Monday, January 27, 2014

Contending for Truth on the Internet

Recently someone forwarded me a broadcast from a North Carolina Christian evangelist named Dr. Scott Johnson. The broadcast, entitled Contending for Truth, had me doubled over in laughter. You can listen to the seven minute Part One: Wade Burleson Is a Secret Agent and the even more bizarre five minute Part Two: Wade Burleson Is a Secret Agent and then make your own assessment. My wife wasn't laughing. She said, "Wade, people who don't know you or our church might actually think this stuff is true." I reflected a moment on her concerns, and then busted out laughing again.

According to Dr. Johnson, I am a secret agent of the United States government, on the payroll of FEMA and possibly the Department of Homeland Security. "Tool of Satan" is Dr. Johnson's favorite moniker for yours truly. Dr. Johnson has received information that the auditorium of Emmanuel Enid is being "remodeled" (which it is) in these perilous economic times at the behest of the federal government. Based upon the information he has received about our church removing the "pews"  and replacing them with chairs, not to mention his own on-line investigation of me and our church, Dr. Johnson publicly declares that I am working closely with the federal government to turn our church into a collection site for dissidents, planning to ship them by train to a federal re-education camp.

According to the broadcast (Part II), the government is preparing a former federal prison in Watonga as a "confinement facility" for those in northwest Oklahoma who believe in civil liberty, private gun ownership, and other individual freedoms. The government has recently hired 400 security guards to work at Watonga, and our auditorium remodel is in preparation for Emmanuel to become a temporary holding center where government rebels can identified and then shipped by train to the Watonga prison. Dr. Johnson's says the railroad tracks that run next to our church will be used for human cargo trains to transport rebels to the "re-education camp." The way the government will identify these dissidents is through "Pastor Burleson ratting out on his congregants," revealing himself as the government agent he is.

Obviously, not everything you read or hear on the Internet is true. I was laughing because at least the claims of Dr. Johnson are so bizarre they can be seen for their falsehoods. It's not near as funny when the character assassinations are subtle, intentional, and designed to promote an agenda. The Roman general Pliny believed he could prevent assassination attempts by developing an immune system resistant to poison. The general would take small doses of poison "with a grain of salt" in order to be able to swallow the poison. Our English idiom "take it with a grain of salt" comes from Pliny's practice. After many years of being in the public eye, I have learned that anything said about me on the Internet needs to be taken "with a grain of salt."


Ramesh said...

Very funny that Wade is funneling dissidents to federal reeducation camps. I don't agree with Wade on his politics and economics BUT agree very much with his teaching The Word, for Wade sticks to the text for his sermons.

For paranoia I would focus on what the NSA/CIA/FBI are doing in surveilling the entire world of it's electronic communications and the complicity of both parties and fed. judiciary in this business. That aspect of the paranoia is very true.

“You’re entitled to your own opinions. You’re not entitled to your own facts.”

Wade Burleson said...

"...for Wade sticks to the text for his sermons."

Probably the nicest thing that could be said about my teaching.


Christiane said...


is THIS the person you are referring to:

if so, it looks like he is involved in a lot more than just KJV onlyism

not to worry . . . if this is him, then I doubt he has much credibility with people of good will and YOU DO have much credibility with them

KJV only-ism apparently has a wide range of strange followers with some unusual outlooks,
and you are openly not a KJV onlyist and therefore may have been chosen as a 'target' by this person on that account

unless there is real danger, I should not be concerned, but he does need to be exposed because apparently he delves in extreme subjects that indicate he might be a bit off his trolley

Prayers for your peace of mind . . . may Our Lord preserve you from all unnecessary worry and concern and give you wisdom with how to proceed in areas where you are the object of scorn by people who may be unbalanced

Be surrounded by the Peace of Christ, WADE, as you work in His service to help others

Aussie John said...


Words fail me!

Dee Parsons said...

I have just one thing to say about this:

a bruised reed said...

Wade, your response is quite gracious. Spurgeon once was told that someone said something quite untrue of him. When asked how he would respond, Spurgeon replied: "If they had know the truth, they would of had more to talk about."
Grace and peace...

Mary said...

Oh goodness. I think I just snorted coffee up my nose. :) This is about as believable as North Korea putting a man on the sun recently. Sad, though, that people can be so far from reason and grace as to focus on such crazy untruths when there are real problems, like human trafficking, unnecessary wars, persecution of christians in other parts of the world, and even (if you want to stick to politics) concrete, litigation-worthy examples of the erosion of our own freedoms of speech and religion here which could use his devoted attention. (Also, not sure how you can be a Payne fan and a puppet of big government simultaneously. Still trying to figure that one out.)

Headless Unicorn Guy said...

The Internet gives everyone a bully pulpit. Even the crazies.

In some way, it gives the crazies an advantage; before, a crazy would only be heard by those within personal earshot or bullhorn range. But on the Net, a crazy can link up with similar crazies all over the world and reach critical mass. At which point you don't have a solitary crazy, you have a MOVEMENT.

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 18:13 KJV
He that answereth a matter before he heareth it , it is folly and shame unto him.