Friday, May 04, 2007

A Tenacious Bulldog Tussling With a Porcupine

One of my church members sent me the photograph below of a pit-bull who was set loose by his owner to attack a porcupine that was rooting up the garden in the backyard. The battle between bulldog and porcupine lasted about an hour in small town in Southern California. The pit-bull is known for both his bravery and tenacity; the porcupine is known for the ability to repel all attacks while stealing his food. The porcupine ultimately last the battle, but the pit-bull paid a high price . .

A vet sedated the dog, and then removed a total of 1,347 quills. The dog's owner now has a garden that is lush and fruitful - thanks to his pit-bull.

“The history of the world is full of men who rose to leadership, by sheer force of self-confidence, bravery and tenacity.” Mahatma Gandhi


irreverend fox said...

wow...that is AWESOME!!! Call me immature...but...I would have almost given ANYTHING to have seen that fight!


Anonymous said...

May we each show the same strength of will in our inner and outward battles with sin, and then be united in our appreciation of each others' pockmarks and wounds!

Steve A

Anonymous said...

A definition of persistence!

See the "snopes" version of the story here:

Bob Cleveland said...


As my pastor has said.. "A bobcat can whip a skunk any day of the week, but it may not be worth the stink.".

Here's to more of righteous bulldog thinking and hopefully fewer bobcat thinkers. Or maybe fewer scouts and more Calebs.

Timothy Rudd said...

I get the analogy ... I admire the dog's persistence ... but his master sent him into the fight completely unequipped and he came out showing it.

Our Master equips us not only with weaponry, but with armor as well. There is no excuse for the Christian engaged in spiritual warfare to come out looking like a dog that just tangled with a porcupine.

As an aside, I would have just shot the porcupine.

Jack Maddox said...


Kind of reminds of a Pastor on Monday morning! Or another question...

are you the porcupine or are you the bulldog? : )


Anonymous said...

that bulldog looks how i feel in the morning until i get some coffee.


Anonymous said...

If I were a betting man, I would be willing to bet that the owner of the pit bull is 1. a republican and 2. a supporter of George Bush's surge by our troops in Iraq's civil war.


E. Gibbon said...


I thought the story was a good one. Not sure if I would be the porcupine or the bulldog. :)

Jack Maddox said...


I would say your the bulldog...Because so far nothing sticks to you!

(Just jokeing bro....just my sad attempt at humor)

In fact...some would say I am the porcupine...always sticking my quills into areas I dont belong!


Anonymous said...

That is agrssiveness in the n'th degree. Can you believe that? How in the world did that porcupine ever miss that dog's eyes? Seems that would have stopped him.Or did he continue even with quills in his eyes???????Wow I don't want a pit bull mad at me.

Anonymous said...

WADE has REALLY gone off the deep-end. Now he's quoting Gandhi and co-mingling Bible and secular(cults). A perfect example of post-modern thinking.

Anonymous said...

I understand the analogy as well about tenacity and persistence, but this is animal abuse, pure and simple. I simply cannot believe that an owner who cared about their dog 1) would send it to attack a porcupine, knowing how they defend themselves, and 2) let the fight go on for an hour!

Shame on that owner. And shame on you who would have enjoyed seeing that kind of suffering on the part of both animals. I'm sure there are still illegal cock fights and pit bull fights out there for you to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

So what kind of nut-job would turn his dog loose on a porcupine? Oh ... a California one. I don't get it. I don't like the image.

Doesn't it seem a bit more reasonable to use a 25-cent bullet than to pay this high-dollar vet bill?

Whoever the owner is, he doesn't deserve a good dog.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Or are we called to be lambs among wolves? Are we called to fight by love? Are we called to follow Kingdom principles always and never the methods of the world?

Only questions... I'm not yet drawing conclusions here... but it is a spiritual battle we fight..

Anonymous said...

fnlszceI told my wife about this pit bull and porcupine episode and she was horrified. She said "who was the cruel person that instigated this this inhumane act upon these two victims?" I was speechless because I found myself no better off than the cruel character who instigated this act. Suddenly it was not funny and I was embarrassed. My wife is not an animal rights freak she just has a loving,and understanding heart. Sometimes I leap before I think! Not funny and a poor illustration I must confess I was like your first responder in the matter of being immature. My wife taught me one more lesson. I just love her. said...

For all concerned with the dog, please know he's fine. Further, 'since all dogs go to heaven,' even if he were'nt, he would be. :)

Finally, don't believe everything you read on the internet. The dog's name was Wiley. The owner's name was Ben. The porcupine's name was Paige.

Have a great weekend.

CB Scott said...


The dog in the picture is actually a bull terrier. He is not a pitbull terrier, nor is he a staffordshire pitbull terrier.

A well bred pitbull has the bite strength of 3000psi. The bull terrier such as the one pictured has far less bite psi due to the shape of his jaw.

A well bred pitbull has more bite psi than tigers, lions, alligators or even a great white shark.

The point is that a pitbull would have ripped the underbelly of the porcupine open before he took that much damage.

The bull terrier is a tough dog. He never gives up, but he fights differently than a pitbull. He attacks, releases and attacks again. That is why he got so much dammage.

Pound for pound, inch for inch the American Pitbull Terrier is the most brutal fighting machine on earth.

He is the product of men with evil hearts. Over the years the Pitbull has been bred for one thing. That was the fighting pit. Micheal Vick is now being investigated for dog fighting. There were over 60 pitbulls found on a farm he owns in VA. If he is found guilty I hope the NFL bans him for life.

Pitbulls can make great companions if treated properly. There is no dog more loyal to his master than a bulldog. I wish I was as loyal to Jesus as my bulldogs are to me.

May we pray for the hearts of men. Man has truly harmed everything in creation due to the evil he is born with in his person. The noble bulldog can be a wonderful companion or be something that has to be put down. It all depends on the master to which he belongs.

Men and bulldogs have that in common. It all depends on Who our Master is.


Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Sorry to spoil your fun, people.


* Dog was indeed a Bull Terrier.
* Location was Canada, not California.
* The Porcupine escaped.
* Moral of story is don't attack porcupines.