Saturday, October 31, 2020

Democracy Is a Curse and a Republic Is the Cure

Demos is the Greek word for "people" and cratos is the Greek word for "power."

For the United States to become ruled by a majority opinion of the people rather than the Constitution and its stated objective to protect inalienable rights - rights that are granted and guaranteed to every individual by God, not the government - was the greatest fear of our Founding Fathers. 

The way the Founders thought regarding democracy is completely foreign to most Americans today. When I explained the dangers of democracy from the Founding Father's perspective on my Facebook page this week, I literally had a man curse the Founders (and me) using the most vulgar language possible. 

The only thing truly cursed, however, is pure democracy. And the only cure is a representative Republic. The Constitution of the United States - and full adherence to it - is the only thing that protects liberty from disappearing in the United States. 

If you are feeling more oppressed today than ever as an American citizen, it is no accident. 

Democracy is the worst form of tyranny. The majority can oppress, shame, denigrate, and restrict any minority they choose, whether it be religious, intellectual, cultural, or political.

The Republic of the United States is a nation where the Constitution guarantees liberty for all people - even those in the minority - and it is the best form of government. Read carefully what Founding Fathers Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton wrote about the dangers of democracy:
"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.” Thomas Jefferson

"Democracies ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been incompatible with personal security or the rights of property, and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.” James Madison

"Real liberty is not found in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments, If we incline too much to democracy we shall soon shoot into a monarchy or some other form of a dictatorship.” Alexandar Hamilton

 The Founding Fathers were very intentional in setting up a Republic, not a democracy.

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands..."

The Founding Fathers established the Electoral College to ensure that an individual elected to the presidency doesn’t only have the support of the population-heavy coasts, but broad support throughout the entire country. 

The Electoral College is hated by a majority when their candidate is not elected because they don't understand the dangers of majority rule like our Founders did.

The Founding Fathers went further in their protection against democracy by establishing the United States Senate to reflect non-democratic ideas.  Each state is represented equally in the Senate, irrespective of population, size, or prestige in order to place in check democratic extremes.  

Pure democracy, the Founders believed, must be avoided like the plague. 

The establishment of the Supreme Court is the best example of the Founding Father's fear of democracy.

The Supreme Court is the least democratic institution of all. The court’s members are given lifetime appointments by presidents elected via the Electoral College, subject to no democratic oversight or elections. Justices are called upon to decide cases and controversies according to what the law demands, not according to their personal preferences or the passions and prejudices of the electorate.

The desire to "pack the Court" to more reflect "the will of the people" will be the downfall of the Republic. It will be come the final nail in the coffin for the downfall of the Republic and the rise of dangerous democracy. 

Abraham Lincoln gave an 1856 speech: and said:
“Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. And not to Democrats alone do I make this appeal, but to all who love these great and true principles.”

It is interesting to note that Communists worldwide have dropped the term "communism" in favor of its perfect synonym - democracy. 

Aristotle first pointed out how democracy - the power of the majority - leads to tyranny. "It is just as easy," said Aristotle, "for a majority to become a despot as it is for a monarch to become a tyrant. Further, it is possible for a tyrant to be benevolent (good) and for democratic despotism to be malevolent (evil). "

Evil has arrived in America. 

Plato believed the general populace to be "shiftless and flighty".
"Sometimes he drinks heavily while listening to the flute; at other times, he drinks only water and is on a diet; sometimes he goes in for physical training; at other times, he’s idle and neglects everything; and sometimes he even occupies himself with what he takes to be philosophy."
But what about "All men are created equal"? Does that not mean that majority should always rule over the minority? 

No. Not at all.
"To understand the statement of the Founding Fathers that all men are “created equal” we must look at it in the light of their own daily practice, which was worlds removed from the equality postulated by the French Revolution. They were as a body, believing men. Human equality consisted for them in the creation of all men by God, their equal redemption and final judgment, together with the consequent dignity of the human person and the rights assured to individuals and families by the natural law. But as for human society itself, they frankly recognized it as composed of unequal elements and sought their political solution in a Representative Republic. It is that form of government which still remains to us, despite the persistent efforts of those who have been carrying on the termite work of weakening its wisely planned and powerful supports. Under such circumstances there is need of watchfulness and enlightened patriotism."(Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Erik. Menace of the Herd or Procrustes at Large . Ludwig von Mises Institute. Kindle Edition).

