Monday, December 18, 2006

Reasons Why Tea Totalers Should Be Excluded from Southern Baptist Leadership and Missions Ministry

(1). Drinking tea leads a person to addiction to caffeine.

There might be some who allege that drinking just one or two glasses of tea does not lead to caffeine addiction. This is technically true, but unfortunately, not all Christians who partake in moderate tea drinking can stop with just a couple of glasses. It is not uncommon for Christian men and women to progress from tea, to coffee, to 64 ounce Colas or Mountain Dews. Where does it stop? How does one know when the line of addiction has been crossed? If caffeine is addictive, then why play with fire? We must conclude that Drinking tea is a sin (Counsels on Diet and Drink: Part II, Tea and Coffee, page 434).

(2). Tea and coffee are destructive to the Christian's body, which is the temple of God.

As pointed out above, caffeine is highly addictive. Quitting coffee can cause withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, sleepiness and irritability. The acidic nature of coffee can lead to stomach ulcers. When the excess acid enters the bloodstream, it also increases calcium loss in urine. Both coffee and tea have no nutritional value. Tannin, the substance that makes tea cups brown and coats tea pots, is used for tanning leather. Imagine the stomach after twenty years of tea drinking.

Caffeine is able to penetrate deep into vital tissue. Evidence shows that it may be linked to male infertility and also birth defects by passing through the placenta. Drinking coffee during breast feeding will cause caffeine to be present in mothers' milk.

Caffeine has a powerful effect on coronary arteries and the pulmonary and systemic vessels, causing a greater flow of blood to the heart muscle, but decreasing the flow of blood to the brain by constricting cerebral blood vessels. Caffeine can cause abnormally fast, abnormally slow and irregular heart beats. It also wreaks havoc on blood pressure, commonly producing hypertension. Coffee has been linked to heart disease, pancreas and bladder cancer, and hypoglycemia.

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, providing that familiar kick on which we have come to depend. But as with all stimulants, there is a price to be paid. If you run the body on overdrive for an extended period of time by artificially stimulating the adrenals, expect breakdown to occur.

(3). Though the Bible does not expressly forbid the drinking of tea, there is an overwhelming preponderence of Biblical evidence that tea drinking is a sin.

"Like vinegar to the teeth and smoke to the eyes, so is the sluggard to those who send him" (Proverbs 10:36). The same acidic quality of vinegar, tea and coffee is as damaging to the Christian as smoke is to the eyes.

“Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand” (Phil. 4:5), “…every man that strives for the mastery is temperate in all things” (I Cor. 9:25).

Though some might argue that these verses do not explicitly 'forid' the drinking of tea, it is clear that the Christian who desires to be holy in all things will not even begin to cross the line of introducing tea or coffee into his system.

(4). Though some have the gall to say Jesus drank tea on the cross, it was clearly not the same kind of tea or substance that tea drinkers consume today.

Some try to be cute in their arguments for moderate tea drinking by pointing out that Jesus drank 'vinegar' on the cross, which contains the same acidic and caffeneited quality as today's tea.

The Bible states, "And one ran and filled a sponge full of vinegar and put it on a reed, and gave him to drink...." (Mk. 15:36).

Biblical scholars have long pointed out that the acidic and caffeinated content of the vinegar drink offered to Jesus was less than 5% of the acid and caffeine found in today's most popular teas. To compare the actions of Jesus at Calvary with today's tea drinking should be considered a sin in and of itself.

To justify your own desire to drink tea by pointing to the conduct of Jesus is shameful.

(5). The argument that drinking tea is not illegal in the United States, and therefore, lawful for the Christian, is an argument straight from hell.

Homosexuality is not illegal in the states. Adultery is not illegal in America. Dressing inappropriately with boxers showing, and breasts peeking out of tight tops is not illegal in my hometown, but does that make it right?

Just to say drinking tea is not illegal is in reality no argument at all. "In everything we do, whether we eat or drink, we do for the glory of God" (I Corinthians 10:31).

(6). Some cultures drink tea as a normal part of daily life, but that is no excuse for Christians to drink it, since we are to be 'a cut above' the world.

Some missionaries might argue that drinking tea in China is a cultural event, and to identify with the Chinese one must drink tea. As it is said, "When in Rome do as the Romans."

Hogwash. We are not to let culture affect us, we are to be a shining example to culture of how Christ can transform people. The person who drinks tea on a regular basis simply has no idea what Christ can do for his life, and if you drink tea with him, while introducing him to Christ, then you may give him the impression he can continue drinking tea as a Christian.

When in Rome do as Christ would do. Christ would not sit and drink tea with the Chinese. How could He defile His holy body in such a manner?

(7). When a Christian purchases tea he is supporting an entire industry that has made a fortune by leading people to the mind altering, destructive, and nearly impossible to break addiction to caffeine.

This industry must not be supported by Christians. Every dollar you spend on green tea is like purchasing a death warrant for the person who will later die from an acidic stomach from the tea produced by the company to whom you gave profits.

It is time for Christians to shut down the entire, godless industry of tea making and associated tea products.

(8). It has been scandalously reported that some young, Southern Baptist pastors are actually having Bible studies in the local Starbucks in an effort to lead people to Christ.

The pastors who have begun this new outreach program seem to have no understanding of what it means to be 'in the world, but not of the world.'

No matter how many people have come to Christ through these creative efforts, it is unconscionable for SBC pastors to actually meet in a location where people are introducing into their bodies an agent that alters the mind, changes the disposition, and eventually destroys the body.

No matter how slick the environment, there is no excuse for the compromise of the gospel.

(9). A great concern for the loosening of the standard of total abstinence from tea drinking is the belief that those Southern Baptist moderates and liberals who drink tea will eventually cause the Southern Baptist Convention to turn back from a firm belief in the inerrancy of the Bible.

It is being reported that there are actually some pastors who are either not using the Bible in their ministries, or trusting in very loose translations of the holy and inerrant KJV.

For example, one loose knit association of SBC pastors have actually quoted Psalm 23 as:

The Lord is my barista; I shall not want.

He maketh me to recline on green sofas: he leadeth me beside the clean tables.

He repoureth my latte: he maketh me a ristretto of righteousness for goodness sake.

Yea, though I walk through the aisles of instant coffee, I will fear no nescafe: for thou art with me; thy cafe and it's staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest an espresso for me in the presence of mine tea drinking colleagues: thou anointest my ears with friendly banter; my latte hath art on it.

Surely warmth and bonhomie shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the cafe of the Lord for ever

(10). Drinking caffeinated tea for recreational purposes physiologically acts as a 'mind altering drug, "

Once a Christian says it is all right to alter his mind by introducing outside agents to change his perspective, where will he stop? Why not marijuana? Why not cocaine? The libertinism of the modern Southern Baptist Convention must be checked. The line in the sand must be drawn with tea and coffee.

There will be a resolution introduced at San Antonio to forbid any trustee, missionary or denominational leader from partaking in the recreational use of tea or coffee.

May God keep our convention pure.

May God bless the Southern Baptist Convention.


Steve said...

A wonderful insight into the workings of the human heart!

OBTW, when Big Gulps are outlawed, only outlaws will have Big Gulps.


Jack Maddox said...


Your post is a gleaning example of both academic and practical real life application of the blending of cultural and biblical friction that exist in the world in which the Christian is called to live. Your words Wade are perhaps the most wonderful I have ever heard...In fact...YOU HAVE CONVINCED ME!


Thank You Wade please send me a copy of the Memphis declaration so I can sign it!

Although I am sure Rex Ray will still disagree with me and ask me really tough questions.

