Thursday, April 16, 2020

I'm Doubling Down on COVID-19 Because of Lives

Released April 16, 2020, by Gov. Kevin Stitt (Oklahoma): Missed projections and actual hospitalizations

Last week I posted on Facebook that I believed it was time for our city (Enid, Oklahoma) to begin the transitional process of opening up economically. I said this:
"I respect our city leaders. Their emphasis on increased personal hygiene, being cautious around others, and the encouragement to "think of others" have been marvelous ("Thank You" city leaders!). That said, I believe it's now time to think of those losing their jobs, being furloughed, and missing paychecks to pay rent, to put food on the table, and to take care of bills. I'm requesting our Mayor and Enid's City Council announce Enid is OPEN THE CITY FOR BUSINESS at midnight Thursday, April 30, 2020, so that the Emergency Order is not extended into May."
The response I received by some to what I wrote made me out to be the true Tiger King who actually succeeded in murdering people. I was being blamed for impending deaths.

One person wrote:
"This is absolutely irresponsible. I would hope that a man of God would care more about people than sacrificing their lives for the sake of business. You do also realize that there are such things as asymptomatic carriers who can transmit the virus without showing symptoms? Your attempt at shaming those individuals who are genuinely concerned about this is repugnant.
I never take anything personally, so I took no offense toward those who accused me of being more interested in money than peoples' lives.

However, America's response to COVID-19 is not a "lives vs. economy" issue. It's a "lives vs. lives" issue.
It is entirely possible for more lives to be ruined by our response to COVID-19 than by the disease itself." Wade Burleson
At first, I listened to our government leaders because they were telling us that the "surge of patients" in need of hospitalization would overwhelm our medical system. We would not have enough beds to care for the sick, we were told.

My wife, Dr. Rachelle Burleson, understands public health. We want to be part of a solution to help our nation, not part of the problem. Out of love for our country and our leaders, I totally supported the recommendations of the CDC to shelter in place and isolate.

I obeyed government mandates to isolate and shelter in place, to cancel all corporate worship services for six weeks, and follow the mandates of a government Emergency Order.

Then reality hit.

The number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 was skewed.

Hospitals built to deal with the surge remained "empty," having never seen even one patient. 

The coronavirus death rate much was much lower than previously reported.

Then, certified government epidemiologists in Sweden began saying "we've got it wrong about the lockdown."

Dr. Shiva Avyadurai, Ph.D., M.D., MIT, began telling Americans a different narrative about COVID-19.

Then I began hearing from small business owners from Enid, Oklahoma, members of the church I serve. They were questioning why "big business" and national chains were allowed to remain open, but their small businesses were shuttered by the government.

Then I began hearing from people (other than my wife, Dr. Rachelle Burleson), how hospitals in Oklahoma, including Deaconess in Oklahoma City, and Integris throughout Oklahoma, were laying off people and facing bankruptcy because hospital rooms were empty.

I began to change my mind. There seems to be an agenda that goes beyond public health.

I think some people wish to fundamentally change America.

COVID-19 becomes the means through which people begin to rely on the government than their active work to sustain their families.

I am NOT a conspiracy theorist (with apologies Ed Stetzer).

But when I saw the volatile, hostile response to my recommendation that we begin to "open up Enid, Oklahoma" to small businesses, I realized that the driving force of many is political hubris,  not public health.

Way back in the 1960s', the moment a child got "chickenpox," all the kids ran to the house of their friend so they could "get chickenpox." God has built into your body the greatest biological immunization system in the history of the world. Natural immunity is what protects the population, not Big Pharma vaccinations. If you wish to guarantee a dangerous and deadly spread of COVID-19, then shelter healthy people continuously..
In the history of the world, only the sick and the susceptible have been isolated. 
For the first time ever, the healthy are being isolated.

If it is argued that you must isolate the healthy to prevent people from "catching" the virus, I would argue, along with the leading epidemiologist of Sweden, that we should be doing the very opposite.

Let the healthy go about their lives, taking all recommended personal hygiene precautions, and tell the elderly and those with pre-existing health problems (obesity, lung disease, heart disease, etc...) to shelter and isolate.

Then, when the healthy get COVID-19, many of whom will have mild to no symptoms, we can then donate and give our naturally immunized blood to help heal those who are very sick.

