Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fool's Gold and the National Basketball Association

NBA Basketball (Wikimedia Commons)
Fool's Gold is defined by investors as any flashy but ultimately worthless investment.

In 2016, the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver portrayed itself as a bastion of morality by demanding North Carolina abandon its recently past law that people may legally only use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender listed on their birth certificate rather than the sex they identify with.

Adam Silver, in his silver-tongued eloquence, demanded rescission of this law or the NBA would move the 2017 NBA All-Star game from Charlotte.

Oh my. 

Recently, the government of China has clamped down on Hong Kong's liberties, including imprisoning and intimidating people who print newspapers critical of the Chinese government, taking people charged with "crimes" in Hong Kong to mainland China for trial and imprisonment which violates Hong Kong's established laws, and otherwise clamping down on all individual liberties of Hong Kong citizens.  

These clampdowns by China on basic human rights have led to riots in the streets by highly educated people who live in Hong Kong.

The Houston Rocket's General Manager,  Daryl Morey, tweeted support for the Hong Kong freedom protesters.

“Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.”

That is what the Houston Rocket's owner tweeted in early October 2019.

In steps the NBA and Adam Silver.

In a statement that the silver-tongued NBA commissioner issued, he said:
It is inevitable that people around the world – including from America and China – will have different viewpoints over different issues. It is not the role of the NBA to adjudicate those differences."
At least not in China.

But what about North Carolina?

Adam Silver had ordered the owners of the NBA, the players of the NBA, and everyone associated with the NBA to be silent about China so as not to offend the Chinese government while on a preseason tour of China.

Oh my.

Fool's Gold.

Methinks the NBA and Adam Silver's stance on forcing North Carolina to change it's restroom law, but demanding silence about China's assaults on liberty and democracy in Hong Kong smacks of someone who's trying to sell America a fake bill of goods.

That's why the NBA is silent. 

When someone can buy a person's morality it wasn't morality that person possessed in the first place.

It was posturing. 

It was Fool's Gold morality.

I'll watch the NBA this season, but I won't be listening to any lectures from the NBA's silver-tongued Silver when it comes to morality.


RB Kuter said...

GREAT point, Wade! Isn't this typical of so much of the humanist religion going on these days with its self-serving dualistic contradictions like the one you mention and others, like;
- kill millions of infants but save the immigrant children in confinement due to their vicious parents putting them in harm's way to accommodate political advantage by politicians;
- protect interests of gender-fluid minorities at the expense of freedom of those choosing not to affirm those lifestyles due to their Christian principles;
- criminalize private gambling while instituting trillion-dollar state lotteries under the guise of providing reduced college expenses;
- multi-millionaire politicians campaigning for socialism, ridiculously higher taxation of all those with income more than theirs and equal status of all citizens by reducing affluence of upper classes to make them equal with the lower classes
- Screaming for environmental protection while flying in their private jets
- Screaming for gun confiscation of private citizens with legal arms while using personal, hired, armed bodyguards
- Using Twitter and social media more than anyone but demanding the outlawing of opponents from access to it.

You nailed it, Wade, "FOOL'S GOLD"!

RB Kuter said...

Oh, forgot one:
- violently opposing a border wall to protect common citizens while having immense walls and security systems around their own estates
- militantly opposing the mistreatment of animals or even raising puppies for sale while supporting the merchandising of human fetus body parts from infants slaughtered in abortion procedures
- campaigning for childrens' rights while promoting adoption by same-sex partners
..I'm sure I will think of some more but will gracefully not take up more space on Wade's blog stream.

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,

How about adding one more to your list?

President Democrat candidate, O’Rourke, stated, “Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!”

Christiane said...

Has anyone thought about what Trump gained in allowing the Russians to gain a foothold in the Middle East?

That is one concern I have because his 'leadership' has served and is serving Putin on a grand scale and it continues, as Trump is making efforts to coerce the Ukrainians into coming up with accusations against Biden for 'interference' in the '16 elections,
rather than for our country to accept the firm findings of our own intelligence people.

Why does Putin get this kind of service?

Why are our allies abandoned and Trump is sending troops 'to protect the oil'?

