Friday, November 05, 2021

The Metaverse Is the Next Generation's Opium War

Facebook announced a name change for its company this week. Meta is its new name. 

You probably have little idea of the significance of the name change. I believe Meta has the capability of destroying the discipline, drive, and determination in future generations of Americans. 

Have you heard of the Greatest Generation? These were American men and women who sacrificed everything during World War II to protect our land, our liberty, and the American way of life. 

Meta could be the seedbed that destroys what the Greatest Generation obtained.  

Meta is a Greek word that means "higher," or "beyond," or "behind." It is carried over into English to refer to an alternate reality to something concrete. Meta (Facebook) is wanting to help you create an alternate life (e.g. "second life") through virtual reality that takes you "beyond" the real-life that you are living on earth. 

Meta is a drug. It is a form of escape. It is a game. 

But don't tell people involved in Meta that it is a game. It will anger them. Just like when you tell a person hooked on heroin that they're addicted. "What do you know? Nothing that feels this good and is as beautiful as what I have experienced can be bad for me." 

Oh, yes it can. 

Here's how Meta works. Meta (Facebook) will soon be opening storefronts around the world to sell you next-generation virtual reality glasses called Oculus. Slap those glasses on, integrate with the digital world, and soon, you will be living a Second Life, an alternate reality.

In this virtual world that exists in your mind, you will interact with other people who enter your Second Life by asking you (audibly through Oculus) if they can join you in your virtual house, your virtual business, your virtual lakefront home, your virtual gym, your virtual vacation, etc. You live the life that you want to live but can't live in the real universe.

That's right. 

It's the metauniverse. You are in control of parallel universes that you digitally create to escape the reality of the one real universe in which you live. You become your own god. You ignore the real God. You go beyond the real truth to create your own version of the truth. You go beyond reality to escape the harsh world in which you really live - and which the one true God can help you thrive, not just survive.

But why bother with the real world?

In the digital metauniverse of Mark Zuckerberg's Meta, people can hide behind an Avatar (a character) that they create in the metauniverse. The Avatar represents them in their alternate reality. 

Here's how it works.

You upload an image of your face (or someone else's face) after digitally manipulating it to remove those characteristics you don't like. 

In the metaverse, you can create muscles where you have none in the real universe. You can create a house that you "buy" in the metaverse with cryptocurrency (meaning, you own it digitally, and if someone sees it in your alternate digital life and they want it, they can "buy" it from you with cryptocurrency). Your meta house can be much nicer than the one you rent in the real universe. You can buy clothes and wear them in the metaverse, clothes that you "buy" with crypto coins to escape the reality of having to wear the inexpensive clothes that are wearing in the real universe because you can't afford anything nicer.

I find it interesting that the two biggest cryptocurrencies in the digital metauniverse are MANA (a Hebrew word that means "What is it?") and SANDBOX (SAND). A sandbox carries the idea of making any castle you desire, and wiping it clean if it doesn't meet your fancy. 

In your meta life, all that you know about others that you meet in virtual reality is what they appear to be, and all that they know about you is what you portray and appear to be in the metaverse. 

Meta is a drug. 

Many young people who are transitioning - young people who don't like being a boy in the real universe - create themselves as a girl in the metauniverse. Thus, they find a home for themselves in this second life and live — virtually — as who they really believe themselves to be. 

The people who enter the metaverse disconnect from reality. 

Have you ever watched a show like American Idol and listened to singing auditions where the singer thought they were fantastic and on the road to becoming the next American Idol? You knew in reality that the singer was off-key, possessed no musical talent, and was simply delusional. But when people are disconnected from reality and only focused on MetaMe (who I want to be, not who I am), then that disconnect leads to failure in every area of life. It takes self-awareness in the midst of reality for discipline, drive, and determination to kick in to improve one's reality. 

In the metauniverse, the reality is what the player imagines it to be. The alternate, imaginary life becomes an addiction. When addicted, you risk missing the responsibility and real-life rewards from the personal drive, determination, and discipline required to succeed - just like drug addicts - because you have been sucked into your alternate, imaginary reality.

