Monday, February 02, 2015

Doubts About Doubt: Katy Perry's Reality

Katy Perry's Wikipedia page states Katy's mother, a preacher's wife, forbad Katy from eating "Lucky Charms" as a girl because Lucky was too much like Lucifer. One wonders if Katy had been allowed to eat the cereal if she would have ever kissed the girl? Katy eventually renounced the "Christian" faith of her youth, and became a New Age spiritualist.

No one who follows Jesus ought to be distressed by similar renunciations of "Christianity." In reality, what is revolted against is the abuse and perversion of Jesus' teachings and the life He brings. Jesus told us, "I came so you can have real and unending life, more and better life than you ever dreamed of having" (John 10:10, The Message).

Like Katy Perry,  Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)--author of books like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Treasure Island -- rebelled against his strict and unnatural upbringing.  Stevenson was raised in a Scottish Calvinistic home where Law was emphasized to the neglect of God's love for sinners in Jesus Christ. As a young man, Robert Stevenson renounced his rigid upbringing which he described as "the deadliest gag and wet blanket that can be laid on a man." There was no such thing as New Age faith in Stevenson's day so he became an atheist.

However, as Robert Louis Stevenson turned forty years of age, he began to have "doubts about his doubt." He realized that though the world claimed to be able to give him life and wisdom, the world actually had no satisfying answers to the problems he faced. 

At age forty-two Stevenson would write, "There is a God who is manifest for those who care to look for Him." Before Stevenson died two years later at age forty-four, he described his faith in Jesus Christ as "a cast iron faith." The last short story Stevenson wrote before he died was entitled Markheim, and it is a veritable "look in the mirror" for people like Katy Perry and others who renounce what they consider "Christianity," only to discover they've never really had faith in the first place.

If you were denied Lucky Charms in your youth by well-meaning but deceived parents, God's grace will eventually overcome your objections and bring you to an understanding that He alone gives real life through His Son, and this life is ultimately the only solution to the problems that plague us all.


Victorious said...

Phil Donahue had one of the first "talk" shows on TV years ago. We were fascinated with the guests who were interviewed and hearing their stories and experiences opened our eyes to the world we were sheltered from.

Two particular young men had grown up under an alcoholic father and suffered greatly as a result. Phil asked one of them if they used alcoholic now and he said yes and added, "because that's what I saw my father do."

He asked the second son if he used alcohol and he said no and added, "because that's what I saw my father do."

I never forgot that particular show and the lesson as well. We are responsible for our choices in life.

Our parents aren't the only ones who have influence in our lives.

That's how I see it. :)

Anonymous said...

I grew up with alcoholics, but there was no shortage of teaching of God in our home. It was hell fire and brimstone all the way. I strayed far away, but I had good roots that led me back to the lord and am grateful for that every day. I now work with addicts and alcoholics and am very blessed to be able to do so. These people are Gods people. You will find the most creative, artistic, and intelligent people amongst them. You will also find some of the most lost. We see too many people who have lost hope. We teach to heal body mind and soul. We see many come back again and again. When talking with them over the years I have discovered over 90% who return did not get the spiritual part of the program before. You have to feed your soul. I am so blessed to have one of the few jobs left in this world where you can go and talk about God and Jesus and not be criticized or fired. It is awesome to see your patients coming back to life and to watch them get that sparkle in their eyes where they were dull and lifeless. God has truly been good to me and given me a chance to give back.

Wade Burleson said...

Victorious and Anonymous,

Two excellent comments. Thanks!

Rex Ray said...


Before we were old enough to go to school if we saw a cigarette butt on the sidewalk my brother and I were taught to ‘grind’ it with our shoes and say, “DIRTY OLD CIGARETTE!”

Our dad would say: “A fire on one end and a fool on the other.”

Needless to say we’ve never smoked one of those ‘coffin nails’.

Lee Enochs said...

pastor Wade, thank you for this. I can relate to Katy Perry. I wnt to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary under Paige Patterson and the lunatic asylum there. It almost drove me to the brink.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post!

And for those inclined to pray, pray for our family. We are trying to steer the grandchildren to a strong faith in God.

However, our church choices in this town are limited. We can go RCC, but don't believe that direction.

We can go liberal (very) mainline Protestant but are not willing to bless that which the scripture calls sin on several major issues.

Or we can attend fundamentalist churches.

Honestly, we don't know which is worse! So attend a somewhat crazy mix, cautioning all the while that one can be conservative and obey God's law to the best of one's ability without embracing angry, YEC, Left Behind theology fundamentalism.

I have a specific prayer request: for enough like minded believers to begin a non liberal non fundamentalist definitely Baptist church.



Headless Unicorn Guy said...

Katy Perry was a Preacher's Kid?

PKs crack up in one of two ways: Total "Take Your God And Shove It!" rebellion or total submission (usually being more extreme and Godly(TM) than Daddy).

Marilyn Manson or Fred Phelps, nothing in-between.

Mark Sims said...

Headless Unicorn Guy: what has been your experience with PKs? No in-between? None? Being a PK myself and having three I find that assessment funny. The post is regarding a hyper-Fundamentalism which sees potentially demonic boogey-men behind such things as boxes of cereal and which, therefore, threatens the development of true faith. The fact that Katy Perry is a PK is background info, but the point is applicable to any/all who fail to understand grace and seek to supplement it with anything other.

G. Casey said...

She actually started out in the Christian music business as Katie Hudson.

She released one album but it was not marketed well and did not sell many. This song is actually is pretty good.