Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Blogging Preacher

My wife's favorite blog is Arkansas Razorbaptist which seems to be a blog run by a team. I want to thank them for the photo to the left. It seems to be a cartoon portrayal by The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette of what a Southern Baptist pastor who blogs might look like! Mr. Arkansas Razorbaptist asks who this pastor might be?

I know it is not me! The other day my wife took a photo of me slaving over the computer answering the questions posted on my blog site since December. I think this picture was taken on a Saturday. I am usually quite casual and stationed in the back of our media room at the house! Anyway, for those of you who ask a question, this might give you a mental image of the way I respond.

I personally believe if people can maintain a good spirit, honestly respect the opinion of others, and refuse to try to derail thoughtful posts, that blogging can be wonderful for the SBC.

The Lord's blessings to you and yours today!

In His Grace,



SavedandSure said...

WB, you look normal enough to me!

Some have portrayed you with LONG HORNS but now I and others know that's simply not true!

Seeing is believing!!

Proverb 17:22

Kevin Bussey said...

Is it OK for pastors to wear jeans? :)

Marty Duren said...

Sigh...every hair in place.

Anonymous said...


Only if they're ironed. And you wear them with dark socks and loafers - and a golf shirt with the logo of your church on the place where the little horsey or whatever usually sits!

Anonymous said...

Great sermon this morning. Amen!

Will be thinking of you and Rochelle the next fews days.

Your friend, chamm

Anonymous said...

Wade - you missed it! Your jeans aren't ironed and it looks like a normal shirt - not very pastoral! We're just funnin' with you! Thanks for showing you're a normal guy. Sometimes we need to get to know each other a bit on these blogs instead of having everything be SO heavy. We'd probably understand each other better.

Anonymous said...

I read about your stand at the mission board in the Texas Baptist Standard. Also I read about you in Jim Jones' column in the F.W. Star Telegram (5-20). I applaud your stand and conviction, and as usual, 'let's get rid of him, he doesn't agree with us' attitude prevails. I like your beliefs, just keep hammering.
I have a question, the new heaven according to Revelation, is it to be built or was it created before the foundation of the world, or when the world was created?

Kevin said...

The beautiful thing about the 'net is that anyone can express their convictions. You don't have to be a celebrity (in any sense of the word).

I think we as a convention are under-utilizing the internet.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I always thought you'd be like the top image. Or at least have a windswept look from the plains of Enid!

Groseys messages said...

better to wear jeans than be caught nekid!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Burleson,

Certainly there are dangers, but I agree that blogging can and has been great for the SBC. Your blog has streamlined information directly to the grassroots of our convention. I'm a young middle school teacher, and on a daily basis I check a number of blogs for a number of reasons. Although you and other bloggers don't know me from Adam, I feel a strong sense of unity with the wider SBC community because I have access to their thoughts on their blogs. I appreciate the blogosphere because it is the great equalizer. You can be 15 or 50 or 100 years old and your thoughts will be judged solely on their content. You can be an SBC presidential nominee (hopefully:) or a college student with zero connections, and the two can interact with kingdom issues. I know you have mentioned that blogging is definitely not your favorite thing to do (and judging by the picture I think you're ready for a break) but I am extremely grateful for what you have brought into the light for me to chew on as a young man. Thank you for blogging.

Anonymous said...

As a newly ordained pastor, and fellow blogger myself (, I've always thought of you as a mentor. I've taken advice from you (on doctrine and becoming a pastor), I've stolen greetings from you to post on our church's marquee, but I must say that I've fallen short because I do not have a "media room". However, I do have a spare room in which our computer sits, and I do have another room with an extra tv. Does this count?

A Newly Ordained Baptist Preacher

Anonymous said...

Marty sighed.... and noticed every hair in place?

I groaned and observed;
HE HAS BLACK HAIR! ...... and remembered; I USED TO HAVE BLACK HAIR...... but then I struggled with a senior moment.... but returned to reality and observed;

....and it was a wonderful day! It was another that HE made...........

Arkansas Razorbaptist said...

Thanks to Wade and Rachelle for making our blog very popular yesterday and today. We happen to be thrilled that we operate anyone's favorite blog, but the first lady of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, who would have thought.

Heard an old preacher say that he would get up on Saturday morning and fix his hair like he did every other day of the week: with gel and lots of hair spray. He always said that you never know when you'll get called out to see a sick church member in the hospital, or just run into a church member at the hardware store.

I guess he wasn’t one to disappoint.

Anonymous said...

nice socks.

you might want to work on the ergonomics of your blogging situation. with all of the hours that you spend blogging it can be good on your back :)

SWBTS Student

Kiki Cherry said...


Be careful using the phrase "LONGHORNS" in a sentence to an Okie. That will get you hurt in Sooner territory. : )

Tim Sweatman said...

Dark socks and loafers with jeans? Well, I guess you no longer qualify to be a YOUNGER leader!