(All of the above is simply a sad attempt at sophomoric humor)


Liam Madden said...


I guess you've heard what happened to the Indian who drank Lipton all night? The next morning they found him dead in his teapee. Now there is a cautionary moral if there ever was one.

RKSOKC66 said...

I can't comment on either tea or coffee since I rarely drink either.

I really don't like coffee. Some people think I must be a Mormon because Mormons don't drink coffee and I don't drink it either.

I decided to cut back on my addiction to Dr. Pepper by going from multiple cans / day to about only two a week. A friend of the family was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of months ago and her diet featured massive number of soft drinks / day. I was reaching the same point so I just quit having any sodas around the house. I took all my 2 liter bottles and poured them down the drain. That was six months ago and other than a rare Dr. Pepper (one or two a week when we go to a restaurant) I have kicked the habit.

I recall reading a bio of Cecil Sherman (an architect of the CBF). It stated that he was a big diet Dr. Pepper drinker. I don't know how to interpret this. I used to be a big regular (non-diet) Dr. Pepper drinker. I have never attempted to map a person's moderate/conservative bent vis a vis the type of soda he drinks.

I wonder if the number "23" that is associated with Dr. Pepper has any relaion to the 23rd psalm -- such as it "restoreth my soul"?

Roger Simpson
Oklahoma City OK

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you have tried to make fun of a serious malady in the human condition. Alcohol is a drug(unlike caffeine) that affects many lives...the unsaved and even sadder misdirected/misinformed Christians.
BUT, when you preach nothing but grace and mercy without any standards...what do you expect? Everything is "up for grabs".
His children need the "whole counsel of God" and you have woefully left out much so you are producing unbalanced Christians.
Modern day Nathan... said...

You guys are making me laugh.

Even you anonymous.

This is about tea.

Quit changing the subject. said...


Caffeine is a drug.

Any doctor will tell you this.


Anonymous said...


I am in shock. This type of legalism is not what I expected from you! I am going to have to oppose you on this and build a coalition of weak minded, er, eager brethren to help me stem the tide of narrowing parameters in the SBC!

Where will this end, Wade? Are you going after sugar next? Shall you take away our Root Beer as well? What about Sprite? 7-UP? Apple Juice? SHALL WE BE BEVERAGELESS???

At least you still drink wine like Jesus did. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is scary.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Paul. How in the world did you find that? You're hilarious!

I'm convinced. Now, what about sugar? Is that o.k., or is that a sin too? I'm getting pretty insecure here . . .

Anonymous said...


When I began to have heart palpitations a few years ago, my doctor told me I must avoid coffee, tea, and cola because of the caffeine and the danger it posed to my health. In the same conversation, he strongly suggested that I begin drinking a glass of red wine at night, because of the health benefits. My doctor is a not some godless, agnostic, Bible-hater. He is an elder at his church and one of the godliest men I have ever known.

Nomad said...

Now, look here, Burleson. You can make all kinds of accusations about the 'tent', slander 'PPL', malign stuffed-headed egotists; BUT DON'T YOU START TALKING BAD ABOUT COFFEE!!!! Now, you're gettin' personal! Besides this link will tell the "Truth About Coffee!"

It's the "New Health Food!"

peter lumpkins said...

Dear Wade,

I trust you are well. For me, this stands as a great follow-up post to spooky fundamentalists and freakonomics, though, quite frankly, I am missing from whence you are coming on these posts.

I have a good sense of humor, I assure you. Yet, I guess I am missing the punch line. Perhaps the latter one possesses the most distance for me.

To caricature a position that stands so obviously mainstream in SBaptist subculture, from my perspective, makes one wonder on whom the laugh really is.

I suggest, my Brother Wade, if you really are serious about making this cartoon effective, rework it into a "Whereas, Therefore" format and submit it to the SBC in 07 as a resolution--attaching your name, of course.

That should just about do it for you :-)

Have a great day, my Brother. With that, I am...


FX Turk said...

Pastor Wade --

You forgot that drinking tea is actually a symptom of hypercoffeeism, and it leads to baptizing babies and a slack attitude toward evangelism.

However, I forgive your oversite as you are a busy man and can't keep up with the current literature on the subject. Dave Hunt has a great new book on this subject called What Java is this?, and I am sure it will make the rounds to a pulpit near you in the next 6 months.

Bob Cleveland said...


Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who ever drank tea anywhere in the USA in the 1800's, died. How much evidence do we need?

Next, I think you should deal with other activities in our lives .. particularly married family folks .. which activities might lead to any form of addiction. Good luck with THAT.

Will said...

All the more reason that we should expect an SBC resolution on PPL (Private Perculator Libation)

Great post. I nearly spewed my coffee!

CB Scott said...


You have spoken well to the seriousness of tea and its effect on society.

Will you now speak to the seriousness of beverage alcohol and its ill effects on the same overindulgent society:-)

cb said...

CB my friend.

This comment string is about tea.

I have written against the sin of drunkenness exhaustively in other places.

jasonk said...

I love your courage Wade. Thanks for a good laugh this morning.

Anonymous said...

What a great piece. If you ever retire from the ministry you definitely have a future as a satirist. I am going to link your piece to my blog. It's about alternative treatments for coronary artery disease.

Anonymous said...


Too much, that is great,

You forgot one, you know that there is such a passion for sweet tea, among our weaker brothers in the South, if they were so much as to see me with a tea glass at a restaurant, it would cause them to fall right on their face! Drink a gallon of sweet tea, and bounce off the walls all day...

I am considering water, but then there are those who are so against tap water, if they assumed that my water was not bottled, they might think I was harming my body....

I really don't know what to do.


Kurt Strassner said...

OK, yesterday I aired my disappointment with the entry. Today...I give credit where credit is due. This is HILARIOUS...and instructive!

On my way to get my morning 44 oz. fountain Mountain!

Anonymous said...

I suppose I now have to change the title of my blog? And maybe leave the south?

Wade, can I give up tea and coffee and still super-size my meals? Can I give them up and still eat as much as I want at potluck? I know this is about tea, but I'm just askin'...

Mark said...

John Mark,

Brother, it ain't the amount of food you eat, it's about the tainted drink you sip.

The caffeine laced death drink we call tea must be abstained from by you totally.

Give it up today. Your willingness to vow to abstain from tea will prove to me your love for Christ, you level headedness and ability to lead our convention, and your seriousness about introducing no substance into your body but that of the presence of Christ to give you an emotional lift.

Don't worry about the food. There are airline seat belt extensions on all our leadership trips, just avoid the tea at all costs.

Blessings my brother,


davidinflorida said...

Pastor Wade,
Your post is great. Thats why you are the blog-master.
.This is just another lesson on hyper-legalism.
.Yesterday my wife a I were dicussing my poor habits of drinking caffeinated beverages and also, some of my poor eating habits.
.We concluded that living, is ultimately the cause of death. Therefore, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ is so important because that will last forever.
.For you folks that are really hooked on TEA, go to, it might make you feel a little better.

Anonymous said...

Tea Stained Sin

Your point is made and quite on spot,
When sipping Tea from glass or cup,
Or swigging Tea straight from the pot,
That spot of Tea is sin corrupt.

I must confess my lips are stained,
As are my teeth, which gives me pause,
My fall from grace is now explained,
Tea transgression was the cause.

Now blogged to everlasting shame,
My sin exposed much more’s the pity,
The word is out, yes, Tea’s the blame,
I’m canned, can’t sit on any committee.

The kettle’s boiled, the water’s hot,
And life’s loose leafs are swirled in here,
Steeping deep within the pot
Weep not for me, nor shed a tear.

