Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fear of the Truth Leads to Trumped Up Charges

Last year Swiss lawmakers exonerated Anna Goldi. Anna had been executed by the Swiss government 226 years ago (1782) for allegedly causing a young girl to spit needles and convulse in seizures. The girls father, a man named Mr. Tschodi, accused Ms. Goldi of being a witch and of placing the needles by supernatural means in the bread and milk eaten by his daughter. After being arrested by authorities and enduring repeated torture, Anna Goldi confessed to witchcraft. After the torture ended, however, she withdrew her confession. Yet the damage had been done, and Anna Goldi was beheaded on June 18, 1782 at the age of 42. She became known as the "last witch" in Europe since witch-hunting came to an end after her death.

On September 20, 2007 the Swiss parliament publicly acknowledged Anna Goldi's case as a miscarriage of justice. The official exoneration, which was granted on August 27, 2008, was based on the fact that Anna Goldi was subjected to an illegal trial. The Swiss Parliament revealed that Jakob Tschodi, the man had initially accused Anna Goldi of using sorcery and witchcraft on his daughter, was a powerful Swiss politician at the time and a married man - who had been having an affair with Ms. Goldi. When she threated to make the truth of their relationship public, Mr. Tschodi appealed to his friends well connected friends to arrest, prosecute and convict Anna Goldi on trumped up charges of "witchcraft."

Though over two centuries have passed since Mrs. Goldi's illegal trial, it seems that human nature has not changed. Rather than dealing with the issues at hand in politics and religion, there is the tendency by those in authority to falsely accuse those who wish the truth to be told. In the end, however, hardball tactics never win.

Truth is a lion loosed and is her own defense.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson


Ramesh said...

The sad thing, Pastor Wade in ALL these situations, the Truth comes out way later.

Even the work you are doing, the true results may not bear fruit now, but might come later.

Historically, your blog posts with comments are being archived for posterity at least by the Internet Archive. I personally feel they need to upgrade their servers though :-). Hopefully later generations will peruse this blog articles and come to a better understanding of what took place here.

Ramesh said...

Here is the Swiss Museum in her honor, whose web page is translated into english, courtesy Google.

Anna Göldi Museum

Ramesh said...

Simple English Wiki: Anna Göldi

It looks like, they made a movie of her story "Anna Göldin - Letzte Hexe".

Switzerland urged to pardon Anna Goldi, Europe's last witch

Anonymous said...

I decided to look up the word "truth" in my NIV Exhaustive Concordance, and I made an amazing discovery!

Jesus used the phrase "I tell you the truth" 77 times in the gospels. It is patently clear that the truth was important to Jesus, and it must be important to us as well.

As He spoke in John 8:32, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Thanks for sharing the truth about Anna Goldi with us. I'm glad they dedicated a Swiss museum in her memory.

Ramesh said...

This will be my last link :-)

German Wiki to English: Anna Göldi

Rex Ray said...

1782 = witch
2008 = liberal

Ramesh said...

Though over two centuries have passed since Mrs. Goldi's illegal trial, it seems that human nature has not changed. Rather than dealing with the issues at hand in politics and religion, there is the tendency by those in authority to falsely accuse those who wish the truth to be told. In the end, however, hardball tactics never win.

Truth is a lion loosed and is her own defense.

The Word of God is full of stories of this happening. People who wish to grab power or who are already in power are mistaken when they think they can change the world, after they come to power or while clinging to power.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came and turned this thinking upside down. When will Men learn this?

To be a leader, you have to be a servant.

To gain the world, you have to lose it first and seek God first.

All this power over people is an illusion. And the sad thing is for lot of people, including myself, this illusion is so real, that we do not want to part from it. We "hear" the Word of God, but it does not take root. Here I am speaking of myself. I am learning slowly, the wisdom of the Word of God.

Anonymous said...

Thy Peace,

You are the place to go for info. Thanks so much.


Good point about the importance of truth. We actually talked about that subject in a home bible study last week.


That is a deep thought.

One point that someone brought out in the home bible study discussion on truth and justice was how difficult (even impossible) it is for fallen men to actually give perfect justice.

