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Dr. Judy Mikovits Deserves Our Respect According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Former New York D.A.

Dr. Judy Mikovits
Some friends recommended that I watch the short video Plandemic. I did. I found myself impressed with the quality of the film, but disturbed by the content of it.

I'm no conspiracist.

But I'm smart enough to know when something smells rotten.

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo began censoring Plandemic, removing it from the public's ability to view.

The stated reason for the censorship was that the film didn't conform to "our community standards." In other words, the film runs contrary to what those in authority wish you to believe. I then began reading slams against the character of Dr. Judy Mikovits. She's "nutso," she's "anti-vax crazy," she's "a criminal," she's "untrustworthy."

I've had the unique experience of being on a national religious stage, expressing an opinion that went contrary to the conventional narrative of those in power. My willingness to dissent against the denominational leaders led some to seek to ruin my reputation by intentionally lying about me publicly. My wife told me "I would never have believed that kind of thing could happen had I not seen them do it with my own eyes and hear them say it with my own ears." I've written of those experiences fifteen years ago in the book Hardball Religion.

I'm old enough, smart enough, and experienced enough to know that when people start attacking the "character" of the person who holds to a minority view, and then does everything within their power to censor that view so that others can't find out about it, something is seriously wrong. If the minority viewpoint is not true, leave it alone. If you mean it when you say, "There's nothing to it!," but then you start seeking to suppress it, people begin to believe that there's something to it. And they believe this because people are rational and smart.

Typically, dissent is only suppressed because somebody in control is afraid of losing something valuable. Usually, power and money are at the top of the list of what those in control are afraid of losing.

I wanted to find out for myself about Dr. Mikovits, to see if she was "a criminal." I wanted to hear her side and find out what people in control are so afraid of when it comes to her minority view.

I discovered that Dr. Mikovits' newly published book was already "Sold Out" (the hardback edition of Plague of Corruption). So I purchased the Kindle Edition of Plague of Corruption.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote the FOREWORD to Dr. Mikovits' book. I knew that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. served in the District Attorney's Office in New York City. He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard Law School, and has worked both as a prosecutor in government work and as an environmental attorney in corporate work. He is the son of former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy. He's no political conservative. He's no Trump supporter.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a credible political liberal. For those who wish to delve into the background of Dr. Judy Mikovits and ask the same questions I've been asking, I am posting Robert F. Kennedy's FOREWORD for you to read below. I would urge you to buy Dr. Mikovits' book.

As you read Kennedy's FOREWORD, notice how this former prosecutor details the government's false charges against Dr. Judy Mikovits to attempt her to recant (in BOLD PRINT below). Pay close attention to the fact that the county where Dr. Mikovits was falsely arrested (Ventura County) now has government officials beginning a program where police can go into peoples' private homes and forcibly remove someone identified as having COVID-19, taking them to a government facility. The use of government power to restrain, refrain, and remove persons deemed undesirable is real. Robert F. Kennedy expertly traces through modern history attempts at silencing dissident scientists, most of whom later were later proven to be right in their views.

After you read Kennedy's FOREWORD, ask yourself the question, "Who do I believe?" I think you will find it far easier to believe Dr. Judy Mikovits than those on social media who are unjustly slamming her character, her career, and her conduct.

In the end, the truth will win, for the morally courageous always fight for the truth and for others. The powerful and the greedy fight for themselves.


Plague of Corruption

"Moral Courage and Our Common Future"


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

"And yet, it moves!” Galileo whispered those defiant words in 1615 as he left the Roman Inquisition tribunal before which he repudiated his theory that the Earth—the immovable center center of the Universe according to contemporary orthodoxy—revolves around the sun. Had he not recanted, his life would be forfeit. We like to think of Galileo’s struggles as the quaint artifact of a dark, ignorant, and tyrannical era where individuals challenged government-anointed superstitions only at grave personal risk. Dr. Judy Mikovits’ story shows that stubborn orthodoxies anointed by pharmaceutical companies and corrupt government regulators to protect power and profits remain a dominant force in science and politics.

By any standard, Dr. Judy Mikovits was among the most skilled scientists of her generation. She entered professional science from the University of Virginia with a BA degree in chemistry on June 10, 1980, as a protein chemist for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) working on a life-saving project to purify interferon. The quality of her work and her reliable flashes of genius soon propelled her to the apex of the male-dominated world of scientific research. At NCI, Mikovits began what would become a twenty-year collaboration with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, a pioneer in the field of human retrovirology. While heading up the lab of Robert Gallo in 1977, Ruscetti made scientific history by codiscovering with Bernie Poiesz the first human retrovirus, HTLV-1 (human T-cell leukemia virus). A retrovirus is a “stealth virus” that, like HIV, enters the host without alerting the immune systems. It may then lie dormant for years without causing harm. Before killing a person, a retrovirus will usually destroy their immune system. As a result, many retroviruses cause cancer. With an escalating understanding of retrovirus behavior, the Ruscetti/ Mikovits collaboration and Mikovits’s award-winning PhD thesis from George Washington University in 1991 changed the paradigm of HIV-AIDS treatment, turning the disease from a death sentence into a manageable condition.

From the outset, the most daunting obstacle to Mikovits’ career advancement was her scientific integrity. She always placed it ahead of personal ambition. Judy Mikovits never meant to wade into a public health brawl. She never considered herself a renegade or revolutionary. Judy’s relatives mainly worked in government or law enforcement. They believed in the bedrock American principles of hard work, respect for authority, and, above all, telling the truth. That backdrop made it impossible for her to abandon her high natal standards of honesty and integrity even when they became a hindrance. After leaving NIH, she worked a stint for Upjohn—leading a project to prove the safety of the company’s blockbuster Bovine Growth Hormone. When Mikovits discovered the company’s formula could cause precancerous changes in human cell cultures, she refused direct orders from her boss to hide her discoveries. Mikovits’ revelation suggested that the ubiquitous presence of the hormone in milk could lead to breast cancer in women who drank it. Her refusal to back down precipitated her departure from Upjohn and her return to NIH and graduate school. Judy’s war on BGH eventually led to Upjohn abandoning the product.

In 2009, now in academia, Mikovits and Ruscetti, who was still at NCI, led a team that discovered a strong association between a previously unknown retrovirus and myalgic encephalomyelitis, commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Predictably, the retrovirus was also linked to certain blood cancers. Collaborators had named it Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Related Virus (XMRV), when they first detected in DNA sequences in prostate cancer a few years earlier.

The medical community had dealt with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which strikes mostly women, in bad faith since its appearance in the mid-1980s. The medical establishment derided ME/CFS as “yuppie flu” and attributed it to the inherent psychological fragility of career women pursuing professions in high-pressure corporate ecosystems. Mikovits found evidence for the retrovirus in approximately 67 percent of women afflicted with ME/CFS, and in a little less than 4 percent of the healthy population.

On October 8, 2009, Mikovits and Ruscetti published their explosive findings in the journal Science, describing the first-ever isolation of the recently discovered retrovirus XMRV, and its association to ME/CFS. Her revelation about ME/CFS immediately triggered angry reactions from jealous cancer power centers, stubbornly resistant to science that attributed cancer and neuroimmune diseases to viruses.

The blowback grew even grimmer when Mikovits’ subsequent research suggested that the new retrovirus, originally found in mice, had somehow jumped into humans via contaminated vaccines.

Even more troubling to the medical establishment, Dr. Mikovits’ research revealed that many of the female patients afflicted with XMRV had children with autism. Suspecting XMRV might be passed from mother to child, as with HIV, Mikovits tested seventeen of the children. Fourteen showed evidence of the virus. Those findings dovetailed with parental reports of autistic regression following vaccination. Subsequent studies linked XMRV to epidemics in leukemia, prostate cancer, autoimmune disease, and the explosion of Alzheimer’s disease.

Worse yet, research also found widespread XMRV contamination in the blood supply and blood products. Based on her research and the findings of others, it seemed that anywhere from 3 to 8 percent of the population now carry the virus—XMRV has become part of human ecology, passed from mother to child in vitro or through breast milk. Mikovits’ data suggest that more than ten million Americans are harboring this virus like a ticking time bomb—a potential threat far greater than the HIV-AIDS epidemic.

In January of 2011, HIV-AIDS expert Ben Berkhout published these explosive revelations in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology. He included Mikovits’ evidence that mouse tissue used in vaccine production was the likely vector for human contamination. Unbeknownst to Judy, her co-author on this book, Kent Heckenlively, had already independently discovered published medical research showing that the first recorded outbreak of ME/CFS was among 198 doctors and nurses at the Los Angeles County Hospital in 1934–1935, following their injection with an experimental polio vaccine grown in mouse brain tissue.

Mikovits’ evidence threatened financial catastrophe for the world’s pharmaceutical companies because of their negligent use of animal cell cultures to produce vaccines and other pharmaceutical products. Her findings put at risk billions of dollars of revenues from an entire branch of medicine called “biologics,” which depends on animal tissue and products.

Pharmaceutical companies and their captive regulators unleashed a furious broadside against Mikovits and Ruscetti, besieging them from every stronghold.

The journal Science feverishly pressed Mikovits to retract her October 2009 article. In September of 2011, the Whittemore Peterson Institute at the University of Nevada, Reno, fired Judy from her faculty job. Judy and her family noticed menacing-looking men following her in pickup trucks and other incidents indicating she was under surveillance. In one incident, burley thugs surrounded her home and forced her to flee in a boat. After she escaped, they barged into her home, claiming to work for the government.

In November, Ventura Police arrested Judy without a warrant and held her in jail for five days without bail. The police searched her house from top to bottom, strewing her papers everywhere. That same day, cops raided the home of her friend, Lilly, and forced her to sit in a chair for several hours while they ransacked the building. NIH officials told Nevada police that Dr. Mikovits had illegally taken her research notebooks from their lab. This was a fabricated charge. As the principal investigator on two government grants, it was Dr. Mikovits’ obligation to retain all of her research papers . . . Furthermore, Judy had left all of the notebooks in her university office on September 29. That same day, someone illegally burglarized Judy’s office, removed her notebooks, and then somehow planted them in a closet of her home, apparently to incriminate her. Weeks later, as Judy languished in a cell, her husband, David, found the journals neatly packed in a linen beach bag in an obscure closet in her Southern California home. David frantically took them to the jail after midnight and then handed them over to Ventura Police.

While she was in jail, Judy’s former boss told her husband and Dr. Ruscetti that if she just signed an apology admitting her paper was wrong, the police would release her from confinement and she could salvage her science career. Judy refused. No prosecutor has ever filed charges against her, but the pharmaceutical cartel and its captive scientific journals launched a campaign of vilification against her. Less than two years earlier, the journal Science had celebrated her. Now, the same journal published her mug shot and retracted her paper.

Judy lost federal grants for which she was the principal investigator. She has gone bankrupt trying to find work and restore her good name. The scientific journals, admittedly all now controlled by Big Pharma, have refused to publish her papers. The NIH medical libraries have locked her out. Despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, she has not been able to get her day in court. The US Attorney in Nevada has kept the case “under seal” for years. Fraudulent acts of public health officials at the highest levels Health and Human Services (HHS) have effectively rendered her unemployable.

The persecution of scientists and doctors who dare to challenge contemporary orthodoxies did not take a rest after Galileo: it has always been, and remains today, an occupational hazard. Henrik Ibsen’s 1882 play An Enemy of the People is a parable for the pitfall of scientific integrity. Ibsen tells the story of a doctor in southern Norway who discovers that his town’s popular and lucrative public baths were actually sickening the visitors who flocked to them for rejuvenation. Discharges from local tanneries had infected the spas with lethal bacteria. When the doctor goes public with the information, local merchants, joined by government officials, their allies in the “liberal-minded independent press,” and other financially interested parties move to muzzle him. The medical establishment pulls his medical license, the townsfolk vilify and brand him “an enemy of the people.”