I'm not sure I understand why Trump is considered 'the anointed of God' by evangelical leaders? I don't get it.

Putin has benefited from Trump's presidency in major ways. But not our own allies.

I'm losing confidence in Trump supporters now that Trump-the-Betrayer has shown his hand more clearly, although I really wondered 'why' the silence when the little ones at the border were incarcerated and it was openly made known that they were not getting care.
I ask 'why' because I need to know. My heart has been troubled for a long time.
The defense of a monster is not something I understand when it comes from good people I care about, no. And maybe there isn't any easy answer. And I know that. But still I ask because I do not know what to think anymore. And I want to know 'why' from the people who can tell me themselves so that I don't assume the wrong things. Please help me.

Kate Johnson said...

Excellent post AMD my thoughts exactly. It's always about the money!

Ken F said...

Hi Christians,
I think you are trying to make these very complicated issues much more binary than they really are. For example, I don't know of anyone who is happy to see children out in cages at the borders. But the different sides have different beliefs and opinions on both the causes and potential solutions. The real problem to solve is the cause for why families feel a need to expose their families to so many serious risks that they end up at our borders. What is happening at out borders is wrong on many levels, and there is no clear agreement on what are the root causes and the ways to fix the mess. Blaming the other side is certainly not the way to fix the problem. Also, this problem did not start with Trump.

As for our Kurdish allies, Turkey is also an ally, which complicates matters. As for what Putin gets from this, have you considered the possibility that he got much more benefit from us bing in the mess than out of it. Now he has this monkey on his back and history will judge him for it.

Ken F said...

"Hi Christians,"
Sorry, that was supposed to be for Christiane. Spell check got me...

Christiane said...

Hello Ken,

Thank you for your insight. I do not accept that Putin's new control in the Middle East is in our nation's best interest, no. Nor do I accept the Turks as the kinds of allies that fought with our soldiers against ISIS in Syria, as the Kurds did.

So we see things differently.

Putin won (he usually does when Trump is involved) and so did Erdogan, and our honor as a people who stand by our allies is damaged, without doubt.

No way I see our position in the world being stronger.
If Trump had asked Putin what he wanted when Trump was elected,
I believe Putin would have answered 'a toe-hold in the Middle East' (granted)
a way to 'prove' that Russia did not conduct a cyber-war against our country in '16

Did you know that the shenanigans by Giuliani and company in Ukraine are intended to 'prove' that Russia was blameless and that it was Biden who was involved with the Ukrainians in order to manipulate the results of the '16 election?

If you watch only Fox News, try to catch Chris Wallace's reports. He, at least, is someone who tells it like he sees it.

If Trump can 'prove' Biden is the true villain and that Putin was 'innocent' of cyberwar, then Trump will be allowed to lift the heavy sanctions off of Russia, fulfilling Putin's wish. Trump's been working on it.

What is the name of that conspiracy theory? I've heard it called 'Crowdstrike' and I've heard that it is bogus according to our intel.

Thanks for helping out. I can see the waters are muddied. I am upset as I could not hear the voices of the evangelical community in support of the little ones in the camps, and I was/am confused by this. I agree, you are right:
the evangelical people that I care about are not the kinds of people who would want to see little ones suffer. At least I can hold on to that. It's all getting darker for me.

Thanks again, kind friend.

RB Kuter said...

Rex Ray, I think the primary reason many people are against ANY gun control by the government is that they DON'T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT! It's the "give them an inch and they'll take a mile" logic and it is with justification in this case.

It's like government safety standards and regulations. Saw a label on a window screen saying "This is not meant to be a barrier or restrictive device to keep people from falling out the window." I thought, "That's ludicrous! Who made that company have to print and attach a label to every window screen they make like that?!"

Yeah, I trust politicians so do what they say they're going to do.

RB Kuter said...

Christiane; "Has anyone thought about what Trump gained in allowing the Russians to gain a foothold in the Middle East?"

Are you kidding, Christiane? Surely you are. Do you really attribute Russia's involvement in the Middle East, presence in Syria, it's partnering with those rogue governments to Donald Trump?!! When you say things that are that absurd it totally undermines any possible plausible comment you might make following it.