For example, in this case, we have a case of injustice because she was executed for witchery. That is sick of course, and I even wonder why it took 225 years to overturn this.

However, if they would have said she is to be executed because of adultery, would they have been seen as acting appropriately? She was guilty of that. He was guilty as well but he had the power so he missed the execution. Travesty indeed. (I understand this is really the point of the post).

Of course, we know better and we would still see the injustice in that. Who among us is innocent? Who among us doesn't deserve the death penalty?

Just a thought to grow on perhaps as we thank God for His grace and mercy.

As I am typing I am reminded of the time that Koby Bryant said he wasn't guilty of rape. He said, "The only thing I did wrong was commit adultery."

He made himself feel better by saying all he did was break God's law knowing he would not be punished by a man (the judge) for doing that.

Oh, the depravity of man! Lord help us.


Anonymous said...

Jesus is the Truth. Satan is the father of lies, a liar from the beginning. Lies lead us away from the Father; Jesus leads us to Him. It - all of life - is a battle between Truth and lies and the choices we make as a result of what we believe. May we grow to know the Father in such a way that all the counterfeits have no sway over us!

Rex Ray said...

You wondered why it took 225 years for the truth to be accepted concerning Anna Goldi. Here is what was accepted by Catholics until the year 251 AD.

1. 2002-Sin of priests caused laymen to have more voice in church.
2. 2000-Pope apologies for Inquisition of 1184.
3. 1992-Permission to believe the earth rotates around the sun.
4. 1965-Mary proclaimed the Mother of the Church.
5. 1950-Assumption of Virgin Mary. [Went to heaven without dying.]
6. 1930-Public schools condemned.
7. 1870-Infallibility of Pope declared. [Rejected by Greek Catholics.]
8. 1854-Immaculate conception of Mary. [Means she was sinless.]
9. 1546-Apocryphal books put into their Bible.
10. 1545-Tradition granted equal authority with the Bible.
11. 1229-Bible forbidden to laymen.
12. 1215-Transubstantiation. [A current belief in how man changes
wine and bread into Jesus for the Lord’s makes God.]
13. 1190-Sale of Indulgences. [Pay in advance for sin removal.]
14. 1184-The Inquisition. [Holy Office to kill those in disagreement.]
15. 1079-Celibacy of priest. [Not allowed to marry...rejected by Greeks.]
16. 998-Fasting of Fridays and during Lent.
17. 709-Kissing the pope’s foot.
18. 600-Worship in Latin and prayers to Mary.
19. 500-Priests dressed differently than laymen.
20. 431-Worship of Mary began.
21. 375-Worship of saints and angels.
22. 313-Named Catholic under Constantine.
23. 300-Prayers for dead and making sign of the cross.
24. 251-Baptizing babies for salvation. Opposed by Anabaptists.
25. 90- “Great churches began to claim authority over smaller churches...their many elders began to lord it over God’s heritage. (Does not admit my authority over him.” (3 John 1:9) Trail of Blood’ J.M. Carroll
26. 58- “...thousands of Jews who have believed, and they are all zealous for the law.”
Acts 21:20 [They accepted Jesus but still put their sins on a scapegoat.]
27. 50?-Ignatius, second bishop of Antioch, wrote: “Mary...lady of our new religion...
James, whom they relate to be like Jesus in appearance, in life, in method of conduct
…and we should look upon bishops as the Lord himself.”

SLIM, how long will it take to be accepted that the roots of ‘Jesus plus something’ and ‘Jesus plus nothing’ took place in Acts 15?

Rex Ray said...

You wrote: “Truth is a lion loosed and is her own defense.”

I don’t know where my father got this, but he always said:
“Truth needs no defense. It only needs to be heard.”

Thanks for us being able to hear TRUTH and GRACE.

Anonymous said...

Dear Thy Peace,
You wrote
"later generations will peruse this blog articles and come to a better understanding of what took place here"

That is a given.

What happened here?
Another battle between the forces of Darkness and Light.

Men in future generations will read and be able to say,
"In the face of evil, humans stood up for what was right and just in spite of personal consequences."