Ibsen’s fictional doctor experienced what social scientists call the “Semmelweis reflex.” This term describes the knee-jerk revulsion with which the press, the medical and scientific community, and allied financial interests greet new scientific evidence that contradicts an established scientific paradigm. The reflex can be particularly fierce in cases where new scientific information suggests that established medical practices are actually harming public health.

The real-life plight of Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician, inspired the term and Ibsen’s play. In 1847, Dr. Semmelweis was an assistant professor at Vienna’s General Hospital maternity clinic, where around 10 percent of women died from puerperal “birth bed” fever. Based on his pet theory that cleanliness could mitigate transmission of disease-causing “particles,” Semmelweis introduced the practice of mandatory hand washing for interns between performing autopsies and delivering babies. The rate of fatal puerperal fever immediately dropped to around 1 percent. Semmelweis published these findings.

Rather than building a statue to Semmelweis, the medical community, unwilling to admit culpability in the injury of so many patients, expelled the doctor from the medical profession. His former colleagues tricked Dr. Semmelweis into visiting a mental institution in 1865, then committed him against his will. Semmelweis died mysteriously two weeks later. A decade afterward, Louis Pasteur’s germ theory and Joseph Lister’s work on hospital sanitation vindicated Semmelweis’s ideas.

Modern analogs abound. Herbert Needleman of the University of Pittsburgh endured the Semmelweis reflex when he revealed the brain-killing toxicity of lead in the 1980s. Needleman published a groundbreaking study in 1979 in the New England Journal of Medicine showing that children with high levels of lead in their teeth scored significantly lower than their peers on intelligence tests, on auditory and speech processing, and on attention measurements. Beginning in the early 1980s, the lead and oil industries (leaded gasoline was a lucrative petroleum product) mobilized public relations firms and scientific and medical consultants to lambast Needleman’s research and his credibility. Industry pressured the Environmental Protection Agency, the Office of Scientific Integrity at the National Institutes of Health, and the University of Pittsburgh to launch investigations against Needleman. Ultimately the federal government and the University vindicated Needleman. But the impact of the industry’s scathing assault ruined Needleman’s academic career and stagnated the field of lead research. The episode offered an enduring demonstration of industry power to disrupt the lives of researchers who dare to question their products’ safety.

Rachel Carson ran the same gauntlet in the early 1960s when she exposed the dangers of Monsanto’s DDT pesticide, which the medical community then promoted as prophylactic against body lice and malaria. Government officials and medical professionals led by the American Medical Association joined Monsanto and other chemical manufacturers, attacking Carson viciously. Trade journals and the popular media disparaged her as a “hysterical woman.” Industry talking points derided Carson as a “spinster,” the contemporary euphemism for lesbian, and for being unscientific. Vicious criticisms of her book appeared in editorial pages in Time, Life, Newsweek, the Saturday Evening Post, US News and World Report, and even Sports Illustrated. I am immensely proud that my uncle, President John F. Kennedy, played a critical role in vindicating Carson. In 1962, he defied his own USDA, a captive agency in league with Monsanto, and appointed a panel of independent scientists who validated every material assertion in Carson’s book Silent Spring.

The experience of British physician and epidemiologist Alice Stewart offers a near-perfect analogy to the Medical cartel’s lynching of Judy Mikovits. In the 1940s, Stewart was one of the rare women in her profession and the youngest fellow ever elected at the time to the Royal College of Physicians. She began investigating the high occurrences of childhood cancers in well-to-do families, a puzzling phenomenon given that disease often correlated with poverty, and seldom with affluence. Stewart published a paper in The Lancet in 1956 offering strong evidence that the common practice of giving X-rays to pregnant women was the culprit in carcinomas that would later afflict their children. According to Margaret Heffernan, author of Willful Blindness, Stewart’s finding “flew in the face of conventional wisdom”—the medical profession’s enthusiasm for the new technology of X-rays—as well as “doctors’ idea of themselves, which was as people who helped patients.” A coalition of government regulators, nuclear promoters, and the nuclear industry joined the US and British medical establishments in launching a brutal attack on Stewart. Stewart, who died in 2002 at the age of ninety-five, never again received another major research grant in England. It took twenty-five years after the publication of Stewart’s paper for the medical establishment to finally acknowledge her findings and abandon the practice of X-raying expectant mothers.

Judy Mikovits is heir to these martyrs and, more directly, to a long line of scientists, whom public health officials have punished, exiled, and ruined specifically for committing heresy against reigning vaccine orthodoxies.

Dr. Bernice Eddy was an award-winning virologist, and one of the highest-ranking female scientists in NIH history. She and her research partner Elizabeth Stewart were the first researchers to isolate the Polyomavirus— the first virus proven to cause cancer. In 1954, NIH asked Eddy to direct testing of the Salk polio vaccine. She discovered, while testing eighteen macaques, that Salk’s vaccine contained residual live polio virus that was paralyzing the monkeys. Dr. Eddy warned her NIH bosses that the vaccine was virulent, but they dismissed her concerns. The distribution of that vaccine by Cutter Labs in California caused the worst polio outbreak in history. Health officials infected 200,000 people with live polio; 70,000 became sick, leaving 200 children paralyzed and ten dead.

In 1961, Eddy discovered that a cancer-causing monkey virus, SV40, had contaminated ninety-eight million Salk polio vaccines. When she injected the SV40 virus into newborn hamsters, the rodents sprouted tumors. Eddy’s discovery proved an embarrassment to many scientists working on the vaccine. Instead of rewarding her for her visionary work, NIH officials banned her from polio research and assigned her to other duties. The NIH buried the alarming information and continued using the vaccines.

In the autumn of 1960, the New York Cancer Society invited Eddy to address its annual conference. Eddy chose the subject of tumors induced by the polyoma virus. However, she also described tumors induced by the SV40 viral agent in monkey kidney cells. Her NIH supervisor angrily reprimanded Eddy for mentioning the discovery publicly and banned her from public health crisis statements. Eddy argued for publication of her work on the virus, casting the contaminated vaccine supply on an urgent public health crisis. Agency bigwigs stonewalled publication, allowing Merck and Parke-Davis to continue marketing the oncogenic vaccine to millions of American adults and children.

On July 26, 1961, the New York Times reported that Merck and Parke-Davis were withdrawing their Salk vaccines. The article said nothing about cancer. The Times ran the story next to an account about overdue library fines on page 33.

While two drug companies, Merck and Parke-Davis, recalled their polio vaccine in 1961, NIH officials refused to pursue a total recall of the rest of the supply, fearing reputational injury to the vaccine program if Americans learned that PHS had infected them with a cancer-producing virus. As a result, millions of unsuspecting Americans received carcinogenic vaccines between 1961 and 1963. The Public Health Service then concealed that “secret” for forty years.

In total, ninety-eight million Americans received shots potentially containing the cancer-producing virus, which is now part of the human genome. In 1996, government researchers identified SV-40 in 23 percent of the blood specimens and 45 percent of the sperm specimens collected from healthy adults. Six percent of the children born between 1980 and 1995 are infected. Public health officials gave millions of people the vaccine for years after they knew it was infected. They contaminated humanity with a monkey virus and refused to admit what they’d done.

Today, SV-40 is used in research laboratories throughout the world because it is so reliably carcinogenic. Researchers use it to produce a wide variety of bone and soft-tissue cancers including mesothelioma and brain tumors in animals. These cancers have exploded in the baby boom generation, which received the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines between 1955 and 1963. Skin cancers are up by 70 percent, lymphoma and prostate by 66 percent, and brain cancer by 34 percent. Prior to 1950, mesothelioma was rare in humans. Today, doctors diagnose nearly 3,000 Americans with mesotheliomas every year; 60 percent of the tumors that were tested contained SV-40. Today, scientists find SV-40 in a wide range of deadly tumors, including between 33 percent and 90 percent of brain tumors, eight of eight ependymomas, and nearly half of the bone tumors tested.

In successive measures, NIH forbade Bernice Eddy from speaking publicly or attending scholarly conferences, held up her papers, removed her from vaccine research altogether, and eventually destroyed her animals and took away access to her labs. Her treatment continues to mark an enduring scandal with the scientific community, yet NIH’s Bernice Eddy playbook has become a standardized template for Federal vaccine regulators in their treatment of dissident vaccine scientists who seek to tell the truth about vaccines.

Dr. John Anthony Morris was a bacteriologist and virologist who worked for thirty-six years at NIH and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), beginning in 1940. Morris served as the chief vaccine officer for the Bureau of Biological Standards (BBS) at the National Institute of Health and later with the FDA when the BBS transferred to that agency in the 1970s. Dr. Morris irked his superiors by arguing that the research carried out by his unit demonstrated there was no reliable proof that flu vaccines were effective in preventing influenza; in particular, he accused his supervisor of basing HHS’s mass vaccination program for the swine flu primarily on a scientifically baseless fear campaign and on false claims made by pharmaceutical manufacturers. He warned that the vaccine was dangerous and could induce neurological injuries. His CDC superior warned Dr. Morris, “I would advise you not to talk about this.”

When vaccine recipients began reporting adverse reactions, including Guillain-Barré, Dr. Morris disobeyed that order and went public. He declared that the flu vaccine was ineffective and potentially dangerous and said that he could find no evidence that this swine flu was dangerous or that it would spread from human to human.

In retaliation, FDA officials confiscated his research materials, changed the locks on his laboratory, reassigned his laboratory staff, and blocked his efforts to publish his findings. The FDA assigned Dr. Morris to a small room with no telephone. Anyone who wished to see him had to secure permission from the chief of the lab. In 1976, HHS fired Dr. Morris on the pretext that he failed to return library books on time.

Subsequent events supported Dr. Morris’s skepticism about the swine flu shot. The 1976 swine flu vaccination program was so fraught with problems that the government discontinued inoculations after forty-nine million people had received the vaccine. Among the vaccine’s victims were 500 cases of Guillain-Barré, including 200 people paralyzed and thirty-three dead. Furthermore, the incidence of swine flu among vaccinated was seven times greater than among those who were unvaccinated, according to news reports.

According to his New York Times obituary, Dr. Morris said, “The producers of these (influenza) vaccines know they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway.” He told the Washington Post in 1979, “It’s a medical ripoff. . . . I believe the public should have truthful information on the basis of which they can determine whether or not to take the vaccine,” adding, “I believe that given full information, they won’t take the vaccine.”

FDA used the same playbook in 2002 to isolate, silence, and drive from government service its star epidemiologist, Dr. Bart Classen, when his massive epidemiologic studies, the largest ever performed, linked Hib vaccines to the juvenile diabetes epidemic. FDA ordered Dr. Classen to refrain from publishing the government-funded studies, forbade him from talking publicly about the alarming outbreak, and eventually forced him out of government service.

In 1995, the CDC hired a PhD computer analytics expert, Dr. Gary Goldman, to perform the largest-ever CDC-funded study of the chickenpox vaccine. Goldman’s results on an isolated population of 300,000 residents of Antelope Valley, California, showed that the vaccine waned, leading to dangerous outbreaks of chickenpox in adults and that ten-year-old children who received the vaccine were getting shingles at over three times the rate of unvaccinated children. Shingles has twenty times the death rate of chickenpox and causes blindness. CDC ordered Goldman to hide his findings and forbade him from publishing his data. In 2002, Goldman resigned in protest. He sent a letter to his bosses saying that he was resigning because “I refuse to participate in research fraud.”