“The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of a doubt, what is laid before him.” (Leo Tolstoy, 1897).
I don't consider myself a Republican or a Democrat.

COVID-19 has turned me into a libertarian.
Libertarian - def. "an advocate or supporter of a philosophy that advocates only minimal state intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens."
Our church will not open for our normal schedule on Sundays until June 7, regardless of what the government says. We'll take time in May to transition and do things differently and cautiously (as small businesses should as well).  But the fact we've shut down our economy for COVID-19 is an unwise response to a serious disease. You don't burn down the house to kill a mouse. 

If you wish to know how I've changed over the last six weeks about COVID-19, watch the video below.

This is a "lives vs. lives" issue, and our country is going to destroy MORE lives than COVID-19 the longer we stay shut down.


Anonymous said...

Glad you woke up!

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is also speaking out against how a privately owned vaccine company - the CDC - is being allowed to control policy in the US. She has over 40,000 hrs investigating these issues. They are using fear to sell a product that does not do what it claims.

The CDC is similar to the Federal Reserve ponzi scheme where it's not Federal and there is no reserve.

Also, I find it interesting of the need to disassociate oneself from conspiracy, when all governments conspire against the people to some degree or another. It's the diabolical nature of having a people in authority.


Wade Burleson said...


I'm not infallible. Laughing.

I'm just humble enough to admit I could be wrong and smart enough to see when others are.

Rex Ray said...


This week, the “Leader” that’s prints over 15,000 copies and goes to 15 towns, listed 77 churches (including ours) that are not having services.

Above that was the Cowboy Church at Highway 121 Bonham which said, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves…Hebrews 10:25”, and listed their four weekly services.

“As of Wednesday night, there have been at least 213,779 confirmed cases of the coronavirus discovered in New York, including more than 118,302 in New York City. At least 11,586 people with COVID-19 have died in the state, which has the largest number — around 34 percent — of confirmed cases in the U.S. Including the recent addition of 3,778 probable coronavirus deaths in New York City, the state now has 15,364 deaths.

Nationwide, more than 629,264 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed across all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and three U.S. territories. At least 26,708 people have died from the virus in the country, where six states have confirmed more than 25,000 cases. COVID-19 has killed more than 128,071 worldwide. AS OF APRIL 11, MORE PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM THE DISEASE IN THE U.S. THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY.”

So, Wade, I get that your advice applies only to your surrounding area?

Anonymous said...

Our curve is flattening and hospitals are empty because, thank God, the public health guidelines are WORKING. Not because we were wrong or lied to or any sinister reason, but it works.

You do not automatically get immunity even if you show antibodies. That myth should be dispelled. This isn't chickenpox, and even chickenpox we now know does not mean 100% lifetime immunity.

We cannot know who to quarantine and shelter if we want to follow your model. It is NOT just the old or unwell who die from the beast. We too have medicos in this battle in our family. Ours is on the frontline treating covid patients without adequate ppe. Your advice could literally kill him.

We go slow. We open up very slowly and prepare to backtrack if needed. We switch church, education, anything with mass gathering to online. We wear masks in public. We stay out of restaurants and small businesses with the exception of those allowing online orders with curbside pickup or delivery. We prepare for the idea of broken supply lines and dimished manufacturing to allow for social distancing. We stay aware bad guys and gals can try to use this to bring in a bad social order, but we do not need tin foil hats seeing enemies everywhere.

We learn to adapt and move forward to a new reality instead of looking back like Lot's wife. You can open Emmanuel Enid when you want but if we lived in Enid we would not be there. Not until there is a creditable vaccine will we again do mass gatherings.


Anonymous said...

Years ago I nearly died from a common form of bacterial pneumonia. MOST people who get that bug get only a mild tummy upset or mild sinus infection. I spent days in the hospital and came very close to meeting Jesus face to face. I was not high risk for that situation. There would have been no reason to assume it would hit me so hard. I was immune to it afterward--for about 3 months. Then the antibodies went away and I could still get it. I shed bacteria for several more months when I coughed.

This is not the time to antsy, worry about the $$, and push to reopen to save our jobs. It is time for Christians to stop assuming this is all bad guys out to get us and be the leaders in supporting good public health. Switzerland, also, is changing its response because letting it wash through turned out not to be such a good idea. With washing through it would still be likely we would have lost a few million in the US. THANK GOD what we are doing has let us slow the spread. THANK GOD we see empty hospitals.

