Thursday, April 02, 2020

Hamburgers, Toilets, and Past Global Pandemics

A Hamburg, Germany sanitation team (1892)
The West is soft.

We've lost connection with our history, become cavalier about our faith in God, and grown comfortable with our false belief that economical, medical, and social progress steadily moves - without interruption - toward utopian perfection.

A virus that kills between 1% to 2% of those infected has shocked our world.

But COVID-19 shouldn't shock us.

Not if we know our history.

Let me take you back just a little over one hundred years ago.

Hamburg, Germany, August 1892

Hamburg is the picturesque German city from whence we get our word "hamburger."

Hamburg (er)
Just like "wiener" comes from Vienna (the "w" is pronounced with a hard "v" in German) and frankfurter from Frankfurt, we get the name for cooked meat between two pieces of bread from Hamburg.

On  Tuesday, August 16, 1892, it was reported to city officials that two people - that's right, two people - had become critically ill with symptoms of cholera.

Cholera was the COVID-19 of the 1800s.

There were SIX global pandemics of cholera during the 1800s.

Hamburg became ground zero of the FIFTH global pandemic of cholera (1892-1897).

Nobody at the time knew how cholera spread among people. Most thought it was caused by "breathing air" or living in "filthy conditions." Thus, any neighborhood "infected" with cholera was banished by the healthy.

On August 23, 1892, one week after the first two cases of cholera were reported in Hamburg, officials declared a city-wide emergency. Cholera had spread to multiple neighborhoods.

But it was too late.

By August 27, 1892, cholera claimed the lives of 1,000 people per day in Hamburg, Germany.

The death rate was 57.5%. That means that more than half of the people who contracted cholera in Hamburg died.

For perspective,  it is roughly estimated that COVID-19 claims the lives of between 1% and 2% of those infected.

Imagine living during the 1800s when cholera swept the world. There was a 50/50 chance that if you contracted it, you would die.

Death by cholera was gruesome.

The victim had constant, watery diarrhea; nausea and vomiting; and unbearable cramps that led to human dehydration and physical shock, and then death.

The city of Hamburg had been attacked by an epidemic of cholera 14 times during the 19th century (prior to 1892). But this last time, the beginning of the 1892 global pandemic of cholera, was the worst.

From August 16 to November 14, 1892, 8,605 persons died in Hamburg of cholera.  Millions would die around the world before the 5th global pandemic of cholera came to an end.

People fled Hamburg. Business shut down. Churches closed. Streets were filled with the dead and dying.

Seven vessels loaded with residents of Hamburg made their way to the United States, bringing cholera with them.

A few of those Germans made the 1893 Land Run in Oklahoma.

Mark Twain
Mark Twain, the author of Tom Sawyer, visited Hamburg during the cholera epidemic and wrote a The Cholera Epidemic in Hamburg (1892).

Remember, an epidemic is local. A pandemic is global.

Twain's pamphlet about the epidemic in Hamburg is a scathing indictment on social inequality that he saw first-hand as he walked the barren streets. He wrote:
"A physician in Hamburg stated that everyday numbers of poor people are snatched from their homes to the pest houses, and that is the last that is heard of a good many of them."
The rich were treated well by physicians, but the poor were banished to "pest houses" to die.

Why the disparity?

Listen to Twain:
"We have heard rumors that the force of workers at Hamburg was too small to cope with the pestilence; that more help was impossible to get; and we have seen statements that confirm these sorrowful facts; statements which furnished the pitiful spectacle of brave workers dying at their posts from exhaustion; of corpses lying in the halls of the hospitals, waiting there because there was no worker idle; of a wagon going along the street with five sick people in it, and with them four corpses!" 
Sound familiar?

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

A by-product from the discovery of the cause of cholera
The germ theory of bacterial infection had not yet been formulated in Twain's day.

People in the 1800s didn't know that cholera was caught by drinking infected water. Human fecal matter was often deposited in the ground near streams or freshwater wells where people came to drink, and that is how cholera was spread.

Contaminated drinking water was the cause of cholera.

But that would not be discovered until the 1900s. After germ theory became accepted, cities began developments in wastewater treatment centers, especially throughout the United States, Great Britain, and Europe.

When you know your history, you know that humanity is not immune to trouble.

We live in a world often interrupted by social, medical, astral, and personal catastrophes.
"All people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment." (Hebrews 9:27)
Or, as I like to say it, "You're never ready to live until you're ready to die."
"But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ." (I Corinthians 15:57).
So next time you eat a hamburger or use a toilet, remember that the panic associated with COVID-19 isn't something new to humanity.


Anonymous said...

Glad you referenced the germ theory, Wade.

From your Wiki link: "The germ theory of disease is the **currently accepted scientific theory** for many diseases."

As you know "science" is not immune to cultish thinking due to various motivating factors like power, authority, control, greed, money, etc.. Bacteria (a living entity) has been unmistakably shown to cause illness or disease, but it appears there are a growing number of doctors in recent history sounding the alarm that viruses (a non living entity - protein) have not been sufficiently shown to cause illness or disease. Not surprisingly, they have been aggressively ridiculed, attacked as pseudo-scientist, and even murdered (cause of death labeled as suicide) by those in power positions in the allopathic world of medicine.

Food for thought:

Dr. Lanka shows how the medical community relies on circular reasoning for their unproven theory. His explanation about the HIV tests is very applicable to how the tests for covid-19 is based on a lie.

People need to wake up and see the 4GW (fourth generation warfare) strategies behind the world-wide lockdowns (now Fauci is saying indefinite quarantine until no covid-19 tests come back positive). These are not being put into place because those in power are concerned about your health. FEMA is not setting up these camps and ordering all these body bags for covid-19 victims (however you carelessly define death "from" or "with"). They are most likely for all the people who see through the smoke and mirrors and either resort to violence, or need to be thrown indefinitely in quarantine if they refuse the herd mentality for testing and vaccinations. A storm is coming.