The metaverse is the next generation's Opium War. 

During the 1840s, the empire of England sought to trade opium from India with the Chinese people.

The Qing Dynasty of China, the government rulers of China from AD 1644-1912, sought to prevent the Chinese from opium drug addiction. China declared war on England twice to stop the opium trade. These two wars are called the Opium Wars

England won. The profits made from addicting the Chinese people to opium were enormous for England. A nation's character is often crucified on capitalism's cross. 

Meta and Mark Zuckerberg wish to make money.

They will addict your children in order to do. The next time you see your child slap on a VR headset, find out if they are entering the metaverse. You have a responsibility as a parent to know. If you are an adult emersed in the metaverse, you are an addict and don't even know it. 

The Chinese Communist Party has banned the metaverse, cryptocurrency, and by law, has limited to three hours a week the time that Chinese children can play video games. 

Why are the communists taking such drastic steps to ban Meta? 

Chinese Special Forces
Because they know when they invade Taiwan and go to war with the West to rule the world by 2049,
soldiers from the West made out of Meta will cower on the beaches in the face of disciplined, determined, and driven soldiers from China and Russia. If you dare, watch the link comparing the tactics and recruiting videos of the Chinese, Russian, and the United States' governments seeking soldiers for their respective armed forces. I bet you can guess which nation is building its future on  Meta.

China and Russia will win the next Opium War unless Americans can restore an understanding of objective truth, live in the only Universe that God created, and break the drug addiction of virtual reality.

Where's the Greatest Generation when we need them? 

It's up to us to resurrect the principles that drove the Greatest Generation to defend our lives, our liberty, and the American way of life. Buckle up.  The next decade's fight to restore Western Civilization's former character is going to be existential for our American way of life. 


Rev's Worldview said...

Wade, check out the song and its associated video Distorted Light Beam by Bastille.

Wade Burleson said...

Rev's Worldview - unbelievable. Chilling.

Rev's Worldview said...

Indeed. Having spent a few years training cadets seeking a commission, I guarantee this is already affecting our cadre of officers.

DocMark said...

This is the world that is coming. Our task is to prepare to engage the culture within this coming metaverse. There will be huge and unforeseen implications to the health of the people immersed within this new world, but the opportunities for ministry will also be great. This is, I believe, a cultural shift of enormous proportions. We have a chance to use this shift and begin ministry at the outset, so as the culture embraces this new technology - and it will embrace it - we are there waiting to offer hope.

Christiane said...

For some time, in our country, foreign entities have been attempting to create great division between our people using social media. So much so, that at one point a television network began to distinguish itself FROM other networks and claim it was the ONLY one with 'fair and balanced' information.

I think this is an example of the way in which media can ISOLATE and CONTROL the 'narrative', so that its audience 'trusts' in it exclusively for 'the truth'. And then the possibility begins that the audience enters into an 'alternate reality', wherein the audience has NO CLUE what other people are learning on other news channels, nor can that audience distinguish between what is 'news' and what is 'opinion'.

In cases like this, different audiences may not have any idea what the OTHER audiences are learning, thinking, believing . . . so much so that the division between these audiences becomes like a curtain that separates them into distinct exclusive groups,
whereupon the goal of 'controlling' is more easily done.

So this word META used in THIS post means something about unreality, but is that not already what is going on? Look at the ways of examining the events of Jan. 6th at the Capitol. The two distinct narratives are total opposites of one another, and you could be living on another planet to buy into one OR the other, and if you were not aware of the 'spin', the ONLY thing saving you would be your own EYES AND EARS which helps you to see and hear 'what happened'. But then, if a certain entity wants you to distrust your own perceptions, they will and can work to that end IF you have put your TRUST in them exclusively to date.