We are beginning to win the first battle of this war, but it is only the first battle. There are many more to come and life will not go back to "normal" for several years. Probably never. We can learn and prep for a new, perhaps much better, normal. We can do this if we do not lose heart and grow faint.

Sorry for a two part long rant, but Wade we would love to "zap" you into an NYC or NJ emergency room this morning and let you see and hear the beast up close and personal. Some business will die but new forms of business will come roaring back as we win if we do not walk away from the battle stations too quickly.


Christiane said...

Dear WADE,
please, in any case, pray for the vulnerable, the care-givers, the elderly in nursing homes so at risk for infection and death, for children and adults who have conditions that make them vulnerable, for our first responders, our medical professionals . . . in short, any good souls who are serving the needs of the sick and must return home to families and fear carrying the virus to them . . . there are so many categories, I can't list them all.

You have a good heart. I know this. I think you are getting information from a different 'bubble' than the ones I watch and listen to, so I cannot judge what you are basing your thoughts on, and I will always believe you to be a person of good will.

I am told the coronavirus death is not an easy one. For those who perish, their breathing first becomes a shortness of breath and then, can very quickly progress downward to a need for oxygen and then to be placed on a respirator. Only 20% of those on respirators live, on average, and 80% perish.

I know you will pray for those who cannot help themselves, and for those who are serving them and in harm's way. The virus knows no borders, no political preferences, and can be very deadly to vulnerable people. It can be carried by those who have no symptoms.

I am praying for my family who are vulnerable (my son with Down syndrome) and my family who are exposed because they are medical professionals, and for all who have no voice and no one who might respond to their distress. I pray for the country to get tested properly and for mitigation to be done that is responsible.

If your wonderful community is spared the worst of this, then I am thankful for that.
Please pray for the ones who are at risk. God Bless!

Christiane said...

Hello KEN,
I am aware that, when the dust clears, and there is the opportunity to do so, there will be a full investigation of WHY proper testing for the virus is not being done in this country in ways that cover the needs of our population.

I'm not thinking there is any 'conspiracy' there EXCEPT that it is noted that the number of tests being done has 'gone down' which doesn't make any sense, seeing that the goal is to try to return our country to work. (?)

There are other areas to be investigated in time, but right now, it's the need for responsible testing that is called for before our population will have the confidence to return to the workplace.

Ken, we likely see this from different perspectives. But I'm okay with that. People will want answers for that which has not made sense in response to the pandemic in this country.
But that is not the priority at the moment; saving lives is the priority.

Anonymous said...

With 50 states declaring emergency status the legislation slowly passed since 9/11 gives the reins of power from Trump to FEMA. Constitution and individual rights have been suspended in all fifty states. They have to make people who don't comply out to be the evil ones - the ones that are indirectly killing via not social gathering, not wearing a mask because of this invisible boogie man.

Read the nebulous language, asterisks, and fine print the CDC uses on their own website to "suggest" we decrease the spread of this virus by social distancing and wearing masks - they have to because they know neither can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to not spread this virus (like the highest German court ruled a couple years ago). They know court cases are coming like wildfire, but it will be too late if society collapses....a huge storm is coming!

I speak with customers on a daily basis all over the country and farmers in particular are in dire straights - many are dumping massive amounts of milk and produce daily because of laws passed limiting one or two per person at the retail level. Suicide is going to decimate this industry - I've heard it's already started in places. A good friend of mine is on the verge, and his cousin has already suicided because of the mandatory shutdown. These deaths will get "legitimately" counted towards the Covid beer bug. Insanity!

This is the final blow to any residual freedom (and sanity) that was left.

States need to secede from the tyrannical grip of the FED, but I doubt any will because the governors are committing treason.


Alex said...

Your faith in the Swedish outlier epidemiologist is not shared by most people in Sweden.
Finland now counts 72 dead, Norway 150 and Denmark (the by far most densely populated Nordic country) 321. Sweden? 1333. It is now possible to conclude that the more relaxed Swedish strategy is not likely to transform into a success story. Norway and Denmark appear to have the situation sufficiently in control to cautiously start opening up their societies. A phased reopening of Danish schools was initiated yesterday and, starting next week, Norway is planning a similar phasing in. Covid-19 is as uninterested in Libertarianism as you are in the wisdom from a hundred other more eminent epidemiologists.