What is at stake this Tuesday in our election? 

The Supreme Court.

The Constitution. 

The Electoral College.

The future of America. 

The Tyranny of the Culture vs. the Liberty of the Constitution.

The Republic itself. 


Donald Johnson said...

May more understand this.

Mrs. Troop said...

Amen - so well said. Thank you.

Christiane said...

the many faces of 'democracy'and of its opposite:

Christiane said...

the many faces of 'republics' and their opposite:

Christiane said...

WADE, it helps me to understand better when I review the 'labels' and terms, especially in the context of the present day which has in our country seen so many treasured American norms abandoned.

RB Kuter said...

Given how unique the founding structure of our nation is in comparison with all others, it is difficult for me to imagine that those who established it were not divinely inspired. I can't imagine any group of people coming together to form such a structure. It is so genius as to defy the concept of it simply being done by smart, intelligent people rather than those who were led by the Spirit of God.

Rex Ray said...

You wrote: “The desire to “pack the court” to more reflect “the will of the people” will be the downfall of the Republic.”

I believe there are 9 on the Supreme Court now. Joe Biden was asked if he would pack the court. (Change the number to 12.) His reply: “I’ll let you know after I’m elected.”

“WASHINGTON (SBG) - A justice department official has confirmed to Sinclair Broadcast Group that the FBI opened up a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates back in 2019, focused on allegations of money-laundering and that the probe remains active.

A former business associate of Hunter Biden claimed Democratic nominee Joe Biden knew about his son taking payments from Chinese and Ukrainian companies and strongly suggested he got a kickback.”

Sinclair investigative reporter James Rosen has spoken with a central witness (Bobulinksi) in these allegations, which suggests that former vice president Joe Biden knew more than he has acknowledged about his son's overseas dealings. A veteran of the United States Navy, Bobulinksi held a top-secret security clearance for several years. Bobulinksi discussed why he feels if elected, Biden would be compromised by the Chinese government and much more in an exclusive interview with Rosen.

Bobulinksi gave three cell phones he claimed contained evidence against the Bidens to the FBI. Less than a week later, Bobulinksi was interviewed by members of the FBI for several hours, where he says they went over each piece of evidence found on the phones.

When asked if China may be in possession of any potential evidence that could help shed light on these claims, Bobulinksi said the country might have information on the Biden's business dealings across the entire globe.

He wrote: "I didn't want to put my face out there; I didn't want to put my family at risk. I now have ex-Navy SEALs guarding my family and my extended family and I have now put myself in huge risk for the sake of the American people."

Paul D said...

I agree with the post.
Laughable considering the leader of the "platform" you have publicly supported has completely destroyed the basis of the republic.


Christiane said...

more 'word salad' that makes you THINK about information/disinformation when it comes to discussions of democracy/republic:

Anonymous said...

Wade, I'm with you on the importance of the Constitution.

A few points to consider, though, based on this post and your post of Oct 29:

1) You seem to hold capitalism as one of the last best hopes for America. Capitalism, however, like any -ism, often makes a useful servant but a harsh master.

2) Your defense of voting for Trump because he represents the Republican Party Platform may be understandable, even acceptable. But please let it be known that the Republican Platform states foremostly in the Preamble: "We believe in American exceptionalism." And, in the later section on the 2nd Amendment: "We oppose ill-conceived laws that would restrict magazine capacity or ban the sale of the most popular and common modern rifle."

I view both of these goals as idolatrous. Also, according to the National Rifle Association, America's "most popular rifle" is the AR-15 semi-automatic. Promoting this, with unlimited magazine capacity, effectively promotes machine guns at $699.95. Yes, I know, semi-automatics are not machine guns; and although "bump stocks" may be outlawed, it's not hard to bump-fire with a good stout thumb and a belt loop. You can learn how on Youtube. The dead will not know that it was technically a semi-automatic.

Rather than appeal to a very flawed Platform, better to appeal more honestly to the sinful nature of us Christian voters: "Go now, and what you have to do, do quickly."

3) Winston Churchill did say, "Democracy is the worst form of government..." but you left out his punch line: "...except for all the others.”

Cheers. And I hope you'll have some leftover Halloween candy.