My take on 'meta' would be different indeed. I would think that 'meta' refers to the 'greater story', the 'bigger picture' to be gained by examining MANY different 'sources' and noting how they are 'the same' and how they are 'different' in what they are feeding their audiences. This OVER-VIEW of the whole media available to a population helps people to sort out 'agendas', 'opinions, 'facts', and 'the spin' of that particular media source. This takes time.
But you've got to see that
if A. says 'there was nothing going on but a normal day'
and 'B' says, 'there was an attempt to overthrow the voting process (insurrection)';
THEN, you know it can't be 'both'

you have your OWN eyes and ears, you have the right to examine ALL news sources, including international ones (our allies, and our enemies, and those who claim to be our 'friends' but feed dis-information sometimes coming from the propaganda sites of our country's 'enemies' and/or greatest ideological opponents.

So what is a responsible American citizen to do in the face of all these 'goings-on'?

My advice has been consistently to evaluate ALL sources and compare and contrast and look for 'agendas', spoken and hidden, and also to DISTRUST
ANY SOURCE that tells you it is the ONLY 'true' source (big red light, people, huge).

What is the greater overall picture? In our country now, it is wiser to know what everyone is up to and how they came to be that way, and WHY what they hold on to is MEANINGFUL to them. This is a painful process, but citizenry in a free country REQUIRES us to be vigilant.

Take some courses on 'propaganda techniques' and learn how entities try to snow you.
Sort out the ones that don't want you to hear the OTHER side. Or ask questions.
And for goodness sake, avoid any situation where you are asked to remain 'loyal' to anyone who requires you to turn your back on innocent people and approve their persecution for political reasons. Your conscience is your best guide. (end of rant) :)

RB Kuter said...

Great post which is again very helpful and informative. I knew Facebook was changing its name but had no idea about its plans for totally altering its strategy to the Metaverse.

Wade wrote, "It's up to us to resurrect the principles that drove the Greatest Generation to defend our lives, our liberty, and the American way of life. Buckle up."

Perhaps this trend will be something possible for us to combat, but I am skeptical. Combating "CRT" in the education system is one thing. Combating this generation's enchantment with virtual technology and especially things like this Meta scheme is another.

It does seem that there has been enough resistance to CRT so as to at least cause its implementation an expansion to stall. It may well pick up speed again and become so embedded within the Boards of Education so as to assure its broad use in indoctrinating the minds of our young people and re-writing history. Even that could be an element conducive to the successful implementation of Metaverse.

As is usually the case lately, I tend to interpret this new aspect of our society's trend as being another indicator of just where we are in the unfolding of these "End Times".

Anon will choke on that interpretation of this new use of virtual media. Yes, I do think the stage is being set for those times to commence within the next generation or so.

RB Kuter said...

"Take some courses on 'propaganda techniques' and learn how entities try to snow you."

I was initially puzzled at last week's gubernatorial race in Virginia and how a Republican candidate defeated handily the incumbent Democrat. Add to this the apparent trend for voters in those other blue states to abandon their leftist state politicians and it becomes that something has changed.

That's not to say that this has been an overwhelming surge in support for conservatives in those states which overwhelming voted for the current Regime in Washington last election, but it certainly seems to be a move in an opposite direction.

What puzzled me early on following the Virginia outcome was the question, "Why?".

Why would those who voted for the leftist-elite Regime in Washington and on state levels be showing indications of distancing themselves from that element now? After all, the Virginia governor and all the rest have only been doing what they promised to do which gained the support of the elitist/leftist voters in the last election.

What's the rift now? Why has the President's popularity diminished?? He and the entire Regime are only doing what they promised to do during the election campaign. They are doing the things upon which their campaign was based. They are being true to their word and fulfilling their campaign promises. So why is his/their popularity taking a nose-dive?

Then the answer seemed to come to me as to "Why?" they were changing their minds. It is because the mainstream, leftist media has begun to change its propaganda messaging to portray some doubts and disappointments with The Regime! The media's reverence and "hands-off" attitude toward The Regime has begun to show cracks of weakness and diminishing respect.

It is exactly as Christiane proposes!