Christiane said...

what have we become that 'economic interests' are prioritized over 'the worth of a single human life'?

should we 'sacrifice' the grandparents?, the Greatest Generation?, our aging vets?
the old among whom many have already taken up arms to protect our nation and have bravely gone into harm's way?

you see, Wade is right: "Then reality hit. The number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 was skewed."

The number of deaths IS SKEWED, depending on your age group. And the elderly face a much higher number of deaths from this virus than the rest of the population.

So much the country say: well, it's worth the sacrifice?

There is an ancient wisdom that speaks in answer to this:
"If I am not for me, who will be for me?
And when I am for myself alone, what am I?
And if not now, then when?" (Hillel, Pirkei Avot)


if we think that by acting 'as a country, collectively, it will somehow dilute our moral obligation to treat others humanely, then we have got it wrong, very wrong indeed, and may God forgive us our foolish ways.

Jackie Newton said...

I agree with Wade! We had 38,000 auto fatalities in the US in 2019 but for some reason we are not giving up on driving these dangerous machines called cars!

Anonymous said...

'we are who we protect, who we stand up for'

Christiane said...

problem is making that equivalency, Jackie Newton, when those fatalities were the results of unforeseen accidents;

and what is NOW proposed is going back to exposure of the whole population KNOWING that proper testing is not available as needed and we are choosing the exposure IN SPITE OF THE LACK of PROPER TESTING,

and that is not an accident, no; it's a 'choice'

and God has told us: 'choose life'

false equivalencies are tricky things, they look good until we figure out that, no, we are going to be held accountable for our decisions where innocents are placed knowingly in harm's way and 'caution' was given and then ignored (sigh)

the 'slanted' stats? this also only works for the young and healthy; our older folks and those with health issues are way more at risk statistically . . . way, way more
with 80% on the ventilators not making it and expiring

time to think about this before we jump into it, so we know what it is that we are 'choosing'

Wade Burleson said...


The entire story of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden is not told.

Wait till the fall of 2020.

Then see the death rate in each country. Herd immunity is a real deal.

Rex Ray said...


What if a policeman came to your home with false information and a photo of a large party going on at your house? He planned to break the party up and give you a citation. But he only found you eating a meal with less than ten people there.

Today’s newspaper tells that’s what happened to Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott.


Anonymous said...

More evidence that wearing masks to prevent transmission of the beer bug is a lie:


Rex - total control of the world's population by the few elite families that rule the world. They intend on culling the herd as Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger have stated many times.

"“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government”.
– Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991"

RB Kuter called it right....RBK for president!! :)


Anonymous said...

Also, Hitler used "essential and non-essential" towards controlling the people. We're not far behind schedule on repeating history. Ken

Christiane said...

Yes, the statistics are 'slanted'. May God have mercy.

Christiane said...

Examine the reality, not the 'conjecture': these graphs are up-to-date

Anonymous said...

Reality: we have no ability to predict the future. We also seem to be woefully unprepared to think of unintended consequences of our choices. Sorry this is really long and I could have written twice as much.

The problem with COVID 19: it IS unknown, and the media is reporting scientific hypothesis as proven fact. In the time available to us, we will not have proven fact. We will have to operate in the world of the unknown with "best guesses.”

How do we count "unintended deaths?" People whose heart surgeries were delayed and died waiting. People on transplant lists shutdown because of the pandemic who died. Victims of domestic violence. People dying by suicide --which we know increases during times of unemployment. Other, non- fatal costs: people who lose their livelihood and their homes or transportation. People with depression or anxiety who were doing OK, but find the stress of social isolation overwhleming and a disorder that was stable is not longer….The person who becomes crippled by PTSD after having to shelter in place for weeks on the end. What about all the women who have their breast cancer upstaged because they couldn’t get screening mammograms for 2-3 months, or the colon cancers missed because no screening colonoscopies can be done…..what about the person who didn’t see their primary care provider for the routine follow up that would have led to the diagnosis of progressive renal failure before it became irreversible. How do you count those lives? Do those lives not count? These are only a handful of examples that I can think of on the spur of the moment. There are consequences to the decision to shut down the country — they are not all economic; they have to do with loss of life, too.