Recent medical history overflows with other examples of the brutal suppression of any science that exposes vaccines’ risks; its casualties include brilliant and compassionate doctors and scientists like Dr. Waney Squier, the railroaded British gastroenterologist Andy Wakefield, the steadfast father/son research team David and Dr. Mark Geier, Italian biochemist Antionetta Gatti, and Danish epidimiologist Peter Goetzsche. Any just society would have built statues to these visionaries and honored them with laurels and leadership. Our corrupt medical officials have systematically disgraced and silenced them.

In England a neuropathologist, Dr. Waney Squier of the Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, testified in a series of cases on behalf of defendants accused of inflicting shaken baby syndrome. Squier believed that, in these cases, vaccines and not physical trauma had caused the infants’ brain injuries. In March 2016, the Medical Practitioner’s Tribunal Service (MPTS) charged her with falsifying evidence and lying and struck her from the medical register. Squier appealed the tribunal’s decision in November 2016. The High Court of England reversed the MPTS’s decision, concluding, “The determination of the MPTS is in many significant ways flawed.”

Professor Peter Gøtzsche cofounded the Cochrane Collaboration in 1993 to remedy the overwhelming corruption of published science and scientists by pharmaceutical companies. Over 30,000 of the world’s leading scientists joined Cochrane as volunteer reviewers hoping to restore independence and integrity to published science. Gøtzsche was responsible for making Cochrane the world’s leading independent research institute. He also founded the Nordic Cochrane Center in 2003. On October 29, 2018, pharmaceutical interests, led by Bill Gates, finally succeeded in ousting Professor Gøtzsche. A stacked board controlled by Gates fired Gøtzsche from the Cochrane Collaboration after he published a well-founded criticism of the HPV vaccine. In 2018, the Danish government, under pressure from pharma, fired Peter Gøtzsche from Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. His findings about the HPV vaccine threatened the pharmaceutical industry’s earnings.

Science, at its best, is a search for existential truth. Sometimes, however, those truths threaten powerful economic paradigms. Both science and democracy rely on the free flow of accurate information. Greedy corporations and captive government regulators have consistently shown themselves willing to twist, distort, falsify, and corrupt science, hide information, and censor open debate to protect personal power and corporate profits. Censorship is the fatal enemy of both democracy and public health. Dr. Frank Ruscetti often quotes Valery Legasov, the courageous Russian physicist who braved censor, torture, and threats on his life by the KGB to reveal to the world the true cause of the Chernobyl disaster. “To be a scientist is to be naïve. We are so focused on our search for the truth, we fail to consider how few actually want us to find it. But it is always there, whether we can see it or not, whether we choose to or not. The truth doesn’t care about our needs or our wants. It doesn’t care about our governments, our ideologies, our religions. It will lie in wait for all time.”

This account by Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively is vitally important both to the health of our children and the vitality of our democracy. My father believed moral courage to be the rarest species of bravery. Rarer even than the physical courage of soldiers in battle or great intelligence. He thought it the one vital quality required to salvage the world.

 If we are to continue to enjoy democracy and protect our children from the forces that seek to commoditize humanity, then we need courageous scientists like Judy Mikovits who are willing to speak truth to power, even at terrible personal cost.

SOURCE: Heckenlively, Kent. Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science (Children’s Health Defense) (pp. 21-22). Skyhorse. Kindle Edition.


godsgirl said...

Thank you for this article.

Rex Ray said...


Another thing that Robert f. Kennedy, Jr. is sure of is Sirhan did not kill his father.

“Cesar was a bigot who hated the Kennedys for their advocacy of the Civil Rights for Blacks.”

“Cesar moonlighted as a security guard. He grabbed my father by his elbow and guided him toward Sirhan. Sirhan was always in front of my father, but the Coroner reported all four shots were fired behind my dad with the barrel touching his body. As my dad fell, he reached back and tore off Cesar’s clip on tie.”

Cesar’s last shot hit Robert in his head behind his ear.

An audio recorded 13 shots, but Sirhan’s gun held only 8 bullets. Sirhan’s gun had 22 shorts, (made a low noise) while Cesar’s gun had 22 long rifles (made a loud noise). The audio recorded some shots so close together it’d be impossible to pull a trigger that fast.

Anonymous said...

"Produced by a company called Elevate, "The Plandemic" deftly weaves together several strands of rumors that have circulated since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, doing so with high production values and a sheen of unearned authority. It's not the first piece of viral content made by the man who produced it, Mikki Willis, who received media coverage in 2015 for buying his son an Ariel doll as a birthday present. In March 2019, Fox News covered his upcoming documentary about Nicholas Sandmann, the student at the center of the Covington Catholic High School controversy."

is this true?

who funds 'Elevate'? Who is behind the production?
What is known about their agenda?

always examine the sources of info so as to recognize the 'bias' or 'slant' that might be behind the 'story'

Rex Ray said...

Sirhan has no memory of any shooting because he was hypnotized.

Wade, do you think President Johnson would want someone to replace him as President who had asked him:

Why did you have my brother killed? As shown in the link below.

RB Kuter said...

My wife introduced to the video "Dr. Anthony Fauci's Ex-employee, Was Jailed, Finally Tells All" last night after it being forwarded to her from a church friend. I am SO glad I got to watch it because, as you say, today it has disappeared! I tried and tried to download it and save it on my computer but could not succeed. We knew it would not be accessible for very long and sure enough, now it has been "sanitized".

I was SO glad when I opened your blog site and saw that you had picked up this and are attempting to bring attention to it.

Dr. Mikovits was very convincing on the video as giving a credible testimony of what has happened to her and the scams and corrupt nature of, not only pharmaceuticals, but the entire epidemiology community that is taking place and affecting us all. The video included a lot of testimonies from practicing physicians livid about the fabrication, intentional, erroneous, reporting of data to sensationalize the current virus and the immense pressure physicians are under to accommodate the intended high numbers sought by reporting institutions. Dr. Deborah Birx of Trump's Corona Virus Team was shown as saying that "Any time a person dies that has the Corona Virus, that death will be reported as being caused by the Corona Virus"! Can you imagine, "motorcyclist hit by Mack truck" and the rider's death attributed to his being tested positive for Corona Virus so it's added to number of Virus deaths!

It is a VERY disturbing revelation of what is, and has been going on. There was also specific occurrences given on the video regarding the US sources dealing with China, like the University of Texas Science Department, to interact using top secret epidemiology research exchanges and manipulating the outcomes and applications. Dr. Fauci, now infamous as a Corona Virus expert, was shown on the Dr. Mikovits video promising several years ago that a global pandemic the likes of the 1918 plague was a sure bet to happen soon.

The more information that is seeping out in spite of the huge efforts to erase it is causing this revelation of the behind the scenes practices to be more and more convincing. It is becoming apparent that what we are being fed by the media, the expert scientists and the government cannot be blindly accepted as credible. The motivating factor? Money and power. As the Mikovits video revealed, probably trillions of dollars are being generated into the pockets of these institutions and corrupt players through the engineered, fabricated, manipulated, pandemic scams that are sure to plague us in the future. Plus, look at the power in the hands of these dark strategists to control the lives of entire populations.

All the noise from our government and US media regarding the investigation of “China” as being the "source" of Corona Virus is a joke when it is very likely that it was collaborated by sources in the United States with players like the University of Texas even partnering and interacting with the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control.

It is the worst form of global terrorist threat to EVER be exposed and rather than it being based upon ideology, religion, or government interests, its purpose is entirely for wealth and power for continued control of media, controlling forces and self. The players are so powerful as to control governments and keep them in either denial or complicit with their decadent strategies.

RB Kuter said...

Last word on the subject:

I had read a former "USA Today" article by Alison Young, published January 4, 2017 entitled "CDC Keeps Secret Its Mishaps With Deadly Germs" reporting, among other egregious mishaps at CDC, that "CDC scientists apparently lost a box of deadly and highly-regulated influenza specimens. There was no accounting as to where the boxes had disappeared to or how they had been lost. CDC had experienced multiple potential exposures involving viruses and bacteria" experimental samples lost and CDC had then mounted a very intentional cover-up regarding their blunders and possible thefts of these dangerous specimens under research, including, "incidents during 2014 with anthrax, Ebola and a deadly strain of bird flu". CDC refused to release information citing "a 2002 bio terrorism law to justify its redactions" on any emails released regarding their security problems.

The "USA Today" report said that "The CDC also redacted every word in a lab accident report from December 2013 that apparently involved a dangerous strain of influenza virus. Several CDC staff copied on the email are people who were involved in the agency’s controversial work in 2005 using reverse genetics to reconstruct the 1918 flu pandemic virus, which had killed as many as 50 million people worldwide."

Who would have imagined that when Jesus foretold that there would be plagues, famines, unprecedented as signs of the "end of the age" that they would come from "man-made and engineered, intentional, origins" rather than natural disasters and mismanagement?

bunkababy said...

I cannot believe you stooped this low.

At a time when truth is subject to every wind of doctrine..... As if American's don't have enough confusion, angst, mistrust or defensive posturing towards anything that threatens their beliefs, you are just adding fuel to the fire. This just screams of political posturing at a time when your country needs calm, intelligent, peace-keeping measures. The people need a shepherd because they are harassed and lost and there you are Just adding fuel to the fire.

Isn't there a scripture about the blind guides falling into a pit? Matt 15:14. Leave them;they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind they both fall in the pit.

Every time I think people can't get any lower they somehow manage to do just that.

Christiane said...

Wade Burleson IS a shepherd. Please know this.

We are influenced by different sources of information. It is up to us to discern them as to their sources, who benefits from their spin and who loses, and everyone deserves a fair hearing.

There are forces at work in the world to divide us so that we perish, and it is better to be instead someone who listens to the pain beneath the surface in people now. So we know. So we can try to understand 'why', and not to belittle or to 'look down on', no. We've run out of time for that. Time to sit down and reason together, and to stand up and speak by the truth of our right hand again, as a people of honor whose word is again meaningful first to themselves and then, someday, again to others.

Not cynical enough? well, we've tried that and look where it got us

try another tack, good people
it's time

Wade Burleson said...


Truth is like a lion. It needs no protection.

When I hear someone fighting to "protect truth" from every wind of doctrine, it typically is a tell-tale sign that there's either, 1. A weak argument that needs protection, or 2. A powerful agenda that needs protection.

And, in my way of thinking, personal attacks are typically given by those who would change their behaviors when other people attack them. In other words, people who attack the motive (which is unknown) or character (which is unknown by a stranger) of a person, are projecting their fears into a situation, believing someone else will react in the same manner that they would. However, when I see folks attempting to use the fear of perception, or the fear of ridicule, or the fear of a loss of personal prestige to change my behavior, I do just the opposite of what is expected.

When I see someone not addressing the principle or problem and starts attacking the person or people who hold to a differing position, that only emboldens me to write more.

I know. I'm a weird duck. Thank you though for your comment.

You've emboldened me to continue advocating the principle of liberty and free speech.

Rex Ray said...


My Goodness, your post is like reading a copy of a sermon instead hearing a pastor preach it. It’s like reading the scrip of a movie instead of seeing it. I’m so glad that Gerald Polmateer gave the link.

President Trump and the whole world needs to see the link.

peter said...

Thank You Wade. 16 or so years ago I followed your day to day blog posts and realized some of your integrity and purpose for righteousness. I stand with you still. Peter

Lissa Roberson said...