By my free will I drank the Tea,
Not coerced, nor was I dragged,
My sin revealed for all to see,
Demon Tea and now I’m bagged.

T. (Tea) D. (Drinker) Webb said...

Paul Littleton,

You scare us with spiders, I now scare us all with monkeys.

During the Boer War, the enemies of the British often poisoned their food supplies. Soldiers used monkeys to test the food. They chose what to eat by holding the food to their lower jaw and if the food was poisoned, the monkey would throw it away. A natural health practitioner, fascinated by the account, decided to test baboons to see if they had a similar ability. An apple was injected with strong coffee by a hypodermic needle. Two apples were given, the untouched apple was eaten hungrily by one baboon, a second baboon received the injected apple. He held it to his jaw, let out an angry screeching sound then tried to attack the experimenter. When he was given a good apple he went off to the corner and ate happily. Source

Even a monkey knows caffeine is evil.

Are we not better smarter than an ape? A baboon? said...

A Totally Depraved Webb has given us all pause in our move toward repentance from caffeine by his humble confession and admission of guilt in sipping, sometimes slurping, and often sousing himself in tea.

One of the most brilliant, anti-nomian confessions I have ever read.


Unknown said...

I completely agree that coffee and tea should be avoided at all costs because I don’t enjoy either one of them. However, my Sam’s Cola is a different story entirely…

John Moeller said...

THANK GOD I’m not like those “so called” Christians who drink tea and still think they can be Holy! I never touch the stuff! (At least when other SBC churchified members are around) I only drink the Holy drink that Paul himself endorsed; Red Bull. It’s in the Bible!

Heck fire, forget all the benefits of Tea, the antioxidants, it’s all a bunch of hooey! I stand on the WORD of GOD; no sir, not one sip for me! I ain’t goin to hell over a glass of tea! Is that sweet tea you’re complaining about? Dang that goes down good with some pork BBQ and naner pudding…….Crap, I’m goin to have to be Methodist aint I?

Tyson Wynn said...


It is now obvious that you are under the full control of the Mormon church, as you have spent your blog time and space promoting their anti-caffeine doctrine. No wonder you're such a liberal; you're obviously under the control of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Tell me, how often do you have to check in with the leaders of your cult?

Your LDS penchant explains your liberal stance on so many issues. It is obvious that as you are now a Mormon that you should immediately resign your church in disgrace as well as any and all leadership positions you have within the BGCO or SBC. We must weed out you liberal cultists from among our pure denomination. Be gone, sinner!

[For those slower on the uptake, this was 100% tongue-in-cheek sarcasm...] Keep up the great work, Wade!

Kati A said...


You missed something on point 7. Many tea manufacturers (especially those who make the iced versions) often resort to sexually promiscuous advertising to sell their products. Clearly we are not called to support such evil manufacturers of such evil beverages.

Thanks for the excellent insight!

P.S. I just might have become one of your biggest fans.

craig from Georgia said...

I'm sure all of the folks who have been delivered from drunkenness by the power of the gospel and the folks who have lost loved ones to drunkenness are getting a big laugh.

Rex Ray said...

Eureka! #9 “…abstinence from tea drinking…will eventually cause Southern Baptist moderates…to turn back from a firm belief in the inerrancy of the Bible.”

I ‘skimmed’ #9 and that’s what I came up with—the solution to my problem with inerrancy. You see I quit drinking tea (that I loved) 27 years ago.

But alas, on deeper reading of #9, I still suffer my shame without knowing why, but HEY...maybe it’s the other way around, but that topic is another day.

I did not quit tea for health reasons—but because I couldn’t stand the taste without sugar. Come to think of it, because I had been ‘spoiled’ with soft drinks costing a nickel, I quit when they went to a quarter, and I never could stand coffee…so I’ve been pretty much caffeine free most of my life.
After reading Paul’s link (This is scary), my ‘web’ might look pretty good—if I was a spider.

Someone mentioned sugar. At age 47, I’d eaten enough for two lifetimes. Taking a ‘dare’ to quit for two weeks, I felt so much better that after 3 months I went from ‘walking to the dugout’ to finishing a marathon ‘cold turkey.’ (Only practice was running a computer.) So sore—couldn’t go to work for 3 days. If you read the book, “Sugar Blues’, you’ll never feel the same about sugar.

Jack, enjoyed your comment and the humor of others. You can run but you can’t hide. Ha “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” That would also apply to the crowd that was ‘silenced’ by Peter.

Started to post this, but read John Moeller’s “Crap, I’m going to have to be a Methodist ain’t I?”, and it cracked me up. Haven’t wiped tears from my eyes in a long time.

Rex Ray

volfan007 said...

the bible does not teach that its unwise to drink tea. it does teach that its unwise to drink fermented grape juice.

also, the bible does not teach against smoking nor chewing tobacco.
many sermons have been preached on this, yet the scriptures are silent.


Anonymous said...

Amen Craig


Dave Samples said...

I'm wondering if decaf is ok or should I "avoid the appearance of all evil"?

Also, would it be alright for me to drink my tea out of an empty "Sam's Choice" orange soda can?

I'm just trying to slide as far as I can without hurting my witness or losing my pastorate.

RKSOKC66 said...


Would you consider widening the tent by pointing out the evils of other drinks?

You rightly point out the dangers of tea. But if sound research verifies that other drinks may share tea's destructive attributes then you have to dig deeper. The problem is not the tea -- but in the ingredients in the tea. Specifically, tea is laced with caffeine and/or sugar.

Tea is just a delivery media.

Take note of other drinks:

coffee - some versions also have caffeine which is a drug

soft drinks - some versions have caffeine and some also laced with sugar leading to gross overweight conditions and/or diabetes.

I am not changing the subject. These other drinks can not be logically be separated from tea. Your warning must be expanded to expose all drinks which contain the destructive ingredients. You must apply a consistent hermeneutic. You must expose the root cause of the problem.

Roger Simpson
Oklahoma City OK

Arkansas Razorbaptist said...

This post has exposed my sin of a different nature. I was somewhat convicted this morning as I polished off a cup of White Tea. This tea, while containing very little caffeine, comes from the Fujian province of China. These little tea buds were picked by the hands of those who suffer under the hands of atheistic Communist régime that persecutes Christians. The proceeds from the tea go to support that régime. I think we need a new resolution for San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

that is funny!

Anonymous said...

The evil, secular government officials in Houston, under the influence of we know who, in their failure to enact adequate zoning laws to protect their citizens from corrupt influences, created a situation which forces me to pass five drive-through Starbucks locations between my home and my church office six days a week.

One of them has a back room, and we've succumbed to the temptation of having a home fellowship group meet there a couple of times a month. It's a poor excuse, I know, but we can't seem to help it. ;-)

I was thinking of promoting it by using the slogan, "Grab a brew, give your view," but that appears to be taken. Perhaps, "Get a cup, tell us what's up," will be more original.

John Moeller said...


Dad blame it, you got a point there! It ain’t just tea, it’s all them drinks of the devil; Tea, coke, pepsi, mountain dew and Coffee! We have to wipe this scourge from the SBC! NO CAFFEINE, NO WHITE SUGAR. We need to amend the BFM and update it to the BFM-2007…I want signatures! I want everyone to be re-baptized in purified water … Anyone who resists will be smeared in the media; we can say….They have questionable morals…That will get them…. Good thing pork BBQ tastes good with Beer, if it weren’t for beer we’d be left drinking water.

Sarah said... glass is getting low. Better go get a refill of this wonderful nectar...sweetened with Splenda, of course, because too much sugar is a sin.

Liam Madden said...

So if Mister "T" and Mister Coffee had a wrestling match, who do you think would win? said...

