Sunday, January 07, 2007

What I Believed Then (1967) - Message 1


"The New Beginnings Conference" at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, Oklahoma, Sunday morning, January 7, 2007, Paul Burleson, Guest Speaker, got off to a wonderful start Sunday morning with over 1700 people in attendance in all the services.

A photograph from our second service Sunday morning.

Listen to our choir and orchestra's special Jesus What a Mighty Name! - Mike Weatherford, soloist.

Our special guests included fellow blogger Bryan Riley, his wife Tara, and their three children. The Rileys are currently serving as YWAM missionaries.

It was a privilege to introduce my dad, Paul Burleson, and to hear him preach his first sermon in the series entitled "What I Wish I Had Known Forty Years Ago." The responses from people to the message were incredible. It is well worth the next thirty minutes of your life to listen to it yourself.

Listen to What I Believed Then (1967)

In order for you to appreciate some of the laughter in the introduction of the message, the following three pictures are offered for your edification -- and my embarrassment.

The Paul Burleson Family in 1967

My dad had fun pointing out what I looked like in 1967

And what I looked like when I was on my twentieth birthday!

Some people thought I looked like Earl.

Now that you understand the laughter, I hope you take the time to listen to the entire message. My father explained that we would never appreciate where he is today until we comprehend where he was forty years ago. What I Believed Then (1967) sets the foundation for all the messages.

The comment section is open. We have heard from people all around the world, even from many of our troops in Baghdad who are looking forward to listening to the messages. We trust all of you will enjoy the conference as much as those of us who are there in person.

Sunday night's message, entitled "I Believe in the New Covenant," --- probably the clearest, most biblical explanation on the life transforming power of the New Covenant I have ever heard -- will be posted tomorrow.


In His Grace,

Wade Burleson


Bill Scott said...

The resemblance to Earl is striking. I am so thankful that you have become much more distinguished looking in the summer of your life! :-)
Blessings Brother.
Bill Scott

Debbie Kaufman said...

I was free before, but after listening to just two messages from Paul Burleson, my husband and I am even more free. :) Monday night is on marriage, if I remember correctly and I can't wait to hear what he has on this subject. This conference is terrific. I have a feeling after each night listening and studying my beloved husband and I will be even more free. I highly recommend listening to it. But be prepared to have your life change drastically.

Debbie Kaufman said...

That should be my husband and I are even more free. I need to swear off of after midnight typing. :)

CB Scott said...


To show pictures like this brings about "nick names."

Think about being introduced at the IMB BoT as Wade("Earl the Burl")Burleson:-)

Anonymous said...

Earl. . .er. . .I mean "Wade",
This Okie had his socks blessed off by Paul's "Message 1"! Not only can I identify with his experience in recognizing how "my" perspective of "my" own understanding of God and my fellow Christians has changed over time. Bearing in mind the fact that it is not the case He, or His word, has changed one iota during that same period.
Rather, this Christian recalls a Scripture that he memorized (from the King James Version) when he was a new believer; but, has since developed a much better appreciation of its truth, "Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect; but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprended of Jesus Christ. Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended; but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."
In the meantime, this Okie looks forward with eager anticipation of Paul B.'s second message this evening!

In His Grace and Peace,
T. D. Webb

jasonk said...

Funny! You really did look like Earl when you were twenty.

I always thought that when you were thirty, you looked like Miles Silverburg from Murphy Brown.


Thanks for a great laugh. I'm looking forward to listening to your dad.

jthomas899 said...

Earl, I mean Wade---You have taught me a very valuable lesson on this blog.

I will never ever allow my dad to preach at my church. :) My dad has been a pastor for 52 years now, the last 13 while caring for my mother who became disabled.

Thanks for putting the conference on the web---I look forward to being blessed by your father.

Anonymous said...

With deference to Barbara Mandrell...

"I was trucker hat...when trucker hat wasn't coo-ool." said...

My dad pointed out that Bryan Riley's synopsis of the sermonwas as good as the sermon itself.


Enough Earl jokes everyone.


Bro. Robin said...


There is a bit if redneck in you. Come on, be your true self and preach in flannel!

Alycelee said...

I listened to every word and typed away taking notes from Pauls message on "What I believed then."
I certainly could identify with those "list" both good and bad.
One advantage of getting older... you can remind yourself how ignorant you once were and young enough to be thankful that God delivered you and will continue to do so when you mess up again.
Eagerly waiting on the next edition.