Christiane said...

Mr. Kuter,

Putin controls Assad. We had allies in Syria called the Kurds. On Putin's birthday, Trump phoned Erdogan and assured him that he was pulling all American troops out of Syria.

So we abandoned the Kurds.
And the Russians came in and took over our bases.

And Putin is solidly in Russia and in control. Assad is only a puppet.

I'd say that was quite a birthday gift to Putin from Trump. You know that Gen. Mattis did not approve of turning on the Kurds and of handing Syria over to Putin?

Without US troops in Syria, the Russians will control it. And our own national interests are damaged because Syria is in a crucial location AND we are now known for betraying our allies . . . and you want to say 'well done, Trump'? But I cannot.

We are worse off for Trump's antics. Much worse off.

Rex Ray said...

The link I gave about O’Rourke buying guns in America has more.

There are 15 to 20 million assault weapons in the America. Law Enforcement has half of them. The average cost is $800 which would cost the taxpayers eight billion dollars.

Texas State Republican Briscoe Cain warned O’Rourke with a veiled threat of violence that he would refuse any effort to seize his AR-15.

O’Rourke says he believes that most law-abiding Americans would comply.

Would that mean only the ‘bad guys’ would have the ‘bad guns’?

RB Kuter said...

Rex Ray, I think the proposals about buying back weapons are simply political rhetoric and nobody will ever take it seriously. It is like so much noise being clanged during political campaign season; meaningless and of no value to our nation but many are enamored by it.

Still, the game of politics is dramatic and interesting to watch. I do enjoy it but must guard myself so as to not take it too seriously; although I, of course, recognize the well-being of our nation is a serious thing. I mean that I must guard myself so as to not allow the noise to be too distracting and certainly not allow it to depress me. Know what I mean?

RB Kuter said...

Christiane, I apologize, again, for not commenting in a manner that is not civil. I hate it when I do that. I should have just not commented.

RB Kuter said...

Sorry, meant "for commenting in a manner that is not civil". I used TWO DOUBLE NEGATIVES!

Rex Ray said...


You asked for help, but in a way, I believe you want people to agree with you. You have ‘campaigned’ for open Borders.

The newspaper today reported:

“European Union’s open borders to travel in several countries. Britain remains an attractive destination for immigrants. 25 miles east of London, a truck was found Wednesday with 39 bodies in one of Britain’s worst people smuggling tragedies. One was a teenager. The truck driver was arrested on suspicion of murder.”

Christiane, it’s my guess they died by the method Mac Wallace used to kill people for LBJ. He’d route exhaust fumes to fill vehicles.

I don’t think the driver murdered them; the truck was probably old and exhaust fumes leaked into it.

Rex Ray said...


Have you ever watched “Outnumbered” on TV. (Judy’s favorite program.) It has one invited guest; a man. Sometimes he’s republican; sometimes Democrat. One of the four women is Democrat. They discuss the latest news items.

Christiane said...

Mr. Kuter,
you have never been unkind to me and we are discussing issues that are meaningful to both of us in a way that is 'heartfelt' and that's an honest (if painful) discussion as we see things from different perspectives.

Please don't feel it necessary to apologize to me. You are one of the people I care about on this blog and for whom I felt it was likely they might not be getting 'all' of the news that is coming in and might not be seeing all that is happening.

I am at fault this week for my tone. I lost my dear pup to sickness and I know I'm over-the-top upset from this grieving, so I probably should not have been commenting for the last few days as I need time-out in this sadness. I want the best for people and for my whole country. I have three serving military in the family and I am very, very worried for their sake also. Please forgive me for my tone this week. You have no need to apologize to me, sir. I am the one at fault with my tone to people. And I am sorry for it. I can do better than this.

God Bless.

Christiane said...

Dear old friend REX RAY,

thank you for the reference to Judy's favorite show . . . I will look it up.