Cute William said...


Don't talk to me about logic.

I'm talking about sin. Pure and simple. Tea drinking is evil, because of the reasons articulated that cannot be disputed medically, Biblically, or culturally.

:) said...

Dave Samples,

The appearance of evil in drinking decaffinated tea is a detriment to your testimony. Technically, decaf may not be sin because of the absence of the drug caffeine, but to hold a Starbucks tea cup with decaf inside will cause that brother who is weak to stumble and possible consume the body damaging, mind altering drug caffeine.

Abstain for the good of your weaker brother and avoid all appearances of caffeine addiction. said...

Craig from Georgia,

I agree.

The families of those with sexual addictions who have destroyed their families aren't laughing either.

The families of those with sugar addictions who have ruined their metabolic system and become diabetics are not laughing either.

The families of those with spending addictions who have racked up debt to the point of bankruptancy aren't laughing either.

Addictions aren't funny.

Your abstinence will cure the other addict.

I'm not laughing.

Anonymous said...

We just received word that MKs attending the International Learning Center raised $1680 for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering by selling "Lattes for Lottie."

What say you now? said...

Lattes for Lottie!

Good grief.

Is there nothing sacred anymore?

Bob Cleveland said...


You hit a home run with two words: overindulgent society. We can paste bandaids on this or that forever, but until we deal with those two words, it ain't gonna stop.

I am old enough to remember WWII, shortages, rationing, blackouts, etc. It may have taken 60 years, but we've sure lost a lot of what made us great, back then.

Sadly, rather than the church and its values and its faith and hope leaking out into the world, I'm afraid the world has leaked into the church.

Anonymous said...

I have another confession:

I went on a mission trip to India two years ago, and we stayed with nationals there. Every afternoon around 4pm, we would have tea. Chai, actually. It was wonderful, but it was done in ignorance. They seemed to be alright with it and it fit within their culture. I followed what Jesus said about receiving whatever is put before you. I was wrong. I should have said "no," to maintain my witness and not cause further stumbling. Shame engulfs me.

volfan007 said...

people wearing pink hats are secretly sending messages out to others that they drink tea and coke! wearing a pink hat is code for get a glass of sweet tea and drink it. if no sweet tea is around, drink a coke.


ps. i still aint firin up the still cuz the bible teaches agin it.

Anonymous said...

After reading this blog and especially the comment about supporting athiestic China, I have given up tea. And after further contemplation of my own government which banned prayer in schools and supports abortion and homosexuality I burned all my clothes which was made in the USA. Sadly, that was all the clothes I owned since America I thought was Gods country (hey I seen pictures of Jesus draped in an American flag, who was I to argue?) So now I am sitting at the computer butt naked. I never knew being righteous was so.. airy.

John Moeller said...

"Lattes for Lottie." That’s sin money…… It’s like taking lottery winnings in the collection plate. NOW we have a scandal !! SBC accepts SIN money from coffee drinkers for missionaries. What’s next? SBC opens “Holy Land Casino” in Las Vegas, all winnings go to GOD! This tea thing has gone too far already. We need to nip it in the bud I tell ya. The whole SBC is slipping into liberalism! I should have known that one sip of tea would ruin the whole denomination!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post this morning--it put a smile on my face all day. I think what we need to appreciate here is the missionary's perspective. Assuming we can get a similar resolution passed by the SBC, our missionaries in Europe and much of South America will not be alone in having a limited cultural relevance/acceptance. Now, workers throughout Asia, Eastern Africa, and NAME will have more problems relating to, and being accepted by, nationals. We, as Southern Baptists, can celebrate that we have further judged our brothers and sisters around the world for their "unbiblical cultures."

While I am quite amused with the post, I must shake my head in disbelief at how we, as Southern Baptists, do not understand the concept of moderation. For example, despite the fact that Southern Baptists have been found to be the most obese denomination in the US, I have not, in my 18 years as a Southern Baptist, heard or read a single lesson teaching against gluttony in our churches. This comes as a surprise since it is directly taught against throughout scripture. Can we not all agree that anything in excess, or any addiction, is sin and should be avoided, but in moderation we are free to make individual choices on what what we will and will not consume?

Striving to be all things to all men, in all cultures, that by all means I might save some...not just North American Southern Baptists

Anonymous said...

Craig from Georgia...lighten up! :)

Be careful in your attempts to defend the sensibilities of "addicts" that you feel may be "offended" by this post...

I have been delivered from a life-long sexual addiction by the grace of God..and I am laughing....

My father is a diabetic and I come from a long family history of diabetes...I may become diabetic one day (I am working hard to fight against that)...and I am laughing...

Sex and food and drink are not sinful...overindulgence and abuse of them is...I have been the beneficiary of both overindulgence and abuse (mine...and my parents)...and I am laughing

I have worked with addicts of all kinds...and believe me...some of them are laughing too!

When you have sin in your life you have a problem...with the sin has have a addiction...either one is quite destructive

We take sin quite seriously...ourselves...hmmm...not so much

Healing comes when we accept God's promises,power, and presence at face value in our messed up broken lives

Healing continues when we can smile at tongue-in-cheek comments...when we can appreciate sarcasm/wit/and satire...and yes even laugh at ourselves and with each other

Human legalism did not heal me...God's grace frankly...I have a great deal to a laugh about...Freedom is fun!

great post Wade

John Jax said...
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Alycelee said...

you said "I hope your children begin drinking once they are of legal age and it is a blessing to them"
Are we to take this seriously?

John Jax said...
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Rex Ray said...

You guys,
Are missing the worst drink of all—HOMOGIZED MILK. (Check it out on the internet.)
Over 20 years ago at age 50, I would take part in bike rides with a 3 x 4 foot sign over my head: “Stop Heart Attacks Caused from Homogenize Milk by Dr.____” (Forgot his name. I bought over 100 of his books but gave them away.)
I shortened ‘homogenize’ to “HOMO”—which cause some explaining

Half way through the first ride, the sign sailed into the ditch. On the next 50 mile event, I made the sign into boards for less air resistance. I made better time after the wind knocked me over and broke the Dr.’s name off. When I finally finished, the crowd started clapping—not for theology but perseverance.

Raisin Brand and water will help anyone lose weight.
When all else fails, try the drink David wished for and got from his faithful friends risking their lives.
Rex Ray

Tim Cook said...

I used to have migraine problems while running traack in HS. The doctor said they were caused both by strenuous exercise and caffiene withdrawal. I went off caffeine entirely for several years, and that eliminated the problem. Now, however, since I don't try to run a mile or longer on a regular basis, I find I can sneek a caffeinated beverage now and again with no ill effects. All things in moderation...including exercise!!

In Christ,
Tim Cook

PS anyone who thinks caffeine is not a the ingredients of your favorite headache medicine (excedrin especially)

A-8 said...

Pray for me! I am the chief of all tea drinkers!!

gmay said...

I wonder if any of these headlines are in our future:

SBC president arrested for DWI while returning from 2010 Convention
Claims to have only had a couple of glasses of wine at the CP Luncheon

SBC Leadership endorses legalization of Marijuana
Noted: the Hawaii Marijuana growers association was the number one contributor to the Jerry Lewis Telethon

SBC Convention to meet at Harrah’s
Denominational leaders concerned that evening business session might take away from happy hour.

SBC Welcomed to OKC for National Convention
Texans can drink twice as much beer since alcohol levels are lower in Oklahoma said...

gmay and johnjaxthebaptist,

I shall pray for the two of you. It is obvious that this tea post has not hit you in the soul, where it was intended. Rather, you are switching subjects to possibly cover your guilt and shame in secretly sipping tea.