Those flocks of geese that have been waddling in sync with the mainstream-leftist media that led them to support the current Regime when it was campaigning are now following the same media's altered propaganda which has recently changed its enchanting tune away from its support for The Regime! They are beginning to lead the geese away from supporting the extreme left players that they voted in!

It is indeed an example of how multitudes become so enchanted with the propaganda machine, in this case, that of the elitist, mainstream, leftist media, that they cannot reason in their own minds the consequences of their choices. So when the mainstream media propaganda machine plays the tune for supporting socialism, unrestricted borders, mass murder of infants, de-funding of police departments, gender identity by choice, homosexual marriage, mandated vaccinations, etc., the leftist flock of geese obediently fall in formation after gobbling up all of the propaganda kernels of brain-control.

Now that the actual fruit of this media machine's propaganda has begun to smell with the stinch and the rot and collapse of our society's infrastructure, they have begun to alter their propaganda message enough so as to cause some of those who had been following their lead to mutiny and go to the other side; hence, the results of the Virginia election and others this past week.

But many continue to be so enchanted with the leftist propaganda so as to still be blind as to the chaos and ruin their political regime is inflicting.

Their decision as to whom they will vote for is not based on the candidates, but merely upon what the propaganda machine tells them to do. "The Wizard behind the curtain".

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Social Media is cancer.

I was once on Facebook. Not any more. Too many arguments with friends.

Rex Ray said...


I’m at a complete lost on what to say about the horror of this post.

RB Kuter,

You’ll be pleased to know:

Christiane said...

"It is exactly as Christiane proposes!"


Essentially, I suggest people self-educate from a wider base of sources and also study 'propaganda' techniques and, if interested, study how statistics can be manipulated also (commercials do this kind of trickery).

Giving 'sources' for ideas helps in communicating, as it provides some back-up for readers to explore ON THEIR OWN.

The whole idea is that people need to do their OWN thinking. Pundits who tell folks what they want to hear are not reliable news people, no.

The sacred Scriptures two thousand years ago warned about not trusting sources that 'tickle your ears'. Why? That is one way that manipulation is played as it is human nature to want to hear what pleases you.

Checking out 'sources' and doing your own thinking will challenge people to EXAMINE what they have chosen to 'believe'.

What I found out this year is that people can SEE and HEAR with their own eyes, and then have their favorite pundits tell them they can't believe their own ears and eyes . . . . if that RED LIGHT doesn't sound an alarm in an honest soul, then the problem is not in the seeing or in the hearing,
the problem is not being able to ACCEPT what one's senses tell you is happening, and instead relying on the 'spin' that is put on what has happened that is revealed is recordings in real time.

And listen to your OWN God-given conscience. It is the sanctuary where you meet alone with God. Your conscience helps you towards the good and away from the bad.

" . . . re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul. . . "
(Walt Whitman 'Leaves of Grass')

Scott Shaver said...

So far, I really see social media fragmenting Christianity as opposed to supporting and bolstering the faith.

RB Kuter said...

"There were 2,164 abortions performed in September 2021, the month after Texas Senate Bill 8 ban went into effect on Sept. 1. That is a 49.8 percent drop from the 4,313 abortions that were performed in September 2020."

Brother Rex Ray, you are so right in writing that this news would please me. I am thankful to you for sharing this good news with me.

Imagine, this bill saved the lives of more than 2,000 children in just one month's time! That's 24,000 lives saved in ONE YEAR and that is just in the one state, Texas! Can you imagine?

What continues to be a travesty is that America is totally complacent that 24,000 infants in Texas are continuing to be slaughtered BUT that is nothing compared to what is happening in other states! MILLIONS EVERY YEAR!

How can our nation ever complain when God's judgment is fully released upon the world's societies?

At least there are those (Texas legislature) who recognize the horror taking place and support those striving to save the lives of those infants on their way to "Family Planning" centers today and tomorrow. Praise God for that victory!

RB Kuter said...

