Thursday, February 08, 2018

Paige and Dorothy Patterson’s Retirement Home Built on the Property of Southwestern Seminary

The Patterson Retirement Home
Dr. Paige Patterson and his wife Dorothy, nearing retirement as President and First Lady of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, are having their retirement home built on the seminary property.

The decision by the Executive Committee of Southwestern Theological Seminary's trustees to allow the Pattersons to live out their retirement years on the grounds of SWBTS needs to be questioned by the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention for many reasons.

Before articulating these reasons, let me state that I personally like Paige and Dorothy Patterson. I've found them to be hospital hosts, zealous for evangelism, and filled with humor. It's no secret that I have challenged Dr. Patterson on several fronts, including allowing a practicing Muslim entrance to the Seminary in violation of both the seminary's charter and purpose, firing the finest Hebrew professor in the Southern Baptist Convention "because she was female," and various other issues over the years.

Differing on principles does not equate to disliking the persons.

On many occasions, there have been professors, trustees, students, and graduates of Southwestern Theological Seminary who have contacted me with concerns. I have declined to say or write anything about several issues brought to my attention. This post is written not because I do not wish the Pattersons to live out their golden years in comfort, but rather,  I and many others believe the decision to allow them to live on school property is troublesome on several fronts.

1. The controversial decision to allow the Pattersons to live on SWBTS's campus after retirement has been driven by Dr. Patterson and voted on in secret by the Executive Committee of the seminary's trustees, not during open plenary sessions of all trustees. 

A former chairman of the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary let it be known that “The retirement home for the Pattersons will not be built on school property during my watch.”

Dr. Patterson waited until that man’s watch ticked out.

Kevin Ueckert, SWBTS Trustee Chairman
Whether the current trustee chairman,  Dr. Kevin Ueckert of FBC Georgetown, Texas, is in favor of the Patterson retirement home being built on school property under his watch,  is a matter open for discussion. However, if the decision was made during an Executive Session by the Executive Committee of the SWBTS trustees, then one would assume the chairman voted "Yes."

On January 31, 2018, I contacted Dr. Ueckert via Messenger and asked him several questions. To date, I've not received any responses to my questions.  The current chairman is a young pastor, a graduate of Southwestern Theological Seminary, and he has a long pastoral career in front of him.

Interestingly, on February 6, 2018, one week after my queries, the Southern Baptist Texan, the Southern Baptists in Texas conservative newsletter, led by Jim Richards, friend to Paige Patterson, posted a long interview with Dr. Paige Patterson where a handful of my questions were answered, raising even more concerns.

The article states that "this vision was planted a long while back by an idea a trustee (had) at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where Patterson was president."

Notice the directional change. The idea began at Southeastern and finds fruition at Southwestern.

What idea was planted at Southeastern? The article continues:
"Phillip Mercer and his wife wanted to build the Pattersons a retirement home – anywhere."
The Patterson retirement home at SWBTS, Ft. Worth, Texas
That retirement home is being built on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Unfortunately, when the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary voted on building the retirement home over a year ago, the seminary trustees gave the impression that they were approving a $2.5 million dollar Baptist Heritage Center to archive materials, libraries, and collections of famous Southern Baptists, and possibly have rooms to temporarily house a few missionaries on furlough or who were visiting SWBTS. At the time, the trustees either intentionally refused to address and vote on whether the Pattersons should live in the Baptist Heritage Center during open session, or even worse, were never made aware of the true use of the proposed building.

There is no public record of the trustees approving this building as the Patterson's retirement home. The trustees are obligated to report such actions made during their plenary sessions to the Southern Baptist Convention. There has never been a report to the Southern Baptist Convention that this decision to build a retirement home for the Pattersons on school property was made by the trustees.