What's next? Will you continue to point out the speck in other people's eyes, ignoring the log in your own.

Caffeine is a drug. You should introduce nothing into your system that alters the fragile physiology God has given you.

Please leave my children out of this.

I am doing all I can to keep them from drinking tea, diet coke, Mountain Dew, and coffee.

I am praying that my children shall abstain from caffeine all their lives. I am convinced that if it even touches their lips they will plunge into all kinds of unhealthy emotional and physical trauma, not to mention give themselves up to a drug.

You wish for my children moderation --- I demand from them abstinence.

Your blessings to me and my family ring hollow.

Do not fellowship with me anymore, do not email me anymore, and when I reach my 'coveted' position of President of the Southern Baptist Convention do not expect me to appoint you to any position.

Your wish of a happy life for my children via moderation in all things makes me sick.

My children SHALL abstain --- by hook or crook. And so help me, if you hear that they haven't, then it's a lie.

I shall have no child that drinks caffeine in moderation.

Alycelee said...

More importantly will the headlines say...

SBC - full of mercy and grace? This is what I would love to see. 'How good and how pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.'

Instead here we see 'So quick to judge and so careful to withhold mercy,'

Forgive me for the 'maternal instincts' come front and center, especially when Debbie isn't around, but I just don't find attacking Wade or attributing to him things he DID not say humorous.

Disagree with what he say, but at least be honest about it. said...

Good grief,

Why can't people understand I am serious about caffeine?

Gmay, I'm sorry. I reread your post after alycelee drew my attention to it and now I get it!

How right you are about those headlines!

That is definitely where we are headed as a convention. Accepting the legitimacy of a drug like caffeine opens all doors.

Marijuana is nothing.

Crack? You bet. Heroin? It's right next in line for pastors.

For heaven's sake, LISTEN TO HIM.

He makes perfect sense.

If you don't draw a line in the sand over the drug caffeine all drugs are acceptable --- even if they are ILLEGAL. You and I both know it.

We also are NOT afraid of those health insurance headlines of obesity and heart disease among pastors.

That doesn't scare us at all.

It's drug use. SBC pastors who drink tea and caffeine are headed down that slippery slope.

Thanks, gmay, for your irrefutable logic.

Alycelee said...

Wade, I want to know what you had for breakfast or lunch. I'm having it tomorrow :)
I just keep forgetting u don't need my help!

Jack Maddox said...

A couple of comments:

First of all...Dave Samples...we know your one of them liberals...I see that Broadman Commentary set behind you... have you no shame?!

Secondly on a serious note...Wades use of humor to make a point is done in fine rhetorical style...but what many of you refuse to see is that your stance for moderation is one thing...but when you attack and accuse those of us who disagree for our so called 'legalism' and our lack of confidence in the '
suffecincy' of scripture, you are actualy showing yourselves to be as narrow minded as you acuse us. You seek to demean our position at best and at worst you acuse us of outright biblical ignorance...

if you want to drink or support drink in moderation...go testimony is to important to me for such nonsence...but I will assure you you stand in opposition to the vast majority of Southern Baptist of all theological ilks on this issue...the vote on the anti-alcohol for leadership resolution in Greensboro and the SBTC resolutuion in Austin are glaring pictures of this truth. SOuthern Baptist have spoken to this issue in the past and are speaking to it in the are entitled to your opinion, however it is, I would guess in the minority. SHould it ever become the majority opinion then I guess we have bigger problems than tongues and what constitutes baptism.

Jack said...


For heaven's sake.

The word is TEA.

All I want to know is if you will agree to abstain. Quit changing the subject.

Jack Maddox said...

"Do not fellowship with me anymore, do not email me anymore, and when I reach my 'coveted' position of President of the Southern Baptist Convention do not expect me to appoint you to any position.

Your wish of a happy life for my children via moderation in all things makes me sick.

My children SHALL abstain --- by hook or crook. And so help me, if you hear that they haven't, then it's a lie.

I shall have no child that drinks caffeine in moderation. "

Now doggone it..thats funny, I don't care who you are...that is funny!

Jack said...


I did NOT have coffee for breakfast.

I did NOT have tea for lunch.

And I am NOT having Diet Coke.

That's why my brain works fast!

Eat what ever you want, just do not let the drug of deacons touch your lips through either a tea glass or coffee cup.

That is my secret to successful living. said...


I am taking my beloved wife Christmas shopping in Oklahoma City.

A fair evening to all --- stay strong.

Jack Maddox said...


After seeing the series of mispelled words in my last post because my spell check crashed...I am sure it is because of the 2 glasses of tea I had for lunch.


Anonymous said...


I'm confused. Why are some folks talking about alcohol? You're talking about TEA. Jack was saying that we are all moderationists on alcohol. I have no idea what he is talking about. I have no desire to promote moderation on alcohol. I'm focusing on trying to stop with the TEA and then, I'm going to deal with sugar. I'm in quite a twitter over this, and confusing the issue is not helping.

Please guys, stop hijacking this post.

Jack Maddox said...


You misunderstand me...I am only useing alcohol as an anaolgy of our current disagreement over caffiene and tea


volfan007 said...

does the sbc own stock in star bucks, or in java joe's, or in lipton? thats what i want to know. do we own stock in these corporations, and will we continue to own stock in these? wait a second, the lady at starbucks has my cafe latte ready...i'll have to get back to yall later.


Anonymous said...

For all those jumping on Wade's backside, please re-read the post. He is not arguing for moderation! He is arguing for total abstention, fercryinoutloud! I would think you folks would be his biggest supporters! Or are you a bunch of moderationists in abstentionist's clothing?

Anonymous said...

This is totally disgusting to me. I cannot believe that there is so much confusion over this issue!

I know pastors that sit in their offices and drink coffee all day. Their dependency on caffeine is startling and not honoring to Christ.

Why I will have you know that my dad was at one time a two pots a day addict! We went to a resturant together, what did we see?? A member drinking a cup of coffee, at night? Who drinks caffeine at night but those who are in bondage...

Some say they need coffee to face the day, I cant believe that they are dependent on a drug to help them wake up and get going...

Anonymous said...

Wade - thank goodness someone like yourself and those with like mind have the COURAGE to take a stand against such an evil as tea. Let me tell you, I agree with you whole heartedly. Here's my story - I was raised by a man that drank tea. He started drinking tea when he was in his teens, never thinking that its addictive power would take a hold of his life and make him an addict to its mind altering powers. It actually started with those seemingly harmless soft drinks, then it moved to coffee, then all the way tea. His addiction to tea eventually led him to treat my mother and his children badly, eventually leading to physical abuse and the break-up of my family. The emotional scars he has given me as a result of his addition to tea are still with me today and affect my family today. When I saw all the damage that tea has done to my mother, myself, and my siblings, I vowed I would take a stand against the horrors of tea. Now mind you I don't condemn those who choose to drink it, but as a Christian I certainly know it is God's will for me not to and to encourage younger Christians to just stay away from it to avoid the potential misery, despite the other cultures that drink tea with little thought. Now I do have a cup of beer every now and then, but of course that could never cause me harm or cause me to get into a traffic accident, or mis-treat my family like tea. I'll toast a cup of beer tonight with my teenage sons in honor of you taking a stand against tea!

John Jax said...
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gmay said...

OK OK OK -- lighten up a little. I thought we were into satirical humor here. I simply tried to exaggerate on the opposite side of Wade. Please, Please, everyone who presents something a little different isn’t jumping Wade. Talk about Spooky Fundamentalist ! The attempt may have been a bit feeble but I laughed while I typed it.