Many are threatened by Dr. Judy Mikovits' public truth-telling. I posted the "Plandemic" video yesterday on Facebook before it got censored by YouTube, but not before a FB viewer launched a vile ad hominem attack against her in my comment stream. It's more expedient to shoot the messenger rather than examine or evaluate the message.

Last night, the NY Post (half-news, half-tabloid) published a brief piece about the panicky efforts of social media to control and take down the Plandemic "viral conspiracy" video because it circulates "false claims" about Coronavirus. Reasons for censoring the video on social media platforms included: "bogus, unproven or misleading claims, such as the Coronavirus pandemic was created to make profits off of vaccines" (NY Post), "The video, one of three on the site, was scrapped for making claims about a cure for the virus not backed by health organizations" (YouTube), and Vimeo stating that the video was removed for violating standards regarding “content that spreads harmful and misleading health information.”

Taking each of those statements one step further, I have to ask, (1) Is there evidence that some medications are being withheld in favor of more expensive drugs, drugs that carry a higher profit margin tho they may not yet be proven effective? (2) Which health organizations must sign off on new therapeutic discoveries before they are announced to the public, and why must these organizations wield such power in the first place? (3) Who or what authority has determined that Dr. Mikovitz' findings are harmful and misleading? In what way are they harmful and misleading?

It takes effort to go below the surface of mainstream media talking points and search for truth. We owe our gratitude to RFK, Jr. for the effort he put into his research. He asked the deeper questions and unveiled a pattern of suppression, censorship and retaliation against many brave souls who dared to stick by truth.

Thanks Wade, for another truth-filled, thought-provoking post. You rarely disappoint.

bunkababy said...


I only wish you could just zoom yourself outside the USA for awhile and witness what other nations are all experiencing during this pandemic. As far as leadership from their own nations. For the most part it is relatively calm.

The USA is a mad house right now. It is mayhem. My fear is you (anyone stirs the pot too much it's gonna spill over) There is fear, and confusion boiling low under the surface. Fighting just isn't the answer.

Adding this woman to the fray is just asking for more long term problems. fight where you see fit, but you guys down there are actually starting to freak me out a bit. Leadership is all over the freaking map, people are going nuts and it just doesn't need to happen.

It's like watching some weird episode of The Twilight Zone.

Christiane said...

Regarding Dr. Mikovits' bona fides, her peers would not be physicians, nor would they be pharmacists. They likely would be scientific research fellows who also publish their findings in scientific journals so that other scientists can examine their work.

The attack on Dr. Mikovits has been laid out in the post, but who has come to her defense from the MEDICAL scientific community. Who stands up for her? Who speaks FOR her?
I am interested in reading what they have to say on her behalf, as long as they are neither politicians nor lobbyists, but are known medical professionals willing to support her views.

If anyone knows of a link(s) that might help, I would appreciate the information and thank you.

Christiane said...

more specifically, HAS ANYONE CREDIBLE BEEN ABLE TO REPLICATE HER STUDY AS PERTAINS TO THIS INFORMATION ? If her experiment could not be successfully replicated by other credible scientists, following her published methodology, that would be something to know about, one way or the other, yes.

"In the video, Mikovits — a molecular biologist described by some sites as an anti-vaxxer — tells filmmaker Mikki Willis that she was thrown in jail and placed under a gag order to silence her research suggesting a retrovirus known as xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) may be a cause for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). She published a since discredited paper in 2009 and suggested the deadly virus was being delivered through vaccines.

Sorry if my request seems confusing. What I mean is that when a scientist publishes their findings, they include HOW they came to their conclusions (their methods), so that others may attempt to 're-do' the experiment to see if the results can be replicated (the findings of those testing the methodology will be the SAME as Dr. Mikovits' reported findings, which is one way the scientific community examines the work of colleages, and confirms its reliability and validity)

Sorry if I am not making myself clear. Please help if you can, and thank you in any case.

The journal Science retracted her paper two years later over concerns about its methodology and failed attempts to replicate the study."

bunkababy said...

Hey Wade,

I have a very general question for you. I ask myself this all the time. About anything really. I sometimes make a game of it, in my head and more often than not it prompts me to challenge myself and my thinking.

I ask myself this all the time. What if I am wrong? Just what if? It mostly pertains to religion because I generally have had to unlearn so many things that just didn't stand up.

My childhood balanced on the bizarre. Things that were normal in my world were not. And that shaped everything about me. So over the years I have had to unlearn things about myself, how I look at things, and mostly what I perceive are threats. Most of my upbringing was hostile and everything was a threat and that carried over into my adulthood daily life. So I am constantly check, rechecking and making myself go outside my comfort zone.

For instance. Have you ever hear of the publication The Wittenburg Door? It was/is a Christian satire publication.

While I was babysitting at my pastors house there was a copy of it and on the front page was a picture of Amy Grant and beside her in another picture was a pack of wolves. The title read: "Amy Grant raised by a pack of wolves" inside the article went into detail about her raising. I believed every word. Every word. IN my world of off the wall bizarre behaviour it was completely plausible scenario. What was there not to believe? It was there in print right before my eyes.

My friends came over and I showed them the article and they laughed like they had never laughed before. They had a hard time convincing me otherwise. And to this day I still get reminded and ribbed about it by them.

So I think a lot. I think what if I am wrong about this scripture or that scripture? What if I am wrong about this tradition or that tradition. Anyhow. It ultimately keeps me on my toes, and throughout the years have had to back track on so many issues that I thought were 100% right. And at the time I would have sworn upside and downside I was right.

Not about Amy but about certain practices and beliefs in the church etc.

So Wade, what if you are wrong about your perceptions of liberty? What if they are not really being threatened? What if your perception of liberty is very different than say a woman in North Korea going across a river at night into South Korea to get food for her family because she is starving and has no liberty at all? What if what you think is a perception of threat isn't?

These are the kinds of things I ask myself. Do you ever ask yourself if you are wrong? What if you are? Just what if? What would that look like? What if everything that persuaded you in your past was wrong?

I ask myself this kind of stuff all the time. I ask because what if I have the whole thing wrong? What if my perceptions of salvation are wrong? Maybe I am? Maybe I need to look deeper.

Do you do that? And 100% am not asking on a political anything. I don't care. I just want to know do you every wonder if what you think you know about anything could be wrong based on how you were raised? Or could it be wrong just because it is wrong?

This is a super sincere question. I ask because you are so responsible for so many lives, in life and the ones you reach through your blog. And what if you are accountable at the end? Which then of course leads me into another question of accountability.

And what if you don't have to fight for liberty? What if there really is no war on your liberty but it is a perception. See I sit around driving myself crazy wondering things.

bunkababy said...

Christiane, Science magazine often publishes things that get retracted later on because they don't stand up to the peer reviews, and other standards like being replicated.

And that happens a lot. I think because studies become better and more refined.

There are holes in her story. Both sides of this argument have a reason to argue to protect themselves from threats or money or whatever.

The whole thing with this lady that made me question everything is this. WE do not know who she is. We don't know her history, her personality, nothing.

I mean, sure maybe she came upon a great discovery. Maybe she was really great at what she did. And maybe not so great in dealing with people. Maybe she was jealous, insecure, unstable.....and maybe just a little bit vengeance crept in because she felt her study was threatened and should have stood up..

There are soooo many scenarios that could have gone on behind the scenes that will never be made public. I asked my medical friend about her and basically she said her science was wrong. End of story. Nothing else was said.

There are two sides to a pancake. There is greed and maybe she is thinking she deserved more and this is her time to shine, and make money .......who knows?

But getting involved in a he said/she said thing at this point when so many lives are at risk....well the stakes are high. There is enough unknowns out there. Why just ad to the fray?

bunkababy said...

It is statements like this that are open ended that make me question the validity of things.

FDA used the same playbook in 2002 to isolate, silence, and drive from government service its star epidemiologist, Dr. Bart Classen, when his massive epidemiologic studies, the largest ever performed, linked Hib vaccines to the juvenile diabetes epidemic. FDA ordered Dr. Classen to refrain from publishing the government-funded studies, forbade him from talking publicly about the alarming outbreak, and eventually forced him out of government service.

It doesn't say anything about his studies, how large what they consisted of and how he linked Hib vaccines to juvenile diabetes if they were replicated. Nothing. I have also heard things that sometimes Juvenile diabetes can be geographical in nature and or a virus because they were doing studies of a rash of kids in certain areas that have come down with JD in a certain time frame and location.

So in an article like this they are throwing out that little bite and tidbit of doubt of credibility and mistrust to lead and direct the reader to a supposed outcome that they want you to go to support the overall picture they are suggesting.

And again, in my opinion wouldn't medical experts be more proactive for a foreword on a book be better? If indeed what you want is medical recommendation and validity for your medical research? What good does having a political figure do a foreword if you really want your research recognized by your peers?

If I wanted my art, something I laboured over to be recognized for the huge accomplishment it was, my highest praise would come from the Van Goghs , Rmbrandt, Vija Celmins, Kentridge, of the art world. Why would I want peer reviews and validation from a politician who knows nothing of art unless my motivation was political?

I am just trying to look at as many sides as possible. Big pharma just wants your cash, big patents mean big money. Who has true motivation in these things?

I would suggest doing some intense research all around this subject from understanding medical terminology, to methods they routinely use.

No more Amy Grant raised by a pack or wolves gonna fool me again. LOL

Wade Burleson said...

I hear you. Thanks for your sincerity and your questions. I'm reposting what you asked me:

"I ask myself this kind of stuff all the time. I ask because what if I have the whole thing wrong? What if my perceptions of salvation are wrong? Maybe I am? Maybe I need to look deeper.

Do you do that? And 100% am not asking on a political anything. I don't care. I just want to know do you every wonder if what you think you know about anything could be wrong based on how you were raised? Or could it be wrong just because it is wrong?

This is a super sincere question. I ask because you are so responsible for so many lives, in life and the ones you reach through your blog. And what if you are accountable at the end? Which then, of course, leads me into another question of accountability."

Answer: I live by principle, and I never regret my actions based on principle. Could a principle to which I hold be wrong? Of course! But the only way my behavior changes is for someone to persuade me of the truth - why my principle is wrong, and the differing principle they follow is correct! Attacking my character only causes me to "double down" on the principle. In fact, when I'm in situations where my character is attacked, I KNOW that I'm about to make a huge impact based on the principle I'm articulating! :) Funny how that works.

"Do you ever wonder if what you think you know about anything could be wrong based on how you were raised? Or could it be wrong just because it is wrong?"

See my above answer. Free dialogue. Free discussion. Free debate. That's how we learn culture and character in a country built on civility.

Vocal suppression. Personal intimidation. Character assassination. That's how we destroy civility and civilization in a country founded on principles.

I'm not so much interested in the PRODUCT (the hopeful outcome) as I am the PROCESS (the respectful engagement).

Blessings to you Bunkababy.

I appreciate the dialogue.

Rex Ray said...


You asked Wade, “what if you are wrong…”

WOW, that’s a laugh. You weren’t there many years ago when Wade said in a comment that “Jesus was a Southern Baptist.”

He denied it and many friends took his side. I told him my wife’s major in college was English and she agreed with me. He finally stated, “Sometimes, words don’t convey their true meaning.” (Remember that, Wade; old friend?)

Wade Burleson said...

Rex Ray,

You are a funny boy.

If you find a place - on any post, in any comment, from any writing - where I said Jesus was a Southern Baptist, I'll buy you and your lovely wife a trip for two to anywhere in the world.