Initially, the estimates were 1-2 million COVID 19 deaths in the US. That estimate got lowered to 100-200,000, and more recently, they are suggesting 60,000 deaths. The IHME predictive site is overestimating TX utilization of hospital beds by about 15% right now. The prediction of 60,000 deaths may end up being 50,000 or less (since only a fraction of people utilizing beds die). If so, the numbers become close the acceptable number of deaths annually from plain jane influenza.

There are some very smart people who believe that "flattening the curve" will never change the absolute number who will get the virus (Issues with her immunity mentioned above).....flattening the curve was all about trying to preserve the capacity of the healthcare system (hospitals) but given no good drugs or therapy (conversation re: hydoxychloroquine and azithromycin delayed….), I hope and pray that like the other coronaviruses, COVID 19 plays out over the summer and doesn’t come back but we don’t know because this is a novel virus. So, as we observe many states with hospitals way under capacity, it is likely very prudent to consider opening the economy
with social distancing/hygiene restrictions (without suggesting that you want to throw the elderly into an early grave). No one seems to be talking about the lives lost to “unintended consequences” but they are real, they count, too, and the longer the shut down persists with the numbers of COVID 19 deaths/infections being hugely over-estimated, their numbers are growing.

I keep seeing contests re; the experts. Reality: none of the experts knows. The experts are generating hypotheses. But as you choose to preserve life from the unknown of COVID19, do not ignore the fact that you are choosing death or maiming from a host of other processes that are ignored, delayed, or unattended when the system is shut down. My mother is in her 80's and has cancer. I would anticipate her risk of death if she gets COVID 19 is upwards of 30-40%. I do think it is time to start opening the economy (in part because of the progressive loss of health care for all noted above), yet, I will encourage my mother to stay isolated until we have more testing and see the infection curves down .

Anonymous said...

Anecdotal evidence that supports Wade's post about reopening:

Anonymous said...

Here is a timeline of events for this plandemic. What is alarming is the fact that vaccinations were ready for human trial in Seattle in February 2020. Novel virus? The facts don't support it.

Wade, perhaps your wife would join the group Dr. Annie Bukacek has started Doctors Unmasking Covid-19? Looks like Dr. Shiva is part of the group.

In this excellent interview (transcript) she discusses the flaws of the system - from testing, death certificates, hospital protocol/funding and more.

Also an excellent overview on how Kissinger and Gates are bringing about "order" out of chaos world-wide. Since Trump pulled funding from the WHO, it appears dr. (self-proclaimed) Gates is the leading funder now. He made a big donation the day before WHO declared this fake pandemic.


Rex Ray said...


Have you heard this?

FEBRUARY 7, 2020
At the end of December, several weeks into a mysterious disease outbreak that was only starting to gain attention, an ophthalmologist in China’s central city of Wuhan sounded a stark warning.

“A new coronavirus infection has been confirmed and its type is being identified. Inform all family and relatives to be on guard,” Li Wenliang typed into a chat group with his former medical school classmates on Dec. 30, according to Caixin, a Beijing-based media group. Soon, Li’s message would resonate much farther. As the spiraling crisis emerged, he came to be known as the whistleblower of a virus that ultimately took his life.

Not everyone appreciated Li’s bombshell warnings. After he shared information about the strange infections he was seeing, he was reprimanded by local authorities for “making untrue comments” and “severely disturbing social order.” His messages about a SARS-like infection conveyed an urgency that undercut the official efforts to downplay the epidemic and its risk to the public. At the time, Wuhan’s health bureau said there was no evidence of spread between humans.

Yesterday’s TV show “Outnumbered”, had this to say:
Chinese Whistle Blower Doctor dies after sounding warning of their lab experiment that developed Covid-19 went wrong by sloppy handling.

Christiane said...

some jumbled, yet hopeful, thoughts after reading the comments here and elsewhere and struggling to make sense of them . . . I think Wade is right about people wanting America to change, but depending on what sources of info we draw from, those people have ALREADY made this country into their image and to me it is a terrifying one I don't recognize as 'who we are' . . .

But I knew our country had changed when I learned that the policy of family separation INCLUDED the open admission of poor care for the littles IN HOPES OF ‘discouraging’ asylum seekers from coming to our borders.