The authorities are obviously and purposefully wrecking the already failing economy for psychological advantage over people. Faulty tests on faulty theories to control mandatory quarantines yield the right for the authorities to declare "look it's working people - keep it up or more of you will die!

"All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those toward whom it is directed will understand it... Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” Adolph Hitler

Remember, Hitler made Germany great again by turning a bad economy into a vibrant economy. He was well respected by the majority. While I don't think Trump will murder people outright like Hitler, he has just signed the 5g bill back in March to make sure it comes to every location possible. I still say we will be hiding Covid-19 victims under the table this time.

Just my (somewhat educated) guess! I hope I'm wrong, but afraid I'm right. Ken

Anonymous said...

I forgot this one:

Btw - I once had a business transaction (legit) with a guy in NJ about ten years ago. Italian with somewhat deep acne scars on his face. I watched him count $20k cash like most people counted $1k, and after he was done I inquired if he had a history in the casino business or something similar.

He laughed and said I probably would have trouble believing him, but he was John Gotti's treasurer, or debt collector (used to break legs and stuff to get payment). Said he got time in FED prison for ratting on Gotti, found Jesus in jail, got out and opened a small business that he eventually closed after the great recession. He was an interesting guy.

My point for telling this story is that these people that are/were connected to organized crime see right through what gov does - arrest people like Gotti so they can continue being the hidden criminals only in the name of law and war on drugs, war on terrror. etc.

Still glad Jesus will make all things new. I hope it's very quickly.


Christiane said...

we lost the 'window' we had to get enough test kits for our needs;

so now there are problems with being able to identify those who have the virus and aren't showing symptoms . . . the problem being that they can SPREAD the virus very easily

if a person carrying the virus who is asymtomatic comes near a vulnerable person (aged, pre-existing conditions, etc), that deadly virus can be transmitted to them and our nation will try to play 'catch-up' with the resulting disaster (exponential growth of infections)

so that is what is the current problem OTHER THAN
our health professionals are in great need of protective preventative gear and there are problems getting the needed protection for them;
plus they are exhausted from the increase in patients coming into ER's for help

Our front-line paramedics and police officers are also in need of consideration as they are also at risk of exposure, since without adequate testing of asymptomatic carriers, they also are in danger of being contaminated

My family tell me that covid-19 deaths are not easy deaths, so it is important to be concerned enough about the danger to get folks to shelter and take precautions that are being recommended by CDC authorities

I hope some of what I have written helps someone.

bunkababy said...

I just have to snark on that one world government comment. USA can't even get a grip on in fighting of parliament. Governors can't even collectively work together in a pandemic in your nation. No one world government happening for America any time soon. What a gong show in the states right now. I have never in my life witnessed as much unrest, polarized ignorance as what is on display at the moment. Nothing to be proud of that's for sure.

The other thing I noticed is the utter willful defiance of leadership along with people to follow the rules. What an utter rebellious nation. Stiff necked people. Because of this you will pay a price and the innocent ones who did follow the rules will go down with the ones who defied it.

Your amendments are your idols, and that worship of them will bring you down. You people just won't learn, even in a time of pandemic.

Other nations seem to be able to rally together across partisan lines for the good of her people but the pandemic has become a political tool and the people are paying the price.

I never thought I would be utterly sad for the USA and her people but it is a sad ugly mess, greed, capitalism and politics are your downfall and you just can run a hide this from the world.

You have nut job pastors running around talking about their liberties, their rights and all they are doing is infecting their congregations with Covid. Pastors are dying in their willful disobedience to the authority placed above them. Pastors are being arrested and what do the congregants do? Have church meetings in their absence defying authorities. Doing just what the pastor taught them to do.

You have quiverful families running to and from across state lines preaching, teaching, singing, and holding babies and hugging the elderly because God will save them. Oh and Plexus , Plexus a good MLM will save them. All the time defying shelter in place rules.

Good job America. Good Job.

Sorry not so sorry to be so blunt.

bunkababy said...

I have some thoughts and questions.

Where did this idea that there would be a revival of some sorts originate from. Is it truth, theory, or just some weird theology that has morphed over time? Why is that always the churches go to....and then it never transpires? Oh people talk making mountains out of molehills saying this was a revival that was a revival. I call BS

Why do christian's think that out of some sort of tragic thing that revival happens? Is it just a thought that just makes everyone feel good in a time of oh a pandemic. Oh but wait lets think happy thoughts about revival after.

I believe in God, trust him etc. But I gotta tell you that is not my go to plan or belief. To me it seems kind of stupid, altruistic.

When people give over to God out of fear, it is a selfish motivation. Save me , save me , I will do what you want, kind of thing. Just get me out of my present situation.

Not a shit, look, I am a rebellious , wretched being, selfish to my core, lived a crappy selfish life worshiped my own lusts,ideologies.

If there is anyone to look at look at the nation of Israel. 40 friggin years man. 40. Slaves. Exile. And they still couldn't get their crap together.

How many pandemics, like small pox, cholera, influenza, Plague of Justinian, Black Death and the Third Pandemic resulted in revival?

I actually think that notion is ridiculous. Most people blame God, you have people running around saying it's God's judgement he has sent a plague to smite all of you get on your knees attitude. And then you have those crazy Kenneth Copeland, Jim Baker hocking every kind of cure imaginable.

What kind of saving is gonna come out of all of that? Na, people will just go back to their rebellious ways. It's human nature.