Hope all is going well and you are co-operating with Judy and your doctors regarding your health. Take care. All this dark political trouble is a 'passing thing' in the words of Tolkien. And there will come better days because, at heart, our American people are decent and caring and look out for the good of our land, and in a crisis, we will pull together and make things better. I know this.
We are not the kind of people who afflict neglect on children for political reasons OR the kind of people who excuse the betrayal of our allies who fought side by side with our troops against ISIS in Syria, no. Not at heart.
My heart is troubled in the meantime, but that is my problem. I hope for light to come soon. These are dark days and there is much that doesn't make sense just now.

You take care.

RB Kuter said...

Christiane, really sorry about the loss of your dog. It is amazing how much our pets mean to us. My Boston Terrier is sitting under the desk at my feet as I type this. He is really a great companion and adds a lot to my wife's and my lives. He makes us laugh and is really smart but he requires a lot too. We hate to put him in a kennel so take him with us on all trips but he really does feel like part of the family so we try hard to have him with us.

Most people relate to the grief you experience when you lose one and know that it takes time to recover. Maybe forcing yourself to remember the great times and thank God for those blessings will help overcome the sadness. Sure hope so.

Ken F said...

Hi Christiane,
Sorry for taking so long to reply - I've been incredibly busy the last few days. The news about your dog is sad - I feel for you. I am now blessed to be owned by the best dog on the planet - it will be a sad day when she passes. We also somehow inherited a cat along the way, and even though I am not a cat person the cat thinks I am. I once heard that the purest form of love is between a father and the pet he said he never wanted.

The middle east has been a quagmire for most of recorded history, and it was made worse in the last century by various empires drawing unnatural borders and propping up various leaders. Any country who tries to take control of that mess will end up getting damaged in the process. It might look like a victory for Putin right now, but in the long run I suspect it will be more like a ball and chain for him. We probably should never have gotten involved to begin with.

Are you aware that we have more than 1500 military personnel stationed in Turkey, along with quite a lot of military hardware? And if the news is correct, we also have dozens of nuclear weapons in Turkey under US control. What would happen to those people and nuclear weopons if we got into a war with Turkey? Do you think Turkey would let us repatriate all those people and resources unopposed?

There is also the complicating factor that Turkey is a NATO ally. According to the NATO treaty, an attack on one is an attack on all. Which means if the Kurds go to war with Turkey the US is obligated to support Turkey. Supporting allies on both sides of an armed conflict is a disaster.

I guess my point is issues like this are very complicated, with no binary solutions. There are good and honorable people on both sides of these arguments who truly care about doing what is right. But because they see things differently they have different conclusions about both the causes and the solutions to the arguments.

I know you mean well, but your arguments do not appear to take into account the actual complexities and nuances.

Christiane said...

this might put some light on my concerns

Rex Ray said...

Story of a cat named Kitty.

Her picture is on the cat food we buy which is a “main coon cat”.

After failing two ‘Obedience Schools’, Kitty was going to be ‘put down’ as authorities classified her as dangerous. The owner pleaded so much; they gave her back.

My daughter suggested to her friend that Kitty might like living in the country rather than town and asked us if we would take her if she was ‘fixed’. (That was about 18 years ago.)

At first, she lived under an abandon house nearby and ate food next to it. Anytime she saw us, she disappeared under the house. Every few days we moved the food closer to our house until she would eat on the front porch. A nearby tree had a limb over our front porch balcony. She liked to climb it and stay on the balcony.

Once, I opened the door to the balcony and she jumped off. I thought it might kill her, but she ran under the old house. After months, she let us pet her as she ate.

Kitty has always been an ‘outdoor cat’. We started having a problem sleeping at night because of cat fights. (He wanted romance, and her being ‘fixed’ didn’t.)

I finally caught the tomcat in a trap. The old house had a basement full of water. I tied a rope on the cage. It may have been mean, but I baptized him three times. I saw him running south, and there were no more cat fights.

Now, Kitty ‘escorts’ us wherever we go, except she stays in front. She loves to be petted. She is a killer of mice and rats and proudly shows them to us. She still disappears when other people come.

RB Kuter said...

Another GREAT Rex Ray story! Kitty reminds me of a recovering addict raised by addict parents. They never had a chance and personalities were so messed up and difficult to deal with that nobody was willing to try.

