Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Psalm 7

This particular Psalm is often called "The Psalm of Deliverance from Slander." It was written by David on the occasion of Cush the Benjamite slanderously reporting to King Saul, a fellow Benjamite, that David desired to kill Saul and become the King of Israel himself. Listen to David as he cries:

(1) O LORD my God, in thee do I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me:

(2) Lest he tear my soul like a lion, rending it in pieces, while there is none to deliver.

The pronoun in verse one is plural (they), but the pronoun in verse two is singular (he). Some translations (NIV for instance and NKJV) change the Hebrew plural pronoun in verse 2 to plural believing it makes the first two verses easier to understand.

However, when you compare Scripture with Scripture you find that the devil himself is called "a roaring lion" and he is the soul's great enemy. Spurgeon, in commenting on this verse points out that our struggle is not against flesh and blood (humans who slander), but against principalities and powers (Satan and his demons).

Too often we Christians forget that when fellow Benjamites lie about us, slander our character, or assign to us selfish motives as Cush did David, they are not, nor ever should become, our enemies. Our enemy is Satan himself, and there is not one who can deliver us but God himself. Therefore, David takes refuge in God.

It is interesting to note that slander does have the effect of ripping the soul to shreds unless God delivers. In other words, to say slander does not hurt would be a denial of Scripture, but to call those who slander you the enemy would also be a denial of the text, and to attack those who do slander you would also be a denial of the text. Our trust must be in God.

Psalm 7 has been on my preaching calendar for months. We are beginning our Saturday night service on 07/01 at 7:01 with Psalm 7:1 as our text. Due to my schedule, I will be preaching on this text this Sunday in preparation for the Saturday night service. God has used it to speak clearly regarding direction for me.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson


Anonymous said...

Just as our enemy is common, so is our salvation! The striking words of Moses in Exodus 14:13-14 as presented in The Message speak volumes in your current situation.
Exo 14:13 Moses spoke to the people: "Don't be afraid. Stand firm and watch GOD do his work of salvation for you today. Take a good look at the Egyptians today for you're never going to see them again.
Exo 14:14 GOD will fight the battle for you. And you? You keep your mouths shut!"
This is not meant to silence you, just a reminder of the One who fights our battles for us!


PAUL said,
For I have no one else like-minded who will genuinely care about your interests; all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ. But you know his proven character, because he has served with me in the gospel ministry like a son with a father.
Philippians 2:20-22

In their Book "LEAD LIKE JESUS" Page 70, Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges! says==

When leaders are cut off, either by choice or circumstance, from timely feedback and the insight of others, they often fall prey to managing their reputations instead of serving the best interests of their followers. Falling into an image-protecting mentality is easy for leaders who feel cornered by their own expectations and the expectations of others. (Inspiring thoughts from Lead Like Jesus:

Your Brother in CHRIST

Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines, it appears that you have decided not to name names and reveal the information you have regarding certain IMB trustees and their plot against Jerry Rankin. I know you are very concerned about the impact of this information on the SBC and your concern is understandable. However, given the deplorable methods employed by these folks to maintain their power in the Convention, and cement their control over every facet of SBC life, shining the light on these methods would act as a disinfectant that would help heal the wounds that they have caused, and although painful, could ultimately bring healing to the SBC. To continue to protect them will only lead to more pain and, possibly, ultimate death to the whole enterprise.

Bill Scott said...

Brother Wade,
Truth and Freedom are inextricably linked together. I think that scripture bears this out positively. Who will be the herald? Who will be the messenger? I am certainly dismayed at how our beloved fellowship is run more like political party or a cut-throat corporation. Polity is a necessary construct in a modern western society. I don’t understand the deceitful tactics. I don’t understand the personal attacks. I don’t understand the time and effort wasted by certain entities within our convention on creating division and friction, either through policy making or by witch hunting.

I continue to pray for you. You don’t stand alone. Truth and Freedom Brother… one leads to the other.
Bill Scott

JUSTAMOE said...

The den was miserable; the Dan wasn't.

Hang in there. Angels are all around.

Philippians4girl said...

Amen and amen.
We need to separate and remember who is behind
the assult against the kingdom.
My husband often encourages me with these words
" the kingdom of God is coming, and there's nothing you can do about.
Agape doesn't start until you can love your enemies.
Press on!