And it was true: the littles weren’t being given soap or dental care products or diapers or chances to bathe or adequate food . . . fourteen and twelve year old children were assigned to take care of infants and toddlers who were helpless

and this was the POLICY of an administration ????

Dear God ! This is so far from what I know of my country. Who ginned up all the conspiracies that made those asylum seekers into ‘the enemy’ ? I look at the hatemongers and those who created fear in our population as people who wanted power and control and used fear and hate to get it. And they did. They did.

‘course I am saddened. . . . I KNOW that we were ‘better than that’ and I believe we will be again when what is HUMANE becomes honored in our land as a mark of civility once more.

So, I am hopeful. There is a spark and core of ‘honor’ left and it will fire up and remove those who sought to destroy the goodness of our people by making them fearful and hate-filled. There is a great and holy spark of ‘humane’ compassion and empathy in our people that will be awakened again, maybe sooner as a result of suffering ourselves through this ‘covid-19’ struggle, where WE smug Americans have learned not to see ourselves as apart from the sufferings of those in our keeping who have no power and no voice and depend upon the kindness that only comes when humans recognize in one another the image of God.

to better days, and the return of our humane and civil country where the real power to recover was always in the hearts of the people who stood up for those with no voice

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rex, I saw that when it came out and it had me very concerned initially, but after devouring a lot of articles on the two theories of disease relating to viruses and bacteria, I am no longer.

Dr. Andy Kaufman told of the study (I think it was from this book: the US did right on the tail of the Spanish Influenza pandemic where they took three hundred infected people and took mucus from their mouths, throats and noses, then transferred it to healthy people, had infected people sit in very close proximity to healthy, etc. Not one of the healthy people got sick.

There have been quite a few studies on that pandemic that I have come across, but none that I have found investigated as to how radio transmissions possibly played a role in sickness. Nikola Tesla said "“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” I have customers that have healed themselves from long-term sickness utilizing the Rife machine.

Weird how a good friend of mine, who has dealt with China for decades, has been getting emails and phone calls non-stop from vendors he's never heard of trying to convince him that they are better, they love us, and want him to buy containers of masks. He's been forwarding voice messages to me. Really odd. Makes us both wonder what the heck they might be putting in the masks, or in the shipping containers?


Anonymous said...

BTW - when I say 'fake pandemic' I don't mean to imply no one is getting sick, but rather this illness (whatever is causing it) should not of been hyped to the level of a pandemic to arouse the level of fear that it has. Ken

Anonymous said...

Ken, do you know the requirements for something to be called a 'pandemic'?

Anonymous said...

Hi Wade. Long-time lurker, first time commenter.
I live in Massachusetts. Here is today's report:
--New cases today: 2,221
--Total cases: 34,402

--Deaths today: 159
--Total deaths: 1,404

This is our highest death toll to date, which means we still have not hit our peak.

My perspective...the low totals in places like Oklahoma are not because quarantine is an overreaction, but because it works. I hate quarantine. I can't wait for it to be over. I'm grateful that guidelines were released yesterday to help states reopen the economy. Still, I'm convinced that quarantine is the best resource an unprepared government has to battle a contagion like this one.

Your assertion/nonassertion of a conspiracy is unfortunate. It seems beneath this blog that has always dealt in truth and avoided tabloid nonsense. I believe it is an improper use of your influence. It's the reason I've unfollowed your blog and twitter feed. I'm grateful we are on many of the same teams, but I can't give my time to conspiracies. I'm not angry at you. Just incredibly disappointed. Please be a better leader on this issue.

Anonymous said...

"Ken, do you know the requirements for something to be called a 'pandemic'?"

Do you know what amount of money can buy a pandemic? Billy surely does!

"When is a pandemic declared?

Prof Mary-Louise McLaws, an infection control expert who has worked as an adviser to WHO, said declaring a pandemic was not always clear-cut because it could depend on the modelling used, which may differ between the WHO and other health organisations. Ultimately, the WHO gets the final say. There is no threshold, such as a certain number of deaths or infections, or number of countries affected, that needs to be met. "

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to identify on that last post. Ken

Anonymous said...

testing offers the way to the SAFEST return to recovery of our economy

the virus is highly-contagious and is air-borne

many 'carry' the virus and are 'asymptomatic' but proximity to them can mean infection, hence the need for testing if we are to be a responsible people who look out for one another's welfare

Rex Ray said...


