Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Male Sex Mobs Targeting Women Is the End Result of Not Knowing God

I am currently teaching a five-week series entitled Strength Through Knowing God, based on Daniel 11:32b where the prophet writes, "Those who know their God will be strong and take action." Last Sunday's message revolved around the biblical revelation that God is spirit (John 4:24) and is not gendered. To pray "Our Father who art in heaven" no more means that God is a man than to hear God say, "As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you" (Isaiah 66:13) means God is a woman. Scripture explicitly states that God is spirit, but possesses both masculine and feminine attributes. This is why when God created adam (the Hebrew word for "man"), He created both the male and the female in His image, and called them both adam (see Genesis 1:27). In fact, in the process of creation, the only thing that was not good was when the male was created without the female. It is only in the male and the female that the full-orbed image of God is revealed. Men and women are God's image-bearers and both genders must be seen, treated and respected as equal representatives of the character of God.  As John Calvin writes in his commentary on Isaiah 46:3, "God has chosen to liken himself to a female and we are the fruit of his womb." Only a person well versed in the biblical revelation of God would be able to make such a statement about the feminine character and attributes of the spirit Creator.

In some evangelical Christian churches, there has been a tendency among Christian men to emphasize God's image as only male. It's as if some American Christian men view God as drinking Red Bull, attending stock car races, growing His beard like Duck Dynasty men, and sitting on His throne like a king who orders his women servants to do his bidding. Some Christian men often see themselves as leading their families and churches like they view God leads the universe. These men see Christian women as 'helpers,' given to them by God so that the women can follow the man's authoritative reign. Sadly, this emphasis on male god-like authority has placed Christian women in a similar status to that of Islamic women.  It may seem bizarre for some to compare an aberrant evangelical Christian view of women to fundamentalist Islamic views of women, but the belief that women are designed by Allah (God) to be helpers of men and the object of a man's sexual desires, is a common belief shared by both. It is a belief, however, that is not supported by the biblical revelation.

Scripture reveals God as both masculine and femine in character. His attributes included feminine and masculine attributes. I am spending five weeks on a Sunday morning to prove this truth from the inspired and infallible Scriptures. God's word never hesitates to compare God to a Mother and a Father, to a husband and a wife, and to a man and a woman. He is none of the above, because He is spirit, but He is like all the above, because of His eternal character and attributes. When God created adam, He placed His image in both the male and the female. Though the man and the woman are different physically, they are equal in possessing the temperament, character, and attributes of the Creator (i.e. "His image"), qualities that the spirit God has possessed from eternity. This Sunday I will show how in Jesus the Anointed One, "all the fullness of the Deity lives" (Colossians 2:9). Jesus Christ is the perfect human being, displaying the full-orbed character and attributes of God during His ministry on earth. Both men and women learn how to live life to its fullest by imitating Christ.

Therefore, men, when you seek to dominate a woman (or vice-versa), you are rebelling against God. When you use a woman as an object to fulfill your sexual desire--rather than as a person of equal personhood with whom you enter into covenant--then you break covenant with God. Whatever a man does to or against a woman, he does to or against his God.

MSN reported this morning that in the country of Egypt "...male sex mobs are targeting women because men have no fear of being caught."

Let me write a better headline that applies to the world: "Male sex mobs are targeting women because men have no fear of God when it comes to His image in women."

Men mistreat women because they don't know their God; that's true in Egypt, and that's true in America-even in our churches. I am hopeful that my five-week December series will give to Christians at Emmanuel the proper view of God and give us strength to take action when women are treated as if they are servants to men instead of image-bearers of God.


Michael Smith said...


I liked what the late Wayne Oates said about this. He said a man is not fully human until he learns of the feminine from his wife - and the wife is not fully human until she learns of the masculine from her husband. I know this will rile some single people, but I certainly understand what he was saying. It is the "one flesh" concept of the Bible. Dr. Oates went on to say that his wife had "civilized" him. He had quite an insight!

