Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dennis Jernigan and Winter Live Broadcasting

Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, Oklahoma has a host of wonderful families who compose our church fellowship. One such family, the Winters, own some of the largest cattle sale barns in this part of the United States.

Mark Winter has branched out from selling cattle for Winter Livestock via live auctions over the internet to also broadcasting church worship services - LIVE - via the internet. Emmanuel recently switched to Winter Live, and our worship services are now broadcast live at 11:00 a.m. Central Time every Sunday. This past Sunday, August 17, we were led in worship by nationally acclaimed worship/leader, songwriter Dennis Jernigan.

I would encourage you to watch Emmanuel's worship service from this past Sunday. You will need to enter your name and email address to create an account to watch the service, but we do not send you anything from our church, nor do we share you email address with anyone else, it is just the way we can know the number of people who are watching our broadcast. Once you create your account, you may watch any of the services, including archived worship services. I would encourage those of you who are pastors or staff members who are looking for an opportunity to broadcast your worship services over the internet, to log into our service and pay close attention to the large size of the Winter Live viewer, the quality of the broadcast, and the multiple opportunities afforded your members who are unable to participate in your worship service on the campus, but can stay in contact with you and your church ministries via the internet.

Mark Winter told me today that his company can help get any church, no matter the size, started in broadcasting their worship services. Though our church has some television quality cameras, Mark says internet broadcasting can be done with just one $400 video camera purchased by the church. His company provides all the equipment needed to broadcast over the internet, and the costs are extraordinarily low. For more information, contact Mark Winter at their offices (620) 225-4159 or after hours (5:00 p.m. Central) at (620) 408-8998.


davidinflorida said...


D.J. is the worshiper. God surely speaks and ministers through his music. I enjoyed watching on the net.

When I lived in Edmond in the 90`s D.J. would come to the church I attended on the 1st Friday evening of every month to worship. We were blessed.

Maybe you could make his testimony from the eve service available on the net...

BTW, you did good also...


Savage Baptist said...

I was in Enid yesterday. Had just enough time to stop in your parking lot and take few snapshots.

Nice looking building.

Lin said...

I signed up and watched your Dad's sermon on Sanctification. It was a blessing to me.

Thank you for making this available to us. I will go back and watch some more as time allows.