Oh and for the record. This part is serious. I have been a tee –totaler since the Lord delivered me from an alcohol problem 27 years ago. It’s a weakness in my family and has been for years. And I have been a Tea totaler from yes, tea and coffee, for the last year. That’s correct. A pastor who has gotten over alcohol, tobacco, tea, and coffee!! Well, now the truth about the failure, I did have a glass of tea with lunch last Sunday. Get that, I even partook on the special day and it wasn’t communion. Did I say I once participated in a communion with Coca Cola and bagels? Should we have a resolution or a revolution?

Oh and why would a pastor give up tea and coffee and soft drinks? It wasn’t the caffeine, it was the acid.

irreverend fox said...


I'm glad to see you have adopted my way of demonstrating absurdity by being absurd... you're pretty good at it actually.

But my friend, be careful. Reasoning like that can easily find you out the back door of your church and landing on your behind in the world of "church planting" real quick.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Paige Patterson drink tea.

Debbie Kaufman said...

irreverend fox: That's the last thing that Wade needs to worry about from our church, I assure you with a 100% guarantee.

Bob Cleveland said...


You need to post about milk, next.
Have you SEEN what they DO to a COW, to GET THAT STUFF?

irreverend fox said...


Let me tell you a little true story about the wisdom of a pastor being confident in the outspoken, public, support of a pastor…

two months prior to my resignation my deacon stood up in front of the church...he had something he needed to say.

"I'm feel so strongly that brother Gary is to be the pastor of this church that I'll leave before I'll let him leave if it comes to that...he has some new idea's that I'm struggling with, but he's God's man for this church and if I can't hack it...I'll grab my jacket".

A month later he said the same thing, basically, again at Wed. night prayer meeting.

A month later I took him up on it and said, "Bob (not his real name), this is not going to work of us has to leave."

"well, I'm not leaving"...

so now I'm a full fledged, funded (lol) NAMB church

that is a true story...but I'm just teasing you...I'm sure that Wade is beloved, truly, I mean...who couldn't love a guy like Wade?

Benji Ramsaur said...


I must confess that I am a victim of tea.

I began to sip a little here and sip a little there and tea's addictive powers took hold of me.

You know, people look at me now and they see what tea has done to me.

They see that I am a victim.

The experts helped me by sticking an "ism" on the end of tea. Now, I know that what I was really struggling with was teaism.

The biologists helped me by saying that some people are biologically predisposed to being addicted to tea.

The preachers helped me by wailing against the evils of tea.

My family helped me by being symmpathetic towards me and angry towards tea.

My denomination helped me by passing a resolution against tea drinking for those in leadership positions.

And finally (and most importantly) the Lord delivered me from tea about four years ago.

So you are right to sound the alarm against tea Wade. Thankfully, I feel much better about myself after all the help I got. I now know that it was the tea.

Well, I guess I'll get to my memory verse for the day.

Looks like it's going to be a good one (John 8:34).

David Flick said...


That was hilarious...

This to you from me...

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. Thank you for letting us comment anonymously while my blogger is down and i can't sign in. I have laughed and laughed and read this out loud to Tara, my wife. This is possibly the best post and comments i've ever read, but, if not the best, it is in the Top Ten. We bloggers need to do a Top Ten of posts... seriously. Here's one that gets one of my votes.

The sad thing is that many still don't get it.

Praise God for his humor and praise God for loving us in spite of our frailty. Wade, thank you for being His servant.

BTW, I had the flu right after Thanksgiving for a week with temperatures in the 102s and 103s. During that time I quit drinking coffee. I still plan to from time to time, but my days of drinking a half a pot in the morning are over.

Bryan Riley

Rex Ray said...

This post has led to comments that have produced a fun-time, happy, learning experience, but at times laced with sarcasm of the worse kind.

How did that happen? I thought I had enough perception to know when you were serious or not. But you fooled me. People don’t like to be fooled—hurts their ego.
My wife didn’t understand what your post was saying and asked me. I said, “It’s all satire.”

I know you’re human enough to have a chip on you shoulder for being denied your belief to drink a little wine, so your, “Reasons Why Tea Totalers Should Be Excluded from Southern Baptist Leadership and Missions Ministry” is a slap at those voting against your beliefs.
I believe most if not all bloggers know this, and that made me believe you were not serious for what you said afterwards. (Keep in mind I’ve been caffeine free for many years so there is no chip on my shoulder.) Some of those statements were:

1. “The Christian who desires to be holy in all things will not even begin to cross the line of introducing tea or coffee into his system.”
2. “To justify your own desire to drink tea by pointing to the conduct of Jesus is shameful.” [Is this not the same reasoning used by some to drink wine?]
3. “If you drink tea with him, while introducing him to Christ, then you may give him the impression he can continue drinking tea as a Christian.” [Is this not what you did except it was wine?]
4. “Christ would not sit and drink tea with the Chinese. How could He defile His holy body in such a manner?” [Was this not the same criticism Pharisees made of Jesus for eating and drinking with sinners?]
5. “Southern Baptist moderates and liberals who drink tea will eventually cause the SBC to turn back from a firm belief in the inerrancy of the Bible.” [This is the joke of all jokes. It wasn’t liberals that ‘outlawed’ alcohol ]
6. “Some pastors…trusting in very loose translations of the holy an inerrant KJV.” [This is not on topic.]
7. “There will be a resolution introduced at San Antonio to forbid any trustee, missionary or denominational leader from partaking in the recreation use of tea or coffee.” [Wade, if this is not a joke, you are showing a sour grapes attitude that is not very Christian in loving your brothers that disagree with you. You would reduce the tent to a teepee. ]

All in all, I have enjoyed this post very much.
Rex Ray

PS Maybe you fooled me twice. That's what I hate about myself being so smart I'm dumb. Just too gullible I guess.

Anonymous said...

The hardest thing to believe out of the entire string of comments came from Wade himself when he elluded to the fact he could somehow be the SBC president someday.

Rex Ray said...

Hey! Anonymous,
Wish you hadn’t commented so close to me. Thunder may damage my already bad hearing. Please be nice to Wade.

Liam Madden said...

Hey Wade and Volfan,

Since I know you guys (or at least one of you, I can't remember which) is into elf-dancing. You've got to see this. (Lord only knows what's next: tea drinking dancing elves? God forbid). Well, you can see for yourself:

Merry Xmas! said...


No thunder for Mr. Anonymous. :)

I shall allow him to continue with his inability to distinquish between satire and truth.

For the future enjoyment of his own life, I hope he learns the difference soon.

:) said...

Thanks for the spur David.

It means a lot.

It will go on my mantle next to my graduate diploma from my freshman speech class.


Dave Samples said...

Any suggestions on a good commentary set? said...

I'm partial to John Gill's Commentary on the Scriptues myself.

Spurgeon called it 'the best in the land.'


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much time it took C.S. Lewis to write? Oh, wait, it's not sugar or other addictions that the legalists are going to attack next. It's humor!!! We can't have humor. God forbid we spend any time at all on humor.

Bryan Riley

irreverend fox said...

Brian Riley,

amen, brother...amen. well said and I agree. I remember being a young kid and I don't remember anybody joking or laughing at norton baptist...we were all too busy learning the Bible.

Anonymous said...

I'm not giving my name but I've been drinking coffee and tea for a long time.And I can't stop

preach said...


The question though is decaffeinated tea okay? I stopped drink caffiene tea years ago but now I do partake od decafeinated tea every so often. I only drink coffee every so often but it is decaf as well.

I just want to make sure I am on the right side here!

Anonymous said...

Another great satirist - Douglas Wilson. He's a TR dude up in Idaho. He even has a Christian defense of it.