If the church can recognize they are the biggest problem out there because they bear Christ's name but are as sinful as the rest, fighting, backbiting, corrupt, rebellious, idolatry of money. Pride. Sexual sin as much as the outside world. Nothing will change.

I honestly think when it says the road is narrow and FEW find it, it means FEW. FEW.

When scripture speaks of a remnant, it means and small piece of scrap. I sew. The scraps are useless. You throw them away. Too small to do much with. SMALL, and FEW.

I wouldn't be thinking Covid19 is bring some big ol revival.

To be super honest, I think the church in general is mislead.......oh you have that denomination and this denomination..your right, your wrong, pretrib, postrib, once saved always saved.....pfft what a bunch of nonsense. Who cares?

Just try to love God as yourself and love your it isn't rocket science. Do it one day at a time , in the capacity God gave you. No need to let your left hand know what the right hand is doing. Get over yourself.

Not gonna work.

Rex Ray said...


Today, my daughter texted a movie of the Chinese Government using five men in protective clothing etc. kidnapping and putting suspected Coronavirus victims into a box that was in a truck where it will take them to be killed.

bunkababy said...

REx Ray

To be killed or quarantined? Was there evidence after of where they went? Just asking. Communist regimes do what they want. So it's not that I don't believe they would, but did they?

Rex Ray said...


My daughter said being killed was on the internet, but we shouldn’t believe everything on the internet.

Rex Ray said...

“The 1918 influenza pandemic was the most severe pandemic in recent history. spread worldwide during 1918-1919. In the United States, it was first identified in military personnel in spring 1918. It is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States.”

Neighbor said her grandmother died.

Erp said...

That contaminated water is a cause of cholera was first seriously proposed in 1854 during the London outbreak (John Snow) though it took time for the idea to spread. William Farr who initially opposed the idea, supported it by 1866 when there was another London outbreak (the last major one in London though the sanitation system that stopped it was put in place initially because of the stink of river Thames). Louis Pasteur explored and supported the germ theory starting in the 1860s. Robert Koch identified cholera vibrio as the cause of cholera in 1884. The cause was known by 1892 when Hamburg was hit, but, policies lagged.

bunkababy said...

From Gary and Julie missionaries in Spain.

Just saw this from a friend who is a missionary in Spain. This is what is going on in the world:

Well, things have gotten interesting for all of you in the USA over the past few days. With everything that you're hearing there you may not be aware of things that are going on around the world. This post is long but it's just a snapshot.

Spain. We now have 112,000 reported cases with over 10,000 deaths (961 deaths in the past 24 hours). What is really alarming is the stat for the number of deaths per 1 million population. At this point in the USA, there are 18 deaths per 1 million people. In Spain, there are 221. To make matters worse, we have heard that they are not counting the deaths in nursing homes. All of the hospitals in Madrid have become 80% COVID-19 and they are overwhelmed. The effects of the more than 2 weeks of quarantine haven't shown up yet in a slowing of new cases or deaths (yesterday was a new high). The police have given out more than 100,000 fines for people violating the lockdown. We read one report that the fines are between $110 and $165,000.

India. The government put the country in lockdown with very short notice including a complete shutdown of public transportation. This resulted in 139 million migrant workers who work in major cities but live in villages being stranded. So they began walking for hours and days to try to get home. When the gov't realized the mess they had created, they announced they would open bus stations to get people home. So millions of people crowded into the bus stations which was totally contrary to the point of the lockdown and social distancing. If the virus spreads through the 1.3 billion people in India, there could be millions of deaths.

Ecuador. Guayaquil is the epicenter of the COVID-19 hit to South America. We are hearing reports that people are dying at such a rate that the morgues and funeral homes are overwhelmed. Families are waiting for days for the bodies to be picked up. So many are just taking the bodies and leaving them on the sidewalks or burning them. The scene in Guayaquil is reminiscent of the movie scenes you see of the Black Plague during the Middle Ages. They are simply not equipped to handle this kind of pandemic. People there don't have savings accounts. They live day to day. With the total shutdown of the economy, it is likely as many people will die of starvation as from the virus.

Philippines. The president has ordered the military to shoot anyone caught violating the quarantine.

Venezuela. Which was already a total mess in now in utter chaos. Limited food supplies are getting even harder to find. Humanitarian efforts to help the thousands of Venezuelans fleeing the country are now all on hold. Many of them have no other choice but to walk back to Venezuela. The situation is dire. Hospitals have no supplies. Some don't even have soap, much less protective masks and gloves or medicines.

Sorry for this downer post but I think this is a time for all of us to pray like we've never prayed before for God's divine intervention. We totally underestimated the gravity of this situation at the beginning, but it has turned into something nobody ever imagined. Please pray for the people in these locations and other parts of the world. And please ... take this seriously.

Christiane said...


as to how the Federal Gov't. is 'helping' New York medical caregivers with needed protection i the form of masks and gowns:

it was revealed today, in a televised press conference by a Navy admiral and by Vice President Pence, this:

that the palettes of what is needed by the hospitals are being delivered to a warehouse in New York,

where they will be distributed NOT TO THE HOSPITALS IN NEED directly, but to middle men, privateers, who will 'sell' these supplies to 'the highest bidder'

and if the 'highest bidder' is foreign? They get the supplies.

So now we know that the hospitals are telling the truth: they have to bid to purchase these needed supplies against other entities

the supplies go for profit to the highest bidders, even if it's a foreign entity

and the middle men are the ones who make profit from the sale of these 'government' supplies

the medical professionals told the truth, and today it was confirmed by VP Pence who 'guided' the admiral to be 'complete' when the admiral first suggested to the press that the supplies were going to the hospitals

and that explains so much that didn't make any sense as to why the government said they were 'sending help' and the hospitals weren't getting it

As a sister and aunt and cousin to many doctors and nurses, I am so sorry for what they are being put through . . . as Cuomo said today 'it didn't have to be this way'

Christiane said...