At some point, you need to realize that a person of principle never forgets, and one of the principles by which I live is that there will be no Southern Baptists in heaven - only followers of Jesus Christ.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

"Who would have imagined that when Jesus foretold that there would be plagues, famines, unprecedented as signs of the "end of the age" that they would come from "man-made and engineered, intentional, origins" rather than natural disasters and mismanagement?"

RBK - Though I've set aside that particular view of end times, I still find it interesting to contemplate, especially since technology has gone so far - we can even control the weather to such a vast extent. Calling for unfortunate frost tonight in the mid atlantic area. Guess they don't want our gardens to flourish and provide us food so we beg to be vaccinated. Heavy rains elsewhere preventing gardens from going in.

It wouldn't surprise me if they throw in an EMP event and cut electric supply lines. DHLS put out a lengthy memo last year warning the US to be ready for up to 6 months power outage. I stopped over a guy's place who works for them and he was prepped to the hilt with fuel/generators and what not.

Rough road ahead no doubt, but good thing Jesus has the final say. Can't wait to see when and what the new will be. :) Ken

bunkababy said...


Attacking my character only causes me to "double down" on the principle. In fact, when I'm in situations where my character is attacked, I KNOW that I'm about to make a huge impact based on the principle I'm articulating! :) Funny how that works.

What if you are wrong though? Like what if someone like me attacks your character but your assumption is that it means you are right could very well be flawed. No?

I mean nobody wants their character criticized but what if the criticism is right? I listened to a preacher and he always came to the conclusion if someone attacked him or who he was that it was his problem if he chose to be offended and in fact offence on his part was the sin.

So if you double down, one what you perceive is right based on the attack against your character what if you miss the point and bearing down was the exact wrong response the Lord would have had you see? Isn't that reaction presumptuous? Arrogant? even stubborn?

I mean nobody want stuff pointed out. Nobody. What if Jesus doesn't work on your same principles? What if the whole idea about principles is arrogant and the whole offence, or I guess why do you have to be PROVEN wrong by somebody? Doesn't that weight you hold about your own self and judgement you have about your own self biased?

How can you get a clear unbiased approach to oneself if it is in a defensive posture where the someone else has to actually prove it? I honestly think none of us on this earth can see ourselves for what we can we? We are not even honest with our own hearts, we don't even know it?

bunkababy said...


Does this only happen in the USA and why? Why do these reports and conspiracies mainly come from the USA, are about the USA or happen in the USA?

Jim said...

Dr. Judy Mikovits has struck a nerve! 1. It seems that many everyday folks believe her story. 2. Just as years back the 'professional' world of those who were and are in lock-step with Big Pharma, WHO, and CDC, etc sought to totally discredit her... 3. SO, NOW... those who are sympathetic with these sort of folks are once again attacking her character and crying out that Dr. Mikovits is just another bad conspiracy theorist! "She is dangerous. Don't view her film. Her stuff is pure bunk!" Even 'Christian' scientists are lining up to warn against her. And Youtube, FB, and others are CENSORING her information.
4. HOW INTERESTING... SO... in the minds of these folk... THEIR conspiracy theory is that she is up to no good! 5. Personally, I can only say that I have a number of the same concerns that she has; and that I am finding very little hope in trusting WHO, CDC, Big Pharma, the liberal media, etc.... and to all of you who are lamenting CONSPIRACY THEORISTS-- look in the morrow-- YOU ARE ONE! Your's is just different! JimWB

bunkababy said...


I don't back her up just because she says stuff. But on the other hand big pharma is not my friend either. Why are drugs in the USA double, triple or more than in my country? Why are they delaying lots of drugs? Do secure patents. Why is there a simple household cure for some cancers sitting in everyday cupboards but we don't know about it because if they claim it cures they can get sued? Sued by who? Big pharma of course!

I don't any more trust in them than I do Judy. They all want a piece of the pie. They all want to lay claims, and rights for money.

There are some scientists in our not so distant past who did make cures and didn't want fame or fortune, just a cure for what ails mankind.

Just because she hit a nerve doesn't mean she is right.

Anonymous said...

Bunkababy - I couldn’t find that DHLS doc. Looks like it’s been moved. It was around 90 pages long if I remember correctly.

This site’s hyperlink to it doesn’t work, but he explains the meat of what it said.

All governments worldwide, to some degree or another, are currently working overtime to completely enslave humanity, imo, under the tutelage of the wealthy elite like Gates, etc. It’s the diabolical nature of people in their positions.

Here in the USA inc. I predict a massive amount of people will soon evacuate the gestapo states like mine, and rush to find their domicile in the states that are somewhat more free, like SD is. Kudos to Mrs. Noem, the Governor, who got a parade for NOT locking down the people. Though their MVA is shutdown till 6/1. Yup, we're doing some figuring ourselves. :) Ken

Wade Burleson said...


"What if you are wrong though? Like what if someone like me attacks your character but your assumption is that it means you are right could very well be flawed. No?"

Let me try again.

I listen to those who argue principle. If there is no argument on principle, then I will not change my behavior. I'm unconcerned about "being wrong" until somebody SHOWS me I'm wrong.


Wade Burleson said...

"How can you get a clear unbiased approach to oneself if it is in a defensive posture where the someone else has to actually prove it?"

Bunkababy, arguing a principle is NOT defensive.

That's my point. I have no interest in defending my character. I DOUBLE down on the principle because the person attacking character has no leg to stand on in terms of principle.

Hope that helps!

Scott Shaver said...

Gotta love the love the justice in his "posturing" IMO.

Rex Ray said...


OK, just call me “funny boy” because too much water under the bridge.

You see, my wife, Belle, who agreed with me about you saying Jesus was a Southern Baptist had dementia five years before she met Jesus in 2012. (I sure was looking forward to that that trip.)

In my failed research I found where you found a girl being held a prisoner in a church basement when she wanted to leave. You confronted its pastor, and he stuck his finger in your face while yelling:

"You will answer to God at the judgment seat of Christ for going against the God-ordained authority of this church!"

“I grabbed his finger, twisted his arm behind his back, and put him face first against the wall and whispered in his ear, "Christ atoned for every one of my sins at the cross so I will not be answering for them, but I can darn sure guarantee you if you laid one finger on this girl you will answer to the prosecutor and courts of Oklahoma County and no amount of spiritual authority will keep you safe in prison."

Good for you Wade!

Anonymous said...

Rex Ray,

Just for amusement... Looks like you have been down this road before...

Your comment:

Rex Ray said...
Thy Peace,
You’re probably right that Alan did not direct his comments to me.

You know the old saying…the guilty flee when no man pursues.

Guess I was a little jumpy after Bob, Debbie, and Wade replied the way they did.

I’m not use to that much fan fair:)

I’ll never forget the replies because I accused Wade of saying Jesus was a Southern Baptist.

Good to hear from Kevin Bussey.

Fri Feb 20, 09:42:00 PM 2009

bunkababy said...

Here is a well written article about why Plandemic is so popular.

Christiane said...

people look for answers and meaning during the times when there is change and confusion, and they seek out that which helps them to get a handle on their fears and that which supports their hopes

this is our human way, this is how we attempt to cope and hold on

Early in the 14th century, a Christian woman also lived in perilous times, and she prayed to God, this:

""O Lord, make haste and illumine the night.
Say to my soul that nothing happens without Your permitting it,
and that nothing of what You permit is without comfort.
O Jesus, Son of God,
You Who were silent in the presence of Your accusers, restrain my tongue
until I find what should say and how to say it.
Show me the way and make me ready to follow it.
It is dangerous to delay, yet perilous to go forward.
Answer my petition and show me the way.
I come to You as the wounded go to the physician in search of aid.
Give peace, O Lord, to my heart."
(Birgitta of Sweden)

The peace that comes from Christ helps to anchor us during perilous times. In that peace, we can shelter and find comfort. Best to center on Christ and His wisdom, and ask Him to 'Show me the Way'.
Like our Christian sister, Birgitta of Sweden in the 1300's, we are now too wounded to make it on our own;
and in all likelihood, we have been badly wounded for some time now and did not know it.

Celeste said...

I think some very important questions have been asked on this page re: does Dr. Judy Mikovits deserve our respect.
I know nothing of Robert Kennedy, Jr. I do question why I should believe a politician's recommendation regarding a scientists veracity. Because politicians tend to have an agenda, I did a quick "Google" on Mr. Kennedy. He is an "anti-vaxxer". Interestingly, his family has recently publicly chastised him for spreading "dangerous misinformation" about vaccinations. His scientific discernment is questionable, and so his praises of this fallen scientist may have an underlying agenda. Now, you can come back and tell me that my writings are someone that has been brainwashed by big pharma, government, but I do like to know if the person putting up an unfounded theory is credible or has a pre-existing agenda.

Dr. Mikovits' PhD thesis was “Negative Regulation of HIV Expression in Monocytes,” and that had no obvious impact on the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

She did publish an article in the journal Science suggesting that 67% of the patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) were infected with a murine (mouse) virus XRMV. This work was done while she was an employee of the Whittemore Institute. The article is linked. At the top of the articles are links to the partial and then full retraction. There was no big pharma suppression of her work. CFS is a syndrome with no biologic markers. Affected patients do not have an elevation in their white count or biochemical abnormality that can be found to track/diagnose/follow the disease. This was an exciting body of work -- there was potentially a virus associated with CFS that could be tracked and possibly treated. However, when a study like this is published, other labs jump on the bandwagon hoping to extend the body of knowledge. This work could not be replicated. This led to a partial retraction published in October 2011, of which Dr. Mikovits was an author, suggesting that the results were in error because samples had been contaminated by XMRV plasmid DNA. (Plasmids are vehicles that are used in labs containing DNA sequences. They are a part of the tool kit to amplify DNA and study genes).

Celeste said...

Part 2/continued
In December of 2011, Science fully retracted the study. An astute graduate student had noted that one of the figures looked identical to data presented at a meeting, but that the graph had different labels (so different experimental conditions). The question was raised if this was "a simple mistake or an attempt to recycle old data to make a new argument." Regardless, the data was not as presented originally and so the paper was retracted by Science. The majority of the paper's authors signed off on the retraction. Dr. Mikovits did not, but the potentially falsified figure, was a huge problem. The NIH funded a study looking for XMRV in patients with CFS. Dr. Mikovits took part in that study. There was absolutely NO EVIDENCE that XMRV could be found in the serum of patients with CFS. Dr. Mikovits confirmed that in a press conference . Despite this lack of evidence for XMRV being involved in CFS (and she participated in those negative studies), Dr. Mikovits has gone on to suggest that XMRV is the cause of autism. In the same manner, there is no scientific evidence of that link.

RB Kuter said...

Thanks a LOT, Gerald Polmateer, for finding and sharing that web address with the video! So glad that it has surfaced after huge attempts to erase it from access. I would love to pass this address on to friends on Face Book and other sources but am afraid to draw attention to it so as to make it vulnerable to further attacks by those being exposed. But do appreciate your sharing it.

Wade Burleson said...


You raise some excellent points in this comment section. Have you read her book? She gives answers to your excellent questions - of course, even in the answers given, you have to again go to the credibility of the author.

Thanks for your comments. Dialogue like yours is what is needed. Calm. Factual. Controlled.

I am satisfied with the answers I've found with your questions, but respect those that are not.

I have a great deal of knowledge from the life of Tesla, Velikosvky, and other radical (out-of-the-mainstream) scientists, that if you rebut the body of evidence established by science, you're not allowed to be heard.

I guess I have too much anti-authoritarianism in me to silently go into the night when the powers that be say "that scientist is nuts!" Laughing.

Celeste said...

