Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Will Continue to Blog About the IMB

I would like to thank everyone who has written in with suggestions about whether or not I should continue blogging. I really appreciate your continued calm, measured approach to this issue. I have chosen to continue blogging in support of our efforts through the International Mission Board and will continue to be extremely conscientious, as in the past, to fully abide by every policy and procedure of the IMB. I am always positive about our work, conscientious about confidentiality, and will only write those things that I believe can improve our cooperation together to win the world to Christ.

I have spoken this afternoon with Tom Hatley, Chairman of the Trustees of the IMB. He told me that Tammi Ledbetter's article", released via Baptist Press earlier this morning, needs clarification. What Tammi said in her journalistic article, according to Tom, should not be considered official statements by him.

Tom will be issuing an official statement tomorrow. I have read Tom's offical statement and it is different from the Texan article in two critical areas --- the very areas which caused me concern.

I would think the Texan will issue a couple of clarifying statement themselves, and will wait to see if that is the case.

If it is not, I will blog about it here, but no need to talk about things that may be corrected tomorrow.

Have a great evening,

Wade Burleson


Anonymous said...


Are you open to being nominated for the presidency of the SBC?


Clif Cummings said...

I await, along with thousands of others for tomorrow's news and your blog.
I must also add that I am once agin again more than impressed with your exemplary conduct in this whole matter. Pulling your previous post (which I unfortunately didn't get to read) based upon the suggestion of just one of your accountability partners serves once as a testimony of your dependence upon God's grace in this whole matter. THANK YOU. Your actions speak louder than your BLOG. I will continue to pray that God alone will receive the glory in the resolution to come.
In HIS Grace,

art rogers said...


I agree wholeheartedly with the decision to continue blogging - as you know. My concern is that the attack on blogging is an attack on Young SBC. It focuses on the internet generation's method of communication, which is problematic because it is difficult for leaders to control.

The policy of checking all news releases concerning the BOT being checked by the chair or his designee has become a foreshadowing of the censorship issue. I fear the shift of policy that disallows BOT members from posting on blogs.

While it would be easy for us to address the ill advised motion to remove you at the SBC, removing the motion and outlawing blogs by BOT members will insulate you from us and remove us from the equation.

This is greatly disconcerting to me.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry I haven’t thanked you for printing my letters. I hope they don’t get you in
trouble. But then again; standing for truth has gotten people in trouble throughout history...even Jesus.
I look upon your blog as a call of truth to the wilderness just as John the Baptist.
Those that voted to fire you, want your blog silenced. They will probably vote for a policy to prevent blogs by anyone they have control over.
In my opinion, they will do so for one reason: “They love darkness because their deeds
are evil.” They want a gag order to prevent truth.
They charge you of ‘broken trust’ and ‘resistance to accountability.’ These charges
condemn them like a murderer complaining of a witness giving testimony. You are guilty
of breaking their trust that you would keep quite about their deeds. You are guilty of
resisting being accountable to them. In a nutshell, you are guilty of trusting and being
accountable to God.
Again thank you and thank God for your blog.
Rex Ray

Anonymous said...

So Wade, if blogging becomes forbidden by your colleagues, can I sign up for your list serv?

David Baruch said...

Brother Wade,

I am tremendously grateful for you and how God has invited you to join Him in His work through this blog. I remained so inadequately informed prior to reading your blog and Steve McCoy's Missional Baptist blog. I was born and bred Southern Baptist, but later was driven away from the fellowship by those who sought to control that fellowship behind closed doors. Thank God for anyone who is willing to allow the Light to shine!

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 ESV

with Christ's love and encouragement, your brother,
David Baruch Hutchison

Sola gratia! Sola fide! Sola scriptura! Solus Christus! Soli Deo Gloria!

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your commitment to faithfully exercise your responsibilities as an IMB trustee to disseminate helpful information to your constituency. I’m a former IMB missionary who served for 16 years in Latin America before choosing to resign rather than sign the BF&M 2000. The comments by many missionaries on your blog reveal a hesitation that many of us felt and others still obviously feel to question IMB policies. New Directions brought about a seismic shift in the way the IMB related to its missionary force. While lip service was still given to the established principle of mission strategy arising from the field and not being imposed in a top-down fashion from the administration, the reality was that all strategy documents had to contain certain “key words and phrases” passed down by strategy coordinators. That fact, coupled with an almost exclusive focus on church planting, led many missionaries who were engaged in vital ministries other than church planting (as their primary focus at least) to feel like second-class citizens at best, or outcasts at worst. Attrition rates undoubtedly reflect that reality. The IMB missionaries on the field continue to render outstanding service and ministry, frequently at a great cost and sacrifice to their families. They do so in spite of (rather than being facilitated by) the policies that the IMB has initiated in recent years. I find myself on the opposite side of the fence from you in your assessment of the need for and success of the conservative resurgence within the SBC. I firmly believe that just as you have been falsely charged with broken trust and resistance to accountability, so too many fine and capable Baptist leaders were vilified and accused of holding liberal viewpoints regarding the Bible, simply because their interpretations of certain passages did not correspond to those of the powerbrokers who sought and achieved control of the denomination through the same type of backroom political caucuses and maneuverings of which you have now become a victim. I pray that your voice on the board of trustees will be used of the Lord to introduce an atmosphere in which principled dissent is not only accepted but welcomed for the sake of those who have given their lives in missionary service.

Anonymous said...

Wow, You write with such compassion and concern but thus far on this immidiate message your responders are anything but....seems one is probably a defensive YOUNG SBC and Rex seems to have a very low opinion of the organization you speak so highly of. Hang on, those OLD guys"who love darkness rather than light will soon pass off the scene",{sic} then Rex can do it the right way".

Anonymous said...

Dear Missionary that resign rather than kneel to a man-made paper,

You will never know how much this “Dear” means to me. To have the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ is a happy moment for me. You are on the same page as Daniel not
bowing to the king’s decree. You were like Daniel, Wade, and the furnace...standing for what you believe is right. Whereas the flames will not singe one fiber of Wade’s clothing, it looks like you have been devoured. But remember the most important’re not home yet. I hope those who signed against their will, won’t be as remorseful as Thomas Crammer. He was martyred after he recanted for signing a creed. He held his signature hand closer to the fire so it burned first. Legalistic authority had dictated new doctrine like leaders today...nitpicking over controversial doctrinal issues.
Whose influence besides the devil’s have drown witches, burned Christians, fired missionaries and all in the name of God? Why would anyone choose death or be fired over a piece of paper? On the other hand, why not die for truth...Jesus did.
Rex Ray