Interestingly, on Wednesday, February 7, 2018, SBC This Week published an article entitled "Patterson Discusses Retirement Plans" and made this incredible statement (emphasis mine):
"While not announced in the trustee meeting recap, the Southwestern executive committee of the trustee board officially extended an invitation in September 2017 for the Pattersons to reside in the Baptist Heritage Center as its first theologians-in-residence at a time to be determined later."
Let that sink in. Behind closed doors. In Executive Session. No reporting of the decision to the Southern Baptist Convention. Trustee boards are supposed to be transparent.

Someone has rightly said, "We are only as sick as our secrets." Our convention will never be healthy and Kingdom-minded as long as we allow a decision like this to be made behind closed doors. 

Yesterday (February 7, 2018), Baptist Press issued a statement from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary entitled "Conservative Resurgence Archives To Be Housed at New SWBTS Center." 

It seems that since I have begun privately asking questions of leadership, SWBTS is now making public that, indeed, Dr. and Mrs. Patterson will be living out their retirement years on the property of Southwestern Theological Seminary. However, in finally making public this decision which the seminary trustee executive committee made in private, the seminary's public relations department is emphasizing "This will be a Baptist Heritage Center."

No, it's not. It's a retirement home.

If it is truly a Baptist Heritage Center, then the Pattersons would not be living in it.

2. The decision to construct the Patterson retirement home on the property of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary property must be addressed by the Southern Baptist Convention. 

A healthy minority of SWBTS trustees are embarrassed - borderline angry - that the Pattersons have been granted by the trustee executive committee the right to live out their retirement years among facilities paid for by over $372,000,000 Cooperative Program dollars. That's correct. The Southern Baptist Convention has forwarded to Southwestern Theological Seminary over $372 million Cooperative Program dollars since the founding of the seminary. 

The Southern Baptist Convention should have a say whether or not a retirement home for a former president should be built on institutional grounds.  The trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary are accountable to the SBC, not the President of the institution they serve. The President is supposed to work for them; not the other way around.

Can the seminary's trustees make these kinds of decisions without approval of the Southern Baptist Convention? Of course. But as stated above, this decision should have been debated during open forum plenary trustee sessions, should have been voted upon and votes recorded in the minutes, and those minutes should have been reported out to the Southern Baptist Convention in the recap of the trustee plenary sessions.

Institutional trustees answer to the Southern Baptist Convention. When there is transparency and accountability like there is supposed to be at our convention, the process actually works.

This matter should be addressed by messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention this June in Dallas, Texas. The secrecy of the decision is troublesome enough, but in the long run, the precedent set by this decision may cause even more, unexpected problems in the future.

3.  Having a former president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on the property during the tenure of a new president is unhealthy for the institution on several fronts. 
a. Ask any new pastor if he wants the former pastor officing next door to him?
b. Ask Paige Patterson if he would have wanted Ken Hemphill living on school property when he took over?  There may be some real irony here in that Dr. Ken Hemphill is running for President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and will be voted on this June in Dallas, Texas.
c. Ask any church if they think it would be wise to build a second parsonage for their retiring pastor, next door to the current parsonage which will house the "yet to be named" new pastor?
d. Ask any newly married woman if it's wise for her husband to build a home for his ex-girlfriend next door to the couples' home?
Dr. Patterson's friend told him he would build him a retirement home anywhere. 

Anywhere. Last time I checked, anywhere meant anywhere.

Why in the name of the Southern Baptist Convention is it being built on the property of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary? 

4. If a court finds Paige Patterson guilty of conspiring to cover-up a sexual assault, are the Pattersons asked to leave, and are stained glass windows removed?

The Cover Page of the Lawsuit
Last December 27, 2017, Paul Pressler was accused in a lawsuit, filed in Harris County court, of sexually assaulting Gareld Duane Rollins, Jr., beginning in 1979 when Rollins was 14-years-old. The suit alleges decades of molestation and sexual abuse

The suit also names Paige Patterson in the lawsuit. Rollins alleges that Paige was knowledgeable of the abuse and helped cover it up. The victim is seeking over $1 million dollars in damages. 