Christiane said...

I was thinking about Ted's remark that Wade left out a part of Churchill's quote; and after watching and reading many assorted media outlets these past four plus years, it occurs to me that we are all of us somewhat at the mercy of 'what we want to see' and 'what we want to hear' rather than we are purveyors of information that is grounded in reality and comes from the real sources,

so that much of the ways in which words and language and labels have been used, was done in the service of agendas rather than to provide information for people who could think for themselves.

I give Wade the benefit of the doubt as to whether he had not seen the correct quote from Sir Winston,
as 'partial' quotes placed in different contexts have been one of the ways that some in the media have fostered confusion.

Let us do our own thinking if we can. Chances are the readers here have voted already, which was their civic duty. But let no one who has not voted be discouraged from going to stand in line (taking precautions) and vote at the last minute. The power of the mob is one thing, but in a democracy, we celebrate something a bit different:
the power of ONE, the dignity of the individual person who stands up and whose contribution is meaningful and needed. That is something I should hate to see end, as so many have fought for us to have that incredibly powerful human dignity of a VOICE.

Anonymous said...

Christiane (are you the same one over at iMonk?),

As I understand it, democracy can be either in a republic or not, depending on whether there is a monarch. The UK is a democracy but not a republic. The USA is a democracy and also a republic. It's often a matter of words, though, and they keep changing. I'm seeing the same problem with words like "socialism" and "communism" although a lot of people who use the terms don't know the difference, and wouldn't know them from fascism. And, when either side becomes totalitarian there isn't much difference between communism and fascism anyway. It's all about power.

Christiane said...

Yes, it's me TED from Imonk, and it's good to see you here at Wade's. You will find him a good and decent person, though I must say I disagree with his opinions of 'some' things, but I've admired him as a minister of the Church for years now.

I agree with you the 'extremes' at the ends of the continuum are more alike than different:

Fascism -------(right wing)------------------------------------(left wing)---------communism

At some point, Hitler and Stalin were able to be alike in how they killed millions of people.
Extremism is a kind of sickness in the human psyche that cannot tolerate a humane heart.

Yes, TED, it's me. I also hang out over at Dr. Olson's place (Patheos Evangelical) and a few other 'gems'.

These are tough, tense days, and I think we will all need some grace to get through them intact. You take care. (P.S. here on Wade's posts, Rex Ray tells some GREAT stories)

Anonymous said...

Christiane, I've seen Wade over at wartburgwatch too, so I know what he's about. Not scared of him. :-)

I just peeked at Roger Olson's blog and will visit again. I think I already had it bookmarked, probably on your recommendation.

I haven't commented here before, and I swore I'd never have a gmail account, but Blogger forced me into getting one just to make a post. Wordpress is so much better.

Wade Burleson said...

Ted and Christiane,

I make mistakes (grammatical, typographical, and contextual) when I write. The Churchill quote was a mistake. It was unintentional - I intended to place it somewhere else in the post, but did not complete the quote. It was incorrect contextually, grammatically, and even logically. I have deleted the partial quote. Thanks for your comments. Here is the FULL quote from Churchill:

"‘Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…’

Winston S Churchill, 11 November 1947

Rex Ray said...

There’s been 8 comments since my comment telling of Bobulinksi. Why has there been no replies?

Are his statements too damming against the Bidens to believe? He feels his life and his loved ones are in danger; so much that ex-navy Seals are guarding them.

Has Wade’s blog turned into ‘I see, hear, speak no evil’ ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Wade. Refreshing to find a Trump supporter who corrects mistakes and doesn't double-down and blame others. Also refreshing is your stand, as an SBC leader, about women in the church. And no, you're not a theological liberal because of that.

The Blog bites better than the Bullet. said...

You are consistently far more concerned with your politics than righteousness. Here is what you vote alongside:
Whether you post this or not, I want you to know how much you have betrayed your neighbors by supporting that kind of "platform" and calling evil, good. Criminality is always wrong. Doesn't matter who does it. A lot of Americans are just sick and tired of being abused.
When you vote for the guy who both encourages and praises abuse, you are endorsing the abuse.
Regardless who wins the election, I will have nothing further to say to you.

Wade Burleson said...