In my effort to present the history of Dr. Mikovits, I forgot to write that I do think it horrible that the video is being censored. However, in this age of the internet, when anybody can present anything as truth, one has to, sometimes, go back to the primary data which is what I have attempted to do. The fact that the video has been censored is giving it a greater presence than it deserves. The censorship is horrible. Do not think that the media is not manipulating us through sensational stories.

Rex Ray said...


You said, “Rex Ray…If you find a place - on any post, in any comment, from any writing - where I said Jesus was a Southern Baptist, I'll buy you and your lovely wife a trip for two to anywhere in the world.”

AH, tricky; tricky! You don’t deny saying it; you just said I couldn’t find it. Well, how could I find it when you deleted everything on the subject.

You deleted all except one that anonymous pointed out with this link:

It brings up your post and the comments where I wrote the following:

“Thy Peace,
You’re probably right that Alan did not direct his comments to me.
You know the old saying…the guilty flee when no man pursues.
Guess I was a little jumpy after Bob, Debbie, and Wade replied the way they did.
I’m not use to that much fan fair:)
I’ll never forget the replies because I accused Wade of saying Jesus was a Southern Baptist.
Good to hear from Kevin Bussey.” Fri Feb 20, 09:42:00 PM 2009

Starting with that date, I spent hours reading older post thinking I’d find where you said Jesus was a Southern Baptist, but you did a good job in removing everything on the subject.

Celeste said...

I have not read her book. I will consider it, but don't want to enrich her because from my perspective, she has shifted her history and has limited credibility.

I love the story of someone who shifts paradigms. One of those stories has just come to light recently (in the past decade): James Allison, Ph.D. If you have been around patients with cancer in the past few years, the word "immunotherapy" has become central. For decades, immunotherapy was the holy grail of cancer care but tests using vaccines, interferons, etc univerally failed or were of marginal benefit. Dr. Allison successfully proved that the accepted interpretation of a huge body of immunologic evidence was false -- what was thought to be a suppressor was actually an activator. With that 180 degree shift, he was able to design a series of studies that demonstrated the main-stream science was wrong which led to the development of immunotherapies that have become the backbone of treatment for multiple cancers that have a specific signature. He was awarded the Nobel prize.

I always wonder about people claiming that "Big Pharma" is suppressing data. If you are talking about vaccines, yes, that is a multi-million dollar industry, but if you understand infectious disease and history, it doesn't take a lot to understand the power of vaccines for the better. However, in the case of Dr. Mikovits, why would Big Pharma suppress her (false) discovery that a virus was causing chronic fatigue syndrome? That virus was a potential target for drug development. Big Pharma loves new drugs -- they are expensive and they make HUGE profits.

Wade Burleson said...


In my effort to present the history of Dr. Mikovits, I forgot to write that I do think it horrible that the video is being censored.

You are the type of person my wife and I would love to have over for dinner. :)

Whether we agree or not isn't the issue. It's mutual respect for critical thinking that is attractive.

I know you're an intellectual. I think you may be pleasantly surprised by her book.

I buy books from atheists. :) It helps me see how they think, and I don't think about enriching them.

Wade Burleson said...

Wade Burleson said...

I've deleted nothing. It's hard to prove a negative so you'll have to take my word for it.

I will add one thing. Anyone who knows me understands that I would never even THINK Jesus was a Southern Baptist, much less say it. That would be on par with the sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in my mind.

Christiane said...

Gentlemen, I think I can help some here:


I could be wrong, but I think Rex Ray may be remembering something on the topic of 'Baptists' and 'the Trail of Blood' that was written by himself some time back, this:

"Rex Ray said...
Ken F.

Back to the Trail of Blood.

“Christians that rejected the man-made doctrine of “Infant Baptism”, and demanded rebaptism were called “Ana-Baptists” in the third Century. They received this name before Catholics received theirs. Thus “Ana-Baptist” is the oldest denominational name in history.”

“During the time that 50 million of the hated Ana-Baptist were killed, along one European highway, thirty-mile distance, sharp stakes were set up every few feet with the head of an Ana-Baptist. Human imagination can hardly picture a scene so awful! And yet a thing perpetrated, according to reliable history, by people calling themselves devout followers of the meek and lowly Jesus Christ.”

“Many others that believed as Ana-Baptists bore other nicknames such as the Donatists, Paulicians, Albigenses, Ancient Waldenses, and others. Gradually these names were changed to Anabaptist. By the sixteenth century. “Ana” was dropped and they became known as Baptist.”

Anonymous said...

" I did a quick "Google" on Mr. Kennedy. He is an "anti-vaxxer""

Celeste - would it be fair to label JFK jr. as an anti-vaxxer if he himself publicly denies that description?

This guy had the same view of Kennedy until he interviewd him.

Just a quick side - most people don't realize the extent at which tech companies like Google censor information and purposefully spread propaganda, especially about our current medical crisis. I researched a product called MMS and both Google and Wikipedia coughed up an incredible amount of damning evidence against it. The first website Google provides after searching "MMS miracle" is a link to the FDA's website with a clear warning of:

"The FDA warns you not to drink sodium chlorite products such as Miracle Mineral Solution. These products can make you sick. Some distributors are making false—and dangerous—claims that Miracle Mineral Supplement mixed with citric acid is an antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial liquid that is a remedy for autism, cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, flu, and other conditions. But the FDA is not aware of any research showing that these products are safe or effective for treating any illness. Using these products may cause you to delay other treatments that have been shown to be safe and effective." I

Its industrial bleach - don't drink it! So they say.

Sounds like they really care for people's health doesn't it? Nothing could be further from the truth if you do the research. Water makes people sick if you drink too much of it too quickly. Kills people every year that way. Tylenol kills a bunch of people every year too. ""Tylenol Is By Far The Most Dangerous Drug Ever Made"

Bottom line is since they can't patent it, they can't profit from it. Funny, duck-duck-go takes you right to the product's website for the first entry. It's been used thousands and thousands of times successfully by people all over the world in treating many different infections and illnesses. I just used it a couple months ago for a big toe nail infection - I could hardly walk. Much better than taking Rx anti's. Drank a couple drops in 8 oz of water which cleared it up in three days. Couldn't even tell I had an infection.

No wonder the DOJ and FBI are raiding clinics that are using vitamin c to treat covid-1984, and sending cease and desist letters to companies to that advertise products like colloidal silver and MMS for effectively treating covid-1984 - they don't want the competition in their racket.

Sorry, got more long winded than intended. :) Ken

Iowa Steve said...

Snopes has done the research

bunkababy said...

Celeste and Christiane Yes!

That was my question at the top. Why is she backed by a politician and not other medical researchers? If it was as important as she claims the medical community should be elated because Chronic fatigue is so debilitating.

Rex Ray said...

Wade never meant to say Jesus was a Southern Baptist. I mean Google states Southern Baptists started in 1845. So how in the world could Jesus have been a Southern Baptist?

If I remember right, Wade was trying to say Jesus was a Southern Baptists in his thinking, but in plain words he said, “Jesus was a Southern Baptist.”

Christiane, if you check out the link:

that Anonymous listed on his comment on Friday May 8, at 10:27 PM 2020, you will see Bob Cleveland’s comment: “Rex, you said: “Maybe somewhere in your book [talking about Wade’s book] will do away with my gripe, but all I see in this ‘Foreword is “I”.” That is precisely the sort of hyperbole that makes any following point questionable.” Fri Feb 20, 08:02 AM 2009

On that same post (Feb. 20, 9:42 PM 2009) I wrote: “…I was a little jumpy after Bob, Debbie, and Wade replied the way they did…I’ll never forget the replies because I accused Wade of saying Jesus was a Southern Baptist.”

It’s obvious, their comments are not there anymore that criticized me for accusing Wade saying Jesus was a Southern Baptist. Sure, they could have deleted their comments, but they couldn’t have deleted Wade’s comment that made me “a little jumpy”. I’m sure Bob Cleveland could back me up, but I believe he doesn’t want to enter this ‘squabble’.

The nearest Wade ever came to admitting he said ‘Jesus was a Southern Baptists’ was: “Sometimes, words don’t reflect their true meaning.”

I think this will be my last statement on such a small subject. I see Wade has a new post.

Wade Burleson said...


You are stubborn. :) I'm sure you're wife says this too! Laughing.

In this case, you are stubbornly incorrect. Have a great weekend!

Cindy Meyers said...

What about the fact-checkers like this one...

Rex Ray said...


Do you remember long ago of deleting all the comments on your post because you said it involved a personal conflict in our church? (I was glad you did.)

I was going to drop this discussion until you said I was “stubbornly incorrect”.

If you didn’t delete any comments on your 2009 post, where is my comment that stated my wife (Belle) majored in English and she agreed that you said Jesus was a Southern Baptist?

You may have forgotten she said that eleven years ago, but I haven’t.

Yesterday, a 30 year-old woman went down the slide which increased the total number of people to 683 and total trips to 1,580. Her comment was “Going to bring our kids.” When she rode the 30-foot seesaw, her husband was so big, I got on her end to balance it. They had fun but were worried about me being 88 and climbing 12 feet to get on.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

RFK Jr thinks there is a link between autism and vaccination. That means he is a dangerous idiot. Anything that RFK jr thinks is worthwhile is immediately suspect.

Rex Ray said...

One Salient Oversight,

Are you indicating that RFK Jr is wrong in believing Sirhan is in prison NOW because he was a patsy just like Oswald was?

Some things that convicted Sirhan is someone had enough influence (like President LBJ) to keep the jury from seeing the autopsy, had Sirhan hypnotized, had his lawyers trick Sirhan to plead guilty, and the recording of 13 shots was not available at the time.

Celeste said...

Cindy Meyers, that is a good fact checker but they have an error. In the discussion of cell based vaccine production, the fact checker claims "There’s no evidence that it came from dogs specifically, either. The CDC’s information page on cell-based vaccines doesn’t mention dogs, and neither do other pages." However, mid-way down the page on the CDC web site that the fact checker references, it says, "In place of fertilized chicken eggs, the cell-based vaccine manufacturing process uses animal cells (Madin-Darby Canine Kidney, or MDCK cells) in liquid culture as a host for the growing influenza virus. For the 2019-20 season, the viruses provided to the manufacturer to be grown in cell culture are cell-derived rather than egg derived. ." The MDCK cell line is derived from canine (dog) kidney cells. So that fact check is in error. Dogs are mentioned (you have to know the name of the dog).

However, the production of the usual influenza vaccine is by purification of proteins, so all the RNA/DNA is removed (RNA and DNA is the coding material of cells). Viral particles are not likely to survive through that process. Production of attenuated vaccines (the nasal spray that they given children) is another process.....

The rest fo that fact checker seems appropriate from the research that I have been doing on the inaccuracies in Plandemic.

Christiane said...


good morning

was trying to help there with finding that old comment because there seemed such a need to tie the early Christians to the tradition of baptizing adults

ideally, the first people who became Christians were older folk who attended 'the Service of the Word' for one year until Easter time, and then at Easter, they were baptized and confirmed in their faith and admitted to the congregation that was allowed to attend and participate in the Service of the Eucharist (Lord's Supper).

So there WAS a great tradition of bringing people into the Church through instruction and then baptism even in the beginning of the Church.

Now, on another note,
regarding the 'famous' RFK Jr., and his strange stances on various popular conspiracies of the moment, please know that there is a LOT of money available out there for those who will support various conspiracy theories so you have to be discerning about what you buy into. Here's the thing: that a person is 'famous' does not mean he also has 'integrity'.
Sometimes people without character will trade on their famous name. One give-away would be when it is 'surprising' that they would support a certain point of view as it seems out of character for their background. Another give-away is that the person is into more than one 'conspiracy of the moment' and is public about it. Just a thought.