On at least one mission trip overseas, Dr. Patterson and Dorothy Patterson were present with Paul Pressler and young Gareld Rollins. The Texas Monitor is reporting on this case with regularity. 

I have no knowledge of whether or not the claims in the lawsuit have merit, but reading the actual papers filed makes one's stomach turn. 

Suppose that a jury or a judge finds Dr. and Mrs. Patterson guilty of conspiring to cover-up sexual molestation of a minor. Will the Southern Baptist Convention or Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary like having the Pattersons living in their retirement house on school property? 

Again, whether or not the Pattersons are guilty is not the issue. 

One should always be careful before placing stained glass windows of living people in places of worship.

Stains come other ways than just in glass. 

5. The Southern Baptist Convention is constitutionally controlled by the people.

If this home is brought to completion in the fall of 2018, and if the Pattersons move into that home, the Southern Baptist Convention will have nobody to blame but ourselves. 

The trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary are accountable to the convention, which means us.

I want the Patterson's to have their retirement home. I am appreciative of generous, kind Southern Baptist benefactors who desire the Patterson's to have a home of their own during retirement.

That home should not be on the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary school property.

You may contact the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention to obtain the names, address, and contact information for the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


  1. God have mercy. I've told people for years the SBC is a shaky place, thankful the Lord didn't promise to defend man's institutions. I quit referring to myself as a Southern Baptist years ago.

  2. Stuart Brogden,

    I didn’t leave the SBC years ago when Paige Patterson had 15 of his friends write the 2000 BFM behind closed doors.

    A November 5, 2000 Newspaper said Texas Baptist voted to cut off $five million in funds to the SBC in protest.

    Jimmy Carter denied leaving the SBC; he said the SBC left him.

    Rev. D. Perry Ginn wrote in the Baptist Standard, “The revisions give Southern Baptist “a paper Pope, whose authority is established by self-appointed fundamentalist interpreters.”

    Jerry Falwell was asked why he changed his mind and joined the SBC. He replied, “They came around to my way of thinking.”

    The article written by David Walters ended: “Could God pass an examination in theology or doctrine?”

  3. Wade,

    You may remember the story how hard it was for my sister’s daughter to enroll in SWBTS because all the jobs she had at churches paid her. She was told she had to work in Christ’s ministry for free. She finally graduated from there.

    Later, my sister told SWBTS they were reconsidering giving SWBTS a grant because she had heard your blog reported a Muslim was working on a doctor’s degree there.

    Paige Patterson called and said your blog was lies.
    She said, “Good. That means a Muslim is not enrolled.”
    “Oh, he’s here but we’re going to convert him!”

    I remember Patterson speaking to a gun club saying, “The greatest need in America was for every boy to have a dad, a dog, and a gun.”

    At present, my sister and her husband are working on a church in Mexico. When she heard about Patterson’s mansion, she said, “Good grief. Let’s go biff him.”

  4. The entire issue sure makes our Southern Baptist Convention appear to be corrupt, scheming, and guilty of cronyism. This is one of the worst incidents of Convention politics and favoritism, but not the only one. It makes one scratch one's head and ask, "How could leaders of a religious institution based on The Word of God get so caught up in such un-Godly behavior and portray arrogance to the nth degree?" Such antics are the work of Satan for sure to discredit the SBC and undermine the many good things it seeks to achieve to God's glory. What is even more disturbing is having so many who are involved blind to the destruction they are inflicting. Scary.

  5. RB Kuter,

    I’ll repeat some of your comment and substitute the SBC with “JERUSALEM CHURCH”:
    The entire issue sure makes the JERUSALEM CHURCH appear to be corrupt, scheming, and guilty. How could leaders of the JERUSALEM CHURCH get so caught up in such un-Godly behavior? Such antis are the work of Satan.

    Link written by F.F. Bruce.

