Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Give To Southern Baptists In Need This Christmas

If you would like to express your gratefulness to God for His provision this year by giving a little at year's end to bless some Southern Baptists in need let me offer a couple of suggestions:

(1). The Sheri Klouda Family . . .

Sheri emailed me this week with an update on her husband Pinky. As you know, when Sheri was released from Southwestern Seminary as Professor of Hebrew, the circumstances were particularly trying for her and her family. The move to Indiana was complicated by Pinky's heart condition and the fact that the medical treatment he needed was in Fort Worth. Sheri wrote to me this week:

I came from a meeting with Pinky's cardiologist last night. Pinky has diffused coronary artery disease, a complication from the diabetes and such. The arteries have narrowed so significantly that he is getting no blood to the heart. They cannot do a bypass on these small arteries nor can they put in stints. A whole section of his heart is getting no blood at all. He also had a recent heart attack, two days before Thanksgiving. Since then, he has been out of breath, cannot sleep, and has constant chest pains. Dr. Mannen put in a stint to get some blood to the left ventricle, which was receiving nothing. The doctors are not sure whether the stint will help him much. There is nothing more they can do for him, other than to try and manage his heart condition through medications and make him comfortable. He has some leakage as well. This means that he needs to take his time at everything he does, stay out of the cold (hard to do in Upland) and avoid shoveling any snow or other labor (like stacking wood, something he found himself unable to do for more than a minute or two) I don't think he realizes that these changes to his life will be permanent. The doctors do not want him to work for at least a month, to give his heart time to heal from the attack. They will then reassess his condition to determine how much permanent damage has been done, and if they can implant a device that will shock his heart should he have another heart attack.

Sheri has been giving plasma for some extra cash this month. The money we raised earlier this year has gone to pay for Pinky's medical bills and hospital stay co-pays. I asked Sheri specifically how Southern Baptists could help the Klouda's this holiday season and she wrote back the following:

If the need is not greater somewhere else, here are some specific ways we could use help: 1. Prescription Co-Pays (we have six new ones); copays for hospital bills when they come in.2. A load of wood for fireplace.3. Enough gas money to travel to Dallas for Christmas with the folks. (2000 miles)4. Help with this month's utilities or groceries.

If you, your church benevolent fund, or someone you know would be willing to assist the Klouda family, please send your check to:

Emmanuel Baptist Church
The Klouda Family Benevolence Fund
2505 W. Garriott
Enid, Oklahoma 73703

Our deacons have unanimously voted to minister to the Klouda family and every cent received designated for the Kloudas will be forwarded directly to the family - and we will give you a tax receipt for your gift. Simply write on the check "Klouda Family Benevolence Fund." This would be a great way to help a Southern Baptist in need this Christmas season.

(2). Southern Baptist Church Planters Affiliated with the Acts 29 Network in Missouri.

(Update) Marc Backes is the author of The Jonah Syndrome blog. Marc could potentially be one of the men affected by the decision of the Missouri Baptist Convention to separate from any church affiliated with Acts 29. However, after conversations with Marc this morning, he suggested that Southern Baptists give to men who have already been actually and personally affected by the MBC decision. Details of how you can help can be obtained as follows:

You can read about the decision at Scott Lamb's blog, Micah Fries, or many others simply by doing a google search. Sam Byers, Mike Hubbard, and Kevin Larson are pastors directly impacted by the loss of these promised funds. In addition . . .

The person to contact to ask how to help would truly be Darren Casper:

All the information is below:

St. Louis Metro Baptist Association
(designate it for the “Show Me Church Planting Fund”)

Mailing address:

St. Louis Metro Bapt. Assoc.
attn. Darren Casper
3859 Fee Fee Road
Bridgeton, Mo. 63044

You may contact Darren at 314-571-7579, extension 103

Let me encouarge you to do what you can to help any of the nine church planters affected by this decision. For too long Southern Baptists have done nothing to correct wrongs done to our brethren. This would be a great way to show these men you appreciate their heart for the lost and support their vision for planting churches willing to align with the SBC.

(3). A family in need in your local Southern Baptist church:

If you are uncomfortable reaching across state lines and helping these Southern Baptists, then find some family locally and do what you can to assist them this holiday season. This is the season for giving - and Southern Baptists are a generous people.

It is wonderful that we Southern Baptists will give millions to help people overseas who suffer due to earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. However, we should also take care of our own.

Write your check today.

In His Grace,



jasonk said...

Lisa and I were talking today about the best ways to give to a family at Christmas, without embarassing anyone, or enabling negative financial decisions throughout the year.
Very nice gesture, Wade.

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Thanks Wade and EBC for setting a great example during the Christmas season. I have no doubt that God will bless these efforts as Southern Baptists again demonstrate compassion.

Paul Burleson said...