Be discerning. I don't know RFK Jr.'s character or reputation. I don't know all he holds to politically either. But he has spoken out on two major conspiracy-type theories and this seems to go against his family's traditional Democratic beliefs. May he is sincere?
I hope so, but I would find out 'more' about him. Who is he aligned with? What is known about him?

I know you love a good conspiracy theory, and I would never want you to give up your hobby, but sometimes you do need to question peoples' motives when something seems out of character with them. Just sayin' :)

Iowa Steve said...


There is no recording of 13 shots. There was one guy who thought he heard 13 shots on a poor recording. Many audio engineers have listened to the tape and only hear 7 or 8 shots. Also, a person can't be hypnotized into committing a crime.
Why is it important to you that this be a conspiracy?

Celeste said...

OK. I lost 30 minutes of my life to the video. More, because I am writing this although I love the exercise. There is so much patently false information in that video, I don't know what to do with it. Yes, she brings up some concerns that are valid, but her foundation of false premises leaves me with that old saying, "even the blind squirrel sometimes finds an acorn."

There have now been multiple fact check articles that delineate her great body of false statements. One was mentioned above this comment. I like this one from .
Mikovits states that there has been no successful vaccine against an RNA virus -- what about measles, which was almost eradicated before we had enough of the population choosing not to vaccinate that we lost herd immunity? Other viruses that are RNA viruses for which we have successful vaccines include: influenza, measles, mumps, rubella, rabies, yellow fever, and Ebola. So no. That is wrong.
She claims that she "taught" Ebola to infect human cells in the lab and there was no Ebola prior to that….Ebola was first discovered as a virus infecting humans in 1976.
There is a flash of a journal article and then an image of military being injected with the flu vaccine. She then claims that the military found that those receiving the influenza vaccine are more susceptible to the coronavirus. No. No. No. I found the article titled "Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017-2018 influenza season." Basically, there is a theory that by receiving a vaccine, you prevent "natural infection" and that by no having non-specific immunity that occurs with natural infection, one becomes more susceptible to other respiratory infections. They investigators found NO increase in respiratory infections among the vaccinated versus non-vaccinated. They were not checking for COVID 19 because it wasn't around then (remember, coronavirus comes from the family of "cold" viruses and are different from COVID 19 (SARS-CoV-2). The conclusion of the study (quoted), "The overall results of the study showed little to no evidence supporting the association of virus interference and influenza vaccination. Individual respiratory virus results were mixed, and some rebutted virus interference." Not nice to flash a journal article and give a totally different conclusion regarding something that wasn’t even studied.
The AMA did not tell doctors they will lose their license over plaquenil use. The AMA has nothing to do with MD licensure (that is a state function) and is an organization that currently has support of a MINORITY of physicians. I would guess that majority of doctors don't care what the AMA has to say . It a myth that the AMA represents physicians at this stage.
Mikovits states, "wearing a mask is activating your own virus." What the…..I can tell you from personal experience that wearing a mask all day leaves a person feel like they are breathing their own germs, but having done it for weeks now, I have not gotten sick. If true (it is NOT), one could argue that it is "good" because our own immune system would then be activated to fight (although that *might* prove to be a bad thing)….but please don't think THAT is true, it is just coming up with a random idea which is what I feel like she does. However, she does have training, so she knows all the right big technical words that wow people.

Celeste said...

Wade, for me, the Plandemic video is like spiritual authority abuse -- someone using a body of evidence to come up with their own conclusions that do not follow logically from the body of evidence. In my mind, Mikovits using random facts (although most are not facts and created) is not dissimilar to someone using the Bible to manipulate and control for their own gain. As before, I think it wrong that FB and YouTube chose to take down her videos, but she is not some renegade contrarian researcher, she is spewing a bunch of falsehoods and occasionally hitting the proverbial nail. People have asked what is her gain? She gets a platform and she has a book form which she will make profit.

The (few) things that I do agree with from that AWFUL video. (I am losing my controlled commenting.)
1. Mikovitz mentions Bill Gates. Why are we giving Bill Gates a platform in this? Is he a doctor ? Does he understand the nuances of vaccine development? Who is he to say that the country needs to shut down until a vaccine is available? Good grief.

Celeste said...

continued (2).....
2. Vaccine development: It takes a LONG time to develop a safe vaccine. To suggest that we can make an appropriate SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in 18 to 24 months is frightening. When we develop a vaccine, we are giving it to a healthy population hoping to prevent disease. The risk of having an unhealthy response is always there and needs to be ruled out. That study takes a LOT of time. For example, Dengue fever is a very painful disease that kills in endemic countries. A vaccine was developed. When children received the vaccine, if they had not previously had Dengue fever, they had often had no protection from the disease, and in fact, the disease seemed to be far worse than the natural infection because of something called "antibody dependent enhancement". What studies eventually found was that the antibodies produced by the vaccine facilitated viral entry into cells making the infection far worse the first time being infected. At this time, that vaccine is approved only for people who have had a previous infection. Can we guarantee that won't be the result on a COVID vaccine? No. Yet, in the panic generated by the media, important steps in antibody development are being skipped.

Celeste said...

continued (3).....
The two coronaviruses that have caused epidemic/pandemic in recent history were SARS and MERS. Both seemed to "burn out" before they became an issue in the US. SARS (SARS-CoV)(without the "2") also started in China in 2002. An epidemic occurred in 2003 in which 23 countries were infected. We know that both SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV2 are believed to infect cells through the ACE receptor. For SARS, they were also able to identify the virus in immune cells that do not have that receptor. Later, it was determined that antibodies to SARS facilitated entry of the virus into immune cells, potentially worsening infection. Therefore, vaccine induced disease enhancement because a huge concern in development of a vaccine to SARS. In one mouse model study, they found that the vaccine could induce antibody production to the virus (preventing infection) but that the mice had a lung hypersensitivity reaction (don't get the disease but die of an immune reaction in the lung?????).

With respect to MERS first identified in 2012 and another corona virus, researchers used New Zealand white rabbits as a model infection. A vaccine produced non-neutralizing antibodies in the rabbit (meaning when challenged with the virus, the antibodies failed to prevent infection). Like the mouse model of SARS, the rabbits also had enhanced pulmonary inflammation. A mouse model was created which had similar results. There is concern that like the Dengue virus, antibody production could be potentially tied to worsened illness with other strains of corona virus. A very scientific review of these adverse effects and studies on vaccines is found in this article "Viral-Induced Enhanced Disease Illness" published in Front Microbiol. 2018; 9:2991 ( published before COVID…..).

I believe in vaccines. They have significantly decreased diseases, but I am not confident that I will stand in line for a COVID vaccine if it comes out in a year or two years. If that decision means that I mask for the rest of my working life, then I will mask.

Unfortunately, understanding this virus has been greatly hampered by the lack of "good" data. I do not believe the data out of China at all. There is an agenda on that one. The data from the US is hampered by lack of testing. No this is not the flu, but I question if it's lethality is really that much worse than the flu. In my rural county, our COVID numbers were hanging at less than 10 for almost 2 weeks. However, we had no access to testing. Two weeks ago, we had our first 2 COVID positives identified in the hospital, both from the same nursing home. By the end of that weekend, our numbers had jumped to 50 with all the news but 1 coming from the nursing home. Now, the numbers for the county are up about 90, but the state has declared us a hotspot and sent a mobile testing lab. Approximately 70 are associated with nursing homes. We have had 4 COVID deaths, all in the past week. Three were nursing home associated. However, the interesting thing is the nursing homes and employees were ALL tested (regardless of symptoms). Most of the NH residents were asymptomatic and all the employees were asymptomatic but we almost immediately had about 70 cases identified . Multiple employees were positive. None had symptoms. So, the question of severity remains. Our data is now totally skewed because we had no testing and now have a lot of testing with much of it being done on asymptomatic people (which is not how the initial testing was done). Antibody testing so far is fraught with potential "false positives." Also, the testing for the virus is NOT that accurate (we are being told 75% sensitivity). The lack of testing (thanks CDC) will make our primary data bad, but for me, the numbers and the information overall is suspect. We have been forced into closing down the economy by models that may be founded on bad data. Sigh. Off my soap box.

Rex Ray said...

Iowa Steve,

Before I reply to your comment to me, I’ll back up in history and give some facts that happened when LBJ was President. (He was still President when Robert Kennedy was murdered.)

CIA technicians said cancer cells and heart attacks could be injected in a person. Ruby spoke to several people saying JFK was killed by a conspiracy and he had been maneuvered into killing Oswald who was a fall guy. He claimed to have been injected with cancer cells when treated with shots for a cold. He died just before he was to testify in Congress. He had told congressional investigators that he wanted to talk but he needed protection.

In 1977, six top FBI officials scheduled to appear before the HSCA died.
1. 11/63 Lea Harvey Oswald was killed one day after JFK was killed.
2. 11/63 Karlyn Kucinich TV host's daughter was murdered after hearing a plot to kill JFK.
3. 12/63 Jack Zangretti expressed foreknowledge of Ruby shooting Oswald. He was a gunshot victim.
4. 2/64 Eddy Benavides saw policeman Tippit shot while trying to arrest a man that looked like Oswald, but the bullets in Tippit did not match Oswald’s gun. Benavides died from a gunshot to the head.
5. 2/64 Betty McDonald was a former Ruby employee. Her death by hanging was ruled a suicide.
6. 3/64 Hank Killam, husband of Ruby employee, had his throat cut.
7. 4/64 Bill Hunter, a reporter, was in Ruby's apartment and was accidentally shot by a policeman.
8. 5/64 Gary Underhill was a CIA agent who claimed CIA was involved. His gunshot death was ruled a suicide.
9. 5/64 Hugh Ward was a private investigator on JFK’s murder. He died in a plane crash in Mexico.
10. 5/64 Delesseps, New Orleans mayor, died in Ward's plane.
11. 8/64 Teresa Norton, Ruby employee, was fatally shot.
12. 6/64 Guy Banister was ex-FBI agent who died of a heart attack. He was connected to Ferrier, CIA, Carlos Marcello, and Oswald.
13. 9/64 Jim Koethe, a reporter, was in Ruby's apartment when he died from a blow to his neck.
14. 10/64 Mary Pinchot, JFK mistress was murdered. Her diary was taken by CIA Chief James Angleton after her death.
15. 3/65 Tom Howard, Ruby's first lawyer, died of a heart attack while in Ruby's apartment on 11/24/63.
16. 5/65 Maurice Gatlin, pilot for Guy Banister, died from a fall.
17. 8/65 Mona Saenz, Texas employment clerk, interview Oswald. He was killed by a Dallas bus.
18. 9/65 Rose Charmaine knew of assassination in advance and told of riding to Dallas with Cubans. She was killed by a hit and run.

Wade Burleson said...


Thank you for your informative comments.

I have finished Dr. Mikovits book and am currently doing some research on RFK, Jr. I have never been anti-vaccine - ever. But the more I'm learning about vaccines, I share many of your concerns (rushed development, dangerous side effects without proper testing, etc.).

All that said, I love the Internet because of dialogue like this.

I've not yet made up my mind about Dr. Mikovits. You've given me much to think about, but I'm still thinking and am not convinced that her arguments are without merit -- but respect your decision that they are.

Rex Ray said...

20. 11/65 Mrs. Earl Smith, close friend to Dorothy Kilgallen, may have kept notes, but died from undetermined causes two days after Kilgallen death.
21. 12/65 William Whaley, taxi driver, drove Oswald to Oak Cliff. He was only taxi driver in Dallas to die from a collision while on duty.