    James, the brother of Jesus, was the leader of the Jerusalem Church with about 70 elders.

    Bible reference that show how James was respected: Acts 12:17 “Tell James…”; 15:13 “Brothers listen to me…”; 21:18 “Met with James…”; Paul in Galatians 2:9 lists him with Peter and John as ‘pillars’ of the Jerusalem church; James was named first. “Then Jesus was seen by James and later by all the apostles.” (1 Corinthians 15:7)

    James’s influence carried the verdict of many who tended to take a more legalist position. There were legalists in the Jerusalem church who tried to undo the spirit of the apostolic decree by going to the Gentile mission-field themselves and imposing their viewpoint on the Gentile converts.

    “Here’s what we want you to do…Go with them to the Temple…” (Acts 21:23)

    Their suggestion led directly to his arrest and imprisonment, and ultimate death in Rome.

    It is not recorded that the Jerusalem church or its leaders exerted themselves in Paul’s behalf when he was arrested. They probably thought that his removal from Jerusalem under armed guard was all to the good; there was usually trouble when Paul came to Jerusalem. In his absence they got along tolerably well with the authorities.

    “At my first answer no man stood with me…I pray God that it may not be laid to their charge.” (2 Timothy 4:16)

  6. To whom it may concern

    There are two Conventions in Texas: “Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) that started in 1886, and the “Southern Baptists of Texas” (SBTC) that split in 1995 when they could not control the old convention. The new convention was endorsed by leaders in the SBC.

    I had my only encounter with Paige Patterson in 2001 after he preached at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Their pastor was Jack Graham with a membership was 12,000.
    Jack Graham became President of the SBC in 2002.

    At the time Prestonwood was affiliated with the old convention, but after Patterson preached, their pastor, Jack Graham, made the motion that Prestonwood become dual aligned with both conventions.

    After Patterson preached, I asked if his Forward to “The Criswell Study Bible” explained ALL the ‘errors’ thought by some or just SOME of the errors.

    He said in a loud voice that all could hear, “We got them all!”

    I asked why Matthew wrote that a girl was dead, and Mark and Luke wrote she was near death.

    Patterson whispered in my ear, “We got all we could.”

  7. Rex,

    You have a way of making me laugh with your stories. :)

  8. Paige Patterson is accustomed to having his way and Southern Baptists, to the point of their own demise, are accustomed to letting him have it. Sick.

  9. Wade,

    I didn’t hear Patterson preach that night because I was busy removing from windshields 400 articles I’d written. I was told if I didn’t I’d be arrested. I thought if I was like my brother, I’d go to jail. :)

    I know Francis Ray is very happy as her funeral is in two hours. GLORY! Her four sons and daughter will be there.

  10. Scott,

    There’s some nervousness over this issue.

    After the Muslim student debacle - an admission into SWBTS of a student who had never professed faith in Jesus Christ and was a practicing Muslim, an admission which violated the charter of the school and was without trustee approval - several people are scratching their heads over how approval to live in the “Baptist Center” occurrred.

    The way the PR machine has hit overdrive, I can tell there’s a great deal of concern of this issue as well.

  11. Once again, Wade Burleson has exposed the corruption, nepotism, and cronyism at Southwestern Seminary. Tragically, nothing can be done to stop Patterson who holds absolute power over every detail at SWBTS.

  12. Two weekends ago in Jacksonville, Florida, Paige Patterson (who shares initials with Pontius Pilate) stood by as the church bestowed the Lindsey Award for Lifetime Ministry on Ravi Zacharias. Paige had been fully apprised of Ravi's online affair with a Canadian woman, and the fact that Ravi threatened suicide to prevent the woman from confessing the affair to her husband. I personally advised Patterson of all this, as did others. Rather than take a courageous stand against this injustice, Patterson did the PP thing and washed his hands and went about his business. Paige Patterson is not only an abuse enabler, he is a bona fide coward.

