Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Weekend of Prayer and Reflection

I am setting this weekend aside some time for prayer and reflection . I have intentionally sought to not press certain issues regarding the recommendation for my removal as a trustee of the IMB these last three weeks, but I have worked privately toward bringing a resolution that is both honoring to Christ and helpful to our convention.

There may be some trustees, and others, who believe I used poor judgment in establishing this blog. However, I cannot apologize for doing what I believe was both necessary, and in the long term, beneficial to our convention and the IMB. I will always abide by the formal wishes of our trustees regarding blogging, as I have said from the beginning, but I will not stop just because some wish I would. I will stop if I am convinced it is harmful to our convention or if it violates a policy of the IMB, which it currently does not.

Further, I will not apologize for any of the content of this blog unless it is shown to me where there is distortion of the truth. I have been very careful to only write that which I can support with an abundance of documentation. However, if it can be shown that I have distorted the truth, I will immediately apologize and correct my error. To this date, not one person has ever pointed out to me a paragraph, a sentence, or even a word that he or she believes to be factually in error.

I should know after this weekend the direction that the trustee leadership will be moving regarding the recommendation for my removal. I am prepared to forgive for what I believe is a very hasty, unwise recommendation, or I am prepared to make public what is necessary to allow the convention to make an informed decision on this matter. I have repeatedly asked that the basis for the recommendation for my removal to be made public. I would like for others, including myself, to know what the basis is. I have nothing to hide. I welcome scrutiny and debate. It is healthy for any Christian organization and people who should be operating in complete transparancy.

I will post Monday morning.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson

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