Friday, December 14, 2018

Message Two of the Series "In the Fullness of Time"

Wade Burleson: At That Time, Michael Shall Arise from Emmanuel Enid on Vimeo.


Tom said...


I enjoyed your video on the ancient History of the world but like the early scholars of Israel they attempted to place several distant future prophecies with respect to their times, into their past as they could not comprehend the time span that was required for the prophecies to unfold and subsequently what was the outcome of the covenantal promises.

What I have found when considering the Biblical Prophecies is that I too have difficulty in comprehending the time scale required for their fulness in time for their completion and who the main players are described within these prophecies. In the past, people have placed dominant leading figures from the recorded history into the Biblical Prophecies to come to an understanding of what is recorded in the Prophecies. I am not sure that this is a valid way to come to an understanding of Biblical Prophecy.

What I have also discovered is that God’s prophecies often jump thousands of years from one described prophetic event to the next where the intervening years are not immediately visible to us and can span up to 2,000 plus years between the respective prophetic event.

Your recorded video was based on one such understanding of scripture which is fine, and the outcome of that theory forges the “facts” into one of these various understandings.

What I liked about your video was that you brought the focus back to the time when the following will be fulfilled: -

Daniel 12:1: - 12:1 - "At that time Michael shall stand up,
The great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people;
And there shall be a time of trouble,
Such as never was since there was a nation,
Even to that time.
And at that time your people shall be delivered,
Everyone who is found written in the book.

Which does not provide a time stamp as to the time period when this portion of scripture will be fulfilled.

Yes, Christ stood up for the sake of Israel over 2,000 years ago, and now He is waiting for their response to His message of salvation for them.


PS: - All nations and people groups must also respond to the same message of Salvation that Christ Brought around 2,000 years ago. I know that I fall into this later group.

Christiane said...

Hello Tom Ross,
you wrote, this: " All nations and people groups must also respond to the same message of Salvation that Christ Brought around 2,000 years ago. I know that I fall into this later group."

Tom, we ALL fall into this latter group and are in need of God's healing mercy.

Would to God we were able to see the suffering of others and were moved by it, how differently would we have now entered into the Advent season, preparing to ‘keep the feast’, in our warm and cozy homes with plenty of food and an abundance not known in the third world?

How differently would we respond to suffering, IF we who love the Lord, were consciously moved to action by the immense suffering in this world?

Is a melting of the cold places in the hearts of Christian people not something unrelated to our salvation IF it increases our capacity for compassion in the process?

In the presence of the death of one small immigrant child, may we begin to experience the melting of the hard places in our hearts so that we will no longer be able to ‘look away’ from the suffering of such children, or attempt to 'justify' it, but be moved to respond to it with the age-old kindness of the Lord Who would gather the little children to Himself.

A small child has died of dehydration and exhaustion. But the soul of the young child Jakelin Caal rests now safely in the care of her Saving Lord, Who Himself once said from the Cross, 'I thirst'.

May the good Lord of Life have mercy on us all.

"I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."
(from the Psalm 27:13)

“For He will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help.
He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death.
He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in His sight.”
(an excerpt from the Psalm 72:12-14)

"I thirst"
(from the Holy Gospel of St. John 19:28)

Christiane said...

“For I judged not myself to know anything among you,
but Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.” (I Cor2:2)

'Thirst, more than hunger, is the greatest need of humanity, and also its greatest suffering. Let us contemplate then the mystery of Almighty God, who in His mercy became poor among men.'

Tom said...


In my comment above to Wade’s video I deliberately only spoke of my need to respond to Christ’s Salvation message during His first Advent. I did not point out that all of us fall into this grouping. I allowed the reader to draw that conclusion for themselves without pointing a finger at them. I could only speak for myself and not others.

As regards to how we demonstrate our understanding of God’s desire of how we should act towards others around us, Christ certainly picked up God’s call in Isaiah 58 and 61:1-3 when He told the parable found in Matthew 25:31-46.

Over the past 22 years, I have had a close association with a third world country and last year when a slum caught fire in the city I was visiting and destroyed the homes of around 46 households, I had no trouble helping in a small way, in accordance with Isaiah 58, to restore some of the essential things that they needed to survive. I did what any other person with compassion would do with the support of my wife.

I am also mindful of the last portion of Isaiah 58 which tells us to keep the Sabbath Day of the Lord for mankind holy when it comes.

I am also mindful that what is happening within the nations on the edge of the sea that went into Babylon to heal the land, is that those nations are now being invaded by people in a way that seems peaceful, yet when their numbers are enough, they will raise up a cry of victory over our respective lands. We are being punished for going against God prophetic desire for Babylon.

We have sinned like King David and acted God like in our actions and as such we collectively need to repent of our contrary actions against God.

We, collectively, raised up a shout when the statue in Babylon was toppled, but we did not repent of our sin.

We, all the nation of the world, need to repent of our sins against God.


PS: - The above referenced prophecy was written some 19 years after the statue prophecy and reveals that there is around a 2,000 plus year pause in the unfolding of the prophecy concerning the statue.

Tom said...

For those who have understanding of what is unfolding at this present time within God's prophesies, they know that the nations of the earth are being drawn to assemble together and when they are all drawn up in the valley, the nations and their respective kings will be judged for the evil that they have done here on the earth.

In the same Isaiah prophecy, the fallen heavenly hosts will be judged in heaven and will no longer be accorded access into heaven at that time and they and the kings of the earth with their armies will be imprisoned in a cistern/pit on the earth for many days before their collective punishment will occur.

But the above is moving too far from Wade's video message and call to repent, in a very different direction.

For those of us who understand of the biblical prophecies, we can see that our time of decision making of either being for or against God has shortened considerably.

As Christiane has written, it is time to put legs on our decision to be for God and demonstrate our desire of becoming a disciple of Christ by the renewing of our minds and the putting on of the refurbished man that God intended us to become from the beginning of time.



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