    1. And we are to believe Patterson knew/knows nothing about Paul Pressler's hobbies?

  13. Wade,

    This link list of 30 people that messed up the SBC. One of them was Patterson’s brother-in-law; a Board Member of SWBTS who went to jail for fraud.

    Russell Kaemmerling - Brother-in-law of Paige Patterson and first editor of The Southern Baptist Advocate, a hate-filled sheet that hurt the cause of Christ and helped no one. While serving as a trustee for the International Mission Board (IMB) of the SBC, he was arrested on 19 counts of criminal fraud and now resides in a federal penitentiary in Beaumont, TX.

    This link tell how he was the leader of a group that swindled $15 million.

    Kaemmerling, the leader of the business, was accused of luring investors of turning $500,000 into $40 million within 40 weeks virtually at no risk.

    Kaemmerling claimed that they could purchase IOUs from foreign banks at a discounted rate and then resell those IOUs to other foreign banks at a profit within days.

    Investors were told their money would not be used to purchase the IOUs but would be used only as security to prove to the foreign banks that Kaemmerling could cover the cost.

    The investors were told their money never would leave the account. In reality, the money was divided among the perpetrators of the fraud.

  14. Wade,

    Russell Dillday has Honorary Doctorates from Mercer University, William Jewell College, Dallas Baptist University, and Baylor University.

    Both Baylor and Southwestern have named him a Distinguished Alumnus, Texas Baptists designated him Elder Statesman, Baptist Standard listed him as one of the ten most influential Texas Baptists in the twentieth century, Baptists Today recognized him with the Judson-Rice award for distinguished service, Mainstream Baptist National Convocation inducted him into their Hall of Fame, Texas Monthly included him in their "Texas Twenty;" a list of influential Texans, and he received Baylor University’s George W. Truett Distinguished Church Service Award.

    During his 16 years as President of SWBTS the enrollment increased to almost 5,000. Paige Patterson became President of the SBC, and replaced SWBTS board members until fundamentals were in the majority. They even gave him a good evaluation, but locked his office and fired him.

    When asked why, they said, “We don’t have to say why; we got the vote.”

    The Texas Gridiron Club gave the trustees of SWBTS the “Horse Collar Award for “Plunging religion to new depths and elevating stupidity to new heights”.

    Dillday wrote a book, “Columns; an Assault on a Seminary”. The book quotes Paige Patterson saying to Dillday: “You’re conservative alright, but you’re not one of us.”

  15. HEY!

    I went the SWBTS. I many have set a record there as being the fastest dropout. :)

  16. How can the SBC do this in light of the Glorieta debacle?

  17. Anonymous,

    What’s the murder of a woman to steal her truck got to do with the SBC?

  18. Rex--what I was referring to concerns land and housing at Glorieta Conference Center in New Mexico.

  19. Anonymous,

    You wrote: “How can the SBC do this in light of the Glorieta debacle?”

    I typed in “Glorieta debacle” to Google, and it told of the murder.

    The story of Glorieta you want is the link:

    The story and comments are so long, I haven’t figured it out yet. Can you tell it?

  20. Anonymous,

    I chose another comment on that link and it had better information.

    It stated: A lawsuit by Kirk and Sue Tompkins claims the New Mexico property of 2,400 acres [Glorieta] was not properly transferred from the SBC [LifeWay Christian Resources] to a company in Texas named, “Glorieta 2.0”.

    Sixty homes were built on Glorieta property that was leased by LifeWay.

    ‘Glorieta 2.0’ told home owners they would be paid $40,000 to move or they could sign a 12 year lease with them and after that their homes would be donated to nonprofit.

    “Judge Scott said the transfer of property was not fraudulent”, but the Tompkins filed a counter-comment May 16, 2017.”

  21. steve baughman said..."Paige had been fully apprised of Ravi's online affair with a Canadian woman".