The last chapter in the SBC tragedy has not been written. It won't be written by the B.I. people.
It will be written by the humane and Christian people of the Southern Baptist churches who say, 'enough', 'enough'.

God is at work in the hearts and minds of these people and they are not alone in their fight.
There are many in the Body of Christ who sympathise and pray for them also.

'Humans, Christians, lived here once and fought against evil."

What a legacy!

What a legacy Wade has left for future Christians. The story of what happened here will inspire them to continue to fight the Enemy on future battle-fields.

The forces of Good and Evil join in perpetual battle. The current chapter is now documented for posterity. Thanks, Wade, for doing this.

There are those who will say, just a few people, a 'minority' opposed the B.I. leaders.
They 'don't get it'.
that is a great testament of faith.
Justice and truth are not enshrined in the hands of the 'majority'. The survivors of the Holocaust can tell you that.

One man can change the world. One Christian, strenghened by faith, can awaken the whole Church.

"And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness overcame it not" (John 1 :1) L's

Anonymous said...

Good info. RR. Thanks for that.

It does seem odd that they overturned it last year doesn't it?

I mean, why not 20 years ago or 5 years ago? What were those guys thinking last year that the guys 20 years or 5 years ago weren't thinking?

Interesting to think about and your timeline helps understand that a little better.

A sad legacy indeed.


Anonymous said...

"there is the tendency by those in authority to falsely accuse those who wish the truth to be told."

Sometimes Bro. Wade, I think you write this stuff with yourself in mind. Though I cannot say that you actually "falsely accuse" anyone. I do think that your "tactics" in getting "the truth" wherever it is you seek to get it, borderline on "beating the dead horse" and not "picking your battles" wisely.

Rex Ray said...
"1782 = witch
2008 = liberal"

Ah yes! Let the liberal hunting begin!!! Beheadings though are a bit primitive......I vote for millstones. :)

WatchingHISstory said...

GMOMMY, One of your commenters has previously commented on another blog that I am baned from (actually baned myself from) that a staff minister, 10 years ago, was paid a settlement by Bellevue Baptist of $500,000 to keep silent. He had abused his office by having an affair with a young Sunday School female.

When he applied at the local seminary for a position Bellevue gave him a bad reccomendation. He threatened with a law suit and Bellevue settled without a lawsuit.

What kind of sin does $500,000 cover? This is a strange way of discipline! I'll bet he doesn't have any more affairs!

Of course this all conjecture by GMOMMY. I want to know if she is lying.

Can anyone help me?

Bob Cleveland said...


Having had a bit of a glimpse into the inner workings of various SBC entities, I can observe that the "trumped up charges" syndrome was precisely what was done to Dr. Klouda.

Gee I wonder who was afraid, and what it was, that caused that fear.

Interestingly, the "Word Verification" I must now type is "abloode". Sounds like "a bloody", doesn't it......

Anonymous said...

When will you stop worshipping at the idol of the cooperative program?
This is real issue behind your blog isnt it Wade.

Mr Burleson tear that idol down..tear it down Wade.

From the Southern Baptist Geneva
Robert I Masters

Anonymous said...

A lot of good her exoneration recently did Anna Goldi.

Don't you love these years later apologies? I recently read a book about the Rwandan holocaust and one person commented that they will merit a space in the Holocaust Museum in the U.S. for all the good it did while those who could have saved many with very little effort did nothing. After the discoveries about the Nazi Holocaust people said never again. So since then we've seen Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur, and more. Not to mention all the cases of injustice done to individuals. Now our country, I'm ashamed to say, did invade Iraq, but if anyone believes that was for humanitarian reasons, however bad Saddam was, I bet they would buy oceanfront property in Oklahoma.

Forget the years later apologies however good they may make those who say them feel. The only good I can see that such things do is if they make changes, like some things being done for the Native Americans who frequently still aren't treated well.

Instead, start treating people right from now on. I know that's much harder than apologies many years later, but it will do more good.


Joe Blackmon said...

Speaking of witch hunts--

I'm not sure that it would prove anything but I've read books that show that the folks accused in Salem of witchcraft and those who did the accusing lived on opposite sides of the track, so to speak.

gmommy said...