“In 1970 in Yellowknife, Canada, 500 athletes, trainers, and officials came together for the first Artic Winter Games.” (The games are held every two years, but are cancelled this year because of COVID-19.)

“These participated…Alaska, Greenland, Northern Alberta, Canada, Northwest Territories, Canada, Quebec, Canada, Nunavut-Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Kola Peninsula, Russia.”

“The Artic Winter Games were founded in 1969 by GOVERNOR WALTER HICKEL OF ALASKA, Stuart Hodgson, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, and Yukon Commissioner James Smith.”

Wade, this is the ‘Rest of the story’.

Governor Hickel sent the Athletic Director of Fairbanks, Hez Ray (my brother) to tell the two men above that Alaska would not join because they didn’t have the large amount of money required.

Hez learned the Games were for adults only. He said Alaska would not join unless the games include kids. He told them people would give money to help kids but not for adults only. They decide to include kids. The governor was angry, but Hez organized groups and they raised the money.

Anonymous said...


Linked below is an extremely well-written article by a Tennessee doctor and five of his colleagues that supports a lot of what has been posited in your post. Read it while you can though; it is posted on Medium and this guy has already had one post erased because it "did not Medium's standards", standards being an obvious code word for narrative:

Rex Ray said...


I’ve told this story before, but some ‘newcomers’ might not have heard it.

I graduated from North Texas University, Denton, Texas in 1955. Around 1974, my brother, Hez Ray, was remodeling a house in Denton. A young man asked if he could rent it.

“No, I’m going to sell it. Where you from, and why you want to rent it?”

“I’m working on my PHD at the University, and I’m from Yellowknife, Canada, but no one knows where that is.”

“I know where; I’ve spent some time there.”

“Hey, Honey! Come, I want you to meet a man that knows where I live.”

After shaking hands, the man tells how as a kid, he was given a four-year-scholarship for being on a hockey team that won in the first Artic Winter Games in Yellowknife. He went on to say he almost didn’t get to play because there was a tie-vote if he was eligible or not. It was agreed the decision would be left up the organizer of the games, and he decided I could play.

“Yes, there was a fuss that you didn’t attend the high-school there and they picked you up from an Indian school.”
“How did you know that?”
“I’m the man that let you play.”

Iowa Steve said...

Well, I have a conspiracy theory. Follow the money, your collection offering plate is getting empty, your comfortable income is in jeopardy.
So now you are a libertarian, unfortunate

Iowa Steve

Doug said...

You proclaim "I am not a conspiracy theorist" and then state: "I began to change my mind. There seems to be an agenda that goes beyond public health. I think some people wish to fundamentally change America."
That sounds like the exact definition of a "conspiracy theory"
Who's agenda?
Who are these shady individuals lurking in the shadows who "fundamentally" wish to "change America"?
If this is more than simply a "conspiracy theory" (not to mention fear-mongering) than I await your post where you unveil this vile anti-American "agenda" and reveal the identity of these nefarious actors before its too late.

Anonymous said...

This Dr. explains the collusion of this scamdemic. People who had flu shots are more likely to test positive for covid-19. Like Ive always said: If you want a virus, get a flu shot.

Billy not only bought this pandemic ruling from the WHO, but he also bought CDC for his own purposes.


Anonymous said...

Reveals the criminal career of Dr. Fauci.

Jen said...

Dr Fauci said at the beginning of this, that if the #s turn out to be lower than anticipated and people say we overreacted, then that means quarantining works. After knowing 3 people who have been diagnosed and have since DIED ALONE, basically suffocating to death after being on a ventilator for 3 weeks, I cannot imagine going out in public anytime soon. It is too soon to know and we desperately need a vaccine. I commend you for doing the right thing in having online church until at least June 7th, but it is irresponsible to call for the opening of the economy unless you are a public health expert.

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear, Jen

Ventilators are killing people left and right, plus many docs are saying they are equipped with 5g communication systems which may be contributing to lungs being chop suey. Please watch the video at the end of the ventilator article. Plus, the system is encouraging fraud - especially when hospitals are being encouraged to label everything as covid-19, and are getting almost forty grand to put people on ventilators when they don't need to be on them.