Scotte Hodel said...

I came to the Lord (over my parents' objections) about the time of your "Earl" picture. It is so valuable to listen to those many years of experience in the church. It reminds me of when Cal Guy used to visit at my church before he passed away ...

Thanks for posting!

Bob Cleveland said...



I was going to say something else, but I can't think of anything to say but wow.

Particularly since your dad revealed that he's a couple months younger than I am, making me wonder what I've been doing all my life.

Can't wait for the next post.

Anonymous said...

I've met very few pastors who were willing to admit they were going through a growing process during their ministry. Not only is the content of the message a blessing, but the example he is setting for the rest of us in ministry is a real source of encouragement.

It is easy to see why God called him to serve as pastor of a church so close to the campus of Southwestern Seminary.

art rogers said...

I am going to listen to this message, but there is no way that you can say "enough Earl jokes everyone," and expect that to be enough to silence the crowd.

I will give you kudos, though, on being man enough to post it yourself. Self deprecating humor is a sign of self-confidence.

Good stuff.

John Moeller said...

Heck Fire Earl !!!

I know now why the SBC and IMB want you out of there.... You preach in a round church with a honky-tonk band…and them choir members, ain’t none of them have a proper robe on. Where is your dark stained oak pulpit and where are your proper preacher chairs with a cross on the top of the velvet covered back? Shoot, you is just a rebel through and through ain’t ya?

I’m goin to have to pray in the Spirit about you and hope that GOD shows you the error of your ways……..Everyone knows a good square church with red carpet, an organ and a verse or two of “Holy, Holy, Holy” is the only way a God fearing Baptist would do it. Did you remember to sing “Just as I am” at the end of your service at least?

(Paul, wonderful sermon! 1Corinthians 12 explains the gifts and 1Corinthians 13 says to love each other…. I wish that was true in this fight that the IMB is in…. I have the gifts, am part of the body, but feel no love or acceptance from those who claim to be the learned ones…. I’d add Romans chapter 14 to your sermon, it sure has taught me about not judging…._

Bob Cleveland said...

Come to think of it. there used to be a bar here .. named "Burly Earl's".

I move we rename "Grace and Truth to You" ...

"Earl-y Burl's"

Anonymous said...

That is funny! I'm glad to see Bryan there as well. He's an awesome guy.

I think you're stuck with the "Earl" nickname, Wade. Sorry 'bout that. Too funny! I laughed out loud!

volfan007 said...


did dr. jack taylor belong to southcliff when your dad was the pastor? he preached in a church that i was on staff at ....leawood baptist church in memphis, tn under dr. jerry glisson. do you know him?

also, is dr. jack taylor still a sb?

volfan007 said...

Jack is a good friend. He is still a Southern Baptist.

Anonymous said...

Hey, now ... I preach in flannel all the time! :)

RKSOKC66 said...

I just listened to the Sunday morning's sermon. It was excellent.


J. Guy Muse said...

Thanks for providing the audio links to be able to listen to this message. Ever since discovering Bro. Paul's blog, I have been a "fan" and have been blessed to read--and now listen--to what he has to share. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Anonymous said...

Alright. . .already, Wade. This Okie just had an inadvertent "slip of the keyboard", most likely caused by an epiphany application of the familiar saying, "The earl. . .y bird gets the worm." Hopefully, you have not become a vegetarian, yet. . .have you Wade? ;^)

By the way, Paul's outline for the 2nd message is posted. It looks like another late night revival meeting in the Webb household. :^)

In His Grace and Peace,
T. D. Webb

volfan007 said...


do you or your dad know dr. jerry glisson who pastored leawood baptist church in memphis, tn for 35 years. he was good friends with jack taylor too. just curious.

dr. glisson is someone i deeply love and admire. i was on staff at leawood under him while i went to seminary. he was a great pastor, and he is a wonderful man of God. just wondering if yall ever had the privilege of meeting him.


Paul/Mary Burleson said...


I'm sorry I'm late in responding but have just this morning been totally free to read all and do any typing.

Yes, I was Jack and Barbara Taylor's pastor for some seven years and he is a good friend. No, I don't know Dr. Glisson but I'm sure he would be worth knowing seeing the company he keeps.