Hello WADE,
you wrote, this:
"We've lost connection with our history, become cavalier about our faith in God, and grown comfortable with our false belief that economical, medical, and social progress steadily moves - without interruption - toward utopian perfection.
A virus that kills between 1% to 2% of those infected has shocked our world.
But COVID-19 shouldn't shock us.
Not if we know our history."

Wade, I agree with you that for the strong among us these times we are living may not be as epic as you have described in the time of cholera pandemic, yes;

but in my Catholic imagination, I do believe that our times are not at all ‘un-connected’ to ‘the Great Story’

So, for the sake of those helpless ones,
who depend on our protection, in the groups that are most vulnerable to Covid-19;
from the pen of Flannery O'Connor, comes a concern for how WE, the strong, have a great need to be reminded also, by honest voices in real time,
of the great mercy of God, lest the strong now look 'away' from the critical needs of 'others' most currently at risk for suffering and death:

““He felt his hunger no longer as a pain but as a tide. He felt it rising in himself through time and darkness, rising through the centuries, and he knew that it rose in a line of men whose lives were chosen to sustain it, who would wander in the world, strangers from that violent country where the silence is never broken except to shout the truth. He felt it building from the blood of Abel to his own, rising and spreading in the night, a red-gold tree of fire ascended as if it would consume the darkness in one tremendous burst of flame. The boy’s breath went out to meet it. He knew that this was the fire that had encircled Daniel, that had raised Elijah from the earth, that had spoken to Moses and would in the instant speak to him. He threw himself to the ground and with his face against the dirt of the grave, he heard the command. GO WARN THE CHILDREN OF GOD OF THE TERRIBLE SPEED OF MERCY. The words were as silent as seed opening one at a time in his blood.”
(Flannery O’Connor, The Violent Bear It Away)

Wade Burleson said...

Christiane, bunkababy, erp, Rex, Ken,

All excellent comments! I learn from you all.

Thank you.

bunkababy said...

For all you who fell for the phrase "make America great again" here look how great you are. Something has to make you open your eyes. You have a man in the presidency right now who is more worried about his twitter feed ratings, his national address meetings because he is in the number one spot..or whatever and you have a effing pandemic hitting you.

Your president is more worried about his own stocks and his own economical status than that of innocent Americans. Your president, instead of rallying your governors in a time of distress to do the best they can to save their people is fighting, blaming, pushing back, and laying what is happening in your hospitals at their feet.

He played this off as a hoax. Your stupid GODDESS Fox News made it seem like a joke so that somehow it would hurt the presidency...

Your own president is hurting his own presidency. He can't lead, he doesn't take anyone else's advice. He undermines your DR. Fauci... You have Jared Kushner up there talking about your medical supplies fighting and blaming everyone else....IT'S a PANDEMIC that is KILLING AMERICAN'S and your government is fighting over respirators making them go to the highest bidder. How can this get any worse?

This is who you voted for. Jared Kushner is a cold blooded slum lord who tricks innocent people out of their homes, laying huge lawsuits on them that have no basis. He tricks the poor and marginalized......and this is who is leading your president? For the good of Americans?

Oh yes, how can I forget your frigging "RIGHTS" Well like everyone else on earth, we have a right to life. WE have the right to live. And most nations are protecting that right by doing everything humanly possibly to protect that right, by getting policies and things in place to get medical supplies to the hospitals.

The states? Instead of a president leading calmly, he is the one starting fights. The only thing he cares about is winning the next election and how he can swing and sway his voters into believing it is everyone else's fault you guys are failing at an amazing pace.

God help you all. God help your medical workers on the front lines because your politicians are not going to help you. Everyone is just a little too late...Leadership starts at the top. If your general of your army is leading what happens? Your army loses.

The guy at the top, is losing at leadership and it will cost the states in innocent lives lost.

bunkababy said...

This graph is for the states.

your stats are only gonna get worse.

This is a minute by minute world counter. Don't listen to your infighting politicians and your selfish president who lies hand over fist second after second. You think he's gonna tell you the truth now after spending the last 4 years lying every second?

For those of you who live in a state with a decent governor like Washington or California, and a few in between that care about their people. Go home, stay at home and social distance.

And educate yourselves on something smarter than Fox News who just cares about politics and not people.

Wade Burleson said...


You're entitled to your opinion, and your comment will stand.

Please don't use this comment section as an attempt to convert people politically.

Conversion to Christ - yes.

Conversion to a political view - no.


Anonymous said...

We can choose hope.

I am personally going through revival during this time, one that I can see is going to be costly for me when this country opens up again. On that even as it draws me closer to Christ is causing me to change many long held, long cherished ways of understanding the Bible. How can I have ever thought it was any less than all hands on deck taking the gospel to the lost?

My morning started with listening to KWFC out of Springfield Mo. I listen on the radio, you might need the computer if you want to join us. On Fridays we do the great Ozark Singalong at 8 a m local time. Today we sang across the Ozarks the old Gold City song "Ain't God Good". And yes, yes He is!

We are very high risk with a first responder in our extended family. So yeah, we have been sequestered now for about 3 weeks. That doesn't mean we haven't been able to enjoy the fruit trees in bloom, or the daffodils. Now it is cherries, some flowering almond, still a few tulip trees hanging on, but mainly tulips everywhere along with tons of redbuds and crabapples in bloom, with dogwoods coming on. Grass is very intensely green, some trees green and some not yet. Cardinals, eastern bluebirds, gold finches, and sometimes even indigo buntings love our feeder and yard. Lunch today was purple hull peas with pepper sauce from last summer's garden and corn bread with ribbon cane syrup. Mint is growing nicely and I plan to have some fresh mint tea for supper. Only heaven can possibly be better than the Ozarks in the spring. Well, heaven and maybe the Ozarks in the summer or fall.

