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Friday, June 04, 2021

Forced Vaccinations and Deeming One an Imbecile

I am not against vaccines. I've taken flu shots and took my children to be vaccinated. I am against forced vaccinations on the basis of principle.

The government rationale for forcing individual citizens to be vaccinated is that "it is best for society as a whole." That same rationale is the basis for the United States government to force  "imbeciles" to be sterilized and abortions to performed.

When citizens acquiesce to government overreach forcing vaccinations,  those citizens will discover that their government will use the same rationale to remove those deemed imbeciles "for the good of society."

Adam Cohen's book titled "Imbeciles" is about the eugenics movement in the early 20th century and the Supreme Court case "Buck vs. Bell" which legalized forced sterilization. Cohen is a former member of The New York Times editorial board and a former senior writer for Time magazine.

Cohen tells the 1927 true story of Carrie Buck. She was a little girl who was being raised by a single mother in poverty in Charlottesville, Virginia. Eventually, Carrie was taken in by a foster family that wanted to help her to a better life - or so it seemed. The foster family made Carrie do all the housework and treated her like a slave. Carrie wasn't allowed to call her foster parents her Mother or Father. She is raped by a nephew of the family and becomes pregnant out of wedlock.

At the time, pregnancy out of wedlock was a huge scandal in and of itself. Add in the fact that if the rape came to light, the foster parents' nephew would be prosecuted for a very serious crime. The foster family decided to have a "feeblemindedness hearing" for Carrie Buck. They testified that Carrie was both epileptic and feebleminded. These were total lies. Carrie was not epileptic and never had a seizure. She also wasn't feebleminded. She was doing well in school until her foster family took her out of school. The family wanted Carrie to do more work around the house and to let her out to neighbors to do their housework as well.

So this poor young woman had nothing wrong with her physically or mentally. She was a victim of a terrible sexual assault. After a government hearing, she's declared feebleminded. Carrie gets sent off to the Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded in Virginia. It just so happens that her birth mother, who probably was also not feebleminded, was already an inmate.

During the 1920s, Americans were afraid the country was being overtaken by imbeciles. eugenics program started, FORCING those declared imbeciles to be sterilized. Carrie Buck appealed her forced sterilization. She wanted to get married and to have children of her own.

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