Thursday, August 20, 2015

ISIS Tortures and Murders Dr. Khaled Al-Asaad

Dr. Khaled Al-Asaad, the renowned professor of antiquities in Palmyra, Syria, was brutally murdered this week by ISIS. Dr. Al-Asaad, 83 years of age, had worked as a professor in Syria for decades, and held the title of general manager for Palmyra, one of Syria's most ancient archaeological sites. He served as the director of the museum of antiquities. Palmyra is located 134 miles northeast of Damascus and is renowned for its historical artifacts.

I reached out to my cousin when I heard about the death of Dr. Al-Asaad. She worked in Syria for many years as an archaeologist and was recognized by The Los Angeles Times as "the leading American archaeologist for Syrian artifacts." She, like all professional archaeologists, was shaken by the news. Dr. Al-Asaad was a peer and a friend.  ISIS has a goal of destroying all cultural and historical heritage sites not affiliated with radical Islamic ideology.  Dr. Al-Asaad knew his life was in danger, but he reportedly said, "I live in Syria and I will die in Syria." He did.

ISIS believes any historical artifact protected, preserved and displayed in museums is "idolatry." ISIS is dedicated to the destruction of all historical artifacts and the murder of all historians and archaeologists who engage themselves in "idolatry." The New York Times reports that ISIS leaders had detained Dr. Al-Asaad for weeks in a vain attempt to discover the hidden location of Palmyra's valuable antiquities. This Tuesday, ISIS "dragged Dr. Al-Asaad to a public square where a masked swordsman cut off his head in front of a crowd." The Times goes on to report that "his blood-soaked body was then suspended with red twine by its wrists ... his head resting on the ground between his feet."

Be prepared.

I am about to show you the picture of Dr. Al-Asaad's mutilated and murdered body. It's a picture that ISIS displayed triumphantly on social media, but one that the American media is refusing to post. Turn away if you don't wish to see it. Let me give you my reason for posting it.

With the invention of photography, social change blossomed. Progressives who wanted to change child labor laws, unsafe work environments in factories, and a host of social problems in the late 1800's had a new, profound and powerful friend.


We are a visual people, and only when people get sick and tired of seeing the brutality and inhumanity of ISIS will civilized people get sick and tired of accommodation. In a culture infatuated with the death of aged athletes and movie stars, here's hoping a photograph of the murdered Dr. Khaled Al-Asaad will wake Americans up to the brutality of radical Islam and put people in office who will actually do something about it. Wake up, America. ISIS must be stopped.


Gordon said...

To this unspeakable atrocity, you could also add the article from the NY Times on Aug. 13, 2015 : "ISIS enshrines a Theology of Rape" (Sex slavery offered as a reward in conquered regions).

"Are we ready? OK. Let's roll". Todd Beamer 9/11/2001

Rex Ray said...

I’m glad you posted the picture. It’s been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

If we don’t stop ISIS where they are, we'll fight them in America.

Rex Ray said...

Your warning is the same as my China missionary uncle telling everyone he knew to stop selling scrap iron to Japan because they were making bullets to kill us.

Obama may have already classified your picture as ‘workplace violence’.

Wade Burleson said...



Chris Riley said...

No words....

ScottShaver said...

Headlines today is ISIS beheads 30. This time for being homosexual and transgendered.

Rowena said...

Why do you think the church is so silent about what is happening to the Yazidis, moderate Muslims and Christians in the Middle East? I have not heard one church mention or pray for them. I heard quite an outcry when gay marriage was legalized but not a peep is heard about gays being thrown off tall buildings in Iraq. We seem to be wrapped up in ourselves and our small worlds. Not only are we crossing on the other side of the road but we are covering our eyes as we do so.A bit off topic perhaps and probably finger pointing, but the photo just refreshed the reality of the horror.