22. 1966 Lynn Karen talked with Ruby before Oswald was shot. She was a gunshot victim.

23. 8/66 Lee Bowers witnessed a man behind picket fence. He was killed in a car wreck 3 months later.
24. 10/66 William Pitzer did JFK’s autopsy. He died from a gunshot that was ruled suicide.
26. 11/66 James Worrell saw a man run out the back door of the schoolbook depository. His mother could never get straight answers how he was killed in a motorcycle accident.
26. 1/67 Jack Ruby died of lung cancer before he was to testify to Congress. He told his family he was injected with cancer cells.
27. 2/67 Harold Russell saw the man escape who killed officer Tippit. He was killed by a cop in barroom brawl.
28. 2/67 David Ferrie was an acquaintance of Oswald. He was killed by a blow to his neck which was ruled an accident.
29. 5/68. Robert Kennedy assassinated. Someone had Sirhan hypnotized. Different type bullets were in people, but substitute bullets that looked the same were at his trial. Autopsy, withheld at trial, revealed powder burns in Robert’s back and behind his ear. Thane Eugene Cesar, his bodyguard, stood behind him. His gun, found in a pool, matched the bullets in Robert. Cesar went to the Philippines and has never been found.
30. 1972 Hale Boggs was house majority leader. He began to express doubts about the Warren Commission. His plane could not be found in Alaska. J. Edgar Hoover withheld coordinates where his plane was.
31. 5/75 Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig after JFK was shot, saw a man run from the Grassy Knoll and jump into a station wagon. He said the Warren Commission changed his testimony. He was fired. 1967; a bullet grazed his head. 1973; a car forced him off the road causing back injury. 1975; he was injured when a car bomb exploded. Later that year after several radio talk shows, he died from a self-inflicted gunshot.
32. 7/76 John Roselli, a hit-man for the mob, testified to the Senate and was to appear again, but was found stabbed and in a metal drum.
33. 5/77 Lou Staples, a Dallas radio talk show host, told friends he would break the assassination case wide open, but his death by a gunshot was ruled suicide.
34. 2/2014 James T. Tague died of cancer three months after his book, “LBJ and the Kennedy Killing” was published. He appeared on TV many times. I (Rex Ray) was one of 16 people who attended his funeral.

Iowa Steve said...


If you know so much about the JFK Assassination, why haven't you been bumped off.

Why are conspiracies so important to you

Anyway I'm done

bye for now

Rex Ray said...

Iowa Steve,

You’re right that a person can’t be hypnotized into committing a crime. That’s why Sirhan was hypnotized to believe he was on a gun range shooting at balloons.

If Sirhan wasn’t hypnotized, how could he miss hitting Robert A FEW FEET IN FRONT OF HIM? (Sirhan wounded a man, Paul Schrade, that was standing next to Robert.)

“Paul Schrade, 91, told the panel that he believed Sirhan shot him at the hotel but an unidentified second shooter killed Kennedy.”

“Kennedy had been shot three times. One bullet was fired at a range of perhaps 1 inch and entered behind his right ear, dispersing fragments throughout his brain. The other two entered at the rear of his right armpit; one exited from his chest and the other lodged in the back of his neck.”

The tape recorded 13 shots. Robert had a bullet hole in his shoulder pad, and 3 in his body. (Total of 4) Sirhan wounded five other people while men held him on a table. (Total of 6) Two bullets hit a door frame, and one bullet hole was found in a ceiling tile. (Total 3)

Iowa, add those numbers up and it comes to 13 shots.

It’s important to me because Sirhan is innocent, and is still in prison.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ruth said...

Wade: Have you discussed this with Rachelle? As a medical professional, her opinion on the claims made by Dr. Mikovits should be a valuable tool for you.

The one glaring thing that strikes me is her claim that wearing a face mask causes the wearer to subject themselves to an increased COVID viral load causing illness. This cannot possibly be true; if it was, any medical professional who wears a mask as part of their daily work would be continually sick, as they are exposed to innumerable highly contagious viruses and bacteria in their work environment when they are not masked. Complete sterilization of any environment is impossible.

Since she is willing to publicly declare this dubious (and not medically backed) statement, it makes me much less likely to believe the rest of her accusations. I find it very difficult to believe that any well educated medical professional would actually think this was true, and since she apparently does – her credibility just dropped to zero with me.

Isaac said...

I am compelled to reply to this post.

1. I am a scientist with an earned PhD and am an orthodox Christian who believes in the bible and have been part of a local church for over 40 years.
2. I don't believe in censorship.
3. One must consider the source and purpose of the information in this film. It is not known who sponsored and paid for it. Who has to gain from it? It could be argued that book sales, publicity, and film making sales play a role.
4. The film is poor journalism, it's not really journalism at all as it does not seek truth by examining all sides and persons involved. It easily fits any standard definition of propaganda.
5. I am discouraged so many well-meaning Christians fall for, and promote such propaganda including here on Wade's blog.
6. Peer review in the scientific community, while a flawed and human endeavor, does help weed out flawed or unethical work. Dr. Mikovits' work linking chronic fatigue to a virus was deemed seriously flawed as results could not be replicated by multiple scientists. Scientists believe that there was lab contamination or bogus data was used. This is not persecution, it's how science works and it results in numerous inventions and medicines that have benefited mankind.
7. Dr. Mikovits never served as a senior scientist in a lab. She did direct a lab funded by private donors which raises many potential ethics and conflict of interest biases. That lab fired her and she then was arrested for stealing proprietary data/information. Her actions are what discredited her, not big pharma or the NIH.

I plead with people to not be used as pawns for any propaganda from any source - private, government, church, business or any organization. Please gather information from multiple sources before promulgating biased ideas.

These writers' responses are also worth reading.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Rex Ray

You are 88 years old?

Your replies are strange.

You might need to see a doctor.

bunkababy said...

Thank you Isaac.

bunkababy said...

Celeste, I appreciate all of your medical knowledge and views. I wish more people would treat them with the respect they deserve.

Rex Ray said...

One Salient Oversight,

Truth is always strange to the ignorant. I’m scheduled to see a doctor this week, but was told my appointment has been changed to a phone call. Do you think the doctor is afraid of COViD-19?

bunkababy said...

Celeste, I appreciate all of your medical knowledge and views. I wish more people would treat them with the respect they deserve.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Rex Ray,

Ask your doctor to do a dementia check.

I am not insulting you.

Your comments show something wrong.

Rex Ray said...

One Salient Oversight,
If a doctor looked at my name and my picture, and your name and your picture, which person do you think he would believe had dementia?

Did my comment that proved there were 13 shots when Robert Kennedy was murdered upset you?

Maybe you’re an LBJ lover that doesn’t want his legacy tarnished.

These are reasons why Oswald was innocent.

Tague’s book page numbers as (#) and my comments in [ ] will prove a ‘conspiracy’.
1. Photograph of Texas Department of Public Safety showed two spent rounds and one live round in the ‘sniper’s nest’. (#279) [“live” means the rifle firing pin had not made a dent in the round; only the lead and powder had been removed.]
2. [No one knew JFK would pass the School Book Depository at 12:30.] Four employees saw Oswald reading a newspaper on the first floor at 11:50. (#47)
3. Oswald asked James Jarman JR. why people were gathering outside. Jarman answered, and Oswald said, “Oh, I see.” (#46)
4. Carolyn Arnold saw Oswald eating in the lunchroom on the second floor at 12:15 which was 15 minutes before JFK was killed. (#47).
5. Marrion Baker, policeman, thought the shooter was on the roof but had to take the stairs because the two elevators were at the 5th floor and the electricity was off for 3 minutes (which let assassins hide their guns and escape on the elevator.) Baker pulled a gun on Oswald in the lunchroom on the 2th floor 75 seconds after first shot was fired. Oswald appeared calm. (#44) Oswald bought a soda from a soft-drink-machine. Baker continued up the stairs to the 5th floor and saw one elevator had gone down. He took the other elevator to the 7th floor. (#373)
6. Vickie Adams and Sandra Styles were watching through a window on the 4th floor as shots were fired. They immediately went down the stairs and outside without seeing anyone. (#214)
7. If Oswald had shot Kennedy from the 6th floor, he’d had to hide his rifle on the 5th floor, and be in the lunchroom in 75 seconds without being out of breath. Also, since the women had a head start of two floors, he would have the impossible task of running past them without being seen. (#217)
8. After drinking the soda, Oswald casually walked out of the front door and caught a bus. After the bus got stalled in traffic, he got a taxi but not before waiting for the bus driver to give him a transfer that was stamped 12:40 which was on him when he was arrested.) (#95) [Would a killer on the run wait for a bus transfer?]
9. Attorney General of Texas, Waggoner Carr, said Oswald was hired by the FBI in September 1962 as an informant with a salary of $200 a month. (#179)
10. The FBI got Oswald a job at the Texas State Depository Building (October 15, 1963…five weeks before the assassination. (#205)
11. Head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, secret memo that was written within minutes of Oswald’s death to all FBI Departments, stated “Our job is to convince the American public that Oswald is the real assassin. (p. 285)
12. Tague wrote (#97): “It is evident to me that the taxi ride to Oak Cliff [to his apartment] gave Oswald a moment to think. Oswald knew he had been put at TSBD for a certain reason; now in the taxi, he figured things out and he panicked knowing he was a patsy.” [TV quoted him saying: “I’m a patsy.”]
13. Oswald rushed in and out of his room so fast, his landlady, Earlene Roberts said, “My, you’re sure in a hurry.” (#95) [He probably got his pistol. He was accused of shooting a policeman, but his bullets didn’t match.]
14. “A theater cashier called police and reported a suspicious wild-looking man had entered the Texas Theater.” (#96) [In the lunchroom, Oswald faced a policeman’s gun and stayed clam because he hadn’t done anything wrong, but now fear of being a ‘patsy’ had him looking for someplace to hide.]

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Rex Ray,

I'm not talking about Oswald or Kennedy.

I'm not upset with you.

But your comments show there is something wrong with your brain.

My dad had dementia before he died.

Your posts remind me of him.

Rex Ray said...

One Salient Oversight,

I have a hard time of letting someone have the last word. :)

I’ll tell you what I know about dementia. I was married to Belle 55 years. She died from dementia.

I have a high slide that 690 people have gone down. (Seven went down two days ago.)

At one time we used part of a mattress to go down on.

One day, I heard Belle crying and screaming. She was holding the mattress, thinking it was me dead.

Rex Ray said...

Sorry about your father.

My father had been given a drug that’s given to ‘crazy’ people by a doctor that Dad had told he was nothing but a horse doctor. (He had our mother on a drug that would have killed her according to some Dallas doctors.) I didn’t know about the drug until a long time later. I took him to a hospital thinking he had a stroke.

“My you sure do have a fine belt. If I had it, I could get out of this horse trough.”

“No Daddy, you’re in a hospital bed.”

Tears were running down his face as he said, “I’ve done a lot for you.”

Quick as a flash, he was smiling as he held my belt and said, “I love you.”

“I love you.”

Those were our last words on this earth.

Christiane said...

Dear Wade,

sadly today we learn that as a result of this conspiracy theory being broadcasts on many local stations across the country, that Dr. Fauci and his family (wife and daughters) have been threatened with violence. I know you would never promote evil knowingly. I trust you to investigate further into what is behind all of this and to speak for people to try to be sensible in the face of the present troubles. May God help us all. These are strange times.
I remain someone who believes you are a good and decent person who serves Our Lord. I do not trust the conspiracy theories, no.

Christiane said...

ok said...

Dr.Mikovitz needs to speak to President Trump.