Monday, June 14, 2010

A Moving Testimony of God's Provision in Adopting Children

Buffy and Sissy McNichols were featured in the afternoon session as a couple who had adopted twins born this past week. Buffy is a Florida pastor, and he and his wife shared their testimony via video before Pastor Ezell introduced them on the stage. It was a very emotional moment when the President of the Pastors' Conference told the McNichols that the leadership of the Pastors' Conference was paying the remaining $10,000 debt for the expenses in adopting the children. A powerful moment, particularly following Dr. Moore's plea that Christian people open their homes up for adoption and foster care.

I listened to all the messages in the afternoon and watched the nomination speeches for officers of the 2011 Pastors' Conference. There was the typical fare both in speeches and preaching, but some atypical moments as well. When C.J. Mahaney began his message by thanking Southern Baptists for indirect involvement for his own conversion, recognizing Southern Baptist pastor Mark Dever as his best friend, one couldn't help but think some of the grumblings of this Presybyterian being invited to speak at the SBC Pastors' Conference had reached the ears of Mahaney.

Also, to see Francis Chan pause for a lengthy, unexpected time of prayer before he began to preach, and then to silently stare at his Bible, leafing through a few pages, before audibly confessing, "I am struggling between two different texts from which I should speak today. Lord, help direct me." Then, after a few more moments of reflection, he began to preach.

That style is a refreshing change to see. Not that it is necessarily better, it's just different, and I can learn from it. I don't know how much I will be able to hear tonight -- I am in OKC doing some research and writing while listening to the Pastors' Conference and we are struggling with MAJOR flooding. Lord willing I'll get home before too late! :)

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Lydia said...

Mahaney is Presbyterian? He is formally People of Destiny...a shepherding group. SGM is the same.

check out the sgm survivors blog and sgm refuge blog for those who have come out of sgm.

Anonymous said...

I reread your sentence several times to see who the Presbyterian is--it's definitely not CJ Mahaney.

I was a member of CJ's church Covenant Life (1986-2007) -- part of Sovereign Grace, which as Lydia says, was People of Destiny. The ministry came out of a Catholic Charismatic prayer group in the 1970s--and yes, practiced shepherding.

Wade, I appreciate your blog--and have been reading here about a year--even if I haven't quite figured out how to post a comment with all the identity choices.

Steve Long said...

Francis Chan's message was truly spontaneous. As a member of the technical team I can tell you that he had planned another sermon using a video segment and that sermon nor video did not happen. Of course, we were sitting there waiting for the cue and soon realized the video had nothing to do with the message God imparted that evening before our eyes.