The Blog bites better than the Bullet,

I trust that whoever wins the election you'll consider continuing relationships with all followers of Jesus Christ. I'll always be open to a relationship with you and will look forward to further conservation if you are amenable.

Christiane said...

Hello out there REX RAY,

you had wanted comments about your info on the Bidens, but there seems to be a problem, this:

Here's what happened when NBC News tried to report on the alleged Hunter Biden emails
Analysis: Trump complains the media isn't reporting on Hunter Biden's emails. But NBC News met obstacles, including Rudy Giuliani, when it tried.
Image: World Food Program USA Board Chairman Hunter Biden attends the World Food Program USA's Annual McGovern-Dole Leadership Award Ceremony.
Hunter Biden attends the World Food Program USA's Annual McGovern-Dole Leadership Award Ceremony on April 12, 2016.Paul Morigi / Getty file
Oct. 30, 2020, 5:44 PM EDT
By Ken Dilanian and Tom Winter
The complaints from President Donald Trump and his allies have been growing louder as the election approaches: Why isn’t the mainstream media covering the Hunter Biden laptop story?

Trump and his allies say there is evidence of corruption in emails and documents allegedly found on a laptop belonging to Democrat Joe Biden’s son. They say those and other documents show that Hunter Biden used his father’s influence to enrich himself through business deals in Ukraine and China, and that his father not only facilitated that, but may have benefited financially.

But the Wall Street Journal and Fox News — among the only news organizations that have been given access to key documents — found that the emails and other records don’t make that case. Leaving aside the many questions about their provenance, the materials offered no evidence that Joe Biden played any role in his son’s dealings in China, let alone profited from them, both news organizations concluded. . . . "

REX RAY, here's the link:

REX RAY, if you have anymore updated links, share and I'll take a look at them.

Rex Ray said...


What do you think of this link?

The link below is an interview of Joe Biden by Jon Lovett and Dan Pfeiffer on October 24, 2020.

The seven pages records the words of Biden. On page five, and six lines from the bottom are these words of Biden:

“We're in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama's administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Christiane said...


yes, I turned to that link page 5 and copied the quote in context, this:

"Joe Biden: Well, first of all, you know, what really rankles my opponent is I say that the thing that bothers them most is he's not a patch on Barack's jeans. I mean, Barack is one hell of a president. And I tell you what, man, what an honor it was, I think you guys believe it, too, to serve with him. An incredible honor. And I'm not being solicitous. I really mean that. He had more integrity in his little finger, than most people have in their whole body. And he had a backbone, like a ramrod, has one. But one of the things that I think is most important is those who haven't voted yet. First of all, go to to make a plan. Exactly how you're going to vote, where you're going to vote, when you're going to vote. Because it can get complicated. Because the Republicans are doing everything they can to make it harder for people to vote. Particularly people of color to vote. So go to
Secondly, we're in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama's administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. What the president is trying to do is discourage people from voting by implying that their vote won't be counted. It can't be counted. We're going to challenge it and all these things. If enough people vote, it's going to overwhelm the system. You see what's happening now. You guys know it as well as I do. You see the long, long lines in early voting. You see the millions of people have already cast a ballot. And so, don't be intimidated. If, in fact, you have any problem, go to and I don't have the number, but it's 833-DEM-VOTE. The letters D-E-M-V-O-T-E. Call that number. We have over a thousand lawyers, over a thousand of them answering the phone. If you think there's any challenge to your voting, go to 833-DEM-VOTE. Dial those letters on your phone that will get you the assistance that we have already put in place."

REX RAY, I think Joe is saying that the Dems have set up an organization to FIGHT against voter fraud and intimidation. If you read the full context of this section, that is what is expressed here as I see it.

The state where I voted has a system to check my address as a resident of the state who IS registered to vote AND a system to have my mail-in vote filled out in the presence of a witness who signs as 'witness' that I am the person voting on that form. THEN, my state has voting 'centers' where we can drop our vote off personally, which is what I did. And I must say that I have a high degree of confidence in how my state responded to the Trump administration interfering with the US Postal Service and trying to scare people about the mail not getting ballots in on time to be posted and then on to be counted.

As for others who are taking Trump's interference with the Postal Service seriously, there have also been personal voting 'stations' set up early in many of the local libraries, and I can tell you that the lines have been very, very long with people waiting patiently to vote personally at these polling places.

