Friday, October 09, 2015

His Love Washes Over Us: Emmanuel Enid, Oklahoma

After the teaching time during the 11:15 am Sunday morning worship service, we have a time of corporate worship. Lives are being transformed; that's something to celebrate. Last Sunday Rachelle and I spoke with a woman who's been coming to Emmanuel Enid for just three weeks. She's been a meth and cocaine addict, and is now in the grip of alcohol addiction. She'd come Sunday morning "at the end" of her rope. During the service, the Holy Spirit gently drew this woman to Christ. With running mascara, a broken heart, and hope for the future, she surrendered her life to Christ. Truly, the love of Christ is washing all over this woman. The worship video below is from our corporate worship time after the teaching at Emmanuel Enid. I think you too will be able to sense the movement of the Holy Spirit. Come join us.


Debbie Kaufman said...

The worship part of the service is one of my favorite parts. I am usually at the 11:00 service with my grandchildren who are in grade school and sing loud and strong at these services.

After working hard all week long, these services are a breath of fresh air and having my children attend these services, hearing the message of Christ and His everlasting love and now sharing them with my grandchildren is a blessing beyond measure.

Christiane said...

Great comment, DEBBIE.
You are a strong Christian woman, and that you find 'a blessing beyond measure' in these services is a testimony to the Source of your strength.

I was thinking about the many troubles Christians are encountering in the world, and how it is so very important that we face those troubles on our knees in prayer before God, rather than on our high horse. That we teach our little ones of the blessings of worship is a gift we can give that they can pass on to their children and their children's children . . . something of 'legacy' that came from the first Christians to us and is handed on down the generations. God bless!