    Steve, I had not heard about this issue regarding the Canadian woman and Ravi Zacharias until I read your comment and then I did just a bit of searching to get more information. I assume you are a Jesus follower so I can talk to you as a brother in Christ when suggesting that we be extremely cautious about portraying a fellow believer in a manner that would do damage to his/her effectiveness in Kingdom service.

    From the little I read from more credible sources on the internet, it appears that this entire scandal was quite ambiguous in terms of who did what and may have involved an element of extortion and fraud in the process. I do not know the truth of the matter and it does not seem that anyone has established with credibility that Ravi did, in fact, do anything wrong. If I am defending Ravi it is only due to his being a brother in Christ and one who has had a tremendous impact on The Kingdom work. As such, he deserves trust and presumption of innocence until someone proves otherwise. I would defend you equally as well if someone in social media began accusing "Steve" of having illicit sexual affairs with no credible evidence to prove it.

    It may seem here that I am being contradictory due to my expressing dismay at Paige's behavior involving what seems to be a ridiculous decision to exploit Convention resources while defending Ravi. But I give Wade a lot of credit for having done extensive research using credible resources before publishing the blog post exposing these things at SWBTS.

    This is an extremely dangerous society in which we live when the reputation and career/ministry of anyone can be destroyed by mere accusations made without any demonstration of evidence and proof. It is very scary. We have to be extremely guarded in our behavior and interaction with others.

  22. R B Kuter,

    You wrote to Wade as one Christian to another about being careful when portraying a person’s reputation. I agree. I’ve never in 68 years told this story to anyone and it was almost out of my memory. Your comment brought it back.

    Years ago, Wade and I disagreed about a post he wrote on the guilt of someone with a young child. I remember my story then, but did not share it.

    It happened when I was 17, going to college in Denton, Texas, and working 30 miles away at a Fort Worth meat packing company. I rode a bus to Forth Worth, caught a City bus, got off at mid-night and hitch-hike back to Denton. (In those days there was not a ‘fear’ of strangers and it was easy to get a ride.) When I saved enough money, I bought a car from a car dealer.

    Before that happened, I hitch-hiked to an address that advertised a good car at a low price. This big man said he would drive me to where the car was. On the way he talked about how great sex was with Blacks. Said, “The color don’t rub off.” He stopped to do something. I never saw him again because this is what happened.

    Now, It reminds me of Luke 17:2: “It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin.”

    His daughter came with us who was about four years old. She wanted to sit in my lap which was OK with me. After a while, I yelled, “What are you doing?” because she was trying to undo my zipper.

    She stood up and pulled her dress up with no panties. I left.

    Looking back, this guy probably didn’t even have a car for sale. If someone came that didn’t suit him, he would say it was already sold. With me he would have said for me to give him my money or he would call the police.

    Looking back, I should have reported him to the police.

  23. Former SWBTS StudentMon Feb 12, 08:42:00 AM 2018

    My three years at SWBTS aided me in losing faith in politics and holiness in the high places. Sadly, Patterson will get everything he wants. I saw this far too often. Anyone who disagrees is an evil liberal.
    The man could espouse the most vile non-biblical vitriol on stage and the people in power would arrive quickly to justify it, deify it, and vilify anyone who says otherwise. It's disgusting, but such is the way of this world.
    Unless he repents, God's fierce and righteous judgment awaits him. He shouldn't smile in a retirement home. He should tremble in a prayer closet.

  24. Former SWBTS,

    Were you there when students rejoiced how great some woman’s talk was in chapel?
    Patterson was so angry, he took the podium she used and hide it; saying it had been contaminated.

  25. Rex, I choose to remain anonymous as a former New Mexico SBC'r. These folks were given leases that should have let them live out their lives in peace. These were for the most part retired missionaries and pastors. The agreement gave them a bit of boost in retirement. Then the land was sold, they were basically offered pennies on the dollar or chance to move the houses and doublewides off the property. In many cases they could not afford to move them, and could not begin to replace their homes with the pittance they were offered. At least that was my understanding, and I was not all that far from Glorieta.