As for tea, coffee and thing you failed to mention was the number that stuff does on your bladder. A few cups of each and your heading to the john twice an hour. Do you realize the effect constantly having to relieve oneself has on evangelism? You can forget about being fruitful.

Jay R.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked to hear that "Christians" could think they could do the work of the Lord in a coffee shop. What's next? A brewery? May God be vindicated.

Anonymous said...

Wade: don't want to sabotage this thread but do hope you will blog soon, maybe after the holidays on this mess emanating from the spooky fundamentalists at MABTS,2845,MCA_25340_5225600,00.html

Home › News › Local
'People losing trust' in Bellevue pastor, seminary leader says
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Statement from Dr. Steve Gaines

By James Dowd
December 20, 2006
Alarmed by what he described as a crisis of the faithful at Bellevue Baptist Church, the president of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary said Tuesday the senior pastor of the Cordova congregation should resign.
Dr. Michael Spradlin, head of the seminary that moved across the street from Bellevue this summer, said Dr. Steve Gaines should step down because of his initial decision to remain silent amid allegations of sexual abuse involving a Bellevue minister.

Church leaders announced Monday that Paul Williams, a Bellevue staffer for 34 years, had been placed on paid leave pending an investigation regarding a "moral failure."
The alleged incident occurred 17 years ago. Details have not been made public by the church and Williams has not been formally charged with any wrongdoing, but claims of sexual abuse have been posted on the Internet.

"If Steve Gaines found out that a child had been sexually molested by one of his ministers and if he did nothing to address it, then he needs to step down immediately," Spradlin said. "We cannot take chances with other people's children. If he knew about this and kept quiet, then he's put Bellevue in a very dangerous position and possibly put children and the emotionally vulnerable at risk."

The decision is the most recent in a series of miscues made by Gaines since his arrival at Bellevue last year and the congregation has suffered, said Spradlin, who is also interim pastor at Germantown Baptist Church.

"There's a sense of Steve Gaines being the measure of what's right and what's wrong. If you agree with him, you're right and if you disagree, you're wrong," Spradlin said. "But I think he's spent all his credibility and people are losing trust in him."

Gaines acknowledged he became aware of the matter six months ago.

In a statement released Tuesday, Gaines wrote: "The past few days have been difficult ones as I have worked through an issue that no pastor wishes to face. We have had to place a minister on a paid leave of absence due to a past moral failure.

"I learned about this in June from the minister involved and believed the issue was settled. Two weeks ago I was surprised to find out that the issue was not settled.

"Some people have questioned why I waited for several months. It's simply this: I acted out of a heartfelt concern and compassion for this minister because the event occurred many years ago, he was receiving professional counseling; and I was concerned about confidentiality. In light of the events that have unfolded, I realize now that I should have discussed it further with this minister and brought it to the attention of our church leadership immediately."

Attempts to reach Williams Tuesday night were unsuccessful.

Spradlin agreed that the congregation should have been informed immediately and Williams relieved of his duties as soon as news of the situation surfaced. By remaining silent, and by keeping Williams on the payroll, he says inestimable damage has been done.

"People are watching this and talking about how it's being handled and the effect is that it puts everyone under suspicion," Spradlin said. "You can't fault someone for not knowing what to do, but you can fault them for not seeking advice on how to address a situation as tragic as this one. Keeping it hidden and hoping it will go away is not the way to handle it."

David Brown, former Bellevue member and coordinator of the West Tennessee chapter of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), said euphemisms don't work, either.

"If it turns out that there was in fact sexual abuse, then calling it a 'moral failure' is not acceptable at all," Brown said. "And there has to be total honesty. Here we have a religious leader who learned about a terrible situation and chose not to come forward."

But church leaders insist there has been no cover up. Results of the investigation, which should last a few weeks, will be released to the congregation as soon as findings are available.

"I think the important thing to remember is that Steve Gaines realized he made a mistake, he's taking ownership of that and trying his best to fix it," said Jim Barnwell, Bellevue's director of communications. "I don't believe there was a deliberate attempt to hide anything."

During the investigation, which includes Bellevue members and independent sources, Williams will not perform any ministerial duties or be on the Bellevue campus.

Mid-America seminary is on 51 acres donated by Bellevue and includes a 130,000-square-foot academic and administration complex, a 1,100-seat chapel, gymnasium, bookstore, dining hall and student lounge. The school has 450 students and receives financial assistance from the church, but is not controlled by Bellevue.

-- James Dowd: 529-2737


Gaines under fire:

Since being named senior pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in September 2005, Dr. Steve Gaines has been the subject of several online debates. has been critical of Gaines and other church leaders. Since its inception, the site has received nearly 400,000 hits.

Topics that have spurred debate include:

Allegations, denied by Gaines, that the congregation was being transitioned to include an "elder-led" form of government.

Institution of a blended style of worship, incorporating traditional and nontraditional music.

Gaines' compensation package, which is confidential.

An incident in which Gaines and several other church leaders traveled unannounced to former deacon Mark Sharpe's home in a gated community and climbed over a fence to get to his house.

volfan007 said...

in the midst of all this satire and comedy, i do want to praise the Lord...seriously...i want to praise the Lord for saving me out of a life of drinking and weed smoking, amongst a host of other hedonistic sins. i thank God that i dont need alcohol anymore....i am high on the Lord Jesus. the Spirit gives me joy now.

if the Lord had not saved me, i would probably still be a partying fool.....if i didnt end up in prison, or dead. i was heading down a bad road fast, and alcohol was a huge, contributing factor.

still sipping sweet tea and enjoying hot coffee often though,


ps. tea and coffee have never made me do anything foolish and sinful like alcohol and weed used to do.

volfan007 said...

btw, you know whats a shame? people airing a churches dirty laundry in public thru the news media and blogs. aint it a shame that someone feels the need to publicly attack steve gaines and tell the world how they dont like him, nor his ways. and, they make sure its in the memphis news...all over the news....papers and tv, and now, they are even bringing it to the blogs.

i wonder if the Lord is happy with this crowd?

volfan007 said...


Would you consider the fact that it was your evil heart, your indulgent flesh, and your misuse of a drug that caused problems?

Just wondering.

Cause if it was, then the problem was solved by the Spirit of God changing your heart, and not the absence of a drug in your system because you still have drugs present.


CB Scott said... board,

Some things I agree with Wade about and some things I do not, but if anyone "aired him out" on a blog like you and others have Steve Gaines without any true foundation for it as there is not yet such in Gaines case I would call you and any that did so ungodly as I am now calling you.

Another thing is that this thing about a child. Yours and that of others in posting about it can taint an investigation (this I know much about, obviously you do not or maybe you do not care)resulting in a perp. going free and a child being destroyed due to a flawed system.

You had no right to bring this out here or anywhere. Wade, just yesterday stood for a man due to such ungodly conduct by others and he was right for doing so. I would do it for him if it were him or anyone else.

You should be ashamed.


You h

volfan007 said...


of course i believe that it was my evil heart that caused me to drink and smoke weed and all the other bad things i was doing. i just said that alcohol contributed a lot to me acting in a way that was bad. weed and alcohol stirred me up to do a lot of things that were very unwise and foolish and sinful.

and, it was truly the Lord who changed my heart...not the absence of a drug...that set me free and gave me life. but, thank God i dont need alcohol nor weed nor any other drug to give me joy. the joy of the Lord is my strength now.


Rex Ray said...

How can you say, “It was truly the Lord who changed my heart…the joy of the Lord is my strength now”,
and on Wade’s post Friday Dec 15, you wrote,

“If someone came out and said that one third of the Bible was not true, and they could prove that it was not true, then honestly, I would have to say that I would doubt it all. At that point, I would have to reconsider everything about my life and my view of God. If one third of what we have now was proven to be untrue, then I would have real problems with the Christian faith.”