So Biden is right that there is a need to have an alternative plan to any interference or intimidation to keep people from voting DURING THE PANDEMIC. Trump's counting on a low turn-out, but already, millions of American have voted IN TIME and safely and honestly and there are MANY people of BOTH PARTIES working to see that everyone has a fair chance to vote. In that way, these good people are more patriotic than partisan, and that is a GOOD thing to see.

thanks for sharing that link, REX RAY

Rex Ray said...


These words are so loud, I can’t hear what you think:


Christiane said...

Calm is better during this time, and I found a wonderful story about how our soldiers used to be able to treat our allies during war time. I hope you enjoy the story and I hope someday our country will be returned to the honorable position of always supporting our allies in the field of battle:

it is hard to think that Turkey's dictator could request what he did of Trump and that Trump would agree and would, as Commander-in-Chief, order our American soldiers to abandon the Kurds to be slaughtered by the Turks. Not our best moment, no. I've heard that our soldiers who were ordered to abandon the allies were disheartened by the command. We as a country have never done that before, so it was a sea-change from our military tradition of honor to something unspeakably shameful.

Rex Ray said...


The link explains below, how Joe Biden after leaving the White House, he and his wife made more money in 2017 than they did in the previous 19 years combined.

2017 = 11 million
2018 = 4.6 million
2019 = 1 million

I wonder if the explanation is true.

Christiane said...


this part of your link is interesting: "Some of that money also went to the U.S. government. Biden has paid about $6.7 million in income taxes since 1998, $5.5 million of it since 2017. The year he left the White House, the former vice president handed over $3.7 million in federal income tax—or about 5,000 times the $750 that President Donald Trump reportedly paid."

I think Biden WILL divulge his tax records if elected. He has nothing to hide. No bank accounts in China, no. Good for Jill Biden to still teach when her husband was VP.

heyheyitsbro said...

Hey folks.
Just want to remind everyone that Wade Burleson thinks contract tracing is tyranny. (yes, the government telling someone they were in contact with a person who tested positive - not the government forcing that person to do or not do anything. the literal fact that the government tracks and tells people is tyranny...)

heyheyitsbro said...

Oh, man.
In this post, one of Wade's assertions as to why democracy is bad is a quotation from Plato about how the general populous is "shiftless and flighty" (the post or page he linked is broken for me).
Earlier this year, Wade himself apparently disagreed with this, also citing Plato. In a post on this blog in August entitled "America Is Paying Attention to Enid, Oklahoma," Wade says this:

"We have a city leader who does not believe that the citizens of Enid are intelligent enough to do what is best. It's not enough to persuade us and then trust us. The average citizen isn't intelligent enough to see the light, so he or she must be forced to see the light and do what is right.

The liberal elitists follow Plato’s model, believing that they know better than anyone else. Plato’s ideal separated the elite, the guardians of society, from the dross below them. This concept of intellectual elitism is infused in the hearts and minds of the liberal left."

Wade says "citizens of Enid are intelligent enough to do what is best" and then accuses liberal elitists of following Plato's model.

Today, Wade has used Plato's model to denigrate the intelligence of the general populous.

Does Wade believe Enid's general populous is more intelligent that the general populous of the United States? Is Wade secretly a liberal elitist? Does Wade use random Plato quotations as confirmation bias of his "shiftless and flighty" opinions? You decide.

Wade Burleson said...


You misunderstand. The general populace may (or may not) be intelligent enough to govern. That's not the point. The point being made is unless LAWS protect the minorities, the majority becomes the greatest despot/tyrannical leader of all.

That's the point.

Wade Burleson said...

A Law DEMAANDING face coverings does not protect the liberty of the individual who wishes not to cover his face.


Rex Ray said...


A word of advice: You’re on the wrong Blog to throw your mud on Wade.


I really enjoy paying $1.27 a gallon for gas. If Biden becomes President, he will stop Fracking, and what will the price be? Oh, I forgot, he’ll have our cars running on electricity produced by windmills. Our car engines will be replaced with batteries that will need recharging. Maybe someone will invent a windmill on top of cars.

If Biden wins, I believe it won’t be long before Harris replaces him based on his failing brain as shown by “Biden’s 30 bloopers” here:

Christiane said...