I often wonder what could happen if those we have thrown on the garbage heap as being hopeless were taken out of their environment with all of its modern-day bad influences and made to live in the country, like with Rex Ray. You know, like Kitty. Given some open space where they could be themselves and not harm anyone and didn't have to deal with the pressure of other addicts and electronic devices and soul-sapping video games and sewer television, computers and DVDs.

I REALLY liked the way you dealt with the intruding tomcat. At first, I thought you were going to say that after three dunks he never came up for air again! You are a good therapist, RR!

Ken F said...

Hi Christiane,
Promoting CNN as a credible news source is no better than promoting any of the major networks, including Fox. All of them are for-profit businesses who cater to people who want to hear news and analysis they already agree with. For all of them, money is the bottom line, not balance or accuracy. This kind of journalism is much more like entertainment than true journalism. This makes it difficult to get to ground truth.

I am wondering why you have not commented on the fact that Turkey is an old and formal ally, and that we have billions of dollars of military hardware in that country. If the US has to choose sides, what do you think the outcome will be if the choice breaks that alliance? Do you think Erdogon could be trusted to allow the US to make an orderly, complete, and honorable withdrawal of all personnel and hardware, or would he hold them hostage as bargaining chips? As bad as it looks for Kurds to be throwing potatoes at departing troops and Russia occupying abandoned military sites, would it not be much worse to either see pictures of US military personnel imprisoned in Turkey, pictures of a dishonorable retreat from Turkey, and pictures of foreign military occupying former US sites and military hardware, including nuclear weapons?

Also, what do you think of the way all of the other NATO countries seem to be sitting on their hands and giving Erdogon a pass? What about their responsibility?

The US involvement with the Kurds is likely a bad investment. If so, cutting our losses is probably in our best interest. Do you remember the good old days when the Taliban were our allies? Was it a good idea to support them back then?

Rex Ray said...

RB Ruter,
Judy laughed about you saying I was a good therapist.

Your idea of kids being taken out of their environment and living in the country to get them ‘straighten out’ is a good one.

Many years ago, my son spent months helping an organization that took boys ‘one step from prison’. (If they didn’t complete the program, they went to prison.)

The ‘head man’ was my cousin’s husband. The group traveled across country in canoes. If there was ‘trouble’, they stayed at the location until it was resolved.

An example would be; if one refused to help paddled the canoe, most of the time it was the other boys who ‘changed his mind’.

Today there are many programs for kids ‘headed for trouble’ such as this one:

Christiane said...

Hello Ken F

you wrote:
"The US involvement with the Kurds is likely a bad investment. If so, cutting our losses is probably in our best interest."

Ken, it is never 'in our best interest' to be dishonorable, no. The cost of honor is very high, in blood and treasure.


The Kurds had our backs because they believed in the honor of our soldiers.
Everyone, including the Turks and the Russians respected our soldiers in Syria. The presence of our soldiers held them back. Until Trump.

Go visit Arlington National Cemetery and think about the cost of the honor of your nation, Ken. And ask yourself, was the price worth it? Was the cost 'a good deal'?

Are the lives of the young people who supported our own troops in the battle against ISIS to be considered so cheaply also? Eleven thousand Kurds have died supporting us. Doesn't that count for something? If it doesn't, then I don't know what does have value in this strange new world of trumpism. I want my country back. At least we knew who we were and now nobody trusts us who thought they could count on our honor as a nation.

I don't understand anymore. I'm only glad my good father didn't live to see this all happen. It would have been too much for him.

Sorry for my tone, but I'm upset. My dog died this week. I shouldn't be commenting.

RB Kuter said...

Rex Ray; thank God for those many ministries who are rescuing those so embedded in addictive and destructive lifestyles. It is an extremely tough work with very little success to encourage those investing their lives to save some. I wonder if sometimes it might be a good tactic to throw them in the basement water three times to wake them up. I am thinking of myself as I say that. I wasted a lot of years that might have been shortened if I had had Rex Ray to grab me by the collar and tossed me into that pool and made me think he was going to leave me there!