    I cannot help but think that the money being spent on a palace for the Patterson's could have easily replaced these folks homes with comparable living arrangements to what they had, and still built the Patterson's quite a large mansion.

    Not something I want to explain to Jesus.

  26. Understand that David Platt is leaving the IMB to pastor a church. I suspect that the trend to have non-missionary people in the top role at IMB has been set (Eliff then Platt, neither of whom served previously as long-term career missionaries). I imagine that having those who have not sensed a career-long call to serving in ministry related to global missions will result in a continuing "revolving" door for the IMB President position. Guess the Trustees know what's best. Perhaps good if your emphasis is ministry to Southern Baptist churches and facilitating a means for their involvement. Not so sure if it's the best strategy for impacting the world.

  27. Rex Ray, my comments were made in regard to a previous comment by Steve who had mentioned some scandal purported to involve Ravi. I expressed concern about some people jumping the gun on accusing others of things simply because an accusation had been thrown out by someone.

    Your incident from the past described a very evil and sad situation where a child's life was destroyed. Thank God that you were not accused of having followed through with the set-up to involve you in extortion. Those are the things that really do frighten me. There was a day when I could see a child in the marketplace and comment on how pretty they looked or about the pretty dress they were wearing, etc. No more. I am really paranoid and intentionally steer clear of situations that might connect me in any way to a child or woman who I do not know. I am even guarded at church for that matter. A very sad day indeed.

  28. R B Kuter,

    Thanks for all you and your wife’s work for the Lord. My uncle, two cousins, and son were IMB missionaries.

    They say it’s never too late to right a wrong. I can’t figure out why in my story of my possibility of being blackmailed that I said I was 17. I was 22 years old.

  29. I was a student at SWBTS, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    Paige Patterson claims to defend the inerrency of Scripture, but he in fact helped to author the Chicago Statement, which in effect denies the infallibility of Scripture (saying that only the original stone or papyrus was infallible, but not the copies handed down). If someone denies that God's word has been preserved infallible, they have undermined the authority of ALL scripture.

    A notable professor at SWBTS also began teaching, when I was there, that Jesus is a created being, and not the eternal Logos, God from eternity past. If a person starts down that road of saying Jesus was a created being, it isn't long before they are in with the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses in denying the Deity of Christ. Paige Patterson heard this professor preach this heresy from the SWBTS chapel pulpit, and never once reprimanded or reproved the man. I was shocked by this, but that was just the tip of the iceberg compared to what I later witnessed.

    I personally witnessed Paige Patterson mishandle and cover up a sex abuse scandal that occurred on campus, almost identically to how he handled the women who came to him with the Darrel Gilyard scandal in the 1990's. Not to mention his views on domestic abuse, which recording of his words can be found readily online.

    I observed him treat women, particularly poor widows and single mothers, with the most shocking contempt, arrogance, and abusive language. If a widow is wealthy, it's a different story; the Pattersons pour the charm on when dealing with rich widows. Paige and his wife are both fleecing rich widows for their money to fund their lavish lifestyle. The man is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and I pray that he will truly repent. But until he is removed from his position of power, and publicly brought down, his pride, corruption, and hypocrisy will continue as strong as ever.

    I nearly left church altogether forever, following what I witnessed and experienced at SWBTS. But thankfully, the Lord reminded me that corruption in religious leaders isn't a new thing, and that I cannot blame God simply because someone who claims to know Him turns out to be corrupt. God denounced the wicked shepherds in Ezekiel 34, and the Pharisees in Matthew 23. Just as He dealt with those wicked leaders then, He will not let Paige Patterson get away with what he is doing forever.

    He brought Nebuchadnezzar's pride down, and Babylon's pride down (Daniel 4, Jeremiah 51). He is able to do he same for Paige Patterson.

    I do not write this out of hate for the man. I pray daily that he will truly repent, for his own sake as well as the sake of the cause of Christ, and those he has damaged. Eternity is ahead for Patterson, as it is for all of us.