I've continued with the upbeat southern gospel and been really blessed today by the Hopper's doing Be an Overcomer. I do not know if I will live through the covid19 pandemic. I don't know if my family will. I do not know what painful shortages and losses may be coming.

But He Who holds me in the palm of His hand does know. I can trust Him with what I cannot see.

And for right now, this minute, I choose hope. I pray you do too!


bunkababy said...

My comment was not meant to convert. I really don't think that will every happen in my lifetime. It was meant to educate. People of one political side rarely look at the other side. And that goes both ways.

Educate yourselves on facts. That is all I ask.

Anonymous said...

Convert those cases in the Guardian to per capita, bunkababy, and you'll see the US is in pretty good shape compared to Europe. And yes, the numbers will go higher. But they will in Europe as well, and in Singapore and South Korea and just about everywhere else. Except China, other than imported cases. Right? Because they have a handle on it.

Nevermind the fact that all of these data are junk, because testing is not uniform everywhere for one reason or another. Governmental incompetence, certainly, in the US and everywhere else. Malfeasance too, no doubt, in plenty of places.

RB Kuter said...

An Indian church planter friend of mine partnering with our church told me today that the situation in India is very dismal indeed, particularly among the poor. Those more prosperous can get food and stay home while the poor must go outside and get whatever they can but then others are hostile toward them for being out and active, even though there is no other choice.

My friend reminds me of how wonderful it is to be in America all the time but especially during times like these. He asks for prayer for his Mom and family still inside that country as well as so many hundreds of millions of others.

Christiane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christiane said...

Today a Navy Captain was fired for trying to protect his crew. Apparently, he is accused of having not been 'secretive' enough and somehow the letter he wrote got leaked.

He has an interesting last name: 'Crozier', which in its original meaning refers to the crook of a shepherd, used to protect his flock.
These are strange times.
Some of us are brought to the place of speaking out at 'risk' so that we have to 'think twice' about the cost of our words; but for some people, the cost is worth it. It is likely the Captain knew it would be the end of his career. But he weighed the cost and wrote his letter in defense of the ones he had been assigned to care for.

That Captain and the crew who cheered him when he left the ship give me hope for the soul of this country. So I also have hope.

Kudos for Captain Crozier and for the crew of the air craft carrier who cheered for him. He wanted them to live. And they realized this. Sometimes, people 'put down' the very ones they need to honor; and that is when you realize we have entered into an unknown continent.

Did Captain Crozier have a 'Bonhoeffer moment'?
I don't know.
But if he walked into a room where I was seated, I would stand up, yes.

"We live in an age which is so possessed by demons, that soon we shall only be able to do goodness and justice in the deepest secrecy, as if it were a crime."
Franz Kafka

Anonymous said...

"The data from

The March 28 2020 data shows the existence of 2084 different varieties of COVID-19 worldwide. It also shows the existence of 341 different varieties of COVID-19 in Iceland.

The 341 varieties/genomes from Iceland prove that the virus already existed in Iceland prior to Wuhan.

The 2084 varieties/genomes worldwide prove that the virus already existed worldwide prior to Wuhan.

So, COVID-19 existed last year, and the year before, and the year before,...

People have probably been getting sick from various vareities of Covid-19 for decades.

**Possibly, people have been dying of various vareities of Covid-19 for decades, only in the past it was called, the flu, or pneumonia, or similar. Since, sequencing of the RNA was not done, and tests for the Covid-19 strain did not exist, no one knew it was Covid-19.**

The current "theory" is that all Covid-19 varieties/genomes emerged from one that "appeared" in Wuhan in December 2019. That is, all the 2084 Covid-19 varieties mutated from an original Wuhan virus.

This hypothesis means that all the 2084 Covid-19 varieties have developed within the last four months."

"The remarkably recent discovery of the host-dependent nature of the influenza virus' virion composition is really just the tip of an intellectual iceberg that has yet to fully emerge into the light of day, but is already "sinking" ships; paradigm ships, if you will.

One such paradigm is that germs are enemy combatants, and that viruses serve no fundamental role in our health, and should be eradicated from the earth with drugs and vaccines, if possible.

This belief, however, is untenable. With the discovery of the indispensable role of the microbiome, and the subpopulation of viruses within it -- the virome -- we have entered into an entirely new, ecologically-based view of the body and its environs that are fundamentally inseparable. **Ironically, the only thing that influenza may be capable of killing is germ theory itself.**"


Anonymous said...

Sorry, that last quote taken from

Anonymous said...

My last post. This is where everything is headed:

Not good! If you want a virus - have one injected into you, along with baby fetus parts and other foreign material. No wonder planned parenthood is a necessary business.


Christiane said...

a Navy Captain was fired for trying to protect his crew. Apparently, he is accused of having not been 'secretive' enough and somehow the letter he wrote got leaked.

He has an interesting last name: 'Crozier', which in its original meaning refers to the crook of a shepherd, used to protect his flock.
These are strange times.
Some of us are brought to the place of speaking out at 'risk' so that we have to 'think twice' about the cost of our words; but for some people, the cost is worth it. It is likely the Captain knew it would be the end of his career. But he weighed the cost and wrote his letter in defense of the ones he had been assigned to care for.

That Captain and the crew who cheered him when he left the ship give me hope for the soul of this country. So I also have hope.