What troubles me most on this 'day before the day we choose which of two paths we will travel down as a nation':

The mixture of religion with 'nationalism' has been a fixture in my mind since the trumpian torment of the little ones pulled from their parents who sought asylum. When I learned of this inhumane trumpian policy, I thought surely the fundamentalist evangelical supporters of Trump would rise in unity and condemn forcefully, as unChristian, this brutality, this inhumanity, to the most innocent and vulnerable of beings in our country's care. For the depth of my disappointment, I have no words, just that we had undergone a 'sea-change' in our American ethos if we could do something so vile to the hearts and souls of these little ones. The cruelty was the beginning of me realizing that for many 'good people' who would NEVER hurt a child themselves, they had unthinkingly nodded assent to a 'proxy' bully to do what they thought might keep our country 'safe' from 'the invasion of the brown people';
but in truth, I'm afraid a door was opened for something FAR WORSE to enter into our American soul, and the evidence of this grew, has grown, and a 'new voice' is heard in our land that people don't realize has come from the past, a voice from the past that WARNS US of the message that it's 'okay' to ignore a deadly disease that affects the old and the infirm and those with compromised systems, this:

"in honor of all Christian people who speak out for the persecuted, I can share this quote from history, written circa early 1940's by Martin Niemoller who famously said 'God is my feuhrer':
""... the people who were put in the camps then were Communists. Who cared about them? We knew it, it was printed in the newspapers. Who raised their voice, maybe the Confessing Church? We thought: Communists, those opponents of religion, those enemies of Christians— 'should I be my brother's keeper?'
Then they got rid of the sick, the so-called incurables. I remember a conversation I had with a person who claimed to be a Christian. He said: Perhaps it's right, these incurably sick people just cost the state money, they are just a burden to themselves and to others. Isn't it best for all concerned if they are taken out of the middle [of society]? ONLY THEN DID THE CHURCH AS SUCH TAKE NOTE. Then we started talking, until our voices were again silenced in public. " "
(Martin Niemoller, circa early 1940's)

The resurrected torch parades, the burning KKK cross, the inhumanity, the ancient evil and the image of a man who currently inhabits the Oval Office having protesters gassed so he can stand before a Christian Church and hold a bible . . . upside down. Strange days with iconic images.
Surely, 'anyone who sees with open eyes' will recognize these symptoms unless they are not cognizant of the past. Our older ones have seen it all before, and built museums so that we would 'NEVER FORGET' the end game of that ancient evil.

The lines grow longer outside the early voting centers. So, there is hope still.

Wade Burleson said...

"heyheyitsbro, a word of advice: You’re on the wrong Blog to throw your mud on Wade."


Christiane said...

WADE, it was funny :)

Rex Ray has your back, you bet !

heyheyitsbro said...

If you "make your point" that I supposedly misunderstand (I don't), by using cherry-picked quotes from people that would marvel at the modern toilet, maybe you're actually making an argument not based on evidence but instead on an appeal to false authority.

Wade gives no actual evidence (read: studies, statistics, etc) that democracy produces tyranny. Wade's evidence is other people's opinions. I wish I could've written a credible paper in college that only cited opinions. I encourage all of you to look up the countries with the highest "Democracy Index" and consider the economies, happiness, and satisfaction rates of their populace. Let's let facts and evidence guide us instead of rhetoric.

Pointing out inconsistencies and hypocrisy is far from mud-slinging.

Laughing. (We all know God's love is best portrayed by laughing at our fellow brethren.)

heyheyitsbro said...

"A Law DEMAANDING face coverings does not protect the liberty of the individual who wishes not to cover his face.


A Law DEMAANDING speed limits (or seatbelts, poison warnings on potentially poisonous products, safety standards on cars) does not protect the liberty of the individual who wishes not to follow speed limits (or not wear a seat belt, to eat poison, to die in car crashes).


As far as anti-mask arguments goes, this is one of the worst.

It also doesn't address my claim that your cited paragraph says that contact tracing is tyranny, not mask mandates. Cite a paragraph from the DNC document that talks about mask mandates if that's the actual thing you believe is tyranny. Unfortunately I suspect Wade used that paragraph because there is no paragraph in the DNC document he cites that actually addresses mask mandates at all. Wade's "evidence" that the Democratic platform supports tyranny includes a citation and reference to a document that both say nothing about mask mandates, the apparent actual reason he has cited in a previous comment.