But God is so good, so patient, and so gracious, and He never gave up on me. I don't deserve Him.

Ken F said...

You should not accuse me of thinking cheaply of the sacrifices of our troops. We cheapen them when we throw them into conflicts that don't belong to us. The only reason we are fighting ISIS now is because of Obama's hasty withdrawal from Iraq that created the vacuum which allowed ISIS to form. What about that? But the reason for our withdrawal was because we needed to end a war that we probably should not have started. But if we hadn't gotten into that war, would we have been worse off than we are now? It's all very complicated and there are no binary solutions. If middle east peace had a clear solution it would have been found by now. It doesn't. So why do we want to sacrifice more of our troops there?

And don't think the Kurds were sacrificing themselves for us. They fought and still fight ISIS for their own survival. They would be fighting ISIS with or without us. The only reason we are allies with them is because we have a common enemy in ISIS. Otherwise we have no reason to be there.

I am not saying that I am happy about this withdrawal. Rather, I am saying it is a complicated quagmire that probably has no good outcome. Departing so hastily appears very wrong. But staying there puts our troops in an impossible situation because Erdogon is a villain who cannot be trusted. I am worried for our troops in Turkey.

What are your thoughts on the future relations between Turkey and the US with respect to all of the US troops stationed there? Do you believe that Erdogon will treat them honorably?

Christiane said...

"Departing so hastily appears very wrong."

Yes, it was very wrong.

As far as 'Arlington' and our honorable dead, may I suggest that 'honor' is central to our military. They are not 'mercenaries' in some transactional arrangement, no.

Our soldiers WERE impacted by a very wrong decision on the part of one man who could not bring himself to serve his own country in uniform. They were impacted in the wounding of their morale. And I don't forgive Trump for such a thing, no.

Our military were and remain an honorable fighting force. Trump is not representative of their values in any way.

I'm not accusing you. The 'greatest generation' is all but passed away now, and what remains among the people who support Trump must decide for themselves what is now 'the new code' that replaces the military honor codes.
To commit to battle alongside an ally who's got your back and then to desert him to be slaughtered . . . that changes 'who we are' as a nation. And I mourn that change as much as I grieve for the little ones Trump took from their parents and placed in facilities without soap or adequate food or even diapers.

Whatever MAGA means, it seems to walk away from the most powerful thing we had going for us, a sense of national pride in who we were as an honorable people.

The way I see it, you have to choose your highest loyalty. Trump demands it from you. But at the cost of what?

No, my comment was more of a 'wake up'!!! and don't be fooled.

WE do not abandon our allies in the field to die, no. Why? Because WE are not as a nation a dishonorable lot, no.

But have loyalties changed? And again I ask 'at what cost'?

Once again, my tone is too strong and I am grieving so maybe in future we can have a dialogue that is more productive and less abrasive as right now, I can't parse my words to fit what has happened in any other way, I am too raw in emotion and this is the unfortunate result.

Have a good Lord's Day. I can sincerely hope that for you, Ken F.

Ken F said...

What assumptions or conclusions did you make about me that led you to conclude you needed to lecture me about military honor?

Rex Ray said...


Sorry for the loss of your dog.

Our cat would let us pet her all day, watches what we’re doing, and ‘escorts’ us when we walk outside.

Cows are sacred in India because of the Hindu belief in reincarnation.

If I believed that, I think our ancestors would be a dog or cat. :)

Christiane said...

Hello Ken F.

I believe I focused on this one statement which I took at face value, and I wanted to make clear that I felt our relationship with the Kurds was based on honor and not something to be reckoned as a transactional relationship:

"The US involvement with the Kurds is likely a bad investment. If so, cutting our losses is probably in our best interest."
Now Ken, if I have misunderstood you, please let me know.
If you stand by your statement, I cannot agree with you. You are entitled to your own set of values and to your own opinions, this is true.

I am absolutely horrified by what Trump did. If you do think we 'win' by abandoning the Kurds in some way, I think you are wrong about that.
The only winner is Putin. He is the one who sits back and looks at the way Trump treats our allies and knows that if Trump can weaken the trust between us and our allies, and if Trump can succeed in making us look dishonorable, then Putin gains ground with his agenda in the world, and our country is weakened.

