one to fix spelling errors.
These verses show that it is an absolute requirement that the Jews including Paul, must keep the law of Moses.
Acts 21:21 "they have been told about you that you(Paul) teach all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to forsake Moses,"
Acts 21:24 "that you(Paul) yourself also live in observance of the law."
Jesus never came to change the OT, and one of the most important parts is the 10 commandments.
That includes the literal "Saturday" Sabbath.
many verses says God does not change. (Malachi-3:6, Hebrews-13:8, James-1:17, Numbers-23:19, Isaiah-40:8)
To believe that the Literal "Saturday" Sabbath must be strictly kept by Jewish people and other people have no need to, is the most deceitful lie of "Sunday" churches.
The OT is very clear that the Sabbath is not the Jewish Sabbath. . The "Saturday" Sabbath is God's Sabbath.
If anyone "including Paul" says that the "Saturday" Sabbath does not need to be kept, they are the false prophets that Jesus refers to in Matthew 24:24.
The "Saturday" Sabbath is:
(1)=One of the TEN commandments in the TORAH,(Deuteronomy 5:14)
(2)=A requirement (Exodus 20:8),
(3)=A separate declared Covenant on it's own,
. . . . (Exodus 31:16)
(4)=A Prescribed Sign of God's people,
. . . . (Ezekiel 20:20),
(5)=An Appointed Feast (Lev 23:2),
(6)=Jesus said= Luke 16:17 -it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one dot of the Torah to become void.
(7)=Rev 12;17, 14;12, 22;14, "here are they that keep the commandments of God," (This includes the "Saturday" Sabbath)
(8)=John said= 1-John 3:4 - sin is breaking of the Torah.
The reason that the "Saturday" Sabbath is ignored, is because that is Satan's easiest method to make everyone violate Gods requirements.
I was in the "damned" "Sunday" churches for several decades before studying this subject and getting out of them.
When people realize that the Sabbath is still in effect, they also realize the Levitical diet laws are also in effect.
Your choice is to begin studying this and change, or continue believing that you can ignore the Sabbath.
I recommend to listen to a few minutes of this video, starting at the 24 minute point, and to the end if you have time.

Thomas Maeder (eThomas) said...


Torah/Yeshua believer intel op. said...

Now the panel, ( if any member reads this), can take things an order of magnitude furth.
See Get the most advanced medical genius on earth to explain this to you.
See deagle network. Use any platform to listen. Then order the First line of defence kit,
and the EDUCAP. Want to save several million lives? Invest with him for bioreactors and
lab work. This way, perhaps when Ephraim returns home... AND WE WILL, there will be more
remaining alive to keep the Torah?

Torah/Yeshua believer intel op. said...

See also a valid explanation of the contents of these vaccines that steal, kill and destroy
for the enemy. Celest Solum on Hydrogel and "Lucifrase" contents.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Torah/Yeshua believer intel op.:

The word Lucifer simply means ‘light-bringer’. Only relatively recently has its semantic range narrowed to Satan, who merely “disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). In earlier times, Lucifer was sometimes used as a term for the One who truly is the light of the world (John 8:12), e.g. in the traditional Latin Easter proclamation called the Exsultet (5th–7th Century). Another ancient hymn Lucis largitor splendide addresses Jesus with “Tu verus mundi lucifer” (“you are the true light bringer of the world”). Two 4th-century bishops had the name Lucifer.

This gets to your concern. Bioluminescent organisms produce light with a chemical named luciferin oxidized by the enzyme luciferase. All these relate to the original primary meaning of the word, not the later satanic meaning.

What is wrong with a hydrogel? Jelly (what Americans call “jello”) is a hydrogel. Soft contact lenses are made from a hydrogel. Some tissue repair scaffolding and slow-release drugs sometimes use hydrogels.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Rex Ray , re your top comments about the list of points that Dr Zelenko covered.

1. Fear drives people.

Oh yes, it's terrible to scare people about a virus that still kills 1.7% of people in the USA (down from 3% a year ago) and leaves 33% of survivors with long-haul. But it's great to scare people about a very safe and very effective vaccine.

2. Miscarriages have increased from 20% to 80%.

In reality, the virus is dangerous for mother and baby. It increases rates of pre-eclampsia, prematurity, and 22× maternal death. If mother has problems getting enough oxygen from a lung infection, the baby will likewise be deprived. But vax has proven very safe and effective for pregnant mothers and their babies. The neutralizing antibodies in the mother's breast milk are passed on.

3.There’s a coronated effort to make people to take the Covid-19 shots. (He’s sure right
about that; VA, Walmart, hospitals etc.)

Nothing wrong with persuading or advocating. There is something wrong if the government mandates it.

4. Shots have caused the largest genocide in the history of man.

Talk about Holocaust trivializing. Even his preposterously made-up figure of 200k Rona vax deaths doesn't come close to 6M in the Holocaust. The real figure of reported (not proven) deaths is more like 6,000. And this is from 172M fully vaccinated Americans. So reported death rate is 0.34%. Even using Zelenko's absurd figure, the death rate is about 0.12%, still a quarter of his claimed death rate of 0.5% from his own protocol.

5. Shots are World War III.

But it's wrong to scare people?

6. He’s had death threats.

Of course I deplore death threats, and even censorship of his claims. Doesn't make them right though.