Paul D said...

@ Rex Ray:
"I believe it won’t be long before Harris replaces him"

imagine that - a Baptist president. I wonder if she knows how to pronounce "two Corinthians" any better than other Presidents.


Ruth said...

Wade: I find it very interesting that you state the following:

The desire to "pack the Court" to more reflect "the will of the people" will be the downfall of the Republic. It will be come the final nail in the coffin for the downfall of the Republic and the rise of dangerous democracy.

Abraham Lincoln gave an 1856 speech: and said:
“Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. And not to Democrats alone do I make this appeal, but to all who love these great and true principles.”

You disdain "packing the court" and then go on to quote Abraham Lincoln - who was, in fact, one president who did indeed "pack the court". He expanded the court to 10 justices from the previous number of 7, apparently to ensure that his Union war policies were upheld.

In addition, the number of justices is not set in the Constitution. Irony, thy name is Wade.

Christiane said...

Packing the Court?

I look at Mitch McConnell and the treatment of Obama's choice for the SCOTUS and at the hypocrisy (it was OPENLY done, to the shame of those who were involved) . . . .

if the SCOTUS is treated this way at the whim of a person like McConnell because he had the power to block the vote,
then I think a precedent has been set to correct the abuse to the US Constitution's system of checks and balances, and our system of separation of powers, and above all, our honor as a people.

SCOTUS needed responsible treatment from people of good will who embraced our system of government, but abuse of power and open hypocrisy was a dishonorable thing that requires a response if SCOTUS is 'required' by a tyrant to owe him personal 'loyalty'.

It is important that 'separation of powers' be honored however it can be done, if abuse and hypocrisy have altered the balance of power.

I'm for 'tradition', but it seems that McConnell saw an end-run around it and because he 'could', he did. And that abuse leads people to question the wisdom of politicizing the Court for partisan purposes. So what is correct the abuse? In a way that restores the balance of powers?


Rex Ray said...


Stupid things said by Democrats:

“What does “is” mean?” Bill Clinton

“We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” Nancy Pelosi

“If too many people get on the island, it might tip over.” Ed Johnson

CM said...

Rex Ray,

Funny. Shall bring up "Alternate Facts" by Kellyanne Conway?

Or perhaps pull up Trump's stupid tweets that he has to cancel and retweet?

Maybe I can offer you a cup of covfefe while we are at it?

Two can play at this game.

Christiane said...

The thing about 'democracy' in our country is that we get to see the 'voice' of the people and this at least gives some idea of where we are as a nation, hopefully humane, hopefully respectful of our differences, and hopefully devoted to the 'common good' so that special interests cannot harm innocent people by polluting soil, air, water, and what is held 'in trust' for all of our citizens.

But to know where we stand 'as a people', we need to let votes be counted fairly. When one candidate opposes this, we already know what is his position. When another candidate asks for people to be patient and let 'the process' unfold, we know his position. Position on what?
On the need to know the 'voice' of the people through the accurate and fair counting of ALL of the legitimate ballots.

The 'voice of the people' in a country needs expression. Or you might have 'revolution' against tyranny come in time, if the voice of the people is silenced through failure to allow them to speak through their individual votes, or if they are intimidated at the polls, or if some entity calls a halt to the counting of ALL the votes.

It is good to know that the people of a country HAVE a real voice , so we can take the pulse of the 'heart' of such people:
what do they value? what do they respect? what are they willing to stand up for?
many other questions can be answered by the general population of the land responding to a national vote, yes

it is good to know 'who WE are' in 'WE, THE PEOPLE' and our likes and our differences
so that we can begin to understand where we are and where we are going

Rex Ray said...


Haven’t drank coffee in 63 years. :)

“A sudden increase of around 130,000 votes from Michigan and Wisconsin for Joe Biden, but none for Trump - has gone viral on social media.”

“President Trump has tweeted…voter fraud.”

Wonder if their names were written in ‘green ink’ like the votes that won LBJ for “Landslide Johnson” where he won in the Senate?

A cartoon shows Biden doing the high jump. His path is two feet below the bar, then vertical going over the bar.

Christiane said...

"you can fool some of the people all of the time

and you can fool all of the people some of the time


? (Pres. Truman?)