Kudos for Captain Crozier and for the crew of the air craft carrier who cheered for him. He wanted them to live. And they realized this. Sometimes, people 'put down' the very ones they need to honor; and that is when you realize we have entered into an unknown continent.

Did Captain Crozier have a 'Bonhoeffer moment'?
I don't know.
But if he walked into a room where I was seated, I would stand up, yes.

"We live in an age which is so possessed by demons, that soon we shall only be able to do goodness and justice in the deepest secrecy, as if it were a crime."
Franz Kafka

Sat Apr 04, 03:37:00 AM 2020

Democratic Reps. Ted Lieu (Calif.) and Ruben Gallego (Ariz.) wrote to Fine on Friday urging him to “open an investigation into this matter as soon as possible.”

"As veterans, we were taught that protecting the health and safety of troops was one of the highest priorities of any commander," they wrote, adding they are "disturbed" by Crozier's firing.

On Thursday evening, acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly announced he had removed Crozier from command of the Roosevelt after a letter he wrote Navy leadership leaked in the media earlier in the week.

The letter warned of dire consequences if most of the crew on board the Roosevelt isn’t evacuated. As of Friday, 137 sailors on the ship had tested positive for the coronavirus.

“We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die,” Crozier wrote. “If we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset — our sailors.”

Christiane said...

In fairness, this is also an UPDATE on the Crozier firing:

Christiane said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry for not being my last post. People need the right info in order to make the right decisions.

Jon has been reporting on how the CDC works for over thirty years. They have created the biggest illusion of disease and hysteria the world has ever known with this covid-19 pandemic.

I have spentwell over six figures for over twenty years in spite of having the best health insurance a small business could have - much of it directly because the CDC denied responsibility for acknowledging an epidemic here in the US by quietly changing standards on how a blood test would show positive for a bacterial infection, therefore many highly esteemed docs dangerously went a different direction with diagnosis. Have also since spoken with many around the world about their similar struggles to get answers to their health issues.

More people die every year from misdiagnosis and properly prescribed meds than this supposed covid-19 will ever kill, yet the CDC is not sounding an alarm, but rather is having the President salivate over a vaccine as the answer to our illusion.

A good summary of why some countries seem to be dealing with different mortality numbers.

This NYC ER doc could be describing the effects of 5g (a weaponized millimeter wave if broadcasted at 60 hz).

5g is not just on towers.

May our hope be in God's mercy alone. Ken

Anonymous said...

What's your point Ken?

Anonymous said...

"What's your point Ken?"

Sorry if I'm not clear in trying to offer pieces of the elaborate puzzle - at least I can somewhat blame CDC's coverup in the 90's for my lack of ability to articulate from brain to keyboard. Some days are better than others. :)

What specifically are you looking for me to clarify? Have you read the links or watched the vids I've posted before some of them get censored and removed?


Anonymous said...

in your own words, what troubles you that you are trying to tell us about?

Christiane said...

A time to pray

Anonymous said...

"in your own words, what troubles you that you are trying to tell us about?"

Since you're not addressing specifics, nor indicating you've indulged in the links I've provided perhaps I'll respond in kind:

I've concluded long ago people that make up America's churches as a whole are not interested in freedom in Christ. Perhaps it's because they're scared of it, or perhaps they've never tasted or known what true freedom is, or perhaps they are scared about what people around them might think if they deviate from the norm. I'm sure there are other significant reasons I'm missing.

In other words, it seems most need the system to validate their christianity, all the while the system is full of wolves who are usurping the authority of Christ.

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love." Gal 5:1,13

GOV has been doing the same thing for far too long as the churches have been doing, and most Americans just can't or are unwilling to see it. This covid-19 scare is just another way for them to get the upper hand and drain any residual semblance of freedom left. Sophisticated slavery that has gradually plagued the USA Inc. since the 19th century has turned into tyranny in a matter of days. Hitler knew Rom 13:1 like the back of his hand.

My hope is ultimately in Jesus, and this hillbilly can be joyful no matter what the current climate is here in the US, though I will not take a mandatory test or vaccine, and I frankly don't give a hoot what people think (why do I still comb my hair? Hmmm) :) Ken

Christiane said...

Thank you, Ken, sometimes 'the story under the story' helps understanding better, sure

Ken, sometimes hope survives in people when they are wounded beyond all recognition . . . I just wrote something to a friend about a documentary I had seen and since you mentioned 'hillbilly', you might find some meaning in what I wrote, this:


there is an excellent documentary out on ‘The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia’ if you are interested in Appalachia and the effects of ‘isolation’ and ‘hard times’ on families where the culture seems ‘hopeless’ and the living is hard and shocking and seemingly a blend of self-destruction and such human qualities that are also heart-breakingly vulnerable. . . . you might be interested in seeing that but warning, it is not a film for people that ‘don’t understand’ about how generational poverty and hopelessness can take their toll of the ethos of a whole clan, as it seems to have done on these interesting and very human people. I was alternately horrified and much moved by their plight, and I found some ‘answers’ in a reflection on the ‘effects’ of year after year and generation after generation living in fear of dying in the coal mines suddenly and of hearing that someone you love has suddenly been lost . . . that kind of endless experience seems to have worn down these folks in this clan. Take a look, if you can find it. I was fascinated and much moved when I saw it. They are very wounded, these people, but valiant in their way, and strangely hopeful for the ones in their clan who had passed on that showed love and grace for the needy and the abandoned. It made good Lenten watching for me. The impact was not unlike a crucible."

I hope you come to terms with what concerns you. You seem much troubled. Hope is good thing.