Bill Seymour said...

You, sir, have hit a homerun in the bottom of the ninth, scored the winning touchdown in overtime, and nailed the three-pointer at the buzzer.

Thanks for reminding me that there remain sane conservative, bible-believing pastors in the U.S.

Garen Martens said...

Michael Smith - Now I know why I feel so incomplete as a human. I'm having trouble learning (understanding) the feminine from my wife - even after 39 years.

Bridget said...


Thanks for this post. I look forward to making time to listen to the series.

Michael Smith --

You refer to husband and wife for learning about masculine and feminine aspects of God's character. That idea is very limiting. The Spirit of God is not limited in such ways. Unmarried and married alike can learn of the masculine and feminine aspects of God from other men and women besides their spouses. Single, divorced, and widowed brothers and sisters are not somehow at a disadvantage because they are not married. The Apostle Paul made this very clear. He even said that singleness might be preferrable. It seems that there is an inordinate emphasis put on the "ideal" of marriage in Christendom today. Jesus and the Apostles seemed to say an aweful lot about our spiritual walk without making a big issue out of marriage. We don't really know how many of the Apostles were married, and it certainly wasn't a requirement for growing to Christian maturity. I think we make too much out of the "one flesh" picture. We are new creatures in Christ Jesus. Our walk is not about the flesh, though it is still there, but about our newness in Christ Jesus.

P.S. - Been married for 25 years :)

Jessica F said...

Are your sermons available online? Thanks.

Ramesh said...

Emmanuel - Enid (Winter live)

Emmanuel - Enid > Sermons

The Wartburg Watch > eChurch

JW said...

When a man lives in the natural and has no regard for the supernatural he unwittingly pays no attention to any compassion in the heart. He is lead by natural intentions. With a sex mob I would guess it is all about control and dominating the weaker sex and with a bunch of other men around it turns into a feeding frenzy. There is a great gulf between the cravings of the flesh and the leading of the Spirit.

Rex Ray said...

I wish I’d written what Bill Seymour wrote.

Wade Burleson said...

Thy Peace and Rex,

As always, "Thanks" for your kindness.

Wade Burleson said...


Yep. That's my point, however. Females may be weaker physically, but they possess God's image, and so the attack is on an equal image bearer of the Creator.

One day God will lower the boom on the mob.

JW said...

I wonder if those protestors are on the radical fringe because usually those on the radical fringe of any issue have missed the whole concept of what they are doing. Kind of like not seeing the forest from the trees. Plus, I wonder how much their culture had to play in that attack?

JW said...

This article of your goes very well with most of the other blogs I Follow. They tend to be feminists and feminists who grew up in the quiverful part of the church. I follow a small handful of them to find out what makes them tick and more about their lives. It is ironic that you speak of this subject, loosely, from time to time. I have actually shared part of your posting with some of them to get reaction.

Victorious said...

I am hopeful that my five-week December series will give to Christians at Emmanuel the proper view of God and give us strength to take action when women are treated as if they are servants to men instead of image-bearers of God.

I'm hopeful as well, Wade. But I'm appalled at the lack of outrage Christians express at the treatment of women worldwide. I suspect that the feminine attributes of God will be marginalized and minimized. How can one respect the feminine attributes of God while disrespecting females? The logical outcome (in view of the wide-spread "headship/authority" beliefs today is to maximize God's masculine and minimize the feminine. If that doesn't work, go with the God (boss) Jesus (servant) aspect of the trinity. If that doesn't work.... let's try the Sarah/Abraham "lord" verse. After that....

Cynical? You bet! We have "male mobs" targeting women in our churches and they attack her sexuality; they attack her psychologically, and her sense of value and worth. She is battered with scripture until she recognizes her "place" and passively learns to feign contentment as is expected of her.

Again, I'm appalled at the lack of outrage expressed among believers at the treatment of women everywhere.

....end of rant... :(