Rex Ray said...

Hey God,

Have you ever thought about why Martin Luther believe the Book of James shouldn’t be in the Bible?

Maybe because James didn’t get close to being ‘saved’ by John 3:16 but said:

“There will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others. But if you have been merciful, God will be merciful when he judges you.” (James 2:13 NLT)

TechTex said...

Branding us “conspiracy nut” for ID'ing motives reflects ignorance or diversion to shield plotters. Real conspirators, not “theorists,” slew Caesar, etc. History is littered with conspiracy corpses.

Let's puh-LEAZE, get off our knees before stats & folks who fabricate or wield them as though Gospel: “There are lies, then damn lies, yet statistics top them all!” Most say 1870's Brit PM Disraeli coined it. Thank God someone did! My experience with C-19 stats nails their..”credibility": Last year, 7 fellow-members of a sci forum informed us they'd signed up for PCR test at NM & CA sites, ran out of time while waiting, left UN-tested...yet all got a “You tested positive!” felony-fraud note! Even more vile, a colleague of mine, now married and retired in Mexico, shared how in 2020 a friend gave birth to a Downs-Syndrome son, agonized as fake-med thugs wrested him from her arms (“C-19-risk”), then, after he'd died (robbed of TLC), she picked up his body...and was offered ~$1,000 to “attest” “COVID killed him”! Such sordid malfeasance is paired with non sequiturs like CDC's claim that nasal passage Ct value = infectivity to others.

Another worse-than-damned-lie is the smear vs. all who take low-cost D3, zinc et al., but reject “safe & effective” gifts from Hell, trusting in Christ vs. Dr. Faucinstein & ilk. (BTW, Satan's humor is in Dr. F's very name, which means scythes/scythe-makers, the Grim Reaper's tools!) Thus, on 08/20/21, UK chief med officer C. Whitty tweeted:
"Four weeks working on a COVID ward (shows) the majority of our hospitalized COVID patients are unvaccinated and regret delaying. Some are very sick including young adults. Please don't delay your vaccine."

De-mythologizing: “If you take the time actually to look at the data, you'll find this blanket statement deceptive. A graphic published in the Evening Standard, sourced from Public Health England3 shows, as of 08/15/21, 58% of COVID patients in hospital and over age 50 had received 2 doses of COVID injections, 10% had 1 dose. So, partially or fully "vaccinated" individuals = 68% of hospitalizations.”

The salvific forte of Dr. Z's mix of HCQ+Zinc+Azithromycin is preventing onset of ARDS, obviating hospitalization & ventilator use (the latter mean big bonuses for hospitals, but, past ~15 days, high probability of death for patients.

Contrast healer Z vs. stealer ex-NY-Gov: The latter's “If I save even one life, it [lockdowns] will have been worth it!” ignored his manslaughter in forcing nursing-home inmates to cohabit with URTI patients (C-19 or not). For NY's med-pro Health Czar, this was premeditated murder.

Dr. Risch (Caltech alum, now Yale School of Public Health) published a peer- reviewed paper pro Z's protocol (, if used early. To critical colleagues he retorted, “YOU're endangering people!”

As shameless as Pilate, vax makers, rulers imposing mandates & parroting employers ALL abjure liability for what “goes wrong” with their jabs. Read this: “[It] will take Herculean effort to prove my adverse reaction was vax-caused. Correlation doesn't = causation, but when you're counted a C-19 death, correlation ALWAYS = causation.” (Mandated Vaccinations: Who's Responsible for Their Risks? by H. Wetzler.)

“A lawsuit now accuses the government of covering up that 45K have died within 3 days of getting a C-19 vax. CDC's VAERS shows 13,000+ deaths, a number believed to = just 1-10% of actuals, and there are 100s of 1000s of brief to severe reactions reported to VAERS. That said, article after article debunks these stats. You can report whatever via VAERS, they say, so, no, it won't be perfect, but this discounted system is your 1 recourse, when you’ve lost a loved one to “safe & effective” vax.” (ibid.)

May God grant us more & more Zelenkos!

Signed: TechTex

Unknown said...

This man is a modern day prophet. Unfortunately, like the message of many previous prophets, his message is falling on too many deaf ears. Yet I feel compelled to get it out. The difference between this war and previous wars, our country is filled with many enemies in high places...not just a few! said... please share and if you wish contact me at Bob Martin

Unknown said...

Moderator, I hope you will have the courage to include this comment. Lest you think I am being led by the nose, I write as an unvaccinated person in a family with some vaccinated and others not.

Some very bold assertions made in this article. Some spot on such as CDC and other “authorities” having lost credibility; some quite dubious such as the death rate spiking in Israel after Dec 20, 2020, which appears to be patently false.

A search of Israel’s weekly excess death rates using shows weeks 40-45 of 2020 saw an average excess death rate of almost 240 people, week 46 was 37.4 fewer deaths than average for week 46 in previous years, and weeks 47-53 show excess deaths at under 90 people. For good measure let’s add excess death rates for the first 6 weeks of 2021, which is 204 people. There is no spike in deaths after Dec 20, 2020 in Israel.

Still other assertions require further reading and with few, if any, sources cited I am left quite skeptical...sure wish the proof offered at the top were available to readers of this article.

Readers: none of the experts can be trusted implicitly. The People must do their own reading, from a variety of sources.