One more view of hope, this:

"“Hope is an orientation of the spirit, an orientation of the heart;
it transcends the world that is immediately experienced,
and is anchored somewhere beyond its horizons
. . . It is not the conviction that something will turn out well,
but the certainty that something makes sense,
regardless of how it turns out.”
(Vaclav Havel)

Ken, thank you for responding
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Christiane - I appreciate your wanting to encourage me since you think I'm so troubled, but it seems you're confusing the characteristics of wolves, sheepdogs and sheep - I've been around animals my entire life.

Wolves are psychopaths that prey on sheep (usually in positions of leadership), sheepdogs are always on the look out to protect the sheep (even when the sheepdog sleeps), and sheep are...just sheep who rarely have a clue as to how the world actually works, and if they did, they wouldn't be able to function or sleep very well. Wolves thrive when the sheep don't believe the sheepdogs, but believe the sweet and promising lies they hear from the wolves.

I offer another link as food for thought, especially since years ago I went through a very dark period of not being able to sleep more than 12 or so hours per week for several months. My cbc came back normal. Tried a bunch of things to no result. Read how emf's can interrupt the bodies ability to communicate with itself, so I turned off the wi-fi and within a week was sleeping around 7 hrs a night. My doc was Hopkins certified and was a bit shocked.


Anonymous said...

"Since the early 1990s, German biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka has been at the forefront of challenging the medical theory stating that viruses are the cause of infectious diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, the flu, polio, herpes, or measles. Caroline Markolin has presented Dr. Lanka’s activities in her lecture video “Virus Mania” in great details (watch Part 2 of the recordings on this website – starting at 08:08).

Based on his studies in virology, Dr. Lanka discovered that viruses are vital components of simple life-forms that do not exist in complex organisms such as humans, animals, or plants. His research shows that the viruses believed to cause “viral infections” are in reality ordinary cell particles that have been misinterpreted as constituents of the viruses in question. Dr. Lanka also determined that viruses don’t have a destructive effect on the host, as commonly believed. These findings are in full accordance with the discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer who demonstrated already in the 1980s that contrary to the standard theory, microbes do not harm the organism but play instead a supportive role during the healing process of diseases (see Fourth Biological Law of the New Medicine).

The “measles virus trial” between Dr. Stefan Lanka and German medical doctor David Bardens has by now received international attention (see the 2015 reports in CTV News Canada and BBC News). The court case has not only heated up the ongoing “virus debate”. It also fuelled the discussion about the justification of childhood vaccination and of vaccinations in general."

Anonymous said...

IF viruses aren't "alive", then how does hand sanitizer "kill" them?

If most viruses (exosomes) are like the turkey buzzard which is vital to cleaning up decomposing animals, then why would we want to make them out to be the boogie man and eradicate them? :)


Christiane said...

a virus is able to penetrate living cells and the virus becomes like a PARASITE and draws from the living cell to replicate . .. of course, this harms the living cell

the surface of the virus has an 'oily' quality that enables it to attach to living cells and invade them

the soaps and 'sanitizer' that interfere with that property (oiliness) can prevent the attacking virus from attaching itself to a living cell and using the cell to reproduce

This may not be completely accurate as to what is going on, but it's been described that way by some who ought to know (?) but 'hey', these days you've got the most incompetent people of all 'prescribing' miracle drugs, so who knows

search for the 'facts' . . . follow the facts, not the pundits, check various sources of information who are not political or invested in profiteering from hand sanitizer sales :)

check it out for yourself

bunkababy said...


I have watched the Wild and wonderful whites of West Virginia. I watched it about 8 yrs ago in utter horror. So sad.

Anonymous said...

We need more doctors to come forward and expose the lies of the cdc.

Figures don't lie, but liars do figure.


Christiane said...

Hello bunkababy

I was very moved by it. There is something so defensive and vulnerable about these wounded souls. Like they have been scarred deeply from the hopelessness of isolation and living in the death culture of the coal mines, where any day, a husband, a brother, a father is killed in the mines by the greed of owners who failed to provide safety measures. This hopelessness passed down generationally until you get something like the White family.

At surface glance, they are the sort Pharisees would pounce on to judge and point at. But then if you are able to get passed that initial shock, there is another story underneath of people who are very human and very vulnerable and who seek some kind of comfort in their booze and drugs and are clannish and hold to a very primitive, defensive posture. But it's the touching vulnerability that is heart-breaking: the 'dolls' the old women are given, the prayer for the dying 'miracle woman' mother who took abandoned children in and raised them and cared for them, the tears of the addicted woman who gave birth to a daughter who was taken away by the county pending the mother's rehab.

These people are capable of love and even of a kind of primitive, clannish kindness, and they seek to be 'real' under all that defensiveness that tries so hard to come off as strength but fails miserably.

Yeah, it's sad, but I don't see them totally as 'lost', not if they have some hope in them and some love . . . like the way they 'know' that the clan's mother Bertie May had a servant's heart and is with the Lord in heaven now. They know. They believe.
They are reminding me more of the tax-collector in the temple who couldn't look up and who prayed 'Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner';

and somehow, I think in the great expanse of God's infinite mercy that is poured from the deep well of the Holy Trinity and sourced by the Paschal mysteries of Our Lord, I see them finding Our Lord and being healed in God's time,

"When He saw the crowds, He felt compassion for them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd."
(from the Holy Gospel of St. Matthew)

There is healing for those who are wounded. So I have hope for these dis-spirited people. At least they are not self-rightously pointing to 'those other sinners' and casting stones.. These people know they are sinners. But they recognize the goodness in the mother Bertie May White 'the Miracle Woman'. They know what love is, through her witness. Christ will not abandon them the way he will throw the self-righteous out of heaven, I think. I trust Him to care for the wounded. The self-righteous don't need Christ, they follow after other golden idols these days, and that is the saddest thing of all to me.

