Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Visual Reminder That What Is Important In Life Is Internal and Eternal

We live in a world obsessed with beauty and trying to stay young. We who live in western cultures, encouraged by the media, put a premium on the body and those things that are temporal. TIME Magazine profiled the first "supermodel," a woman named Veruschka, by placing her on the cover of the magazine in 1967. It is reported that Hollywood director James Cameron and his special effects team were inspired by Veruschka and modeled Navi in Avatar after Cameron's memory of seeing Veruschka in magazines when he was  a boy of 16.

Veruschka, pictured to the left as she appeared in October of 1965, graced the cover of many major magazines in the 1960's and 1970's. She started the "waif" figure among models, and earned superstar status as a model, earning a fortune in the process.

Today, Veruschka is 71 years of age. The core person we know as Veruschka is the same. Her soul remains intact. She is a human being, created in the image of God--but the effects of a world cursed by sin have been felt by Veruschka, as it will be by us all. Veruschka modeled today for the first time in many years. One has to admire her presence on the model runway, and the courage she exhibited. Her appearance this October 2010 illustrates the truth of two verses of Scripture.

"Charm can be deceptive and beauty doesn’t last, but a woman who fears and reverences God shall be greatly praised" (Proverbs 31:30 TLB)

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day” (II Corinthians 4:16 ISV).

I too am growing old. I can't run like I used to, play softball as well, or hit the golf ball as far. My eyes are weak, my skin is dry and getting winkled, and my hair is thinner and more brittle.

That's life.

I don't get discouraged. The older I get the more I appreciate the grace of God in my life. He renews me inwardly every day. My outlook is more positive, my understanding of God's goodness is deeper, and my appreciation for His blessings in Christ Jesus far outweigh any discouragement over a decline in physical health or appearance. We are in the middle of a series on Sunday morning at our church entitled "The Difference Christ Makes." It seems to me one of the major differences He makes in the lives of those who trust Him is the ability to not draw our worth and signficance from outward beauty. Anyone who does is doomed to end their life in failure. But those of us who know Jesus Christ don't despair when we lose what we once had, including our physical beauty.


Anonymous said...


Words of truth which will endure forever and ever (as long as He reigns)

Are you still sure that it is God's will that I read this blog? just asking?

; )

Everyone have a great weekend


Romans 12:1-2

Rex Ray said...

We know beauty is skin deep, but someone said “Ugly is to the bone.”

They’re wrong of course because real beauty starts at the heart and increases as we become more like Jesus.

But of course there’s some like the doctor asking the man if he woke up grouchy.
“Naw; I let her sleep.”

The reverse of women attracting men made the news today by a man dying in Kenya in his 90s that had 100 wives and close to 160 children. His nickname was “danger” for his charm and ability to woo women. From his first marriage to his last was 53 years.

Interesting to me, he credited his longevity and zeal for life to traditional food and vegetables.

I once told my wife I wanted to be like Caleb and swim the English Channel when I was 85. She replied, “By that time your brain will be in such shape you’ll try it.”

Kay said...

Good article - definately a timely word for the church in the U.S.A. Here we seem to be walking the fine line between trying to appeal through relevance or scaring unbelievers by appearing as though we're stuck in an early 1900's time warp.

Anonymous said...

Mark Driscoll would not approve of this message. :-P

Lydia said...

Mark Driscoll would not approve of this message. :-P

Fri Oct 08, 10:33:00 AM 2010

You mean all those pastors wives who 'let themselves go' and therefore caused the pastor to stray?

Anonymous said...

Good words and an "interesting" visual reminder.


Anonymous said...

"You mean all those pastors wives who 'let themselves go' and therefore caused the pastor to stray?"

Yep. Or as the "good" witch put it in The Wizard of Oz, "Only bad witches are ugly".

I frequent a political message board where a favorite pasttime seems to be mocking the ugliness of the women holding the opposite political view. Of course, the men get mocked too-- they're not like Mark Driscoll. Everybody knows a real man is a knuckle-draggin', tabaccy-chewin', pistol-shootin', tattooed king of the hill who keeps his wimmin an' chillins in line.

Ergo a good Christian woman is pretty and a good Christian man is tough. Simple rules for simple minds.

Kay said...

"Everybody knows a real man is a knuckle-draggin', tabaccy-chewin', pistol-shootin', tattooed king of the hill who keeps his wimmin an' chillins in line."

When you put it in such plain terms like that, it's rather difficult to imagine the first disciples playing such "roles," isn't it? (even Peter the sword enthusiast learned a thing or two)

LW, that Driscoll lives into ripe old age, it should be interesting to see how his alpha male preacher message changes with the sheer physical restrictions of aging.

Anonymous said...

"LW, that Driscoll lives into ripe old age, it should be interesting to see how his alpha male preacher message changes with the sheer physical restrictions of aging."

Wouldn't that be a hoot... I mean, poetic justice? But somehow he'd excuse it and still claim to be boss, even if on crutches or... well, it Depends.

Anonymous said...

I would like to present an award this day to The Rev. Dr. Wade Burleson, of Enid, Oklahomie for the hands down, bar none, Worst Blog Post EVER!

*Hip hip...*


Muff Potter said...

I once had lover who was 14 years my senior. She had more sex appeal in her little finger than many women half her age. It had nothing to do with pictorial standards of youth and beauty but everything to do with pheremonic serendipity and personal preference. And by the way, I think Veruschka's still hot!

Anonymous said...

I think she now looks like one ugly man with a lamp shade on his head.

believer333 said...

Whoever she is, she looks good for 71.... for whatever good looks get!

Anonymous said...


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Ramesh said...

Google Books > LIFE Aug 18, 1967 > Veruschka

Bob Cleveland said...

Like my dad said, "Good looks don't last, but good cookin' do."

Anonymous said...

"When 900 years old YOU reach, look as good, you will not!"

--- Yoda

Anonymous said...

"That's the last time I'll have to do that!" is something I find myself saying more and more as I age. Fewer trips to the dentist, fewer trips to the store to buy new shoes, etc are part of the blessings of getting closer to the end of travel in this world. Giving me a "life-long" guarantee is not too risky for mechandisers these days!

Anonymous said...

Is that Johnny Rev from Springer, Oklahoma in drag in the second photo? Just wondering!

John Wylie said...

Anon 4:04 PM,

That's Actually I thought it was your mom/dad.