This abandonment of the Kurds will come back to haunt us.

If you have served your country, I honor your service. If you have lost family to battle, then I share your pain as I also have lost family. But no way can I EVER concede that a 'transactional' plan to sell out OUR allies for some other 'gain' is 'in our national interest'. No.

We don't see the current 'policy' (whatever it is) in the same way, no.
Sorry if you feel this is a 'lecture', but considering the transactional content involved, what IS the proper response of any American citizen to your statement, this:

""The US involvement with the Kurds is likely a bad investment. If so, cutting our losses is probably in our best interest."

maybe America IS moving away from 'honor' in our international dealings;
and moving towards trumpian transactional values, but I hope this is not the case.

You have my honest expression of how I see your comment. Sorry if any misunderstandings, but I took your comment on face value.

Christiane said...

Hello out there, REX RAY

thank you for your condolences on the loss of my fur baby

he had 'Cushing's Disease' for which we gave him medicine from the vet for a long time, but his kidneys worsened and he began to vomit and lose strength and we took him in and were advised that the labs were bad . . .

we were given little hope, but a referral to fine veterinary hospital in the area, and he was admitted there for about a week or so, and they TRIED and we were hopeful and grateful for their efforts,
but in the end, one morning, the vet said 'I believe he is now suffering.' And that did it.

So I asked the vet to 'help him' and she did and the little dog yawned and put his head down and fell asleep and I am heartbroken as is my husband.

Father Bryan at Church says 'all dogs go to heaven' and Father Bryan never lies.

Thanks again. It's a sad week, and I'm not up for engaging in any decent dialogues with good people here, so I'm sorry about that,
but thank you for your kindness.

That pup was my baby. I miss him very much.

Rex Ray said...


“Father Bryan at Church says 'all dogs go to heaven' and Father Bryan never lies.”

That reminds me of my sister-in-law telling her crying children that their goldfish was in ‘Fish Heaven’.

They cried louder; “No Mama, Daddy put him down the commode!”

When our dog died, our mother wisely told our crying sister, “Do you believe you will be happy in heaven?”


“If it takes our dog to be in Heaven for you to be happy, then our dog will be in heaven.”

“…No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9 NLT)

“…Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” (KJ)

Rex Ray said...


My 10 year old twin brother, once said (unwisely), “I’ll never love my wife anymore than I love our dog.” :)

Christiane said...

Thanks, REX RAY

today we got a sympathy card from the vet hospital . . . they tried to save him, God bless them

Ken F said...

Hi Christiane,
Thank youb for your kinds words. And I would like to extend my condolences for your loss of family - nothing can make up for that loss.

I think you did misunderstand me, pretty badly, and I don't seem to be able to write in a way that brings clarity, so I think it would be best for you and I to disengage from this topic. I don't want to write anything that could accidently increase your grief.

Christiane said...


here is something about Trump's architect on the tariff wars with China . . . it turns out that the guy he quotes in his book is not real . . . . no wonder this 'advisor's 'plan' is failing . . . take a look if you enjoy the current political shenanigans going on:

Christiane said...

and REX RAY,

I won't often feel sympathy for Trump, HOWEVER here is something interesting that might be a heads-up to find out if NUNES is in on trying to pull the wool over Trump's eyes. What is NUNES and his cronies up to?

Someone in the government is pro-Russia to the max. Is Trump pushing this, OR is he a victim of this?

questions to amuse you as conspiracy theories are interesting to us all, so enjoy:

Christiane said...

I'm sorry I failed you, Ken F.

Thank you for the condolences.
One good thing: my son is in town from Alaska and he will collect the ashes of our beloved pup from the vet hospital for us. I was afraid I'd cry too much and have trouble driving and my son volunteered. My husband struggles now with driving in heavy traffic.

Thanks again.

I think we tried to communicate and that effort is, in itself, a good thing, but I have failed to understand you, and I will take the responsibility for that failure.
You be peaceful about it.
God Bless!