    Jesus said plainly "Ye shall know them by their fruits." Sadly, the real fruit of Paige Patterson's life is not immediately evident to onlookers, as he is a master of smooth words, with just enough head-knowledge of the Bible to say all the right jargon, and he is a master at concealing how he really treats people and how he acts behind closed doors.

    I wish I hadn't had to witness it. My experience at SWBTS was one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my entire life. It also caused me to struggle with a difficult, painful question: "How long will God keep letting Patterson get away with all he has done? How long will God permit him to lead that seminary, lead people astray, damage countless women, lie to and deceive people for money and power, and yet be fawned over and praised by so many?" It is as difficult a question as David asked in Psalm 73. Yet I have to trust that God is not an unjust God, and He will not let evil (especially in those claiming to belong to Him) go unpunished forever. I pray that God will bring Paige Patterson to repentance before he causes any more harm to the name of Christ, or damages any more people, or causes any more people to go astray.

  30. The college at Southeastern was done the same way by Patterson. Using CP monies for seminaries, PP used to begin a college that are typically operated through state conventions. None of which was brought before the annual convention. (makes me wonder if he fills the Heritage Center with all those dead "trophies" which are displayed all over campus at SWBTS).

  31. Mr. Burleson, I don’t know you nor have I ever heard you speak. Your blog was sent to me by a friend. Yes, Paige Patterson is way out of bounds on many levels and need to step down now! are you! You are a troublemaker and arrogant to think you can be the gatekeeper for Southern Baptists.

  32. Just an insight with which Paige would be familiar: I found out 25 years ago that it is not really helpful to have a predecessor in an office just down the hall from you.

    Joel Gregory

  33. I have lived in the Fort Worth area for 20 years. I've seen the change of the seminary and its reputation slowly decline throughout this time. When I heard the Patterson retirement home was being built on campus, it was presented like it was a "favor" to the seminary for these reasons:
    1. The seminary is getting a beautiful library/archive building for free.
    2. It will provide a free beautiful apartment homes for missionaries on furlough.
    3. The Pattersons will have a modest one bedroom apartment in the building. I live in a 700 sq ft apartment and am repeatedly told it is big enough and fine enough for one person, and I agree. I'll give the Pattersons 1000 sq feet...the size of home I grew up in. Does anyone row the size of the apartments? Are they all the same?

    After the events of the past few months, these are my new questions:

    1. Is this being built on the seminary grounds so the Pattersons will not have to purchase land or pay property tax?
    2. What are the specifications, in size, for all the various uses the building is purported to be used for:
    3. Most importantly, is this beneficial for the kingdom of God?

  34. Thanks for the inside details you share in the article and comments. This should be a classic example of a man similar to Elmer Gantry. He is smooth enough to charm many, but corrupt enough to watch him when the lights are turned down low or completely off.

    I am a 1970 graduate of SEBTS who watched with amazement all the dirty tricks in the takeover of the SBC and then the destruction of SEBTS. I did not know the level of bad leadership with student personal problems. These bespeak poor counsel and a disregard of Wake County laws having to do with rape and abuse. They are a valid basis for the actions of SWBTS Trustees.

    Through the history of Baptist Seminaries I am not aware of such extravagance as a personal mansion provided to any past president -- much less one asked to step down for cause. We can take Joel Gregory's word about the danger to any future president.

    Russel Dilday was part of my Ordaining Counsel. He left the comfort of pastoring 2nd Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta and joined Cecil Sherman in their attempt to bring peace with the Glorietta Statement. Randall Lolley who was forced out at SEBTS was also a fine Pastor at FBC Winston-Salem who retired to a modest size retirement apartment in Raleigh. He would not want a mansion such as is proposed for the Pattersons. In all these men we had gentlemen whose integrity has never been questioned.

    I think we are headed for a time of destruction if integrity is not maintained.


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