Maybe Metaverse can be used to share The Gospel message??!!! Think of how the internet is injecting The Gospel into countries whose doors to The Word of God is otherwise being closed tight.

Apparently, Metaverse can, and will, be perverted to serve as an escape from reality for millions of people and their brains will be turned to mush, but could it be that it might also be an effective media to be used for "God's" purposes?

The internet likewise is broadly used for Satanic purposes and many become addicted to it as their "escape" from the real world, but there are also souls saved and disciples grown through it. I certainly have been using "ZOOM" (especially relied on it during the COVID "shut-downs") to serve God's purposes and I bet most of you all did as well.

Maybe we CAN take what Satan means to be used in a destructive way and turn it around to bite him on his backside! Depends on how each individual decides to use it.

Kind of like Christiane wrote, "And listen to your OWN God-given conscience. It is the sanctuary where you meet alone with God. Your conscience helps you towards the good and away from the bad."

(Can you believe I am using Christiane's advice?!)

Rex Ray said...


Martin Luther wrote:
“The book of James is against Paul and all the rest of Scripture in ascribing justification to works. James said Abraham was justified by his works when he offered his son Isaac; though in Romans 4, Paul teaches to the contrary that Abraham was justified apart from works; by faith alone, before he had offered his son, and proves it by Moses in Genesis 15:6: And Abram believed the Lord and the Lord counted him as righteous because of his faith.
Moses who wrote Genesis, is speaking here only of Abraham’s faith, and not of his works, as Paul demonstrates in Romans 4:3 For the Scriptures tell us, Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith. This fault, therefore, proves that this epistle is not the work of any apostle.”

Rex writes:
In his book, James refers to God 64 times and to Jesus 6 times. My father hated a sermon that didn’t mention Jesus.

So, whatever you say or whatever you do, remember that you will be judged by the law that sets you free. There will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others. But if you have been merciful, God will be merciful when he judges you. James 2:12-13 NLT

It looks to me James is saying we are saved by our works even though, All our righteousness is as filthy rags. (Isaiah 64:6)

Lissa Roberson said...

Wade, thank you for commenting on this most disturbing marriage of tech and entertainment. One of the first articles I read about this "Metaverse" Meta-Universe came from The Guardian. With one brief phrase, the article encapsulated the entire purpose behind the Metaverse concept: "To escape the dystopia of the real world."

Our real world: a dystopia? Hmmm....dysfunctional, yes. Dystopia? Not yet, but there ARE signs we are headed that way, and it is one of man's own making under the guidance of the Evil one.

The world's solution has always been to "escape" pain and discomfort, and what better way than to abandon What Is for What Could Be Instead with the help of a high-tech virtual reality platform. The problem is this: we can never live there. At some point we will always have to return to What Is. Without adequate coping skills for life in our fallen real world, mental illness and suicide will skyrocket. Without Jesus, the sense of despair upon return to What Is will be even more intense.

Christian believers are instructed to live "in" the world, but not "of" the world. "Do not love the world nor the things in the world" (1 John 2:15 NASB). That alone should persuade believers to stay away from Mark Zuckerberg's new Opiate of the Masses. Live counter to the culture and stay personally engaged with those around you. Live in a way that communicates genuine acceptance, grace, and hope in Christ.

Christiane said...

Good Morning, REX RAY

there is just a little glitch in your argument, this:

"In his book, James refers to God 64 times and to Jesus 6 times."

The glitch as my Church would see it is that although specifically the words 'God' and 'Jesus' are mentioned 'separately',
James, according to the tradition of the Church, has mentioned God a total of 70 times. This comes from the traditional and biblically-sourced teaching of the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Don't worry if the differences seem confusing . . . NONE of us completely fathom the mystery of the Holy Trinity, no. It is one of the great Christian mysteries of our faith. The Church has 'clarified' or attempted to unfold this mystery somewhat in the early creeds of the councils. The Cappadocian Fathers wrote extensively on 'Who Christ was' and on the 'Doctrine of the Holy Trinity'. The eastern Fathers were more comfortable with 'mystery' than the western Fathers, so the Cappadocian Fathers had an insight into the mystery of the Holy Trinity that is remarkably enlightening in my opinion, yes.