Wade and readers,
Charles Page has proven himself to be at (the very least) obsessed with bringing negative accusations against Adrian Rogers.
I and my family loved Bro R. and will not be associated with anything Charles Page decides to twist and post on any blog that won't delete him.

I have not posted any thing TO CP and he is famous for doing his own version of "copy and paste".

His earlier attempt today of a similiar post on Christa Brown's blog has been deleted completely.
He is banned from the BBC refugee blog.

He sees snakes that no one else sees and has visions that make him growl in an animal like voice. He believes he gets his orders from God ...yet everything he posts and thinks of is hateful and cruel.

PLEASE do not associate me with anything at all from Charles Page.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of idols.....

From the Southern Baptist "Geneva"
Robert I Masters have one of your own to deal with, friend.


Anonymous said...

Just for a minute, exercise your powers of discernment. Think of all who blog here and consider them placed into another century:

which ones would likely be the

I can spot them right away.
No names need be mentioned.
But we ALL know who they are.
And THEY know who they are.

Oh, and who can spot the ones who stand and watch the burning of the
'witches' ?
Yes. They're out there.

Not much fun, this exercise, is it?


WatchingHISstory said...

so GMOMMY are you lying about your accusations about Bellevue ten years ago.

You opened this can of worms.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susie,

I agree with what you wrote. Those persecutors in each case were responding to the influence of evil. If anyone ever wants to say that there is no Satan, let him go to the sites of the death camps, or to the Holocaust Museum.
You are right about the others in Africa and Cambodia: ALL turned away from those victims.
I have learned something. People can stand and watch an accident and JUST STAND THERE. A girl was hit by a car at a triangle intersection in front of our lake home in New Jersey. A number of people gathered and I looked out the window. My husband called for help while I took a blanket out to cover her. People STOOD there. I had to ask someone to go around the lake and get the girl's mother.
I will NEVER forget this. THEY STOOD AND WATCHED. In our small lake community, they knew her, where she lived, and her family. Painful memory.
The girl did survive her injuries.
I am still shocked by this experience.
It left me wondering what exactly is it that triggers our response to aid another? And what is it that makes people feel that what happens to another is 'not their business'? But the worst question I ask myself is this: how is it that people can STAND AND WATCH, and still do nothing? I just don't understand.

L's Gran

Anonymous said...

Yes I do believe that Grace is the ony true Gospel.
You believe something else?

In Grace
Robert I Masters

Anonymous said...

From what well do you draw your poison? Not from the well of His Grace. It cannot be found there.

Anonymous said...

"Instead, start treating people right from now on. I know that's much harder than apologies many years later, but it will do more good."

Amen Susie.


Anonymous said...

What poison are you talking about.....yes truth sometimes has that effect!

In Grace
Robert I Masters

WatchingHISstory said...


Are you allowed to spend $500,000 without congregational approval?

Assuming that Dr Rogers didn't know about this how could a church discreetly disburse $500,000 under secrecy? said...

Watching History,

No, I cannot.

I would ask that you keep your comments on topic. All others are deleted.



Anonymous said...

For Rex and Slim, enjoy:

Ancient Irish Catholic Hymn

Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart,
be all else but naught to me, save that thou art;
be thou my best thought in the day and the night,
both waking and sleeping, thy presence my light.

Be thou my wisdom, be thou my true word,
be thou ever with me, and I with thee Lord;
be thou my great Father, and I thy true son;
be thou in me dwelling, and I with thee one.

Be thou my breastplate, my sword for the fight;
be thou my whole armor, be thou my true might;
be thou my soul's shelter, be thou my strong tower:
O raise thou me heavenward, great Power of my power.

Riches I heed not, nor man's empty praise:
be thou mine inheritance now and always;
be thou and thou only the first in my heart;
O Sovereign of heaven, my treasure thou art.

High King of heaven, thou heaven's bright sun,
O grant me its joys after victory is won;
great Heart of my own heart, whatever befall,
still be thou my vision, O Ruler of all.

Words: Ancient Irish hymn
translated by Mary Byrne

Be Peaceful, L's

Anonymous said...

Be Thou My Vision

One of my favorites indeed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Slim,
I'm glad. L's