Saturday, December 19, 2009

Restoration: David Brymer and Misty Edwards

It has been Rachelle's and my privilege to become friends with worship leaders Daniel and Gwen Brymer of Kansas City. One of their very talented sons is David Brymer, now living in California. The embedded video is a song entitled Restoration sung by David Brymer and my favorite female worship leader, Misty Edwards. Three weeks ago we were in Kansas City and heard Misty lead worship for about 2,000 college students who had gathered for an all-night worship and prayer event. I realize that some of my generation (and older) have trouble believing that God is moving in the hearts and lives of the younger generations. I can assure you, He is. Enjoy.


  1. Turn my sadness into joy
    Take my shame-in it's place-you give me joy
    You make all things new
    You bring restoration

    Praise to the One who died for me and rose again that i might have life. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!

  2. Sometimes, I guess, it's hard for the older generation who were raised in non-demonstrative, solemn worship, to assimilate the younger generation that wants worship and adoration to consume them .. not settling for what their elders seemed to have .. and are not afraid to let it show.

    I counted myself in that generation once, myself, but no more.

  3. Wade,
    You said, “Enjoy.”
    I don’t know why, but that word said by waiters would start a meal off on the wrong foot with me.

    I know they meant well, but their position seemed to change with a command. More than once I’ve replied, “Do I have to?”

    Let me add a few more words felt by ‘older generation singing’:
    joy, love, and being with Jesus.

    Many times singing has been the ‘high point’ of the service, and I’ve caught myself singing through out the day.

    The general difference I see between the old and the new; the old is about what Jesus did, and the new is about how I feel toward Jesus.

    I believe the lost can connect with what Jesus did (The Old Rugged Cross), and they don’t connect how they feel toward Jesus.

    A few years ago, I heard a young guy say, “Just turn your mind off.”
    To me it was like he wanted us to be in a ‘hypnotic state’ of ‘mum-bo-jumbo’ – repeat, repeat, repeat.

    The Baptist Standard printed this letter:

    Second best October 13, 1999
    ___I miss the old songs. Sometimes I wonder if I’m out of God’s will or if I’m just that old hippie trying to hold on to the old but surrounded by the new. I feel like the captured Jews when they were told to sing and their reply was they could not.

    ___I did not rebel against my parent’s songs but learned them by heart and sang them with joy. Each song had a message, showing God’s love for me. The church has gone overboard on praise songs. Can they touch a sinner’s heart like “Amazing Grace’, “Nothing but the Blood”,
    or “At Calvary”?

    ___Why have we settled for second best? Did it happen because the 20-year control by conservatives has taught our song leaders a “better” way”? You hear only them and a loud organ.

    ___Is there sound when a tree falls in the forest? Do people sing when never heard? How sweet it is when no instruments are blaring and the leader steps back and there are voices. The captured Jews are no long captives...they’re singing.
    ___Rex Ray

    Bob, I’ll end by saying, where you once were, I still am.

  4. Bob,

    I like your choice of words...

    it's hard for the older generation who were raised in non-demonstrative, solemn worship, to assimilate the younger generation that wants worship and adoration to consume them .. not settling for what their elders seemed to have .. and are not afraid to let it show.

    Especially the word "demonstrative". for me that encapsulates the whole discussion.

    As a pastor of a small church where the average age is below 45 but most of these fine people have grown up in a very traditional setting the blank, uninvolved look upon their face when we sing (and when I preach) is disheartening, at best.

    Your words made me think of those who love the tradition are standing there waiting for God to fall upon them (I wish) and will; not be moved until He does. The non-traditionalist are literally reaching out for God, doing whatever they think they can to join Him, where He is.

    Thanks for stirring the thoughts on this Bob.

    Both sides have their good and bad and for me it seems to be a matter of the heart.

  5. And, for the record, a few months at Kingwood Assembly's Tuesday night prayer meetings, really just free-form worship times, absolutely set me free. That, and our current Worship Leader, who leads us so well, and I spend my worship time divided three ways .. singing, shouting, and unable to sing at all.

    I'm luvin' it.

    Word Verification: "rebring" .. planning on goin' and doin' that in a few minutes!

  6. And one other thing .. how can you beat Trust and Obey if you want to sing as a testimony, Great is Thy Faithfulness if you want to sing about Him, At Calvary if you want to sing the Great Message, Revelation Song if you want to praise Him, or All The Way To Calvary .. that's a Brooklyn Tab praise chorus, if you just want to celebrate it all?

    Don't talk to me about what "form" you prefer. I love'em ALL.

  7. clearly off topic but wade you might enjoy the following video conversation.


    Return O Lord , To Thy People Who Long For Thee . . . .

    “For mine eyes have seen:
    thy salvation,
    Which thou hast prepared:
    before the face of all people;
    To be a light
    to lighten the Gentiles:
    and to be the glory
    of thy people Israel.”

    COMMENT: Young people LOVE percussion instruments with their praise music. In truth, not all percussion songs are modern.
    Some are a blend of the very ancient and the new.
    When this happens, each generation may share in the feeling of being included in timeless praise.

  9. You took down the link to your "favorite female worship leader, Misty Edwards"

    Here's another one featuring her


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