Headless Unicorn Guy said...

"IF viruses aren't "alive", then how does hand sanitizer "kill" them?"

Because a virus has an exterior shell made up of fatty molecules. When the virus attaches to a cell, it injects the RNA inside that shell into the cell to do its dirty work.

Unlike water, strong alcohol (like in hand sanitizer) dissolves that fatty shell, destroying the virus. (I myself have been using spray bottles filled with rubbing alcohol to sanitize surfaces -- spray on and let evaporate.)

Same with handwashing with soap. Soap and detergents have chemicals called "surfactants" which clean at the molecular level. One end of a surfactant molecule is attracted by water molecules; the other end is attracted to fat or grease molecules (such as you find in most soiling). The surfactant dissolved in liquid water (besides forming suds) encounters the fatty molecules (like in a virus's outer shell), latches onto them, and the other end is attracted by the ever-moving liquid water molecules. It basically rips the fatty shell apart molecule by molecule, literally tearing the virus apart over 20 seconds or so.

Headless Unicorn Guy said...

"The states? Instead of a president leading calmly, he is the one starting fights. The only thing he cares about is winning the next election and how he can swing and sway his voters into believing it is everyone else's fault you guys are failing at an amazing pace."

And four out of five CHRISTIANS act like he is the REAL Second Coming of Christ.

Eagle and I have been scratching our heads for the past four years on why Christians are the most Fanatical of Trump Fanatics. He's delivering on the Culture War? He acts so much like a crooked megapastor/cult leader and Christians have been indoctrinated to see that behavior as God's Anointing? (And if he acts more Anointed than the Anointed Pastor, he must be More Anointed...) Persecution porn leading to a thirst for revenge to where anyone who gives payback gets total alleigance?

"Delivering on the Culture War" -- I think it was Chesterton that in writing about black magick said that "The Dark Forces have a reputation for Getting Things Done." (But you have to do things that become as dark and mean as they are to get them to notice you.)

And I remember during my time in-country (during the Age of Hal Lindsay), all the Pin-the-Tail-on-The-Antichrist scenarios had everyone (except Christians) blindly following The Beast, completely oblivio to all the supernatural strangeness that was going on throughout the Trib. When pointed out this did not make a whole lot of sense, they would respond with a Proof Text about how "God Shall Send Them Strong Delusion, That They Shall Believe a Lie. Tsk. Tsk." And now when it comes to Donald Trump, these same Christians are acting towards him just like the Beast Worshippers of Revelation to their god in the flesh.

Christiane said...

Hello Headless,

I got in trouble over on Imonk. I wrote a three-word comment that was 'removed' as the moderator thought it was political. He was right. I wrote three of the most politically-charged words of the decade. Here's the story, which starts with friend Robert:

Robert F says
April 10, 2020 at 8:49 am
The sadistic spectacle entertainment of crucifixion was an extension of the things that happened in Roman arenas throughout the Empire. In fact, the deaths that occurred in the arenas during the Games, which not infrequently included crucifixions, were considered both punishments of subversive subhumans, and sacrifices to the gods necessary for the continued domination and flourishing of the Empire itself.

Christiane says
April 10, 2020 at 9:10 am
” punishments of subversive subhumans, and sacrifices to the gods necessary for the continued domination and flourishing of the Empire itself”

MOD NOTE: Edited for political content

The missing three words I wrote were: WISCONSIN'S REALITY MATTERED

so the phrase was taken away as 'too political' likely because there are two or three who love to 'silence' those who stand up for the victims of trumpism and I think these two or three have great influence on at least one moderator (Mike Bell)

so things are changing on Internetmonk now and 'silencing' in enforced and I WAS guilty of speaking those three words 'politically' but also in a higher way, in the way that the injustice to the victims involved making them risk their lives getting coronavirus should they get in lines to go to the polls and vote, which they DID, in surprising numbers, which quite makes me think they do not intimidate easily, which also gives me more hope for our whole country.

People will turn out to vote, unless their votes are not counted OR they are turned away from voting, or some other form of voter intimidation is employed (and it WILL be) but still,
people will come out to vote. Why?
Because that is a sacred right that was paid for in blood of our soldiers who fought for our freedoms, and NO ONE, and NO PARTY is going to keep these voters away from their civic duty. I don't know how they voted, but I like it that they stood up against the hatred and the manipulation (which now includes the right wing five on SCOTUS, God help us!

So that's what happened. I'm okay with it. Cause it happened to me, but I hate to see it happen to others, as I think that Internetmonk was special for many more than just myself, and it wasn't like folks could get away with trying to shut up those they disagreed with. Times are changing. Sads.

Anonymous said...

Job 10:22
". . . .to a land of utter darkness, of deep shadow and disorder, where even the light is like darkness.”

Anonymous said...

Christiane, since you used this blog to lambaste Chaplain Mike and Mike Bell over at IMonk,
I thought it only fair that those reading this blog be able to see how Mike Bell answered you:

Mike Bell says
April 14, 2020 at 9:31 am
“the phrase was taken away as ‘too political’ likely because there are two or three who love to ‘silence’ those who stand up for the victims of trumpism and I think these two or three have great influence on at least one moderator (Mike Bell)”

A couple notes here.

1. That was not my moderation.
2. April 10th was Good Friday. Chaplain Mike’s moderation was completely appropriate given the date. The focus was on Christ.
3. As to being influenced by those who love to ‘silence those who stand up for the victims of trumpism’ ask Seneca who get moderated the most by me. (Hint: It is him).
4. The quickest way to get moderated by me, is to a) go off topic or b) participate in personal attacks or inflammatory comments on or about other commentators.
5. In the post today, that was largely what I did.