This morning as Mom and I were doing our early daily two-mile walk in the Mall..[I do mean early]..she said something that reminded me of your Church and the way the Emmanuel fellowship helps so many people. I know of several men in ministry that your fellowship is helping personally that are not known about by others. One is a close friend of several years that is awaiting a heart transplant and you guys are helping during the wait.

She said yesterday a friend whom she hadn't seen in a while came by her office and visited. When the friend left one of May's co-workers commented on the pleasant aroma that lingered after her visit.

Mary [Mom] said she was reminded of our friend, whose now with the Lord, Ron Dunn's sermon about the aroma of Christ that believers are to leave in every relationship we have. His sermon was based on 11 Corinthians 2:15 "For we are to God the aroma of Christ to those who are pershing and to those being saved."

When I read this post and every time we join in your services via the Internet at 11:00 am on Sundays [we attend our early service and are home by then] I get an aroma. It is that powerful, lingering fragrance of Christ that permeates the people you and your staff serve/lead and your own words and I wanted to say..."thanks". [I guess a Dad can do that.] :)

Anonymous said...

Something similar happened to me as to Dr. Klouda by other Christians. While it did not affect my belief in Christ, it has hurt very bad financially and emotionally because these were fellow professing believers. It left me with no insurance and as a single mom with a daughter who was scheduled for 2 operations.

No one likes to hear this stuff. I cannot describe what it feels like to all of a sudden be such an outcast simply because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have been saddened at how many professing Christians really believe that if God is not blessing you materially, you must be in some sort of deep sin. They do not know our Lord at all.

In despair and crying out to the Lord I have received, in the mail, at 3 different times anonymous envelopes with $100. It did not fix the huge problem but it bought groceries and paid some small bills.

I cannot tell you how overwheled with gratitude I was. Only my Lord, Jesus Christ could get the credit. He heard my cries and worked through someone.

My earthly security that I worked so hard for has been ripped from me. Every day I must depend on Jesus Christ. With that, I am rich.

Our Lord works through believers to accomplish many of His purposes. Ask Him to use you to bless someone in need so that only He will get the credit.

Alan Paul said...

My earthly security that I worked so hard for has been ripped from me. Every day I must depend on Jesus Christ. With that, I am rich.

Words of wisdom that we all need to hear and heed.

Unknown said...


What is so interesting to me is that the Missouri and the Florida Baptist Conventions in seeking to force the Southern Baptist Churches of these states to comply with their position of total abstinence from all alcoholic beverages (including sacramental wine) they are guilty of two very grievous offenses.

1st – They have put themselves in the same camp with the pre-Conservative Resurgence Liberals of the Southern Baptist Convention; as they both deny the Scriptures are “the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and religious opinions should be tried.” - (BFM 2000)

2nd – They have set themselves up in place of God as the Giver of Law - (Woe unto Those who say Good is Evil…)

Grace Always,

P.S. - Thank you Wade for continuing to “do the right thing” by helping Dr. Klouda... I am still waiting for the Southern Baptist Convention to step up and do the right thing – I am waiting, but I am not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro. Wade,

Thanks again for championing the cause to provide support for Dr. Sheri Klouda. We wouldn’t be aware of this without you making it known. CBC will send a check to the Klouda fund and Vera and I are also sending a personal check today. Merry Christmas to you and Rachelle! We love you guys.

wadeburleson.org said...


On behalf of the Klouda family, thank you.

Rachelle and I wish to you and your wonderful family a Merry Christmas as well!


wadeburleson.org said...

To all the commentors above.

Excellent thoughts and words. It is refreshing to read words of life from people who really love others.

shadrach said...

Wade, I really appreciate your last two posts. It is great to have the balance in the essentials and non-essentials. We should be discussing current practices in the SBC, but we have to stick to our roots, showing the love of Christ to those around us.


foxofbama said...

Good sentiment and I affirm it.
Want to alert you to the most recent flirtations between Pressler and Mike Huckabee.
Click on my blog for some great links. They made major column in Wash Post today.
You and Ben cole must pilgrim out as I hope for in a comment in Baps Today blog; interested parties can google bteditor blog

DC said...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey just wanted to let you know that we received a $50 donation from a bro in Texas.

This is real folks and every little bit helps. We need at least $18k to cover what these pastors and their families will lose.

St. Louis Metro
Church Planting

Mark said...


I hope you don't mind. These SBCers are also in need.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about Dr. Clouda. She is a great woman. I am actually one of her students at Taylor University. She has been a terrific professor even though she is a woman teaching over a man (me). Ill see if I can get some students together and see how much support we can provide for her family.

Philip Price said...

Thank you for your reminder. Our church practices "White Christmas." The deacons distribute Food Boxes and Hams and/or Turkeys to needy families. A deacon and I passed out some of these yesterday. While we help with benevolence requests during the year, at Christmas, there seems to be a special blessing.