Is your joy in the Lord, or is your joy dependent upon your view of the Bible being correct?

In other words, does your joy in the Lord have strings attached?

I believe our joy in the Lord should be as Job—Though He slay me, yet will I trust him.
Rex Ray

Anonymous said...


I used to read this as a view into a completely foreign (but very intelligent, uplifting, and positive) world.

And then this. Tea? What if it's green (as to not tan leather, of course) and decaf?

So my 98 year-old aunt is now going to burn in hell? From tea?


jasonk said...

Wade, a question.
Why, in your opinion, is satire lost on Christians?
Thanks my friend. said...


I have no earthly idea.

Urban --- I am hoping you are attempting to be funny --- as was I, however, your comment . . .

sigh . . .

I'm afraid you have totally missed me.

Read Jason's comment again.


Rex Ray said...

For what it’s worth,
Green tea has been mentioned. There are green teas and there are green tees.
The kind I used for years was made mostly from barley.

Many years ago, a Japanese Dr. developed a foot cream that over a period of time killed some people. In remorse, he spent years researching the best plant to give nourishment. He came up with a mixture of barley and rice that made green tea. There was nothing magical about it, but it helped to break foods down more so there was more energy. It also built up the immune system; so much so, it was touted as a cure for cancer. Its popularity grew also in America.

I talked with a nurse that was a patient at M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston. Her Dr. had given up on her, but she started the green tea and the ‘lumps’ over her body disappeared. His colleagues ignored his enthusiasm, and he left and started his own clinic in Florida. The same hospital operated three times on my niece for a brain tumor before they told her she didn’t have long to live.

Unable to produce enough products, Japan cut America off, but an America Co. made the same tea but used wheat instead of rice. I mailed a regular supply to my niece in Colorado but she died a year later at age 28. At her funeral, my brother gave me back all the tea as she had never tried it.

I drank tea called ‘Endurance’ for about 8 months without feeling any different. I was on my regular diet of no sugar and a handful of vitamins. Each year I did one triathlon to show what nutrition could do. Six weeks before a race, I would start getting in shape with a time test to see how much I had deteriorated in running only a computer. I kept a log book of everything. Each year over 50, you don’t get faster, but this year my trial test on the 14 mile bike ride with the same bicycle, was 7 minutes faster than my fastest time the year before. My 440 test was 2 seconds slower than my fastest time, and my stationary bike test was faster.

BTW, I have won my age group in two triathlons.
I have one container left as the Co. I got it from has gone out of business, and I’m saving it if I get sick or something. Does anyone know where I can buy more? (See, I don’t sell it.)
Rex Ray

Anonymous said...

So, Paul should have said, 'Timothy, drink a little tea for your stomach's sake.' I get it.

Anonymous said...

Irreverend Fox,

"Reasoning like that can easily find you out the back door of your church and landing on your behind in the world of "church planting" real quick."

HEY! What's wrong with church planting? Some of us are actually called to it!

Anonymous said...

If we're going to ban caffeine, I think we need to include chocolate as well because we all know that chocolate contains caffeine.

I have a great idea. Let's make a motion in San Antonio to boycott Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks and any other public dispenser of caffeine for their explicit exploitation of the American public via the legal selling of a known drug with addiction forming capabilities.

Let's scream from the highest mountain so that everyone will know what we are against. That'll really draw people to Christ. Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

I so hate that you call yourself a Baptist...dumbass. said...


The Lord has a way of using asses.

Ask Balaam.


volfan007 said...

wow! lol.


Rex Ray said...

Yes, yes,
The Lord can use ‘hee-haws’ to teach a man, but He can’t use a woman.
I guess that’s because the first two have more in common.
How’s that for switching topics?
It’s TEA—remember? The church took us workers to a tea house in Japan, and some complained—“This stuff taste like what Rex drinks.”
A word of caution--our cook would put a tall box of dry cereal between us as you can get green around the gills if you get carried away.
Rex Ray

swag said...

Christians are really in a bind with caffeine addiction -- no question. It's no wonder why we envy Muslims, Jews, and Hindus so much, since they have a natural immunity.

volfan007 said...

boy, this cup of coffee is extra good today. i dont know why.


Anonymous said...

Just so I'm clear on this.

As a follower of Christ, Bdean advocates both vulgarity and caffeine addiction.

Do I have that right?

Rex Ray said...

Volfan 007,
Have you noticed I love getting on your case? Maybe it’s because you neglect to answer my questions.

You wonder why your coffee is extra good. The same reason so many Sunday School rooms have their coffee pot going early on Sunday.
The reason is because it’s been so long since the drinkers had caffeine, they’re having ‘caffeine withdrawal pains.’

In the photograph of the spider web, it would be interesting to know if the spider was full of caffeine, or if the spider was having withdrawal.
Rex Ray

volfan007 said...


God bless you.


jason said...

Hold on a second, you're hitting a little too close to home there. I'm in the market for a new home roaster, I've been enjoying my mid-afternoon cappuccino, and have been visiting some of the finer indie coffee shops in the KC area. Now you're telling me I have to repent of all that? Couldn't you have waited until after the holidays?

volfan007 said...

i am confessing right now...right here on wade's blog......i love southern rock. lynyrd skynyrd is one of my favorite groups. there, i said it. boy, do i feel better. now, where did i put that cup of french vanilla cappucino?


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Starbucks has plundered and pillaged the money that could have gone into another committee advancement program. Money has been taken away from LifeWay (we know how in depth they are) and given to fuel the Beast. The Beast is caffine coming out of the sea of coffee and tea dooming all who partake in the demon brew. How can it be? We are all under to spell of the false prophet's vial of magic potion. We can neither buy nor sell without having caffine in our system. I want out, but I am doomed.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha..this was very funny and cute....I get the point..lets sugar coat alcholism and comapre it to tea...bahahahaha geez you should quit preaching and become a comedian.

I am not saying drinking alcohol is wrong or right...

I am saying that the definitions of 'drunkennes' vary....after all...the LAW says buzzed driving is drunk driving...soo.....after how many "teas" shall we say (since this POST IS ABOUT TEA AND NOT ALCOHOL for cryin out loud we dont want to get anyones panties in a wad...) how many "teas" would it take before the tea drinking was a sin?

God bless the tea

Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous blog I have ever heard of. Tea is a sin??? Wow, aren't there other issues that are more important, like simply showing the love of Christ to those that are too educated to logically understand the truth in Jesus. I gotta say, when I see Christian blogs like this I begin to understand why atheists run as far away from Christianity as they can.

BTW - why not drink decaf tea, or throw your first brew of tea away (which rids the caffeine) and then enjoy the second brew. How about a blog that teaches how to drink tea and coffe responsibly instead of shouting out that tea is of the devil. It's just craziness.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but have you recently earned a medical degree to help substantiate your claims of medicine over the human body?

Or possibly you have citations (medical, that is) to help support your claim of tea being damaging to the human body? What are you sources, sir?

Anonymous said...

I am seriously wanting to know if you are trying to be funny or if you are honestly opposed to tea and coffee? said...

To the pastor who commented on this post critical of me and my ministry, and then a full one year, four months and one day later emails me to repent of his judgmental attitude and seek forgiveness for leaving a comment on this post, and requesting I take it down - I have.

And may your humble spirit be multiplied across our convenetion. said...

Last anonymous poster.

It's a joke. Lighten up. I drink tea by the buckets. said...


See above.

Unknown said...