Thursday, January 03, 2008

On Cornbread and Buttermilk: Racism in the Southern Baptist Convention

Before Pastor Wade departed for his mission trip he left instructions that if Dwight McKissic were to call and request the original post be deleted, that we were to follow his friend's instructions. Pastor Dwight has indeed informed us today (January 7th) that he conversed by telephone with the author of the remark in question which precipitated this post. Pastor Dwight is convinced that the remark was not inentionally made to be demeaning toward him or those of his race. Some, including his church staff, were offended, but he himself has fully accepted the author's explanation that he did not intend for the remark to cause offense. Pastor Dwight requested us to remove the original post. Following Pastor Dwight's request and Pastor Wade's instructions, this post and all related comments are being removed. We are hopeful as well that the comment which caused offense to some, uninententional as it was, will be removed by SBC Today.