It's complicated.
I like how the sacred Scriptures tell of this:

Rex Ray said...


Thanks for the reply.
Your link has: “He who has seen me has seen the Father.”

Hey, that’s another reason why Jesus never had DNA from Mary, because the Lord doesn’t.

On the subject of James, I told Judy I had a chip on my soldier because James ‘sent’ Paul to the Temple where his enemies were (and was never free again) either through stupidity or evil planning.

Christiane said...

I don't want to confuse you or lead you on a goose-chase, heaven forbid.

But you might want to take a look at a belief that showed up in early days in the Church, this"

" in Marcionism, Christ was so divine that he could not have been human"

Rex Ray, 'Marcionism' was apparently a form of 'Docetism' and the first Councils rejected both Marcionism and Docetism as heretical. Traditionally, the Church teaches that Christ is true God and true Man AT THE SAME TIME, and as such Mary was His human mother and He did carry the DNA that goes back all the way to Adam and Eve, so that we could all be 'assumed' to Himself to be healed 'in Him, with Him, and through Him'.

Here's a link, but it is difficult to understand, I know. Sorry for any confusion I may put you through, but this might help some:

Rex Ray said...


I’ll dance on the head of a pin with you.

I agree with your link, “…Jesus only seemed to be human…”

That would mean Mary was a surrogate mother.

WOW, that took a nasty turn. :)

Christiane said...


you mis-understood me but I'll take responsibility for that as the link was confusing. I had hoped not to confuse you. But I did. So, sorry!

Jesus Christ was TRULY GOD and TRULY human.
That is why Mary is His true mother. Her egg carried the DNA of the line going back all the way to Adam and Eve.

She was told by the angel Gabriel of God's plan for her and she said 'yes' giving her consent to it:
" 38“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it happen to me according to your word.” (from the Holy Gospel of St. Luke, chapter 1)

Rex Ray said...


We both agree: “For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37 NLT)

Wade and I guess you also believe God could turn Jesus into a sperm OR a fertilized egg.

Wade, you, and Judy believe ‘sperm’.

The tricky part: Is Jesus still half man?

Maybe, God took Mary’s DNA from Jesus in the grave. I could buy that.

Rex Ray said...


Did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep last night; I did.

About working on Sunday; have you heard about the preacher that called someone else to preach for him on Sunday because he wanted to play golf? He made every hole in one.

Gabriel asked God, why did you reward him?

“Reward him? Who do you think he can tell?

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

"A California middle school removed a history teacher who told her students that Trump is still president"

Rex Ray said...


This is the way I remember this song:

“A preacher went out a hunting on one Sunday morn
Taws against his religion but he took his gun along
He shot himself some very fine quail and one measly hare
On his way returning home he met a great big grizzle bear
The preacher climbed up a tree, and the bear did too
He shouted; Lord you delivered Daniel from the lion’s den
and Jonah from the belly of the whale, but if you can’t help me,
please don’t help that bear!

The lyrics are here:

GladsomeHeart said...

I can’t shake the horror that has come over me since reading this post and discovering more about the new world Mark Z is creating. It is much more far-reaching than simply entertainment. He means to infiltrate the work force with this technology, and he will do so, and thus it will become the norm. It is much more diabolically wicked than simply entertainment. Imagine everyone’s most base sexual desires being played out and the extreme wickedness that will abound in the hearts and minds of humankind as these things become even more readily accessible to everyone, including children. Marriage and child-rearing will certainly decline, for who would want to consider the needs of others when ones own can so easily and abundantly be met? Rather than being transformed into the likeness of Jesus, we will become more and more like Satan as we sit firmly ensconced on the throne of our own making. My heart and soul are sickened by what this means for all of us. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. ~Debra B.

Wade Burleson said...

Gladsome Heart,

Well said. I fully agree.

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